JO invites women to dash coconuts against govt over tax burden
Posted on October 6th, 2016


October 6, 2016  05:27 pm

 FA MP Janaka Wakkumbura says that the government is attempting to increase the tax burden already placed on the people and therefore invited the women in the country to dash coconuts over this issue.

The women in the country are prepared to dash coconuts next Wednesday in order to send the government packing, he said, adding, that the first of a series of such events will take place in Modara.

Addressing a ‘Joint Opposition’ press conference today (6), he invited women who identify grief very well” to come to Modara on that day and rally against the VAT hike, the increase in goods prices and the government’s actions.

The Ratnapura District MP said that while the public is suffering under the weight of taxes, Ministers in the government continue to live luxuriously.

He said that even though Provincial Council members have been told not to travel overseas, all the Ministers are going abroad every day and that rule does not apply to them.

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One Response to “JO invites women to dash coconuts against govt over tax burden”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    What madness!

    cracking coconuts in Modara will only stuff the profits of Tamil DESCCICATED COCONUT producers.

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