Sure Cancer cure – Manioc
Posted on November 21st, 2016

Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai, Dehiwela

Cancer is still a disease that sends a chill down our spine even at this 21st century. We have assumed it is almost untreatable. Even palliative treatment is astronomically expensive at times.

But there is a sure method which had been known to mankind but studiously avoided – may be due to the disbelief at the mere simplicity of it. There are many conspirator theories that the drug companies do not allow these ideas to be propagated. Nonsense, it is we who pooh pooh the  easy methods and go for difficult means.

Just eating 100 grams of manioc – cooked in any way you like with spices if necessary, except frying, three times a day for one month is aid to eradicate even late stage cancer. It is cheap, can be bought anywhere very easily, or even can be grown in  our own back garden even in a flower pot, harmless, no side effects even in a diabetic – can be taken even with anti cancer medication. ONLY PRECAUTION IS NOT TO TAKE GINGER WITH IT SINCE IT CAN BE DEADLY.


Since there is ample reports on studies of it why not make it a staple diet in our Cancer hospital? We can easily sustain it if only the authorities will give permission. After all this will not harm the patients in any way and even help ease the expenditure on food for the patients.

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Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai,


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  1. Vis8 Says:

    Thanks for the update. Could you please include the references for the reports on manioc and cancer? Would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Thank you Dr. Reffai, for focusing our attention on this cure for cancer.

    For the information of those who are not familiar with this food tuber, Manioc is also known as Cassava, Yuca, Manihot and Jatropha is a very important food source in underdeveloped/developing countries in Asia, Africa and South America including SriLanka.

    Manioc peeled and boiled with salt and a pinch of turmeric, or roasted whole over a wood fire and then peeled are among my favorite foods when I am in Sri Lanka. I like to eat it with shredded coconut and lunu-miris sambola.

    In the USA, tapioca pudding made from Manioc flour is a very popular dessert available in most supermarkets.

    However, as Dr. Reffai cautions, manioc contains a lethal toxins that can kill or seriously impair people who eat it raw/uncooked and/or not properly processed by grating into a paste and soaking in water for about a day to leach away the toxins. This is well known in Sri Lanka as well.

    The toxicity comes from two cyanogenic glucosides named linamarin and lotaustralin. The action of the enzyme linomarase also present in manioc releases hydrogen cyanide which is a deadly toxin. Cooking releases and expels the toxin. If manioc is used in uncooked form, for example as a paste or milk, it must be well soaked in water over an extended period of time. Wikipedia or has a good write up on Manioc/Cassava.

    People who regularly eat manioc have been reported to suffer from mental impairment and other ailments such as goiters. However, many beneficial effects of eating manioc has also been reported in the open literature, including its reported anti-cancer effect reported by Dr. Reffai. Anyone who eats manioc regularly should read the literature on the subject and learn how to prepare manioc safely.

    Those interested can type “cassava / manioc as a csncer cure” in Google and lo ate many artivles on the subject.

    I am sure Dr. Reffai has researched manioc as a cure for cancer in depth, so I invite her to provide us a short list of the most important research references on the subject, including the specific types of cancer for which manioc has been found to be most effective.

  3. Nimal Says:

    My late mum who had cancer in several places refused to take Kimmo therapy(hope spelt right).She missed me after I escaping to UK ate my favourite fruits to remind her me the rascal who ate lot of jungle fruits, especially mangos and I ate it bucket loads.
    My mum ate mangos, almost every day to remember me and for luck she lost weight and died of old age without a trace of cancer in her body which amazed my cousin who was a cancer specialist at Maragama.
    My dearest Persian friend’s uncle too ate mangos after hearing my storey, which they also call mangoes ‘ammba’ survived his colon cancer and died of old age.

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