Posted on November 15th, 2016


The Sinhala people who we living in the East had to face a number of waves of attacks from the LTTE and had to shift their residences from one place to another. Many hundreds were hacked to death while thousands were forced to leave their houseS handing over the control of their lands to Tamil Tiger terrorists.

Some of the much published massacres of the Sinhala people in Ampara and Batticaloa  took place in the villages such as, Aranathalwa (34 killed) , Pottuvil (25), Thirukkovil (678),Peraveltalawa (9), Bogamuwa (25), Lahugala (16), Borapola (9), Amapara town (25), 209 mile post (14), Mangalagama (16), Panama (12), Uhana( 5), Uwaragaltenne (2), Iginyagla (11), Goangala(57), Batticaloa (14),Eravur (25), Mankdeniya (3). These figures refer only to the killings but such brutal incidents caused untold damage to the stability of their living and most of the villagers were either forced to leave the Eastern province or live together in protected locations.

After the war against the LTTE terrorists was over the Sinhala people slowly put up houses in a number of villages to lead a peaceful life in the areas which they occupied before they were chased away. BUT, they did not have any legal documents to prove their rights to the land as they had to leave everything and escape from the marauding Tamil Tigers.

Today, the new” Sinhala settlements in Mangalagama, Kevilyamaduwa, and Kohombagastalwsa are facing the ‘extreme displeasure’ of the politicians and the local administrators who are insisting for the title deeds for the houses they have built and the lands they cultivate. Otherwise, the men , the women and the children  are facing immediate eviction. They simply do not have any documentation to be produced as they had left everything when running from their former land etc to save their lives.

These villagers need the UREGENT help of the central government and the President to intervene and bring about a satisfactory solution for them to lead a peaceful living.



  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande Wadakaya Mega Bank thief pol pot ponil wickrama
    Sinhala killer ruling Sri Lanka today. Pussy cat janaAAPPA maru sira has no saying in any affairs. So these
    Sinhalese in the east have nobody to turn.

    Thanks to some Sinhala jaathi dhrohiyas, Sinhalese-killing,
    Buddhism-destroying, Sri Lanka-destroying catholic-run UNPatriotic party came to power. Now traitor chief
    die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande Wadakaya mega bank robber pol pot ponil wickramaSinhalakiller and
    his catholic buddies ravi karunkaya, john mara, ranja gonja, xxxx harin etc. etc. sucking the blood out of Sri Lanka,
    Sinhalese race and Buddhism. But still a lot of Sinhala modayas support these catholic-run UNPatriotic party
    murderous thieves. No wonder the Sinhalese are called modayas!

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Don’t take my word for it. Please click on any one of these links to see catholic-run UNPatriotic party’s
    anti-Sinhalese, anti-Buddhist, anti-Sri Lankan activities. Still a lot of Sinhala modayas can’t understand even
    after reading these articles. They really are modayas and soon they will surrender Sri Lanka to tamils, mussies,
    catholics. Sinhalese Buddhists? They can always jump into the sea. Sea is all around the country after all!

  3. S.Gonsal Says:

    As I siad elesewhere, there is only “one monk” fighting for villagers. Even BBS are not making much noice. Even though these monks have various allegation of corruption, this problem IS REAL and UNJUST.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Our grateful thanks to Ranjith Soysa for bringing the plight of Sinhala Settlers in the East.

    YES, the GoSL MUST ACT NOW and bring Justice for the Sinhala people of the East.

    It is the same cycle of inaction & violence in those areas. Shame on the GoSL !

    All this going in Sri Lanka while $160 plus is given by the UNHRC to so called Refugees from Tamil Nadu ‘camps’ to return to Lanka. Land and housing provided courtesy GoSL/Indian govt too.
    Jayalalitha had requested that the ‘camp’ Tamils in TN be given INDIAN citizenship. This is the right thing to do.
    At least now, at this late stage, INDIA must do the right thing by Sri Lanka.

  5. Dilrook Says:

    I’m disappointed by this recent talk by Gotabhaya. It shows the lack of understanding of what is at work and even tries to compete with the present administration on who did most to Tamils in the north! Yet another defeat inducing thinking. For instance he compares the area of land released by the Mahinda government with Sirisena government and correctly claims Mahinda released more land in the north. It is something to be ashamed of, not something to boast. The rise of highly mobile Tamil armed groups like the “Ava group” is the result. Already 34 members of the “Ava Group” have been arrested according to the minister in charge which means it is a very serious matter.


    His claim that foreign governments didn’t know about demilitarisation, rehabilitation and demining is completely wrong. Foreign governments were fully aware of demilitarisation in the north (as they demanded). Only thing is they are after that land for their own bases. For that end, they were insatiable like Tamils.

    Unfortunately, Rajapaksas are still following the “90% of borrowed funds to the north and east” model. They may even think 90% was insufficient.

    He correctly states disarming Tamil paramilitary groups worked to the benefit of TNA. Even Ranil and Chandrika refused to disarm them in 2002-04 despite strong demands from Tamils and Co-Chairs. He puts the blame on Mahinda for disarming them despite warnings. I often heard the claim Mahinda’s party cannot win enough seats in the north and because of the nasty things EPDP and TMVP did. Even Champika and Rathana Thero said so. This was a shrewd plan to destroy even the little support his government had. EPDP and TMVP were bad but compared them against the TNA, they are saints! After disarming them, no one was willing to do election work for Mahinda as they all feared TNA terror.

    How long will it take for them to apprehend that only Sinhala voters are grateful and national security cannot rest on hearts and minds of Tamils?

  6. Hiranthe Says:

    If Sinhela families need documents to prove the ownership, how about the refugees returning from India?? Do they have the documents?? Everyone should be treated equally…

  7. Ananda-USA Says:


    Brilliantly stated!

    “National security cannot rest on the hearts and minds of Tamils”


    National Security DOES NOT REST on Tamil Hearts and Minds
    National Security SHOULD NOT REST on Tamil Hearts and Minds
    National Security MUST NOT BE BELIEVED TO REST on Tamil Hearts and Minds

    National Security RESTS on the Hearts, Minds, Will and Determination of the Sinhala Buddhists ONLY!

  8. S.Gonsal Says:

    Dear Dilrook,
    Blame the FOOLS who praise these guys no matter what they do. Now they think they did everything correct, keep on critisizing current mob and they can win back and continue to wreck the country and hearts and minds of Sinhala Buddhists.

  9. anura seneviratna Says:

    Can’t comprehend the statement “Sinhala settlers”! The indigenous nation cannot be referred to as settlers in their native and only island country of the world. No wonder the true settler communities are taking over our land with arrogance and claiming to be theirs all due to our confused heads!

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Good point Anura!

    We had better end this situation of being transformed into settlers in our own Motherland.

    First Step: REPLACE the Yamapalana Govt.
    Second Step: REPEAL 13A, DISSOLVE the PCS
    Thire Step: REPEAL all Laws and REVERSE ALL agreements entered into with foreign nations by the Yamapalana govt.

    Let us TAKE OUR MOTHERLAND BACK, as soon as possible.

  11. S.Gonsal Says:

    First Step : Get the assurance from whoever replaces Yamapalanaya that Steps 2 to 3 WILL be followed
    Second Step: REPEAL 13A, DISSOLVE the PCS
    Thire Step: REPEAL all Laws and REVERSE ALL agreements entered into with foreign nations by the Yamapalana govt.

    Let us TAKE OUR MOTHERLAND BACK, as soon as possible.

    We WILL not be fooled by blood sucking Pal Horu politicians YET AGAIN without ANY assurance or pledge and leave it to the WILL of the GOD.

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    Ananda-USA has started Fonseka insults – Kabaragoyya, Thalagoyya, Katussa, Kalawedda, etc.

    First step is NOT replace Yamapalana govt.!!

    First step is to get a PROMISE AT THE DALADA MALIGAWA and SEENIGAMA DEVALE that 13 amendment will be SCRAPPED by the party likely to replace Yamapalanaya govt.

    Then replace them.

    Otherwise the same crooks will fool us again. NO WAY!

    IF Yamapalana govt SCRAPS 13 amendment we should keep them for another few decades.

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oh, My!

    The Katussa (Lorenzo) who started to coin and call people by animal nicknames, now can’t bear being called by them himself!

    You, who called people first Kabaragoya and Thalagoya can’t stand to be called by similar names? Why?

    Are you not the same person who coined the name “Maru Sira” for Sirisena who you supported vociferously at LankaWeb before the Presidential election?

    So, what is your deep and devious game now?

    Trying to CREEP BACK into the good graces of Patriots now, to cause MAXIMUM CHAOS at the OPPORTUNE TIME?

    Hop away Katussa, your sheepskin is flapping in the wind!

  14. Christie Says:

    Indian Empire wants Trinco. for their nuke subs and aircraft carriers and other naval craft.

  15. SA Kumar Says:

    not only wants Trinco.-
    Palay to become International & air force airport.
    KKS to become International sea port & Navy port .

    than what left our to We-Mother Lankan .

    My Sinhala Sakodaraya- We both are kaput now !!!

    Velu where are you Thalaiva ????

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    Way to Go, Ananda ! Thanks a million for TRUSTWORTHY leadership.

    Agree totally with the 3 Initial Steps you suggest here !
    A few of the Trade Agreements may be ok – indepth study necessary.

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    First step is to get a PROMISE AT THE DALADA MALIGAWA and SEENIGAMA DEVALE that 13 amendment will be SCRAPPED by the party likely to replace Yamapalanaya govt.

    Then replace them.

    Otherwise the same crooks will fool us again. NO WAY!

  18. plumblossom Says:



    The Joint Opposition is requested by the Sri Lankan Solidarity Movement to publish the above mentioned report about the Recommendations by the Sub-Committee on the Centre and Periphery Relationship.and talk as urgently as possible about its extreme dangers to the Mahanayake Theros.

    Please keep in mind that even India and Pakistan which are huge, massive countries and who are federal states have retained their concurrent lists. South Africa which is a huge country is a unitary state and has a concurrent list. However tiny, little Sri Lanka is proposing to get rid of the concurrent list as the TNA and the US, EU, UK, Norway, Sweden, Canada and India wants.

    The Sri Lankan Solidarity Movement thinks that the big time scoundrels Ranil, CBK,Sirisena and Mangala are doing what a bunch of stuck up US, EU, UK, Norway, Sweden, Canadian politicians who have a superiority complex, are neo-colonialists and imperialists want (since these countries are resource and strategic location hungry) in order to please these stuck up US, EU, UK, Norway, Sweden, Canadian politicians at great expense to all future generations of Sri Lankans and betraying 2600 years and actually 37000 years of independence and freedom of the island of Sri Lanka by partitioning this island which has never ever happened in its 2600 (Sinhala Buddhist civilization) and in fact its 37000 year history (as attested by many pre-historic archaeological findings of iron age, stone age sites).

    This is happening degree by degree, surreptitiously and slowly as the big time scoundrels Ranil, CBK,Sirisena and Mangala have planned and happening slowly but surely. We do not feel it since it happens surreptitiously degree by degree. However suddenly these recommendations by the sub-committee to provide extremely great amounts of powers to provincial councils will be included in the constitution as Ranil wants and at the referendum there will be stuffed ballot boxes and somehow the referendum will be passed. Everything happens as Ranil wants it to happen and in order to please the stuck up US, EU, UK, Norway, Sweden, Canada European politicians. This is what the Sri Lankan Solidarity Movement has noticed.

    Ranil is fooling the Sinhala people big time by doing this slowly, surreptitiously and degree by degree. This is how the OMP Act was passed. That is how the federal or Eelam constitution will be passed as well, surreptitiously, degree by degree and by use of stuffed ballot boxes.

    Our grave suspicion is that the scoundrels Ranil, CBK,Sirisena and Mangala have already promised the US,UK,EU,Sweden, Norway and Canadian politicians, the TNA and all other separatists that the recommendations of the sub committee to provide extremely great amount of powers to provincial councils will happen as planned. Therefore it will happen as planned.

    The only way to stop these big time scoundrels Ranil, CBK, Sirisena and Mangala is to publicize in the Sri Lankan media that this is what they are planning to do and shout out as loud as possible i.e. tell all to the Sri Lankan media, especially the Sinhala media so that this treacherous plan is exposed and the scoundrels Ranil, CBK, Sirisena and Mangala then will have to answer to the Sri Lankan public, especially the Sinhala people and all other patriotic Sri Lankans about this.

    The reality is over 25,000 Sinhala people were ethnically cleansed from the Batticaloa district in the 1980’s by the LTTE. Taking into account population growth from 1983-2016, this number is around 35,000 today. Only around a few thousand Sinhala have returned to live in the Batticaloa district so far. Even they are being threatened by the TNA fascist racists. it is very difficult to figure out what to do in the circumstances.

    The ethnic cleansing of Sinhala people from the North even today by Vigneshwaran and the fascist, racist TNA is well known by now. In the 1980s over 65,000 Sinhala people were ethnically cleansed from the North by the LTTE and taking into account population growth from 1983-2016, this number is around 100,000 today.
    The best remedy is to do everything possible to ensure that the proposed constitution is as unitary as possible and to campaign very hard for that. As long as the constitution is unitary and no more powers are given to the provincial councils, Sinhala Buddhists and even Sinhala Catholics, Malays, Muslims, Veddhas, Burghers are safe. If however, any more powers are given to provincial councils, all of the above and in particular the Sinhala people will be very insecure and unsafe and our future very precarious and uncertain.

  19. Ratanapala Says:

    Sinhalese at Crossroads!

    Sri Lanka is a country that went through 30 years of terrorist war till it was finally defeated in May 2009. It was utterly wrong of the Mahinda Rajapakse Administration to have gone the way it did with the North and East with respect to security and democracy after the hostilities were terminated. It was true that we won the final battle at Nanthikadal, but the war was far from over. Winning the war included consolidation of victory and laying foundations for long term peace. This simply did not happen. All what happened was we lost some battles and won some battles including the last major battle at Nanthikadal!

    We were fooled by the Indians lock stock and barrel – they masterminded the Sarath Fonseka fiasco putting fear onto Mahinda Rajapakse that the Army was too big for his own safety. Indians simply set up Sarath Fonseka the war winning General and a political novice against Mahinda Rajapakse and both swallowed the baits hook line and sinker! Indians killed “two birds” with one stone! They managed to get rid of Prabhakaran as well as break up the war winning A-team after they have served their purpose!

    North and East should have been kept locked up for at least another 10 years as “not ready” for democracy and everything that goes with similar sentiments. Even after 60 years after the end of hostilities of World War II, the victorious Allies still have their troops stationed around the world to see that there is no repetition of aggression from the countries that represented the Axis Powers. Nazis remain ridiculed and not allowed to raise heads ever. Japan too is kept similarly “shackled” not allowing them to take part in certain military activities on their own.

    Rajapakse administration was in too much of a hurry to disband 11,000 known terrorists after sending them through few months of “rehabilitation” just to score “brownie points” with India and the so called International Community. The army camps should have been left in greater strengths to see that there is no emergence of terrorism again from the North and East. Demining was done in such a hurry at the risk of life and limb to our own soldiers.

    TNA a political party that “god fathered” the Tamil Terrorism and openly supported the Tamil Tiger Terrorists throughout the hostilities should have been dealt with the full force of the law for their association with Terrorists and complicity in all the terrorist acts carried out throughout Sri Lanka.

    The people in the North and East are still not “free” to think on their own or act without consent from their Vellala masters. This is clearly seen in how they voted in the Presidential Election 2010, 2015 and at the Parliamentary Elections. These votes are simply Vellala Fiat votes and nothing else. In 2010 they voted for Sarath Fonseka their supposed to be Tormentor Maximus and in 2015 they voted for Simple Sirisena a colourless figure whom they knew little about all as commandeered by their Vellala Masters!

    Mahinda Rajapakse Administration also failed to do away with the 13th Amendment in 2009 when the time was most opportune for such an act. The white elephants the Indian installed Provincial Councils should have been done away with, beginning in the South, then in the North and East. Sri Lanka is simply too small for such political entities and todate these institutions remain a burden on the ordinary citizens. These only created a new set of elites, and a burden on society. This is not to say there weren’t other factors there to consider – India and rest of the world. But then that is why we need politicians to lead us with statesmanship and clever political maneuvering. Instead of what happened was egoistic decision taking “hoping” for the best, not for the country but for political survival!

    Mahinda Rajapakse administration also failed to re-settle the Sinhalese displaced from the North and East and failed miserably to look after and help the real people who defended Sri Lanka 24/7 – the people of the so called “Border Villagers”. Instead of they went on to appease the very terrorists and their families in the North and East with Uturu Wasanthaya and Nagenahira Navodaya. Whole country suffered through those unfortunate 30 years and the development of the country was set back by a similar or more number of years. It is true that there was a need to develop those two provinces to avoid future uprisings, but that development should not have been at the expense of the very Sinhalese and mainly Sinhala Buddhists who shouldered the brunt of the war effort with life and limb.

    The cancer of appeasing minorities has never worked for Sri Lanka (nor for anybody else around the world for that matter) for their thirst for ” little now and more later” never ends. It is the absence of a statesman who can see through this fiasco that is befuddling Sri Lanka. Meanwhile Sinhalese are being sent from pillar to post all over Sri Lanka – in the North and East they are hounded like wild hogs and chased away from their land. In the South their land is being bought over with their “own” money – money minorities earn mostly –by reselling our own produce. Muslims are stealing land and are becoming more and more militant by the day. They have started desecrating Buddhist holy places and evicting Sinhalese from their ancestral land. While all this is happening no politician worth his salt is ready to take up their cause fearing loss of Minority Votes!

    In the Hill Country Sinhalese have lost their land to Indian Coolies brought to Sri Lanka as indented labour. Not only they have got citizenship in Sri Lanka they are also laying claim to the land they work on! Poor Sinhalese who were displaced by the Wasteland Ordinance of 1840 and 1896 robbed their ancestral land for good. Even after nearly 70 years since Independence from the hated Britisher, have they any chance of winning over their land?

    Even with all these a substantially reformed Mahinda Rajapakse remains the only politician (apart from Gotabhaya Rajapakse,) who has the charisma and the leadership qualities acceptable to a majority of Sri Lankans to steer Sri Lanka from the hole they have dug themselves on 8 Jan 2015! Sri Lankans will have to support him on a wing and a prayer for the alternative is far worse!

    Whither the hapless Sinhalese? What is their future the way things are going?

  20. Ananda-USA Says:


    Agree with you 100%, especially the last paragraph of your comment that MR and the former UPFA STILL REMAINS the LAST and ONLY VIABLE HOPE for the Sinhala Buddhist people of Sri Lanka to regain control and remain the masters of their own Motherland.

    Yes, MR did not do somethings we wanted him to do, most notably REPEALING the 13A, and keeping the North and East under massive military occupation for a 100 years as the Allies did in the former Axis nations of World War II.

    He believed that the opposition to doing that from India and the West would be less after he has reconstructed the war zone and DIFFUSED the Tamil separatist ambitions with good treatment. Believing in the absolute power he had then, and in his own power to control events, he believed he could achieve that, and that the Tamil people would be grateful for the compassion and leniency.

    But he MISJUDGED the inbred Racism and Greed of the Tamil Eelamists, continually incited on towards their EELAM goal by Indin Tamils and the Tamil Diaspora.

    But MR knew the size and scope of the Indian and Westetn enemies he had to fsce EVEN TO WIN THE WAR. EVERY previous President of Sri Lanka had quailed and BACKED DOWN wgen threatened by them, including JR who even allowed Indian troops to invade Sri Lanka and adopted the 13A.

    What if MR had done what we want instead? Could we have PREDICTED what would have happened? Would India and the West INVADED Sri Lanka again and REPARTITION ED the nation? Those were the questions that MR had to decide, and he chose that path seemed the MOST VIABLE and the most likely to achieve a stable peace in the reunified country.

    The TRUTH IS, we DON’T KNOW for SURE, and neither do you!

    This is what Charles, Fran and I instinctively understand, and why we support MR. Many others don’t and CRITICIZE HIS difficult decisions with 20/20 HINDSIGHT.

    STILL OTHERS, like Lorenzo and his lapdog Gonsal, try to exploit Sinhala dissatisfaction with MR decisions to completely DISCREDIT MR and ALL Patriotic leaders to ensure that a Patriotic Government capable of keeping Sri Lanka as Unitary Sovereign Thriving nation DOES NOT RISE AGAIN in the foreseeable future.

    The question all of us TRUE PATRIOTS should ask ourselves is:


    The first path leads to national suicide and slavery in a divided nation ruled by our enemies, while the second path leads to our deliverance from the ongoing enslavement.

  21. Lorenzo Says:


    Only a MILITARY TAKEOVER can save SL.

    This entire election system makes minorities KINGS. ALL major political parties go after minorities.

  22. Lorenzo Says:


    Not “theviyan vahanse” believing politicians and their families.

  23. Ananda-USA Says:

    LankaWeb readers!

    ONICE MORE, here is PROOF of the Katussa (Lorenzo) advocating and INCITING a MILITARY COUP-DE-ETAT in Sri Lanka!

    Did I not REPEATEDLY warn that the Katussa (Lorenzo) is trying to SOW MAXIMUM CHAOS in Sri Lanka, to help the EELAMISTS gain their EELAM.

    If Sri Lanka is ruled by a Military JUNTA, it would be MUCH EASIER for India and the Western Powers to JUSTIFY invasion and partition of Sri Lanka.

    This is the AIM of the Katussa (Lorenzo): MAXIMUM CHAOS and turning Sri Lanka into a FAILED STATE that can be carved up into ethnic Bantustans like Iraq, without a STRONG central government having the support of the vast majority of citizens.

    May the Hatarawaran Devatava’s give him his DUE …. SOON!

  24. Lorenzo Says:

    “If Sri Lanka is ruled by a Military JUNTA, it would be MUCH EASIER for India and the Western Powers to JUSTIFY invasion and partition of Sri Lanka.”

    How so Ananda-USA?

    There are other BUDDHIST countries that have SELECTED their OWN governance style through the military and NO INVASION took place!! In fact US and UK officials have been lining up to do business with BURMA and THAILAND!

    SL was invaded in 1987 at the height of democratic rule. Remember?

    Also look at democratically elected leaders in IRAQ, LIBYA and SYRIA. Has that stopped USA from INVADING them?

    So USA, there is NO right for USA or Endia to invade SL no matter who governs SL. It has not happened. So stop demonizing the SL military the most disciplined in the world. Even US army comes to learn from the SL military!!!

  25. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oi Katussa (Lorenzo),

    It is MIGHT, not RIGHT, that RULES in this world!
    Strange that you have not learned that yet, as an advocate of Military takeover in Sri Lanka!

    Of course you have, but it does not fit your EELAMIST PROPAGANDA MISSION right now does it?

    BURMA with its Military was heavily sanctioned, undermined by support to rebels, and BROUGHT TO ITS KNEES by the USA and the UK, and is now being FORCED to give in to its minorities, Rohingya Muslims included, just like Sri Lanka was forced to abandon its military moves to defeat the Tamil separatists, and ultimately NOW forced to give into Tamil separatists through the Regime Change.

    Did you MISS that FACT, Katussa (Lorenzo) , or is that FACT too INCONVENIENT to fit your EELAMIST narrative?

  26. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oi Katussa (Lorenzo),

    Why this Koland? Did I demonize the SL Army, NO! But, you are advocating a Military takeover by the SL Armed Forces, an action that will PIT the Armed Forces against the majority Sinhala Community and create UTTER CHAOS!

    It is your UNDERHAND DEVIOUS STRATEGY to STRIP our HEROIC Armed Forces of the LOVE & AFFECTION of the citizenry and to PIT them against their own people.

    NO! We will NOT LET YOU or ANYONE ELSE TURN our PEOPLE against our heroic DEFENDERS of the ArmedForces, just as you helped to PIT the Sinhala people against their War-winning Patritic MR/UPFA government and inflict a PUPPET Yamapalanaya upon us!

    The Hatarawaran Devi Devatavas are COMING for YOU to give you your DUE! You can RUN but you CANT HIDE!

  27. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sinhala place names in ancient Jaffna

    July 1, 2016, 8:56 pm


    Place names in ancient Jaffna were Sinhala. The British administrators working in the Northern Province recognized this fact and said so in their reports. Henry Parker, an irrigation engineer, presented a series of Sessional Papers to the Legislative Council in 1886 on the subject of irrigation in the Northern Province. In addition to irrigation, he had also looked into the historical information available on the places he was working in. He found that Tamil place names had been substituted for the original Sinhala names. Maha Kachchatkodi tank was originally Tittaveli, Maha Iranpaikkulam was originally Rambewetiya, Iluppaikkadavai was Sallariya, Kuruntur maai was Piyangala and Kuruntankulam was Kurunegama.

    J.P. Lewis, of the Ceylon Civil Service, in 1896 presented a paper before the Royal Asiatic Society, Ceylon branch, titled ‘The place names in the Vanni ‘. He said Vanni was colonized by the Tamils only recently. The original Sinhalese inhabitants had been driven out and new Tamil place names given. Some place names were Tamilised versions of the original Sinhala names. Galkandamadu became Kallukondamadu. In Tamil ‘k’ is used for ‘ga’ and ‘ha’. Many of the Tamil names in the Vanni had their exact equivalents in Sinhalese villages. ‘Mandukoddai’ was Manadukanda, ‘Uhanda’ was Okanda. Lewis found heaps of Puliyankulams in the Vanni. Kulam is Tamil for tank. The original name of one such Puliyankulam was Siyabalagaswewa. ‘Vilankulam’ was earlier Diwulwewa. Sinhalese tended to name places after trees, plants or incidents connected to the place, said Lewis.

    B. Horsburgh published an essay on “Sinhalese place names in the Jaffna Peninsula”, in the Ceylon Antiquary and Literary Register, 1916. He said that the Sinhalese had earlier occupied the north portion of the mainland, which is now Tamil country. ‘There is ample evidence carried in stone all over Mannar and Mullaitivu district. In Jaffna the evidence is in the place names,’ he said. At least thirty of the place names in Jaffna were Sinhala in origin. He pointed out that Tamil place names which ended in ‘kalappu’, ‘vattei’, ‘palai’, ‘kam’, ‘pai’ and ‘vil’ were meaningless in Tamil. ‘Vil’ is bow in Tamil, ‘pai’ is net or sail. However the names made sense when they were seen as translation of Sinhala names. Valikamam and Vimankam have no meaning in Tamil but made sense as the Tamilised versions of Weligama and Vimangama. Chunnakam was Hunugama, Kokkuvil was Kokavila, Uduvil was Uduvila, Tanankalapu was Tanankalapuwa, Saravattai was Sarawatte and Manipai was Mampe.

    Horburgh’s views met with a favourable response. Rev. S. Gnana Prakasar and S.W. Coomaraswamy wrote to the Ceylon Antiquary agreeing with Horsburgh and giving their own lists of Tamilised place names. S. Sabaratnam partially agreed with Horsburgh. Rev. Gnana Prakasar listed more villages ending in ‘vil’ such as Kandavil and Inuvil. He drew attention to villages ending in ‘vattei’, such as Polvattei and Sittavattei, villages ending with ‘kumbura’ such as Markkamburei, villages using ‘yaya’ such as Moolay , ‘deniya’ as in Narandanei and ‘eliya’ as in Puloly. S.W. Coomaraswamy said Manipai was not Mampe but Mampaya and Sandituppay was probably Sandurupaya. J.P. Lewis gave Tamilised Sinhala place names from Mannar and Mullaitivu.

    Paul E. Pieris (1917) also observed that place names in Jaffna derived from Sinhala. He mentioned Valikamam (Weligama), Kodikaman (Godigamuwa), Kat pokkanari (Gal pokuna)and Udupiti (Udupitiya). He stated that the 1645 Jaffna Foral of the Portuguese used the word ‘gama’ to describe the lands in Vanni allotted to Tamils for cultivation. Godakumbura ( 1968) said Kantarodai was originally known as Kadurugoda. He thought that Chunnakam was not Hunugama, it could be Sulanagama from the Pali word Cullanagagama; Kannangara in his book Jaffna and the Sinhala heritage (1984) says Tisamalai was earlier Tissagama, Mallakam was Mallagama, Keerimalai was Mugatikanda and Puloli was Kaputota. Tellippalai was Telipola. He observed that the Sinhala Nam Pota mentions Telipola. Sinhala Nam Pota also gave the name Puvangu divaina to Pungudutivu. The place was also called Piyangudipa. Piyangudipa is mentioned in the Vallipuram gold plate which speaks of ‘Piyaguka tissa who built a monastery there…’ Kannangara observed that at ‘Gothamaluwa watta’ on Ponnali, on Point Pedro road, the name is still in original Sinhala.

    P.A.T. Gunasinghe said in The Tamils of Sri Lanka (1984) that place names like Polvattai refer to the Sinhala used in the 14th century. They showed that Jaffna was populated by Sinhalese in the medieval period. He added that in the east too, place names like Mattakalapu are direct borrowings from Sinhala. Madakalapuwa in Tamil is Chattakuli. Somapala Gunadheera (2011) pointed out that Omanthai is from Omatta.

    Present day commentators such as D.G.A. Perera also point out that many Sinhala names in the north and east have been Tamilised. The list includes Dambakolapatuna (Sambilturai), Gangahistota (Kankesanturai) Girikande (Keerimalai) Girinuwara (Mutur) Meenipitya (Manipai), Nagadeepa (Nainativu), Somapura (Sampur) and Udupitiya (Udippidi).

    The name given to Jaffna peninsula today is ‘Yalpanam.’ The origin of this name is given as a fanciful legend. Simon Casie Chetty in Tamil Plutarch (1859) says Yalapana Nayanar, a blind minstrel came to the peninsula, having had a quarrel with his wife in Tamilnadu. The Tamil king was pleased with his playing and gave him a piece of land which turned out to be the Jaffna peninsula. The peninsula was uninhabited. Yalpana nayar cleared it and brought down a colony of Tamils to settle in it and called it Yalapana nadu. The Skanda Purana gives a different story. It says that the king, pleased with the playing of a musician named Susangita , gave him the name Yalpana since he was always with a lute in his hand. Susangita cleared the land he was given, established a settlement and called it Yalpanam. (Denham 1911 p 71)

    Horsburgh dismissed the legend as pure myth, saying it had no historical foundation whatever. He though that ‘Yapana’ had come from ‘Yapa’ which was a good Sinhala word and ‘na’ was used as an ending as in Habarana. ‘Yalpanam’ he thought was a later elaboration. E.T.Kannangara said that Yapane would have come from Yapapatuna, which means ‘town of the crown prince.’ Yapane, according to this, is not a name at all, it is a description.

    Paul E Pieris stumbled on the correct ancient name for Jaffna, while researching the Buddhist ruins of Jaffna. He wanted to find out the location of Nagadipa. According to the Mahavamsa the second visit of Gautama Buddha was to Nagadipa. The main embarkation point to north India in ancient times was Jambukola in ‘Nagadipa’. From Jambukola it took seven days to get to Tamralipti, a port at the mouth of the Ganges. Jambukola therefore had to be in the Jaffna peninsula. Pieris concluded that the name given to the Jaffna peninsula and its islands was ‘Nagadipa’.

    Pieris read a paper before the Royal Asiatic Society, Ceylon Branch, saying that ‘Nagadipa’ was the name given to the Jaffna peninsula and its islands. John M Senaveratne present at the talk said that Pieris has ‘confirmed for us what was for long suspected and indicated’ by B. Horsburgh and J. P. Lewis that Jaffna was a part of the ancient Sinhala Buddhist civilization. The paper was published as ‘Nagadipa and Buddhist remains in Jaffna’ (1917). The Vallipuram gold plate, found around 1936, settled the matter. It confirmed that ‘Nakadiva’ was the ancient name for Jaffna. In 1968 C.E. Godakumbura reiterated, through the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society , Ceylon Branch, that the ancient name for Jaffna peninsula was Nagadipa.

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    Ranjith Soysa hand over a petition to GM Mrs Charles !

    My Tamil TNA & Muslim MC politician & Govt officers please sort out his requirement to provide land legal document to those Sinhala family & all other Govt benefit for low income family ASAP .

    Hon Ranjith Soysa has valid point ok he is anger He should not use bad word in public but his anger is understandable !!!

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