Budget more concerned on addressing foreign needs – Mahinda
Posted on November 16th, 2016


November 16, 2016  02:38 pm

     Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa slammed the Budget 2017 Wednesday, saying the government may intend to address the needs of the foreign elements than it focusing on local’s issues.

This Budget aim to cut taxes for foreigners and motivate them to buy our lands,” Rajapaksa said at a Parliamentary session.
This is a dangerous portent; the country will be a colony of foreign countries if they release limitless offers for them while discouraging local investors and enterprisers”
Rajapaksa also asserted the cost of living may go up as the government anticipates to mop up 85 per cent as indirect tax from people while increasing income tax from 12 per cent to 28 per cent.
It has been the policy of the UNP to sell the resources of our country, but it’s unfortunate to witness that some SLFP members are also contributing to that,” Rajapaksa said.

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  1. Hiranthe Says:

    I read the full speech. MR has done a great job and showed his metal. Only a true leader who loves Mother Lanka can give such a speech.

    We need you back in the Driving Seat Sir!!! They have destroyed what you have achieved and created with love to the nation.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Yes it is a good speech.

    The BIGGEST BUDGET HOLE is created by 13 amendment. It has to be fixed. Otherwise no use.

    We have 10 CABINETS with 9 provincial cabinets! They ALL take money, cars, tenders, etc. CORRUPTION increased 10 times after 1988 thanks to these!

    Does a small country like us need 10 CABINETS, 10 health ministers, 10 education ministers, 10 legislatures? NO.

  3. plumblossom Says:



    The Joint Opposition is requested by the Sri Lankan Solidarity Movement to publish the above mentioned report about the Recommendations by the Sub-Committee on the Centre and Periphery Relationship.and talk as urgently as possible about its extreme dangers to the Mahanayake Theros.

    Please keep in mind that even India and Pakistan which are huge, massive countries and who are federal states have retained their concurrent lists. South Africa which is a huge country is a unitary state and has a concurrent list. However tiny, little Sri Lanka is proposing to get rid of the concurrent list as the TNA and the US, EU, UK, Norway, Sweden, Canada and India wants.

    The Sri Lankan Solidarity Movement thinks that the big time scoundrels Ranil, CBK,Sirisena and Mangala are doing what a bunch of stuck up US, EU, UK, Norway, Sweden, Canadian politicians who have a superiority complex, are neo-colonialists and imperialists want (since these countries are resource and strategic location hungry) in order to please these stuck up US, EU, UK, Norway, Sweden, Canadian politicians at great expense to all future generations of Sri Lankans and betraying 2600 years and actually 37000 years of independence and freedom of the island of Sri Lanka by partitioning this island which has never ever happened in its 2600 (Sinhala Buddhist civilization) and in fact its 37000 year history (as attested by many pre-historic archaeological findings of iron age, stone age sites).

    This is happening degree by degree, surreptitiously and slowly as the big time scoundrels Ranil, CBK,Sirisena and Mangala have planned and happening slowly but surely. We do not feel it since it happens surreptitiously degree by degree. However suddenly these recommendations by the sub-committee to provide extremely great amounts of powers to provincial councils will be included in the constitution as Ranil wants and at the referendum there will be stuffed ballot boxes and somehow the referendum will be passed. Everything happens as Ranil wants it to happen and in order to please the stuck up US, EU, UK, Norway, Sweden, Canada European politicians. This is what the Sri Lankan Solidarity Movement has noticed.

    Ranil is fooling the Sinhala people big time by doing this slowly, surreptitiously and degree by degree. This is how the OMP Act was passed. That is how the federal or Eelam constitution will be passed as well, surreptitiously, degree by degree and by use of stuffed ballot boxes.

    Our grave suspicion is that the scoundrels Ranil, CBK,Sirisena and Mangala have already promised the US,UK,EU,Sweden, Norway and Canadian politicians, the TNA and all other separatists that the recommendations of the sub committee to provide extremely great amount of powers to provincial councils will happen as planned. Therefore it will happen as planned.

    The only way to stop these big time scoundrels Ranil, CBK, Sirisena and Mangala is to publicize in the Sri Lankan media that this is what they are planning to do and shout out as loud as possible i.e. tell all to the Sri Lankan media, especially the Sinhala media so that this treacherous plan is exposed and the scoundrels Ranil, CBK, Sirisena and Mangala then will have to answer to the Sri Lankan public, especially the Sinhala people and all other patriotic Sri Lankans about this.

    The reality is over 25,000 Sinhala people were ethnically cleansed from the Batticaloa district in the 1980’s by the LTTE. Taking into account population growth from 1983-2016, this number is around 35,000 today. Only around a few thousand Sinhala have returned to live in the Batticaloa district so far. Even they are being threatened by the TNA fascist racists. it is very difficult to figure out what to do in the circumstances.

    The ethnic cleansing of Sinhala people from the North even today by Vigneshwaran and the fascist, racist TNA is well known by now. In the 1980s over 65,000 Sinhala people were ethnically cleansed from the North by the LTTE and taking into account population growth from 1983-2016, this number is around 100,000 today.

    The best remedy is to do everything possible to ensure that the proposed constitution is as unitary as possible and to campaign very hard for that. As long as the constitution is unitary and no more powers are given to the provincial councils, Sinhala Buddhists and even Sinhala Catholics, Malays, Muslims, Veddhas, Burghers are safe. If however, any more powers are given to provincial councils, all of the above and in particular the Sinhala people will be very insecure and unsafe and our future very precarious and uncertain.

  4. plumblossom Says:


    President Mahinda Rajapakshe, even if no other Sri Lankan is grateful and even if I am the only one, I am still very grateful and thank you from the bottom of my heart for rehabilitating the country after the tsunami, for ending the war and bringing in peace, for preserving the all important UNITARY STATE not just as a label but very honestly in content too ( as in a totally unitary constitution with limited powers to the provincial councils), for developing the country whether North, East, West, South or the Centre to a comfortable level so that each citizen can live a comfortable life. One other thing, all citizens were free to live wherever they wanted within the country when you were in power and the economy was doing quite well too.

    As a socialist I am grateful for you always following people friendly, state centred, economic policies and as an environmentalist you may be a little short on your performance there (due to you probably knot being much informed about these issues) but I know that by and large the natural environment was preserved during your time as president.

    Have a happy birthday and enjoy this special day.

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