Vandalising Buddist Shrine at K’kulam: CJ steps down from Bench
Posted on October 2nd, 2016

Concerned Law abiding Citizen

This new items amazes me .

How come chief justice who is supposed to uphold the law and order in the country steps down form the bench which involved purported action of  some compatriots ?

Then he should also step down from a fundamental rights case  (Case number FR/141/15 ) filed by an environmentalist against a company called Northern Power where  activist  has claimed that diesel power plant installed in Jaffna to provide power during the war is ruining the environment and deprive people in the area that water wells are contaminated ?

Concerned Law abiding Citizen

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  1. Dilrook Says:

    This is the sad situation in Sri Lanka. Tamils (mostly Hindus) attack anything Buddhist.

    The Chief Justice must be replaced immediately. It is a disgrace that Buddhism and Buddhists have become the victims of concerted and well organised Tamil terrorism.

    The main target of Hindustan (and its arm LTTE) is Buddhism which India sees as the main reason why it cannot absorb Sri Lanka into it. India reduced its Buddhists to just 0.7% and is determined to do same in Sri Lanka.

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