Will ask PM to discuss reforms with MR: MS to TNA
Posted on November 26th, 2016

Daily Mirror

President Maithripala Sirisena is reported to have told the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) that he would request Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to initiate a dialogue with former president Mahinda Rajapaksa on formulating the new constitution.

The 16 TNA MPs met President Sirisena on Thursday, and discussed their concerns. The TNA had asked about the progress being made on constitutional reforms. One of the MPs who attended the meeting said it was at this point that the President responded saying he would request the Prime Minister to talk to Mr. Rajapaksa to bring about a common approach to the matter at hand.

The joint opposition led Mr. Rajapaksa is opposed to any change to the unitary nature of the country and the foremost place accorded to Buddhism.

The TNA complained about racial discrimination by some ministers in the allocation of jobs in the government sector in the North and East.

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4 Responses to “Will ask PM to discuss reforms with MR: MS to TNA”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande Wadakaya pol pot r@nil going to ask his henchman
    malwatte thibbotte about Buddhism’s place in the constitution. Pin bath gilamin getting fat jaathi dhrohee thibbotte
    is the last person anybody ask who loves Buddhism in the country. Traitor pin bath gillinna don’t give a damn about
    Buddhism. If he does, he would never ever support a party which is hell bent on destroying Buddhism in Sri Lanka.
    Don’t take my word for it. Click on any of the following links. You won’t see these articles in so called Buddhist
    Sri Lanka.

    Why can’t uneducated puppet maru sira take decision or talk to MR direct. The pathetic vairapala can’t face the great
    man. 8th grade man has no vision, no education, no english, no back bone, no nothing. He has only vengeance to offer. To his opponents! One things is sure. Traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande wadkaya pol
    pot r@nil wickramaSinhalakiller will achieve his life long ambition of destroying Sri Lanka, Sinhalese race and Buddhism to please his
    ardent supporters traitor tamils, mussies, catholics and the catholic west!

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Can Sinhala modayas who support this catholic-run UNPatriotic party figure out why they didn’t want to end the
    war? Because catholic tigers of tamil drealam were killing mainly Buddhists. So why stop? They got rid of 100,000+
    Buddhists. Not bad at all. Then another 60,000+ Buddhist jvpers, pretending to be putting down an insurgency.
    No rehabilitation by alugosu thambi mudiyanselage jr@ or alugosu lk r@ porisada. No wonder! Sinhalaya famous
    for being brain dead modayas still can’t understand!
    Why all staunchly catholic countries us, uk, france, germany, italy, norway, etc. etc. supported catholic tigers of
    tamil drealam? Even archbishop two three of south africa was making a lot of noise. Then christian controlled
    UNHCR want to skin alive MR for stopping a creation of catholic country in Sri Lanka. A lot of Sinhala modayas
    still don’t understand!








  3. S.Gonsal Says:

    Traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande Wadakaya pol pot ranil and token Buddhist token Catholic and token Hindu token Muslim Veeraya will dicuss and find a way to please TNA and move forward.
    For the first time Sira smartly threw the problems to two buddys to solve and stop this Street Show.

  4. plumblossom Says:

    The Sri Lankan Tamils has no right whatsoever to demand a federal state. According to the history and archaeology of the island, Sri Lankan Tamils are decedents of recent immigrants (a few centuries ago) to the island and so do not have any right whatsoever to demand a federal state. In sharp contrast, Sinhala people have existed in the island since 600BC and from even earlier has every right to call this entire island their homeland. So my demand to the TNA is to drop your unjust demands and to try to live and let live with all other islanders in peace and harmony within this island, this tiny little Sri Lanka without demanding over 28% of the land area, over 66% of the coastline and over 66% of the EEZ or exclusive economic zone which is a completely unjust demand.

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