Posted on November 30th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

It was a nightmare to reach home yesterday for little affluent car owners like us and less privileged bus commuters last evening .It was a war  zone in Rajagiriya with no guns    (except water cannons ) fired  and young and old police personnel testing their endurance and patience

There was no effect as per my driver,s comments .People will forget .

What ever you call whether inter University or otherwise ,young people who are getting an absolutely free education in this poor country were  testing grounds .

It was Yahaplanaya they were testing ,which they succeeded as only Water Cannons were  used to give them a weekly wash  and teach then how to cry due to tear gas !

We law abiding citizens were watching  the whole episode ,Rathupaswala was of the same nature with only difference where People wanted water and despite their protests they got bullets where as in Rajagiriya ,young people got water  which they never asked.

They got tear gases which made them cry .Now days young people hardly cry ,and yesterday they got the taste of tears with water .

They were all baptised and we did not even know why they making noise

Loss to the country in colossal amount of water  ( I am sure that it is Kelani River or Diyawanna Oya” which is not purified . and the water price will be raised by Hon Minster very soon

When the whole lot get diarrhoea or skin deceases ,state has to spend more and more for health care .

Water prices will go up.and our expenditure goes up for payment of water bills and to top up fuel tanks .

Finally what we got was a unbearable traffic jam and the beneficiaries would have been the liquor ( ethanol importers ) as the young people will be swarming the liquor shops to kill their grief  .

It was a brief encounter

We had a matinee show

State and private televisions had something to say

Yahapalana advocates will benefit by saying that we did not  fire bullets

I wish that Rajagiriya fly over was completed so that we could watch the whole episode from


God save the rulers for baptising our children

Dr Sarath Obeysekera


  1. S.Gonsal Says:

    I suggest Tear Gassing the Parliament to teach them how to cry.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oi Kalawedda(Gon- Gonsal ),

    Is TEAR-GASSING the Parliament the BEST SOLUTION you pea-brain can come up with?


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