Posted on October 17th, 2016


World renowned debt collection agency Dun and Bradstreet has established several avenues for ensuring that your debts are collected without causing massive damage for your cash flow and profitability.

Personal or business  debts  are now referred as last resort to D&B and other reputable Agencies,  well within the taxation regiments as well.

Nowadays there is a new category of debts amongst the underworld  operators and politicians.  Their debts by nature are unique to the extent that they are neither governed by the common law or any of the statutory regulations.

The birth of these underworld debts originates due to underhand” negotiations between crooks, such as drug lords, politicians, mafia and those who deal with  the bottom of the harbor”  agendas.

The politicians, drug lords, mafia etc., enter into an understanding  of matters of serious nature, such as:

  1. Politicians enter into such an understanding to overthrow a democratically elected government for a lucrative millions of dollar payment;
  2. Drug lords enter into such understandings to kill their competitors;

iii.                Contract killers will take of family divorce cases, kill partners to  claim insurance payments etc.

None of these agreements are in writing and therefore not legally enforceable. The payment terms for these unwritten contracts”  are varied, lets take the item (i):

  1. Down payment ( about 5%) for agreeing to take the leadership to overthrow the government. Second 20% after overthrowing the government.   Final 70% two years after overthrowing the government;

If final 70% is not received after two years, what happens?  What options or recourse will be open to the person who entered into an understanding with the crooks to overthrow the previous government?   Certainly he or she is not without options, the tactics to collect your remaining  debts of 70% could be:

  1. Begin a campaign of black-mail that he might support the opposition which he or she defeated;
  2. Sending wrong signals through variety of public statements, to induce the other party to honour their obligations as the time is running out;

iii.                Black mail the partners forcing their hands into arranging the final payment of 70% with severe criticisms of opposite partners with whom the understanding was entered into ;

  1. If only a part payment of 70% is received after the first black mail campaign, then keep quiet for a while;
  2. Black mail campaign to be repeated until full payment is received.

For obvious reasons these illegal payments may be  processed in tax havens in British Virgin Islands, Labuan in Malaysia etc and therefore the two main partners in the deal will have make several back to back overseas short trips under the pretexts of attending vital  International Conferences etc., fully funded by the taxpayers.

However,  crooks on the other side of the game plan, are not idiots.


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