Is It Islam the Common Denominator of Worldwide Terrorism?
Posted on November 28th, 2016

Kumar Moses (The writer is an expert on VEOs – Violent Extremist Organizations)

It is rather hilarious reading the hogwash of a Muslim commentator blaming Buddhists for extremism and violence. It is a sure but lame tactic to deflect attention from what happens around the world on a daily basis. Syria, Yemen, France, Kashmir and other places that dominate world news are all about Islamic violence. Sri Lanka is no exception. Over 32 well educated and rich Sri Lankan Muslims have joined ISIS. Trying to shoot the messenger dead will not save Muslims. They must do some soul searching and fix their religion and community before the whole world comes down on them like a ton of bricks and corner them into isolation – if it hasn’t happened yet.

Global Terrorism Index Ranks Muslim Countries in 8 Out of the 10 Worst

Muslim countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Egypt and Libya) dominate the 10 worst terrorism affected countries in Global Terrorism Index of 2015 (latest published in 2016). Islamic groups are responsible for the other 2 of the worst 10 (Nigeria and India). This means world’s 10 worst terrorism infected countries are infested by Islamic terrorism.

It is obvious the common denominator of terrorism is Islam.

Hindu majority India is in an unenviable 8th place solely due to Islamic terrorism.

Christian majority Nigeria ranks 4th thanks solely due to Islamic Boko Haram group. Buddhist countries (Singapore and Vietnam) are some of the most peaceful.

Perusing the other parts of the Global Terrorism Index clearly proves that Islam cannot divorce itself from terrorism.

This culprit has been same in all Global terrorism Indices since 2014.

19 Out of 20 Worst Terrorist Acts By Islam Driven Terrorists

Global Terrorism Index provides those responsible for the 20 worst acts of terrorism around the world. Except one (Dontesk People’s  Republic), all other 19 groups are driven by Islam.

These include Islamic State (Caliphate), Boko Haram, Taliban, Ansar Al-Din, Al-Shabaab, Fulani, Houthi and Aqaba Tharaa). All these are Quranic concepts!

Further evidence can be found in The Religion of Peace website that is updated daily. Unfortunately, not a day passes by without killings attributed to Islam driven terrorists.

Given these facts it is hilarious Buddhists are blamed by some Sri Lankan Muslims. Is it a concerted plan to deflect attention from brewing terrorism around the world and cancerous spread of elite Muslims in Sri Lanka joining ISIS? Sri Lanka’s preoccupation with Tamil terrorists created a vacuum for Islamic terrorism to rise under the radar.

Salman Rushdie (himself a Muslim) was prophetic when he predicted this decades ago.

The Sri Lankan Muslim community and the global Muslim community have a lot to answer for. It is time they stopped blaming others are admit to terrorism and take concrete action to stop this madness. Otherwise the civilized world will gang up on them to save humanity.

6 Responses to “Is It Islam the Common Denominator of Worldwide Terrorism?”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oi Kantussa (Lorenzo = Kumar Moses),

    Have you considered the possibility that the common denominator in worldwide terrorism is Zionism?

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Expert on Violent Extremist Organizations” ….. My BLOODY FOOT, you are not an expert in ANYTHING!

    More a “Paid EELAMIST terrorist Agitator” in disguise!

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    What on earth has happened to Aiyo Ananda? He goes bashing regular writers!

    Don’t you have anything CONSTRUCTIVE to say?

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Katussa (Lorenzo),

    Who is bashing regular writers? Not me! I am just bashing YOU in all your avatar disguises!

    There are a few more aliases I will expose when and if needed!

  5. Kumari Says:

    I think we should all watch this discussion with Sheikh Imran Hosein.

  6. Christie Says:

    “Kashmir and other places”

    Well Chhattisgarh and Assam? No Muslims are involved.

    If Muslims want to go and fight let them do it.

    So far Muslims have not killed any Sinhalese. It is the Indian colonial parasites and India’s Sinhala terrorists who killed innocent Sinhalese and Muslims.

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