2016 Presidential Election – Dear Americans
Posted on November 5th, 2016

Sarath Bulathsinghala

6 Nov 2016

Dear Americans,

In a few days you will be voting to elect your President. The main two contenders for the post are Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J Trump.

Hillary Clinton has long years of experience having worked in Government in various capacities. For 8 years she was the First Lady and then for another 4 year the Secretary of State. Her political history is dotted with corruption, self enrichment and self aggrandizement.

It is time that you took a final look at this person for it will be too late if she is elected and the American people have to suffer another 4 years and if not another 8 years of more of the same – wars all over the world!

Please look at her body language. Look at her in her unguarded moments, in her public appearances and when in private with her close associates to see the real Hillary. Not the sweet smiling Hillary. Look at those cruel demonic eyes in between episodes of sweet smiling and pretending to be a kindly grandmother. Nothing can be further from the truth. Her dishonest face is the face of evil that will take America to ruin and hostilities with other nations.

Here is a woman who is responsible for the death of tens of thousands and destruction of nations in the middle east and elsewhere in the world. Picture in your minds all countries she has helped destroyed –  former Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria – all these countries are mere shells of what they were before. In these countries lived ordinary people enjoying a high standard of living with their loving families – happy children going to school, elders enjoying camaraderie whether one is Christian, Muslim or other.  Today most of them are living as refugees either in their own country risking their lives from Islamist  Terrorists, or on the move aimlessly not knowing what their future will be or in a foreign land as refugees at the mercy of people who are foreign to them. Just imagine if the roles were reversed and you were in their shoes!

All about Hilary Clinton is about herself and herself alone. She is extremely ambitious and extremely greedy. She is greedy for power and it is all about her and her family. She has amassed a fortune through shady deals and her association with the Clinton Foundation for which is is being investigated by the FBI even as I write this message to you. She even solicited funds from the world renowned terrorists the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam for her 2008 bid for Presidency. These funds were only returned when she was about to exposed.

Here is a woman who has been under a veil of distrust from Little Rock Arkansas through White Water scandals to White House and Monica Lewinsky. Under her roof an impressionable young lady was molested by her husband while for all purposes and intents she looked the other way just to retain her position as the First Lady even though under a loveless marriage.

Here is a woman who is willing to bring tens of thousands of Jihadist to the US, just to placate her erstwhile friends in the Wahabi countries – Saudi, Quatari, Bahraini and other who has enriched her and her family fraudulently. You have seen the carnage the Wahabi ideology is creating in the Middle East, in South Asia and  in South East Asia. Do you want this barbarity to come to your doorstep? Trump among many things has got this thing right. He does not want to have the Jihadi vermin in his motherland.

With the E-mail scandal now hounding her and an investigation into the Clinton Foundation it is evident that she is not the correct person to be trusted with State Security or for that matter with the Nuclear Button. All of her over 30 years of so called experience” is just bad experience. She is not fit to hold the positon of the President of the United States of America.

As of now America has become the evil black hole that feeds on her sister star. America wants to feed on, and destroy the rest of the world as a means of safeguarding America and to bring security to America. However, the result is that America is far unsafe today than it was 50 years ago. American foreign policy has failed all over the world and all over the world including their erstwhile friend elsewhere in the world including Europe, hate America with little reservation. Your high handed ways have antagonized people all over the world. Recent outburst of the President of the Philippines – Rodrigo Duerte speak volumes for what the world sees in America.

On the other side of this divide is Donald J Trump a more or less self made Millionaire and a successful businessman. He is rich and it is obvious that he has no desire to enrich himself or his family by undue means through the Presidency. He can very well sit at home with his beautiful wife Melania surrounded by his even more beautiful family and enjoy life. He is today contesting the Presidency of the United States is because he wants to put right what is not right in America. He is at war with the Washington Establishment which represent the 1% that owns 99% of America’s wealth. America needs change and looks he is the man who has the grit to take on the well entrenched privileged class the neo liberal establishment.

Americans once the whole world looked up to you for benevolence. Instead all what the rest of the world received were regime change, support for dictatorships, genocide and unending warfare. It is not too late to regain trust and admiration. So go out and vote for Donald J Trump  on Election Day and make him the 45th President of the United States of America. He will bring a new consensus in the world where all – people all over the world can live with dignity and pride in their own patch of land. This and this only is the weapon that will bring peace and security for the US and her citizens.

So we urge you to out on the morning of 4 Novermber 2016 and vote for Donald J Trump. He is a realist and the businessman in him tells the rest of the world that he could be trusted to make the world a more peaceful place than either Bill Clinton,  Bushes, Barack  Obama or at worst a Hillary Clinton Presidency. Americans, just as I heard from one old lady attending a Trump rally – she said Safety First  – I will vote for Trump” all other considerations secondary.

Vote for Hilary Clinton is a disaster waiting to happen! More wars, more misery to the entire world and even worse for those who vote for her!

17 Responses to “2016 Presidential Election – Dear Americans”

  1. Charles Says:

    What can we do. America uynder any one will not Sri Lanka to develop independently . China our only friend who stood with us with Russia and Pakistan through out our good fortunes and bad , is also being ridiculised by this Yahapalanaya Cancer. Only way to save Sri Lanka is toget rid of Yahapalanaya before it can do further damage.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Unless what happened with Carter and Regan happens, Clinton has already won. However, in the long run, Russia has scored a huge victory in creating dissent in USA against the establishment.

    As Sri Lankans cried externally sponsored regime change operations, now some Americans cry foul about alleged Russian interference.

  3. mahesh fernando Says:

    To protect Sri Lanka from terrorism, SL needs strong leader/s. Hillary Clinton cannot save or destroy SL if SL has strong and patriotic leaders. Sri Lanka defeated LTTE terrorism under the strong leadership of Mahinda Rajapakshe Group. Mahinda and Group had a clear vision, right determination, and courage.

    Gorge Bush Jr. was the president [President from a Republican party, claiming tough on terrorism] of US when Chandrika and Ranil were failing miserably. Selecting the right President for America is a responsibility of American people, while propelling SL in the right direction is the responsibility of Sri Lankans.

    Bulathsinghala’s analysis is illogical.

    Mahesh Fernando From CA USA.

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    Whether one likes it or not, the regime change of 8 Jan 2015 was hatched in the US. The UNP boys at home cannot be given the ‘honour’ of hatching out such an intricate plan of stealing a disgruntled politician and carrying out a half phoney “corrupt corrupt” cry to bring down a hugely popular politician of Mahinda R calibre with the help of never to be trusted, always self serving minorities.

    We cannot forget Hillary Clinton’s role in aiding and abetting LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka and even during the last dying hours of the war coming to the rescue of the LTTE – calling on Sri Lanka to allow the LTTE to surrender to a ‘third party’ – meaning the US. Earlier the Brit and French cat’s paws were sent to Sri Lanka to persuade President Mahinda to stop the ongoing offensive against the LTTE. All this happened under the tutelage of Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State. If she becomes the US President.

    The person who becomes the US President can have an influence on how easily we can bring an end to the current Jarapalanaya. Trump has indicated that he is going to be a more ‘inward’ looking President intent on re-building the US rather than spending huge sums of money propping up outside regimes or even friends and organisations such as NATO. Just as much as it was Richard Nixon the arch conservative who extended a hand out to Mao Ze Dong, Trump too can be a realist and come to an entente with the rest of the world for the good of all – knowing all the while ordinary Americans will be much better off that way in the long run!

    In the future we have to look forward to learn to contend with more regionalised power bases. In Sri Lanka’s context it will – how to manage India’s hegemony in the region. In this game, small nations such as Sri Lanka need to hone the skills of balancing these regional forces to have the best outcome.

    Therefore Trump becoming the next President of the US will be bring some respite to the hapless Sinhalese in Sri Lanka. Hillary Clinton winnin, which is very likely as it is, is just “disaster waiting to happen”!

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    HILARIOUS winning the election will be a disaster for SL, Russia, Pakistan, China, etc.

    NO BOLD SL leader can save SL IF she wants to SPLIT SL or ATTACK SL unless he is willing to do really nasty things that CAN be done WITHIN SL to save itself from US pawns. Once the pawns are out, USA runs for cover.

    Only HOPE is she will go at Russia. The world LOOKS UP TO Russia to save them from HILARIOUS. Hopefully Russia will do it for HUMANITY.

  6. Outspoken Sri Lankan Says:

    I am surprised at the number of non US-Citizens who have taken an anti Hillary Clinton approach and recommend voting for Trump as a solution. DEAD WRONG!! Both candidates are not considered popular as a clear choice but I am aware that many of the people have turned Anti Clinton because of her record of making statements that were not favorable to Sri Lanka.

    However, I would like to point out that those statements came out of the constant hammering of the pro LTTE propaganda who met with folks at the State Department in the ratio of 1:50 because our people did not drive their point home to give her the other side. She kept hearing the same old pro LTTE propaganda and they became the squeaky wheel that got the oil. Before we fault her, I would like to ask how many Sri Lankan Americans actively take an interest in putting the record straight? As an individual who has been constantly on the ball, regardless of being a career woman, mother, family provider and all other roles, I found time to remain engaged and did what I could over the years starting in the late 1980s. I have now made inroads and relationships through which I was able to deliver a message to HC about the problems she will have in convincing the non pro LTTE diaspora to vote for her. I have got that message to her and this year when she came forward although there is coconut breaking and other rituals, we need to put the record straight.

    Even with making connections and inviting our side to engage in the process, the response is so tepid, all I can say is blaming Hillary, voting Trump and keeping on complaining that they are not supporting us is absolutely unproductive. Until and unless our people in the US engage in actively making their presence felt as a block vote that is more valuable than financial support, we will never come out of this. I have made it clear to the HC campaign that they should not fall for the grandiose fund raising because they do it on both sides and will ultimately pander to the side that wins. Their involvement is not for loyalty but to drive their own agenda. How many of you that recommend Trump know the extent of contempt against him in the USA? How many of you can guarantee that this group that got close to HC will not buy Trump? How many of you realize that Trump as a business man will get so greedy that he can devastate trading with Sri Lanka due to his isolationist policies and cripple our trading relations with the productive South of Sri Lanka at the push from the northerners who are hell bent on ruining the Sri Lankan economy? Can you people guarantee that Trump is any better? If you lived here you will definitely have a different view. The support for Trump comes from racist Neo Colonial gun totting white supremacists and the negro lynching KKK which is completely anti immigration and immigrants. Anyone with a skin color that is not white will be fair game. Right now, naturalized citizens and US citizens born here have the same privileges of pensions etc., which some have brought back to Sri Lanka. There is every likelihood of a distinction between naturalized citizens and others. There could be restrictions of transfer of their pensions to home countries of the senior immigrants. By the way, these pensions are not hand outs. We pay a tax throughout our working life to qualify for Social Security Pensions. We pay the same level of taxes but we will have no defense if and when all this changes. The short sighted push to vote Trump by Sri Lankans who do not fully comprehend what his policies are if he has even clearly outlined them when he is not bashing immigrants,

    I request that you people refrain from becoming Arm Chair Generals without understanding what is at stake here. With Hillary, we have a chance of getting to her and breaking the grip on her but with Trump, he doesn’t listen to anyone except money. I shake my head in disgust because if we did our job right, we didn’t have to blame anyone, we would have been in a different place. We have to learn to own up to our own faults. I say this because I have experienced first hand how little support we get when we try and we end up going alone with a handful of committed, passionate Sri Lankan born Americans who want to make a difference.

  7. Outspoken Sri Lankan Says:

    I forgot to add above that the middle east wars that are incorrectly attributed to Democrats under Hillary is a piece of total misinformation. The wars in the middle east were pushed by George Bush the last Republican President who created a myth about weapons of mass destruction and walked into Iraq. The war mentality comes from Republicans and Obama inherited it but never started any wars in the last 8 years. All the countries devastated were initiated under Republicans who are backed by multi national corporations. If you don’t believe this, read the author John Perkins. See the pattern. The template fits even Sri Lanka if we don’t stay tuned in and informed. So don’t get facts mixed up, the war machine of weapons are invested by rich Republicans, they went after oil because of the multi national companies. I wish people are better informed. We live and breathe this here and we know the true facts.

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    HILARIOUS is a war monger as much as the BUSHs.

    e.g. Libya, Syria, ISIS, etc. Republicans didn’t start these.

    Now she wants a NO FLY ZONE in Syria!! That means WORLD WAR 3 with Russia. I’m not against it. I think the WEST is badly in need of COURSE CORRECTION. Only a devastating war can bring them back to their senses and start respecting nations.

    Hilarious will be a disaster (not that TRUMP is not). She is financed by Saudi and Qatar same financiers of ISIS.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    To the Outspoken Sri Lankan from another Outspoken Sri Lankan,

    I disagree strongly with your assessment of Hillary Clinton. You are simply DEAD WRONG yourself! I hope you are not engaging in a political spin for Hillary on the eve of the Presidential election tomorrow!

    I was a strong supporter of Hillary prior to her becoming the Secretary of State, and even forgave her BUNGLING of the assignment from Bill Clinton to get a Universal Heath Care Plan passed. FYI, I am neither a rabid Republican not a bleeding heart Democrat. I supported Bill Clinton in his first election, and opposed him in the second, and supported Obama in both his elections to be President.

    Billary projects a persona as a smiling, forgiving, straight-forward person; but it is a mask to deceive people; she is none of those things. She talks incessantly of her great experience, but that “experience” has all resulted in massive disasters for the USA. As a result of her foreign policy mis-steps, and the direction of foreign policy that she initiated, the USA is confronting MANY MORE ENEMIES all over the world today.

    She is HEAVILY influenced by money paid directly to her, by contributions to her campaing funds and to the Clinton Foundation. Wikileaks recently released an email that shows shesolicitedand receved millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, Quatar and other Gulf shiekdoms. Julian Assange of Wikileaks says the quid pro quo was the approval of the largest arms sales ever by the US to these countries, whose governments are known to the US government asthe PRIMARY supporters of Al-Quaida and ISIS. If this is pursued and proved, it could amount to treason.

    During her last election campaign, she was forced to return a large sum of money (over $1 million) she received from Sri Lankan Diaspora Tamils for Clinton. Beyond any doubt, she would have gotten funds this tme also, but well laundered to be spotless! She now has many more methods of laundering funds now.

    Hillary has consistently lied with regard to having classified top secret email on the email server she hosted at home. As one who has worked in a high-security establishment and has Top-Secret security clearance, I know that this is BEYOND ANY DOUBT a CRIME for which she should be imprisoned, as any other person would be. Violation of the rules on handling classified information is ENOUGH; irrespective of whether any secret documents fell into the wrong hands.

    Hillary was under political pressure in Washington, DC , when she got the bright idea of exploiting the sudden unrest in Libya and dethroning Gaddafi. She conned Obama into an illegal intervention, and in the final phase announced in Benghazi that US Policy is that Gaddafi should be killed. He was captured and killed by foreign mercenaries after being tortured the next day. Hillary then boasted, and this was captured on a video, saying “We came, We spoke, He died!” taking responsibility by boasting of that murder. The murder of a foreign head of state, with whose country the US is not at war, is a CRIME specifically prohibited by the US Constitution.

    Successive interventions in the Arab Spring countries, including Syria, Egypt and the Sudan, has converted those countries into chaotic anarchies today and led to the deaths of hundreds of thousand of people. Those countries are NO-GO zones for the US today,. This “foreign policy success” was orchestrated by Hillary Clinton in her first term as Secy of State.

    Hillary’s position on ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS already in the USA, without even developing a plan to PREVENT THE INFLUX OF MORE ILLEGALS in the FUTURE, is a surefire prescription to undermine the future integrity, and the national and economic security of the USA.

    She cares only about votes; not the welfare of her country. Like Sri Lanka, if the USA does not prevent the entry of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, it will cease to be a sovereign state and could break into several states in the future. The required demographic changes are already underway. Please Google “Republica del Norte” to study those developments.

    The situation is the US is similar to that in Sri Lanka; if we allow UNRESTRICTED ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION into Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka will not be a Sinhala majority nation in the future, and will disintegrate.

    Finally, you claim that Clinton is a REASONABLE person who can be persuaded to abandon her support for the Tamil Diaspora, and to support the Sinhala Buddhist majority. You are dreaming! Where is the EVIDENCE of that? The GoSL does not have the kind of money, or the ability to deploy DEVIOUS METHODS of bribing Hillary to accomplish that.

    On the other hand, Donald Trump, given all of his personality faults, has POLICIES that are much more compatible with the views and issues of the Sinhala Buddhist majority. In CONTRAST, Clinton’s POLICIES and her past BUNGLING PERFORMANCE spell DOOM!

    We want to stem illegal immigration from India into Sri Lanka, Trump wants to do the same to halt illegal immigration from Mexico into Sri Lanka.

    Hillary wants to deal with countries that support Islamic terrorism; Trump wants to hold them responsible.

    Hillary wants to export jobs from the US pushing globalization, Trump wants to keep the jobs at home, just as Sri Lanka wants to and needs to.

    Trump wants to invest vast sums in developing national infrastructure and manufacturing to jump start the economy, so do we!

    Hillary wants to confront Russia not understanding that Russia is threatened by US creating a wall of NATO countries and arming them with nuclear missiles; Trump wants to REVERSE that policy and establish good relations with Putin.

    Hillary wants to CONTINUE the Regime Change strateges; Trump wants to stop telling other countries how to live, but will take firmer action against international terrorism like the ISIS.

    Hillary wants to CONTINUE the HYPOCRISY and DOUBLE STANDARDS of her military interventions and remote control killing of people in foreign countries, under the pretext of Human Rights and Democracy, but Trump wants to stop all of that.

    Today ISIS had taken tens of thousands of civilians as human shields in Mosul, Iraq and Aleppo, Syria , and they are being bombed by the US and other western nations, often using drones, killing hundreds every day. It is the taking of human shields by the LTTE and their allegations of war crimes by the Sri Lankan Army in attacking them that was used by the US at the UN against Sri Lanka, and orchestrated by Hillary Clinton. Trump could be persuaded to STOP ALL OF THAT, because he knows that defeating the enemy as soon as possible without erecting fake barriers, is the best way to save the lives of people. Abraham Lincoln knew that in the US Civil War, FDR and Eisenhower knew that in WWII, and Trump knows that now.

    There is a MUCH GREATER CHANGE of Sri Lanka getting the support of Donald Trump, than the KNOWN ENEMY “CROOKED” Hillary Clinton.

    Am I ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN of TRUMP will help Sri Lanka? NO! But, I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that Hillary Clinton’s election to the US Presidency will be DISASTROUS for Sri Lanka.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    I agree with Charles,

    The ONLY WAY to COPE with a Hillary Clinton victory, is to OUST the Yamapalanaya and empower a PATRIOTIC NATIONALIST GoSL as SOON AS POSSIBLOE. There is NO TIME TO DELAY; the NEED is URGENT!

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ex-Minister G.L. Peiris wants Rajapaksa to lead new party

    Tue, Nov 8, 2016, 01:35 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 08 (Hindu) Amid speculation about former President Mahinda Rajapaksa floating a new party, his colleague and former Foreign Minister G.L. Peiris has decided to invite Mr. Rajapaksa to lead a new political organisation he chairs.

    “We will do our best to persuade him, to lead our party” Mr. Peiris said on Monday. “Until now he [Mr. Rajapaksa] has not given us any commitment, but we are very hopeful that he will accept it,” he told The Hindu, a day after he was suspended from the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP).

    Suspended from SLFP

    Though not in Parliament currently, the former Cabinet Minister has been an active politician in the Joint Opposition, a grouping of pro-Rajapaksa political actors.

    Last week, Mr. Peiris assumed charge as chairman of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (Sri Lanka People’s Front), a newly-registered political party. Soon after, the SLFP stripped him of membership citing his role in a new party.

    However, Mr. Peiris believes his suspension will be revoked. Recalling President Maithripala Sirisena’s defection from the party ahead of the January 2015 presidential polls — in which Mr. Rajapaksa was unseated — Mr. Peiris said: “President Sirisena’s party membership was also suspended at that time. But it was revoked later, even though he had contested against the candidate that the SLFP nominated. So both situations have to be treated alike and not disparately.”

    Terming his suspension “a violation of principles of equality and fairness”, he said: “The person concerned should have an opportunity to be heard.”

    The SLFP is currently divided between the Sirisena-led faction, in coalition government with the United National Party, and the Rajapaksa-led group which, along with other supportive political parties, formed the Joint Opposition.

    The Sri Lanka People’s Front, Mr. Peiris said, would work closely with the Joint Opposition in the coming days. His invitation to Mr. Rajapaksa comes amid apparent tensions within the ruling coalition, though top leaders in the UNP and SLFP have denied any danger of a split.

    While there are no indications of Mr. Rajapaksa garnering more support within the SLFP, political analysts in Colombo observe that Mr. Rajapaksa was unlikely to leave the SLFP. The party is central to his political image in Sri Lanka’s Sinhala-majority south, particularly in the rural electorate where he continues to have considerable support.

    Mr. Rajapaksa himself has made no official announcement in this regard, but he does not seem to have ruled out another bid for power either. Speaking to popular Tamil daily Veerakesari on Mr. Peiris’s new political party, he said anyone had the right to form or head a new party. “Tomorrow I too could start a party and become its leader,” he was quoted as saying.

    Read More:: Hindu (Source)

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    Donald Trump is romping home to a resounding win in the US Presidential election.

    And Sri Lanka, as the oldest functioning democracy in Asia, looks forward to a SANE foreign policy from the USA under Donald Trump Presidency!

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    The HATARAWARAN GUARDIAN DIETIES of Sri Lanka have protected Sri Lanka again!

    They have helped to defeat Billary Clinton, despite Sivajilingam bathing Siva Lingams in the milk of 1000 coconuts in the North!

    Clearly, by helping Donald Trump ROMP HOME, our Hatarawaran Diviyo have TRUMPED the traitor Sivajilingam’s Gods!

    More GOOD NEWS … the Tamil Diaspora can’t get their money back from the Clinton Foundation …. it was spent on Hillary’s LOSING campaign!


  14. S.Gonsal Says:

    Yahoooo !
    Time to twist our bugger and get work done than buttering him !
    If Trump proved one thing, it is ” you be open and say the right thing adressing the majority than the minority … you will probably win”.
    Our bugger must admit all WORNGS , appologise to Shinalas and fully work to destroy TAMIL HOPES and also say F’OFF to Saudi Arabia !
    Scrap 13A
    Deport Wiggie to Tamil Nadu
    No Muslims in Cabinet
    No wearing Gonibilla dress
    No teaching of Tamil to Sinhalas
    No going to Vatican to lick pope’s backside
    No going to Tirupathy
    No detroying of forrest to give land to Jihadists
    Release ALL Ranaviruvos

    Or else go to jail ! This is the way patriots should demand !
    It is now or never !

  15. S.Gonsal Says:

    In fact this should be the way any natitionalist patriotic man or woman to come forward with a new Sinhala Liberation Front and campaign for Sinhalaya,
    Scrap 13A
    Deport Wiggie to Tamil Nadu
    No Muslims in Cabinet
    No wearing Gonibilla dress
    No teaching of Tamil to Sinhalas
    No going to Vatican to lick pope’s backside
    No going to Tirupathy
    No destroying of forrest to give land to Jihadists
    Release ALL Ranaviruvos
    Trump has proven one can still win being openly supportive of majority. Still in our country 60% are Sinhala Buddhists !
    Foolish people don’t get it
    Cunning Pal Horu knows this but want to befreind the world and betray the motherland to spend luxary life.

  16. Ananda-USA Says:

    US President Elect Donald Trump in a very graceful and humble speech promised to be the President of all Americans irrespective of political party and community affiliations, and to pursue a new foreign policy based on treating other nations who want to co-exist peacefully with the US with fairness and justice without pursuing confrontational ulterior agendas.

    He promised to focus on developing America’s deteriorating infrastructure, its manufacturing base, to grow the economy at twice the current rate of growth, and to take care of the needs of the armed forces veterans.

    It was a truly great speech promising to heal the wounds of the adversarial election campaign.

    Sri Lanka Patriots should watch his speech on the Web, and recognize that this US President may provide the opening Sri Lanka needed to gain the understanding and friendship of the United States without the witch-hunting SL has experienced at the hands of previous US Administrations.

    Mahinda Rajapaksa and the former UPFA should SEIZE this opportunity to establish good relations with this President who promises to completely overhaul US foreign policy and posture towards other countries.

    Donald Trump’s election as the new US President could herald a sea hang in Sri Lanka’s Sinhala Buddhist majority’s difficulties with Western Nations and the UN, and the leaders of our country should seize the opportunity.

    Carpe’ Diem!

  17. Ratanapala Says:

    I fully agree that Sri Lanka should reach out to President Elect Donald Trump. We sincerely hope that the witch of Little Rock Arkansas is gone from the political scene for good. We also must be happy to see an end to two other rottweilers of the Obama administration – Samantha Power and Victoria Nuland who were determined to see Sri Lanka destabilised.

    Donald Trump can heal the world if he can stick to his gut feelings, he so eloquently expressed during his election campaign. America should understand that they need not be the sole policeman of the world.

    We wish him well in the years ahead.

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