US ‘Megapolis Colonialism’ -Awaken oh Sri Lanka! Awaken! Thou Art Being Colonised -(Part 2)
Posted on November 9th, 2016

By Gandara John

That infamous Presidential Election of 2015 saw many US quislings jockeyed into sensitive political positions, the most calamitous of these being the catapulting of RW unconstitutionally, from near political Siberia to being the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

The US had executed a major coup d’état. US Colonisation of Sri Lanka had begun in earnest.

Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty is being attacked on two fronts, identifiable by two major projects of the government, the ‘Megapolis’ Project and the ‘Bim Saviya’ project.

Both these approaches of attack are supported, to use a military allegory, by a combination of ‘support weapons’ that include, changing of the Constitution’, running the economy into the ground, depreciating Buddhism, neutering the military, devaluing the Sri Lankan people and employing paid US servants like NGOs, RW and CBK to do US bidding within the island.

To understand the ‘Megapolis’ and ‘Bim Saviya’ approaches of attack in clearer perspective it may help to go back in time, a two hundred years, when only the wealthy could vote and be elected to govern.

‘Plutocracy’, the rule of the wealthy, preceded ‘Democracy’. In a Plutocratic State Governments were ‘by the rich, of the rich and for the rich’.

With universal suffrage Plutocracy gave way to Democracy where governments were ‘by the people, of the people and for the people’.

And with democracy came the other collective expressions of the people like ‘Trade Unions’, through which only, the poor could effectively counter, the might of the wealthy minority.

Democracy gelded the untrammeled power of the rich and has been the bane of the rich.

In the United States of America, Democracy does not exist. FULL STOP. The US is a prime example of a Plutocracy (rule by the wealthy who are commonly referred to as oligarchs).

TV viewers worldwide are glued today to the spectacle of two circus clowns, coming from the same oligarch stable, fighting for a crown; the people in the ‘arena’ will have to decide which clown is sexually more depraved.

With the Atlantic Charter of August 1941 heralding the birth of the American Empire, battle lines were drawn by the US to turn the clock back and return the world to the dark age of Plutocracy and Colonialism.

Collaborating with the US in this endeavour are the rich in the poor countries.

The Megapolis concept of colonialism is an almost copybook reproduction of 17th and 18th Century Colonialism when the Bank of Amsterdam and the Bank of England bankrolled the Dutch East India Company and the British East India Company respectively which were at the vanguard of Colonialism in Africa and Asia.

In the case of US ‘Megapolis Colonialism’, the same bankers of Amsterdam, who moved first to England and then to the US, are funding the ‘Corporate Army’ invading Africa and Asia. These bankers control the Federal Reserve, the Central Bank of US and the mother of all Central Banks around the world.

Conveniently for ‘Megapolis Colonialism’, the fifth columnists of the Sovereign States under attack are subtly removing government edict, ownership and control of those territories eyed by the US.

The predatory Corporations are elated, with the bank of unemployed ‘slave’ labour being made available to them in the Megapolis, at the degree of impotence Sovereign governments have been reduced to and with the inability of these neutered ‘Sovereign’ Governments to re-possess their land in the Megapolis.

Sri Lanka’s Megapolis zones are attractive to the US militarily because of her geo political location.

The Megapolis Zones are attractive to the ‘Corporates’ because of Sri Lanka’s potential to be a hub for ‘Slave Labour’; the proximity to Tamil Nadu is a bonus.

Initially the US Megapolis Colony in Sri Lanka would be served by ‘slave’ labour from within the island; this ‘slave’ labour would be transported daily by a well developed transport system from the large extent of slums adjunct to the US Colony.

The social responsibility, if any there is, of maintaining healthy ‘slaves’ for the Megapolis lies not with the US Megapolis Colony but with Sri Lanka.

With further improvement to the transport system, it has been planned to connect the Megapolis Colony of Sri Lanka with Tamil Nadu, teeming with ‘slave’ labour.

The ‘hordes’ from Tamil Nadu would further blight the Westphalian Sovereign Status of Sri Lanka or whatever that is remaining of Sri Lanka (id est the Heartland of the island), inundate the labour market in the Megapolis reducing the people to below subsistence level; these people will have no Government or Trade Unions to protect their Rights and no real access to and protection from an alien legal system, the British system as RW has expressly, as per reports, avowed to the investors.

RW’s constant refrain has been, ‘Sri Lanka will be a hub in the region’. Yes, a hub for ‘slave labour’.

A major distinction between the bygone British Empire and the unfolding US Empire is that the British organised their Empire into several States defined by Westphalian boundaries and controlled by Whitehall through a network of Colonial governments.

The unfolding US Empire has been described as an Empire of ten ‘Megapolis’ Regions, ruled by oligarchs, served by the ‘slaves’ from Africa and Asia and directed to perform tasks, perhaps by nameless ‘whatsapp’ programmes.

The map of the 10-region division of the globe was introduced to the world by the Club of Rome (Club Madrid is its subsidiary in which CBK wallows in her role as peon).

The US ‘Megapolis Empire’ will have one law, administered by the UN and enforced in each zone of the globe by their factotums; in Sri Lanka, Esmond W passed that mantle to RW.

The US ‘Megapolis Empire’ of the rich can survive, only in a sea of poverty and unemployment, and in an atmosphere where democracy is absent and plutocracy prevails.

This is what the neo liberals wail for when they root for Laissez-faire; they call for stripping people of ‘Government’ and ‘Trade Union’ protection and pitting the people – reduced to fighting individually – in the direct line of fire of Corporate might.

The unwary are beguiled to believe that this is freedom while in fact the rich are turning the clock back on universal franchise.

Samarawickrema, beleaguered by the Bond scam, will be hard pressed to provide the details of his ‘secret’ ECTA agreement that would blow the lid on the Megapolis Colonies and the Indo – Lanka Bridge of ‘slaves’ that is being contrived.

RW’s gadflies say that the ‘Bond’ scam has got RW scurrying, to have his coat dry cleaned and to keeping his hands constantly in his trouser pockets to reassure himself that everything is not lost.

RW’s honesty and integrity are being openly challenged by the public following the findings of a Parliamentary probe of one of the biggest financial frauds involving the country’s Central Bank that comes directly under RW’s purview.

RW is being accused of having personally benefitted from the fraud. There are credible concerns that his remaining in office would hamper investigations.

Many have expressed the view that considering the profundity with which the investigators perform their duties, the probe on RW’s conduct may involve intense hours of grilling and may continue for months on end resulting even in RW being remanded.

The public are justifiably concerned that RW’s long grilling may not leave him time enough to do the job that he is expected to do and for which the people are paying him a salary and providing emoluments with the greatest of difficulty.

The people and the country can ill afford such a luxury.

The public have expressed concern that if RW spends time on his job, the multiple investigations on his conduct will suffer while if RW spends time with his interrogators, his job will suffer.

Either way the public good suffers.

There is surging anger in the country calling for RW’s immediate resignation; in the absence of such resignation, he needs to be sacked.

Analysts say that the US is deeply concerned. According to these analysts the political coup of 08 Jan 15, was planned funded and executed by the US and its allies; they were able to catapult their factotum into the number 2 slot unconstitutionally; it is a position RW could never have hoped for considering his unpopularity.

The Number 2 slot has many benefits, not the least of which is that Number 2 automatically succeeds Number 1 in the event Number 1 is incapacitated.

These analysts say that the US is not unknown to eliminate selected political leaders with extreme prejudice if their interests are frustrated.

With US ‘Megapolis Colonisation’ of Sri Lanka staring in the face, the question being asked is Will the US permit the corruption charges against RW be an impediment to US objectives?”

Sri Lanka is a thrice blessed island. In times of crisis the deities have looked upon the island with great kindness.

The Bond scam exposure has given Sri Lanka the opportunity to extricate herself from the edge of an abyss. The country can be saved from being Colonised and literally written off the map of the world.

Sri Lankans awake and grasp with both hands the opportunity the deities have given you. Act with speed lest we lose our country.

We need to protect the country and the President. Both are in great peril.

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  1. NAK Says:

    We need to save the country but let the President go to hell. He is beyond saving.

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