RACISM – foundation stone of Tamil Nationalism & ‘liberation’ struggle  
Posted on October 30th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

Tamil leaders have again resorted to cheap tactics of taking the cudgel of racism for their own political ends and using the Tamil people as pawns to stir racist slogans. Where there is racism there can be no reconciliation or peaceful coexistence. No constitution can draft clauses that can erase racism from the minds of those indulging in racism. For too long the Sinhalese have been accused wrongfully because of the might of money and the weight of fictitious propaganda. However, actions speak for themselves and it can be proved beyond doubt that at the core and periphery of supposed Tamil nationalism and ‘liberation’ is nothing but racism. Tamil leaders have taken their people along a very dark and depressing road, influencing them to follow their racist path in a bogus ‘liberation’ struggle to yield power unto themselves. Similarly, Sinhalese and Muslim people have also been fooled as politicians use racism and ethnic divisions as the best solution to remain in power keeping the people divided.

3 shocking acts of racism by Tamils have taken place in the month of October 2016 alone – the Sri Lankan Navy, State Intelligence Officers and Sri Lankan police officers have been attacked and hospitalized by the Tamil ‘public’. People do not attack law enforcement officers. They were attacked while on official duty and because they were Sinhalese. Would the public have done the same to a Tamil navy officer, a Tamil Intelligence officer or a Tamil policemen? NO. These law enforcement officials carrying out their duties were brutally attacked because they were Sinhalese. That is racism.



Also in October Four Sri Lankan Naval officers came under attack by Tamils in Arippu, Mannar resulting in hospitalization of an officer. Such acts are nothing but racist. They were attacked because they were Sinhalese. Would they have been attacked had they been Tamil? No.



Also in October was another racist attack by Tamil civilians upon 2 National Intelligence Bureau officials in broad day light. Six sword wielding Tamils had cut them and one officer has a head injury as can be seen by the photo.  http://www.asiantribune.com/node/89633

A mother earlier – In September 2016 the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Malaysia was attacked inside the international airport. The envoy was a Muslim. No such incident has taken place of this nature.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8fwuQy3YCo (very shocking footage of an ambassador being kicked and punched brutally) No person deserves to be kicked around like this inside an airport too.



This is the Sinhala student who was studying at the Jaffna University and had to be hospitalized with head injuries. The cause for the attack by Jaffna Tamil Students was that the Sinhala students had prepared a Kandyan dance to welcome the new students to the university. Racism inside Jaffna university where a Sinhalese dance ends up with Sinhala students getting beaten up.

Sadly the Jaffna University Teachers failed to condemn the racially motivated attack on Sinhala Students.


Tamil leaders have poisoned the minds of the Tamil people to such extent that apart from handful of Tamils all others simply follow the racist line. No one dares to tell Wigneswaran, Sambanthan, Sumanthiran or even the LTTE diaspora to go and fight the Sinhalese or vandalize Buddhist temples on their own instead of outsourcing it to common people to do their dirty work.

This is the wife of A Amirthalingam of Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF). Another example of appalling racism made public without any remorse or regret.


The TNA has been involved in a very systematic concerted effort to use scare tactics on Buddhist clergy and has been of late threatening the Buddhist priests to vacate the temples. These temples have been in existence since 5th century BC. The report by late Minister Cyril Mathew and scores of evidence from the Archaeological Department and even colonial records will reveal that Buddhist temples have been prevalent throughout the Northern and Eastern Provinces since 5th century BC and Sinhalese had been living in the North before racist invasions -17 such from South India pushed the Sinhalese southwards. Racism and nothing but racism. How can Eelam be achieved by chasing away Buddhist priests and destroying ancient Buddhist temples? So the real objective is racism – getting rid of all traces of Sinhala Buddhist history from the North.

shenali28101606shenali28101607Here is another Buddhist temple under racist Tamil threat. This time in Mullaitivu, Kokilai, the bastion of LTTE. Here too racist threats are trying to force the temple to close down and the Buddhist priest to vacate. All with intent to destroy the Buddhist structures. Didn’t the UN declare destruction of cultural property as a war crime. Why are they silent on these racist threats?


Suresh Premachandran is a former militant now TNA MP. When he should be investigated and legal action taken against him for taking up arms against the state. He is now demanding that the island with a 2600 written history where the rulers followed Buddha’s dasa raja dhamma rule should be replaced. However, the Catholic Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith confirmed his position the right status and respect deserved for Buddhism should remain intact in the Constitution. The 9th clause of the Constitution should remain unchanged,”” http://www.adaderana.lk/news/36895/9th-clause-of-the-constitution-should-remain-unchanged-cardinal-ranjith

Nowhere in the world has a community threatened fellow communities to evict from where they had been living and given them just 48 hours to leave. This was how in the 1990s racism reached appalling levels with Sinhalese and Muslims given just 48 hours to leave the North or face death. No one came so much as to defend the Sinhalese & Muslims who had to leave behind their lands, their properties and everything precious to them. No one has even helped them return to their homes still.

Fast forward to 2015-16 and we have racism repeating. This is the Chief Minister of the Northern Province is again demanding that Sinhalese or Muslims should not be settled in the North. Upto 2013 he was living all his life in Colombo and he’s 70 plus.


When the Governor suggested that Sinhalese and Tamils should marry as a token of reconciliation. The Northern Province Chief Minister publicly banned such marriages taking place. People marry out of love – love does not have any ethnicity. It was another act of racism by so-called Tamil leaders.

‘Sinhala Colonisation a Great Worry for Tamils’ said Sambanthan in 2014 http://sangam.org/sinhala-colonisation-great-worry-tamils/ – How can Sinhalese who evolved from and built the island nation ‘colonize’ it? He publicly and openly without shame demands Sinhalese to leave the North. Look at the list of demands made recently by Wigneswaran and coterie of racists.


R Sambanthan together with over 50 others including TNA MPs stormed an army camp demanding confidential files be opened to them. Sambanthan is the country’s Opposition Leader speaking not on behalf of all those who did not vote for the government but only for the Tamils. He is also the leader of the TNA the very party that both the EU Election Observer Mission Head John Cushnahan and the Canadian Federal Court recently said that LTTE and TNA were virtually one and the same.

In 2008 a film maker was assaulted while working on a film in Chennai – he was attacked because he was Sinhalese.

In 2011 the Maha Bodhi Society office in Chennai was vandalized. It was a place where Sinhalese Buddhist pilgrims visited.

In 2012, 184 pilgrims were attacked and had to be evacuated by a special fllight – they were attacked because they were Sinhalese.

In 2013 the Bank of Ceylon branch in Chennai was attacked. The same year the Mihin Lanka sales office in Madurai was also attacked.

The worst acts of racism came when 2 Buddhist priests were attacked and manhandled by Tamil mobs. All these acts were acts of racism by Tamils. What do the Tamil politicians want to convey by brutally assaulting unarmed Buddhist priests?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1z2BWMmwzo (the images are quite disturbing)


There is a history to this racism. 

The constant reference to the national army being ‘sinhalese’ and the national police being ‘sinhalese’ by Tamil leaders are many. Racism led to the formation of ITAK – Illankai Tamil Arasu Katchchi seeking a separate Tamil nation. This was in 1949 – a year after independence. Look at the Election Department website to see the Tamil political parties – all registered with objectives relevant only to Tamils. Tamil legislator Ramanathan led two delegations during the late 1920s demanding the Colonial Office in London that Caste be encoded into the legislative enactments of Ceylon. The Vellala high castes that stir the racist pot then and now never believed in or had a Ceylonese or even Sri Lankan identity. All they had was a separatist identity and ideology that has resulted in external powers using that as a platform to destabalize Sri Lanka by arming Tamil youth and that same racism is now likely to end up in Sri Lanka being annexed to the very country responsible for armed militancy. In less than a month as per the wishes of the PM the Indians will arrive to sign the ETCA and Sri Lanka’s sovereignty will be nailed and the racist Tamil leaders are responsible but after falling prey there is little that can be done to reverse the outcome.

Racism has even enabled people’s attention to be diverted and used as false flags – the bicycle gangs now roaming the streets of Jaffna is one such divisive action by the very nation responsible for starting terror in Sri Lanka, how else would a country that had zero trouble after May 2009 and before January 2015 suddenly have violent groups, violent protestors bold enough to physically attack law enforcement officials, stone Court complexes and project the notion that external interference is necessary? These have to be staged with well-defined objectives in mind.


Tamil racism has compromised the sovereignty, territorial integrity and national security of this country. The entire populace will suffer in time to come because of a handful of racists. When racist examples are brought out people must learn to accept the racism in these examples and not scoff at those that expose the racism.


Shenali D Waduge

6 Responses to “RACISM – foundation stone of Tamil Nationalism & ‘liberation’ struggle  ”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    Sinhala racism (and even Muslim racism) are rejected by their very people but Tamils only vote for Tamil racism. This is why Tamil racism is worse. It is a tiger with teeth.

    Given that Sambandan’s days are numbered, three Tamils are vying for his post by acting most racist. The worst racist of them all will win and lead the ITAK/TNA.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  3. SA Kumar Says:

    Sinhala racism and Tamil racism and even Muslim racism0 which is worse.

    You Modaya & We Sakkiliya (sorry Ananda-US I need to use these words cos I do not know any other word to explain my anger) never learn any thing do not you understand racism is bad does not matter what name of racism.

    open you eye who is ruling us now Indian / USA/EU.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    Shenali D Waduge
    We (Sinalese & Tamil) all know all our past activities ( since 1948) because We all done it ( DS to MR & Chelva/GGP to AA/VP) for that we both paid for it ( 1956 to 1983 & 1983 to 2009).
    as We both believe in Karma & Dharma !!!

    no point now to dick our karma again as we both paid higherst price for it .

    forget & forgive 1

    live happy in United Sinhela Lanka for ever !!!

    please write article about united Mother Lanka not to divide us because we do not want our children go through same as us .

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamil Racism exacerbated the day the Vadukoddai Resolution (1976) – Eelam through Violence – was brought out by Tamil Leaders. All these negative points are tied together to fight the TAMIL CAST SYSTEM !
    Sinhala people and Others of Lanka are mere stool pigeons to hammer/kill/injure/insult at whilst the TAMIL CASTE SYSTEM is fought.

    The Caste System of Taml Nadu has existed for some 3,000 yrs in Tamil Nadu, INDIA.
    There are some 20 Million Tamils of Dalit origin in Tamil Nadu !
    Caste is written into their birth certificates in Tamil Nadu, INDIA.
    In INDIA & Tamil Nadu, the Census is done using the Caste base.

    The Vadukoddai Resolution (1976) – Note : before the 1983 Riots – must be officially revoked by Tamil Leaders of today.
    Then something good may happen toward Reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

  6. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    The racist foreigners want north and east for exclusively tamils only while living in other parts of the country
    comfortably. They get to universities through the back door writing in tamil, becoming doctors, engineers etc. etc
    without paying a single penny. Then immediately after becoming doctors, engineers, solicitors, etc. etc. give
    money to kill the Sinhalese and contribute towards achieving their mala eelam. These traitor menace should go to
    tn hell hole where they came from.

    Look at pigneshwaran. After getting into the highest position in his profession in so called nasty Sri Lanka,
    traitor xxx is still not happy. That’s how ungrateful these traitors are. The traitors don’t even don’t like to call Sri Lanka
    its name. They call it Srilanka or Ceylon. Can you see how treacherous the lot are? Now Sri Lanka is ruled by the
    catholic-run traitor UNPatriotic party who has always been anti-Sinhalese, anti-Sri Lanka and anti-Buddhist to
    please their beloved minorities tamils, mussies, catholics and the west. So the traitor xxxx know this is the best
    time to get their drealam. So they are all out to dismember Sri Lanka.

    Tamil racism towards the Sinhalese are monumental. While they do everything to destroy Sinhalese they say they’re
    being discriminated etc. etc. to hide their racist activities. The racist traitors can go to any university in Sri Lanka to receive
    FREE education writing in tamil. But the Sinhalese students, in their own country, can’t go to universities in jaffna
    or east. No Buddhism in north and the east while the xxxx can do anything in anywhere in Sri Lanka. Look at the
    xxxx making the most noises sumanthiran, premachandran etc. etc. The traitor racists know more noise, more tamil
    votes. That’s how these racist cancer works. To get to the highest position, one has to be most racist towards
    the Sinhalese.

    need a strong leader to tell these traitors behave, be Sri Lankans or leave Sri Lanka and go to their beloved tn hell
    hole. We didn’t bring any of these racist traitors to Sri Lanka. We didn’t ask any of them to come to Sri Lanka. Dutch brought them
    to work in tobacco plantations in the north. British brought them to work in tea plantations in the central province.
    The coastal belt are the kallathonis who came to Sri Lanka to save their lives from the severe famine in tn in the 60s. If you can’t live in Sri Lanka as Sri Lankans go back you racist traitors.

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