Fake news & belated truth – Serbia’s similarities with Sri Lanka
Posted on November 27th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

An interesting article was written by Nenad M Stevanovic in 2004 titled All the American lies about Serbs – Little use from belated truth’. The author highlighted the ‘sea of misinformation’ by Western media during the Yugoslav disintegration operation wherein Serbs in particular were accused of atrocities that never happened or had been committed by others. Sri Lanka can align with these sentiments. Sri Lanka suffered the same demonizing. It has taken decades for the truth to emerge as to the real version of what happened to Yugoslavia and Serbia which means Sri Lanka will have to similarly wait decades. By that time the damage has been done. When you analyse conflicts and the players, the media and associated ‘rights activists’ have done greater damage than the terrorists for the objectives of these terrorists have succeeded as a result of the lies and fabrications concocted. Without the support of the media lies the terrorists could not have achieved what they did and the leaders of nations who had been defending their nations against the terrorists would not have been unnecessarily demonized.


The author brings out several examples

Jack Kelley – a correspondent of USA Today resigned after being investigated for a report filed from Belgrade on 14 July 1999 UN: Reports connect Serbs to War Crimes”. No different to reporters reporting on Sri Lanka – Kelly had spoken to ‘human rights activists’, who claim they had received ‘confessions from soldiers’ who had been ‘ordered’ to commit ethnic cleansing. The drill sounds so familiar. Investigations have no revealed that Kelly did not interview any activists, there was no translations of any conversation supposed to have taken place, and moreover he had even lied by producing a friend who passed off as his ‘witness’. USA Today editors claim that Kelly had deceived them and fabricated information. This fits too well into Sri Lanka’s picture and we can just imagine how many Jack Kelly’s fabricated similar stories!


Kelley issues apology as more fabrications emerge

  Next the author brings out the capture of British mercenary Robert Allan Lofthouse in February 1993 at Mt. Majevica. He had confessed to Serbian intelligence agents to having satellite communications with a US reporter – Roy Gutman, former Reuters correspondent in Belgrade. Gutman had told Lofthouse that he was a CIA agent. Gutman’s report in 1991 covered the Serbian destruction of Old Town Dubrovnik as if it had happened in front of his eyes. His other reports on Serb ‘massacres’ and ‘mass rapes’ in Bosnia were similar.

Also arrested by Serbian intelligence was another American reporter – David Rohde who was deported in 1995.

Rohde was working for the Boston-based Christian Science Monitor. He was always sent to countries where America defended its national interests – Cuba, Syria, USSR, Estonia and Bosnia. He arrived in Serbia with falsified documents and no reporter ID. His predecessor Jonathan Landay was expelled after he was caught sending information to the CIA. Rohde’s reports are interesting – he covered ‘blood on walls and scattered documents of the missing’ but no mass graves!

He was presented to the world as a victim of the Serbs after returning to the US and for that won the 1995 Pulitzer Prize for reporting on mass graves in Srebrenica – which mind you were never found. Shouldn’t this remind you of the many reports on Sri Lanka’s ‘genocide’, ‘ethnic cleansing’ – has anyone got any international awards for these lies???

Even the more famous reporters have been exposed – US Army analyst Lt. Col John E Sray’s war time diary mentions famous reporters like Christiane Amanpour and Peter Jennings using Muslim propaganda as truth. You will recall similar famous reporters sourcing their news from terrorist propaganda in Sri Lanka too including the Ban Ki Moon expert panel!

Lt. Col Sray writes that both reporters claimed ‘Serbs are devastating the town, house by house’ deliberately omitting that Muslim troops had mined the houses and then left, abandoning civilians. Col Sray says that CNN correspondents assassinated the character of Gen. Michael Rose accusing him of being a ‘Serb-lover’ and the media campaign against him resulted in having to leave Sarajevo in disgrace. This was how good soldiers were thrown out of the combat zone so that the truth would be kept hidden!

The author asks the Western public why they are ignoring how reporters from Western news agencies have won prizes and advanced their careers slandering Serbia. Is it no different to their coverage of Sri Lanka wherein everything they wrote became ‘credible evidence’ and not ‘allegations’! When they wrote and showed footage of ‘starving Bosniaks in Serb concentration camps’ do you recall the ‘internment camps’ stories relayed on Sri Lanka when the IDPs were put into refugee camps? The Western media confessed that the footage was nothing but deception only in 1997. We have to wait several more years to be told Sri Lanka’s footage were lies too!

If these reports led to sanctions against Serbia from 1992 onwards there is no need for second guesses as to what contributed to the resolutions against Sri Lanka!

It took a decade for the UNPROFOR commander British General Michael Rose to write in his memoirs that the Serbs were falsely accused and that the shelling came from the Muslim positions. We are counting the decades to be told that it was the LTTE that lied and not the Sri Lankan Army!

The author says that then US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright lied and deceived the world about the 1993 supposed massacre at Sarajevo Markale marketplace and declared evidence as ‘classified’. It has turned out that Bosnian Muslims butchered their own people to win world sympathy. This immediately brings to mind how the UNHRC and its head along with so many other ‘human rights’ groups went to town about ‘massacre of civilians’ by the Sri Lankan Army totally ignoring that LTTE were firing at fleeing Tamils. The similarities are shocking.

The author says CNN’s star report Christiane Amanpour was reporting from Pale but claiming to be reporting ‘live from Sarajevo’. ’50,000 Bosniak women’ were said to be ‘raped’. In Sri Lanka the story was ’40,000 to 125,000 killed by Sri Lankan soldiers’. It has turned out that one of the Bosniak women who was raped and given asylum in Switzerland delivered an African baby! Need we say more!!! Yet both Serbs and Sri Lankan soldiers were demonized.

It was not only then US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who lied but US Secretary of Defense William Cohen who said that Serbs had killed 100,000 Albanians” in Kosovo – and hold your breath, less than 3000dead and one-third of which are Serbs after sending so many teams to find the mass graves! The 1999 supposed ‘massacre’ in Racak accused Serbs of executing 45 Kosovo Albanians. US Ambassador William Walker of the OSCE mission thrice prevented Serbian forensic pathologist Dr Marinkovic from investigating the scene. Ambassador Walker had told media that the massacre was ‘the most horrific thing he has ever seen’. The world forgot how NATO & US bombe Yugoslavia for 78 days costing the US taxpayer billions!

This brings memories of another William – William Blake the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka. He too told the US Congressional Hearing that 40,000 died in Sri Lanka – no proof of course.

In case people have forgotten let us recall the accusations against Sri Lanka

  • Ban Ki Moon’s personally appointed 3 member panel sourced their information from LTTE propaganda sites and calls LTTE ‘disciplined group’. One panellist became a regular invitee to LTTE fronts who referred to her as ‘comrade’. She has been since writing reports in favour of the terrorists!
  • US Ambassador Robert Blake quoted 40,000 dead
  • UK Labor MP Siobhain McDonagh said 100,000 dead and 40,000 civilians – how did she count the dead from England?
  • Amnesty International 2011 report said 10,000 civilian deaths
  • Gordon Weiss former UN official originally quoted 7000 dead then inflated the figure to 40,000 and made it 10,000 for his book launch.
  • Charles Petrie of UN quoted 70,000 dead ignoring the UN local team estimate of 7721
  • LTTE propaganda Tamilnet claimed 7398 deaths
  • Survey by Government in North claimed 7400 deaths including LTTE killed in combat with 2600 missing of which 1600 had been with LTTE.
  • Satellite analyst report by American Association for the Advancement of Science identified 3 graveyards of which one had 1346, and one was a LTTE graveyard with 960 bodies.
  • Tamil teachers of the North did a population survey in 2011 covering period 2005-2009 of migration, deaths and untraceable persons – their report reveals 7896 dead including LTTE while deaths from natural illness and sickness was 1102
  • UNICEF sponsored Family Tracing & Verification Unit in 2011 listed 2564 untraceable persons out of which 676 were children (64% had been kidnapped by LTTE)
  • Reports by UN, Government Agents, WFP, doctors and civilians indicate figure of 300,000 corresponds with figure SL military saved and anomaly matches numbers quoted by UN country team as being dead – 7721
  • University Teachers for Human Rights – Jaffna in Special Report 32 of 10 June 2009 and Special Report No 32 of 13 December 2009 placed dead between 20,000 and 40,000
  • Dr. V Shanmugarajah – says death toll closer to 1000
  • Times of London newspaper – 20,000 dead
  • Bishop of Mannar, Rayappu Joseph who opened LTTE office in UK says 147,000 missing though he has not given the names of the missing to the Presidential Commission on Missing Persons.
  • Alan Keenan Project Director of International Crisis Group, Sri Lanka says civilian deaths are between 40,000-147,000
  • The Institute of Conflict Management, Delhi – 11,111
  • Independent Diaspora Analysis Group, Sri Lanka – 15,000-18,000 deaths
  • Rajasingham Narendran – my estimate is that the deaths – cadres, forced labor and civilians were very likely around 10,000 and did not exceed 15,000 at most’.
  • Muttukrishna Sarvananthan of the Point Pedro Institute says 12,000 without counting armed Tiger personnel’
  • Dr. Noel Nadesan roughly 16,000 including LTTE natural and civilians’.
  • Data compiled by South Asia Terrorism Portal – primarily based on figures released by pro-LTTE website Tamilnet’ puts casualty figure for civilians inside Mullaitivu at 2972 until 5 April 2009.
  • UNHRC head Navi Pillay on 13 March 2009 press release as many as 2800 civilians’ ‘may have been killed’.
  • Guardian UK editorial (Sri Lanka: Evidence that wont be buried – 15 June, 2011) says 40,000 dead
  • Editorials of The Times and Sunday Times UK in late May 2009 more than 20,000 Tamil civilians were killed in the final war.
  • Publication titled Genocidio: (Primera entrega) – La masacre de los Tamils en Sri Lanka,” [Genocide: (First Delivery) The Slaughter of Tamils in Sri Lanka], the Argentinean periodical La Tarde (diario)in a Spanish language article – 146,679 Tamils disappeared or killed between 2008 and 2009, of which 40,000 deaths occurred in the 48 hours of the final assault
  • Arundhati Roy, Indian commentator –”Government of Sri Lanka is on the verge of committing what could end up being genocide” and described the Sri Lankan IDP camps where Tamil civilians are being held as concentration camps. April 2009
  • Prof. Michael Roberts based his estimates between 10,000 and 18,000
  • ICRC press statementof 21 April 2009 declared that their estimates of Tamil civilians inside the no fire zone was 50,000 (In other words upto 21st April 2009, the ICRC did not know that LTTE had 300,000 people with them.  www.dailynews.lk
  • The UN High Commissioner for Refugeesin November 2008 claimed there were 230,000 IDPs in the Vanni (Sri Lankan forces saved close to 300,000 – this continues to raise the question of how can we differentiate civilians and LTTE)
  • The International Crisis Groupquoting ICRC says 150,000 were in the NFZ in early March 2009.
  • UN estimated on 13 May 2009 that about 50,000 civilians were trapped by the conflict, in a 300sq.km strip of land www.dailynews.lk
  • Indian embedded journalist Murali Reddy reported that from 13 May 2009 there were no civilians in the 1.5sq.kmstrip LTTE was restricted to.

Please remember these figures and who said what when decades later the truth will emerge – but too late. What good is belated truth. We have seen how Yugoslavia has been disintegrated. How Kosovo was created. How independent Kosovo is today suffering and the people who fell for the lies and were part of the lies now feeling sorry for what they helped create but without any ability to reverse the status quo. However, lessons are never learnt. The liars and lies continue to prevail.

Its tragic how false propaganda can ruin entire nations and demonize people unjustly and the culprits have the audacity to say the news was false but not even offer any apology.

Shenali D Waduge



http://verysmartbrothas.com/jack-kelly-of-the-pittsburgh-post-gazette-is-a-fucking-disgrace-and-probably-needs-to-get-fired/ (looks like Kelly hasn’t learnt lessons)

13 Responses to “Fake news & belated truth – Serbia’s similarities with Sri Lanka”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    This is great stuff Shenali.. thank you for the hard work.

  2. plumblossom Says:

    The US State Department admitted that they spent US$585 million bringing about regime change in Sri Lanka, Burma, Nigeria and other countries. In November 2016 the US State Department provided half a million US Dollars to the NGOs here in Sri Lanka to campaign hard for the federal constitution or the partition of Sri Lanka.

    Prior to 8th January 2015, some of this US $ 585 million went to treacherous Ranil/CBK/Sirisena/Mangala and the treacherous UNP/Sirisena SLFP/JVP/Pacha Ranawaka/Dath Dosthara Rajitha Senaratne/Wijesada Rajpakshe/TNA/ACTC/ITAK/SLMC/ACMC/ Wickramabahu/FLSP etc. and all other separatists. Also to the NGO kalliya Gamini Uyangoda/Ravaya Editor/Victor Ivan/Kumar David/ Kusal Perera/Pakiyasothy/Prof. Sarath Wijesuriya/Dr. Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri/ Waliamuna and all other US imperialist supporting separatist supporting NGO nadaya to create an opinion sympathetic to the separatist cause and to bring about regime change and the federal constitution.

    Now treacherous Ranil/CBK/Sirisena/Mangala/ UNP planning the same thing create rifts and conflicts between Sinhala Buddhists and all others to bring on the federal constitution and partition Sri Lanka for good as instructed to them by the US,UK,EU,Canada,Norway and Sweden. This cannot be done easily as long as patriotic Sri Lankans stand in the way. So the treacherous Ranil/CBK/Sirisena/Mangala/UNP may hire ‘patriotic’ sounding writers to write articles etc. creating rifts and conflicts so that the federal constitution or partition can happen easily when such unfortunate scenarios take place.

    All I can say is please Sinhala Buddhists do not fall for such cheap tricks. You fell for such cheap tricks prior to 8th January 2015 and yet again by 17th August 2015. These scoundrels know Sinhala Buddhists are somewhat gullible and stupid so they are relying on your own stupidity bring on the partition of this country.

    The US,UK,EU,Canada,Sweden and Norway are behind this federal state or partition of Sri Lanka alongside the TNA and all other separatists. The former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan admitted as much when he told the media that almost all British interventions worldwide are due to need for resources (or resources and strategic locations) and has nothing to do with anything else.

  3. plumblossom Says:

    The Sri Lankan Tamils has no right whatsoever to demand a federal state. According to the history and archaeology of the island, Sri Lankan Tamils are decedents of recent immigrants (a few centuries ago) to the island and so do not have any right whatsoever to demand a federal state. In sharp contrast, Sinhala people have existed in the island since 600BC and from even earlier has every right to call this entire island their homeland. So my demand to the TNA is to drop your unjust demands and to try to live and let live with all other islanders in peace and harmony within this tiny little island, this tiny little Sri Lanka without demanding over 28% of the land area, over 66% of the coastline and over 66% of the EEZ or exclusive economic zone which is a completely unjust demand.

  4. plumblossom Says:

    The treacherous Ranil/CBK/Sirisena/Mangala/UNP and foreign funded NGOs may hire ‘patriotic’ sounding writers to write articles etc. creating rifts and conflicts between Sinhala Buddhists and all others so that the federal constitution or partition of Sri Lanka can happen easily when such potential unfortunate scenarios take place. Is this Shenali D.Waduge one of them?

    My questions to this writer is how come Shenali you are writing article only in English and never in Sinhala? Over 99.9% of Sinhala people do not read English articles. So who on earth are you writing articles for? Is it because you do not know any Sinhala and you are therefore not a Sinhala person? I am further suspicious since almost no middle aged Sinhala persons can write in English well since at that time almost everyone was educated in Sinhala and there were no international schools. So how come you know English this well?

  5. Kumari Says:

    PlumBlossom, when you say Sinhalese Buddhist don’t fall for these any more. Yes, I agree. Not only Sinhalese Buddhist, even the other nations with proud histories. No one thought the International Community (America, Britain and France) could be this two faced. They will do anything under the sun to achieve their dirty objectives. All what they want is money. Any amount of people can die. They create factions in the same community and start selling weapons to both sides. They killed Gaddafi for the sole purpose of stopping Gaddafi floating the African Dinar backed by gold (Libya had a very rich treasury with 143 tons of gold plus a lot more). Who swindled these treasures? Hillary Clinton will know because she was the Agent.

    I am glad the leaders and people are opening their eyes to this reality. I heard Sarkozy got eliminated from French Presidential race. Duterte is openly fighting to protect his country from the world mafia. Though I expected our parliament to defeat the budget and call an election, unfortunately that did not happen. Our MPs should act much more responsibly towards the electorate.

  6. Hiranthe Says:

    PlumBlossom, You are right, this space has been infested. It looks like your job is to destroy the patriots network and the hearts of true sons and daughters of Mother Lanka.

    It seems that you ran out of patience when you unfairly attack one of the lone worriers defending Mother Lanka for the last 7 or 9 years.

    You have been exposed mate!! Now leave us alone and go back to your pay masters..

  7. Christie Says:

    The Indian Empire, Indian imperialists, Indian vermin and Indian colonial parasites are powerful.

  8. plumblossom Says:

    Kumari you are absolutely right. Hiranthe have you ever met this Shenali D. Waduge in your life? How do you know who they are and who they are working for? She/he could be anybody!

    The treacherous Ranil/CBK/Sirisena/Mangala/UNP and foreign funded NGOs may hire ‘patriotic’ sounding writers to write articles etc. creating rifts and conflicts between Sinhala people and all others so that the federal constitution or partition of Sri Lanka can happen easily when such potential unfortunate scenarios take place. Is this Shenali D.Waduge one of them?

    I suspect that this Shenali Dushyanthi Waduge is actually Dushyathi Kanagasabey or Dushyanthi Kanagasabeysan. I remember quite some years ago this lady Dushyanthi Kangasabey was writing articles and working for a foreign funded NGO and of course an out an out indirect LTTE sympathiser I am sure. I strongly suspect that this person Dushyanthi Kanagasabey is working for those traitors Kumar David/Jehan Perera/Pakiasothy Sarvanamuththu and quite possibly at the Centre for Ethnic Studies or alternatively she/he is working at the LTTE supporting Asian Human Rights Commission.

    The mission of these traitors and the treacherous UNP is to create rifts between Sinhala people and all others to accomplish their die hard goals. These goals are to pass this federal constitution with ease by creating problems or rifts between Sinhala people and all others which will ease the process of passing this treacherous constitution with ease if there are issues created. Secondly the UNP traitors want the minority vote at the next local elections. Thirdly if you create a rift between Sinhala people and all others it will be easier to undermine our Sri Lankan Armed Forced vis a vis the fulfilling the UNHRC resolutions.

    Please realise that the likes of Dushyanthi Kanagasabey, Kumar David, Jehan Perera, Pakiasothy Sarvanamuththu are die hard federalists and they have over the years been paid thousands of US dollars by the US,UK, EU etc. to precisely achieve these goals alongside the TNA, other separatists and the like. What better way then than to plant ‘patriotic’ sounding writers to undermine the Sinhala people and create rifts between the Sinhala people and all other. This is the classic strategy of the UNP traitors.

    This Shenali Dushyanthi Waduge (or in my opinion Dushyanthi Kanagasabey possibly or definitely someone else who is not Sinhala but quite possibly a federalist or an Eelamist) never ever writes in Sinhala since she/he does not know any Sinhala. Any decent patriotic person by now would have at least given a talk or numerous talks at the numerous seminars out there about at least this proposed constitution or even the UNHRC resolution and its implications to Sinhala audiences in Sinhala. This is the patriotic duty of any patriotic person. The yuthukama seminars are one of them. At least they would have attended talks given by the numerous politicians and other patriotic persons given on numerous occasions as I have done and even asked many questions from them. So does any one know who this Shenai D. Waduge is or has anyone ever met he/her? of course not. So be very careful of such impersonators masquerading as ‘patriotic’ persons but in reality working for the likes of Kumar David, Jehan Perera, Pakiasothy Sarvanamuththu and the like.

    Think about it. After this treacherous government came to power, all patriotic persons whether politicians , professionals etc. they have given talks at seminars in Sinhala to Sinhala people, written articles in Sinhala and even if they did not give a talk, at least attended such talks and asked questions. If not, at least they have joined together and formed organisations towards preserving the unitary state of Sri Lanka. However this Shenali D. Waduge has anyone ever met this person in their lives? of course not.

    Please editor of this website, prior to publishing any articles, ask the authors to vouch for their identity. For example ask them to name a few people that you and they would know mutually i.e. so that someone can vouch for their existence and identity prior to publishing ay articles by anyone. Ask them who they are, where they are from, where they work and who they know so that you are sure they are genuine and do exist at least.

  9. Asanga Says:

    With respect, I shall write to you giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are actually not aware of the great writing that has come from Shenali Waduge’s pen.

    I can answer one of your questions quite plainly, yes, Shenali Waduge is a real person. In fact it is quite easy to find her on facebook if you frequent a couple of Facebook pages that cater to Patriotic Sri Lankans. Please make an effort to look in FB, I really do not want to put any links here because I am not sure if the admin will like that very much!

    I do not really comprehend, given the content of her articles (like this one for instance) that one can make a sweeping conclusion that she is aligned to unpatriotic NGO entities

    … can you please point out anything in this particular article that suggests this??? Not innuendo typical of the Ranil Wickremansinge fan club, but really bring out anything here that suggests her hidden agenda, as you have stated?

  10. S.Gonsal Says:

    Plub-Loss -(C)ommision,
    Are you on drugs ?
    Shenali is the one who wrote against Jeyalalitha and even your MR’s government apologised on behalf of her. She is 1000 x patriotic than your boss.

    We don’t care who she is, whether she is Tamil , Sinhala , Hindu or whatever will not make her a patriotic. Read her relentless research and writing and what else you can decide other than she is a great writer who is fighting for Sinhala Buddhists and Sri Lankans marginalised by the whole world ?

  11. plumblossom Says:

    Asanga-have you ever met this persons Shenali? You say you have met her but where? He/she has not written a single article in the Sinhala language. Is that not suspicious to you? It is to me. I think this person is not Sinhala and does not know any Sinhala. A Sinhala person’s first obligation during these dangerous times of the treacherous Ranil/CBK/Sirisena/Mangala so called yahapalanaya times is to explain to Sinhala audiences at seminars in Sinhala, the extreme dangers of the proposed Federal or Eelam constitution which if implemented would spell disaster for Sri Lanka as we know it and effectively partition this country into two. Secondly to explain to Sinhala people in Sinhala at seminars etc. the dangers of the UNHRC resolution and the extremely bad situation this has plunged our patriotic Sri Lankan Armed forces into. If that is not possible, at least get together and form an organisation with like minded patriotic Sri Lankans and campaign against the above mentioned treacherous deeds of this yahapalanaya government. My point is I have yet to meet a patriotic person who does not write, talk in Sinhala since almost all Sinhala people read, write, talk Sinhala and not in English. I do not want to be fooled by those who may be insidiously working for the likes of treacherous Kumar David/Jehan Perera/Pakiasoththi Sarvanamuththtu.

    Ok Sinhala walin liyanne, kathakaranne nethi deshapremiyo inaawada? Mata nam harima sekai ehema aya gena. Anek eka api minissunta explain karanna oone needa Sinhalen seminar wala ehema api aththatama mee rata gena hithanawanam mee geenna ena bhayanaka constitution eka gena ehema. Oya Yuthukama Seminar ehema hungak hondai.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    My Sinhala Bros& Sisters this is the same game played by our Thesiya Thalaivar VP since 1983 to 2009 , like do not trust any one include your own Bros/Sis even own mum& dad because the all are work for Bhuddist Sinhala Govt.

    Now you have this karma time !!!

    Iyo Mother Lanka .

  13. Lorenzo Says:


    Without a doubt SW is the best patriotic writer. She has the CHOICE of her language.

    You must apologize to her.

    I don’t mean any disrespect to you. We all do mistakes. I supported SIRA win the election hoping he will do at least 1% of the things he promised!! I was mistaken like 6.2 million voter!! I’m not afraid to admit it.

    Creating suspicion among us is a USA-UNP-LTTE-TNA tactic.

    USA did the same thing in CHILE and destroyed it. We have PROUD and PAID USA agents in SL and SL forums trying to discredit PROVEN PATRIOTS.

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