Justifiable demands of the Sinhalese from the treacherous, ungrateful Tamils of Sri Lanka. Tamil Terrorism
Posted on October 24th, 2016

IMRC Iriyagolle (A traumatised Sinhalese Buddhist)

Hon.James Barry MP,
House of Commons,

Dear Sir,


I am writing this letter on behalf of the beleaguered, maligned, persecuted, betrayed and more importantly the murdered, tortured Sinhalese victims of the Tamil traitors of Sri Lanka.

Our demands in brief are as followers:

The Tamils cease to subjugate the Sinhalese the host Nation of Sinhale also known as Sri Lanka in any form.

The Tamils cease their demands to perpetuate their positive privileges bequeathed to them by the British, the caste system and successive Sri Lankan Governments.

The termination of the superior status and extra-ordinary priviledges enjoyed by the Sondakara Vellala  and Vellala Tamils of Sri Lanka bestowed upon them by the British and the Sri Lanka state.

Prior to admission to higher education the Tamils must sign a legal binding statement that they will not in anyway in any form at anytime betray the Sinhalese that have given them free education, social status (that their caste system denied them) and have tolerated their treachery attempting to usurp their traditional homeland and exterminate the Sinhalese by many means causing great misery and psychological trauma.  Having acquired qualifications and skills enjoying free education and free health services, the Tamils launched themselves to the Christian world to plan the demise of the Sinhalese(final solution)from whom they derived untold benefits.

Recognise and cease their treachery and perfidious approach to the compassionate and noble Sinhalese nation that nurtured them enabling them to reach their full potential.

Recognise that they lied, cheated, murdered and and ran around the globe seeking help from the Christian powers to deprive the Great Sinhalese Nation their traditional homeland Sinhale.

If the Tamils are not happy to live in the land of the Sinhalese they must return to their traditional Homeland Tamil Nadu in India.

Abolish all minority community parties of Sri Lanka that promote the advancement of minority communities only.   Cease to harvest benefits from the weak and treacherous Sinhalese politicians.

Unite with the Sinhalese to work towards establishing a civilised state in Sinhale.   Constructing monumental building does not create such a state.

JR Jayawardena the first president of Sri Lanka of Tamil Nadu origin and SWRD Bandaranayake also of Tamil Nadu origin their clans adopted the Christian faith for self advancement.   The Tamils of today having enjoyed the privileges bestowed on them by the naive Sinhalese followed in their footsteps to betray our great Sinhalese nation.

The British massacred millions of Sinhalese Buddhist over 150 years, today the Tamil traitors are following in their footsteps murdering the hapless Sinhalese ably assisted by the descendants of the above two clans.

The present Prime minister Ranil  Wickremasinghe and his party are supporters of the Tamils In their treacherous activities as evidence prove.

All the sacred land  Buddhist Holy places in the North and East of Sri Lanka must be restored to the Sinhalese

We the Sinhalese demand an apology, compensation, retribution from the Tamils and their collaborator

Buddhu Sarana

IMRC Iriyagolle (A traumatised Sinhalese Buddhist)

4 Responses to “Justifiable demands of the Sinhalese from the treacherous, ungrateful Tamils of Sri Lanka. Tamil Terrorism”

  1. Senevirath Says:

    බොහොම ස්තුතිය් ඊරියගොල්ල මහත් මියට ගාමිණී ඊරියගොල්ල කල සේවයත් අපට මතකය්

  2. SA Kumar Says:

    IMRC Iriyagolle- are You working for VP & CO ?

  3. Dilrook Says:

    Thank you Indrani. You must be in Sri Lankan parliament from a separate party instead of shameless pseudo patriots with the LLRC report in hand but pretend to love the nation.

  4. plumblossom Says:

    There is a National Geographic article is full of lies in the November 2016 issue of the National Geographic. It is overseen by that Samantha Power. All the statistics provided in the article are completely bogus and total lies. Sinhala people and Sinhala Buddhists are depicted as demons or worse. I think it is extremely racist towards the Sinhala people and beyond racist, it is insulting. I think it is fair to say the article is written to persecute the Sinhala people. The previous government is demonised. The Sri Lankan Armed Forces are depicted as demons and worse.

    I think the idiotic Sri Lankan Government should take up the grossly insulting contents of this article with the highest levels of the US Government. Failure to do so will mean almost endorsing all the untruths that have been written there. This Yahapalanaya Government is without a doubt the most treacherous government to ever govern Sri Lanka to our great misfortune. They will end up endorsing an Eelam as the US imperialists want the way things are going.

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