Sri Lanka Navy Abuses Innocent Sinhalese While Meekly Surrendering to Tamil and Muslim Aggressors
Posted on December 13th, 2016

Dilrook Kannangara

Shameful and cowardly conduct of the Sri Lanka Navy should be roundly condemned. No less than the Navy Commander used raw filth and violence against unarmed innocent Sinhala civilians in Hambantota. His words perfectly describe his own conduct and descent.

What is surprising is the meekly surrender the same navy suffered in Silawathurai and Trincomalee! In Silawathurai, Tamil thugs armed with clubs and machetes assaulted three naval ratings severely injuring them and keeping one of them in their custody. They agreed to release the navy personnel kept in their custody in exchange for immunity. Alas! Immunity was granted to these terror wielding hooligans. It was a mini episode of a prisoner exchange! To make matters worse for the little men in blue uniform, police protection was given the navy camp.

Then there was the incident involving the Muslim Chief Minister of the east who publicly abused a navy officer. Not just the navy brushed it under the carpet, it also replaced the area commander and even invited the offending Chief Minister and his clique for lunch.

The navy has been unable to halt Tamil Nadu illegal fishermen venturing into Lankan waters. This conduct is consistent with other incidents.

This discriminatory, filthy and cowardly conduct of the navy raises very serious issues. Is it the product of closer ties with the US navy Sri Lanka has cultivated recently? Okinawa has seen similar conduct displayed by US troops against natives (lets not talk about Diego Garcia). Looks like the Sri Lanka navy has been reduced to a ragtag group of men willingly surrendering to Tamil and Muslim abuse while abusing Sinhala civilians. They must be reminded of the repercussions of losing public trust and the need to treat everyone equally irrespective of ethnicity.

If he has any professionalism left, the navy commander must step down.

13 Responses to “Sri Lanka Navy Abuses Innocent Sinhalese While Meekly Surrendering to Tamil and Muslim Aggressors”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    The IMPENDING DIVISION of Sri Lanka into a PATCHWORK of COMMUNAL FIEFDOMS is a plot between the minority communities of Sri Lanka and the Western Powers supporting them to subjugate and dis-empower the Sinhala Buddhist majority of Sri Lanka, using the PUPPET Yamapalanaya govt, with the TROIKA OF TRAITORS Sirisena, Ranil and CBK orchestrating the SURGERY.

    It can only be STOPPED if the Buddhist Clergy RALLIES the Sinhala Buddhist community of Sri Lanka behind the LEADERSHIP of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to oppose it, and TOPPLE the Yamapalanaya government.

    There are signs that the Buddhist Clergy is FINALLY WAKING UP to do just that ….. but they have been divided along party lines for so long, it is anybody’s guess whether they would be able to do it in time.

    In addition, EELAMIST & YAMAPALANA propagandists are out in force to confuse the Sinhala Buddhist community and PREVENT the DEFEAT of this new Constitution, and the TOPPLING of this TREACHEROUS Yamapalana government.

    The constitution proposals have been created by committees of Christian, Tamil and Muslims having very few Sinhala Buddhists members. They are preparing to HOIST this ANTHATTUWA on the Sinhala Buddhist Majority by STEALTH, by a Parliamentary Majority only circumventing a nationwide referendum.

    To achieve that Parliamentary Majority, they have bribed the MPs in every manner possible, overtly with luxury SUVs, doubling their salaries, increasing their official perks, opportunities to do favors and reward their henchmen with government jobs, and control large government projects. Corruption on a scale hitherto not seen in Sri Lanka, an unparalled travesty of the “yahapalanaya” they had promised!

    If they succeed in passing this new Constitution, that effectively partitions Sri Lanka into semi-independent Provinces that cannot be controlled by the Central Government by STEALTH, a long period of great violence, and even civil war, will be the INEVITABLE result. The VERY FIRST CASUALTIES of that violence will be the Sinhala TRAITORS who have given their support to imposing this minority YOKE upon the Sinhala Buddhist community.

    BLINDED & DEAFENED by their GREED for POMP, POWER & WEALTH, they know not what they are doing unto themselves, for the RETRIBUTION from their own countrymen will be SEVERE!

    Rise! O Sinhalayeni! The enemies of your people and your motherland are hammering at the gates!


  2. Christie Says:

    JVP is in action again.

    Has the JVP protested against Indian fishermen?

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    The Navy Commander did not use Raw Filth. The Media personnel over-stepped their authority. This is not a question of Sinhalese, the Navy had to enforce Discipline to avert millions of Dollars as damages. Communalism should not be dragged in.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Both AGREE & DISAGREE with Susantha.

    I AGREE that demonstrators have to be PREVENTED from destroyin g government property, only recently viewed as being “valuable” by the Yamapalanaya that debunked the port as a useless white elephant a few months ago until they too needed China’s loans to keep the government afloat.

    I DISAGREE that the Navy Commander did not yell in FILTH at the demonstrators; HE DID SO and is seen on video doing just that!

    Furthermore, why was the Navy assigned by itself to break this civilian strike?
    Why not the Police in a civil matter, or if water-borne forces were needed, the Police in charge with Navy personnel assisting?

    At this time, we have to remember that there is a CONCERTED EFFORT by the Yamapalanaya, especially the UNP, to DISCREDIT the HEROIC ARMED FORCES in the eyes of the public.

    The vast majority of Armed Forces Personnel are Sinhala Buddhists. They are the people who paid in blood and treasure to defend and protect our motherland while the minority communities either wete the Tamil Separatists, supported the Tamil Separatists, or remained in safety hiding out in Colombo, yelling Pamankada yanney, Alimankadata nemay, in Parliament.

    Those ROTTERS are now in Power calling the shots (sic) and plotting to DIVIDE the nation and hand it over bound hand and foot to our enemies who fought us tooth and nail over 30 long years!

    May the Hatarawaran Guardian Devatava’s Damn these DESHA-DROHIYOS all to hell!

  5. NeelaMahaYoda Says:


    Probably you have not seen how the Navy Commander used utter filth while standing on the deck of the Navy boat just before the attack.

    This particular incident was well captured in the video and published by many television stations.

    The most important point is that you cannot justify attack on Journalists who are just bystanders and not anyway responsible for holding the ship there.

    Where on earth you enforce discipline by attacking the event-covering journalists in a situation like this.

    General perception is that the Navy Commander had been personally instructed by Ranil himself to attack journalist first before clearing the ship as he had an axe to grind with journalists who had been criticising his policies left and right.

    So your conclusions are based on false facts.

  6. Christie Says:

    ලැව්ගින්නක් පටන්ගන්නේ ගිනිපුපුරකිනි. මෙහි ගිනිපුපුර කුමක්ද?

    ජේ වී පි යයි.

    ජේ වී පී මැරයන්ගේ පිටරට නැව්වලට බලහත්කාරකම් කිරීමත් හඳුන්නෙත්තිගේ කතාවත් හොඳම සාක්කි.

    A cinder will lead to massive bush fire. What is the cinder in this case?

    The answer is the J V P.

    The evidence : J V P the Sinhala terrorist held foreign ships to an ransom and the statement by Hon. M P Handhunnethi.

  7. SA Kumar Says:


    where Tamil or Muslim involve this port workers , Navy Abuses Innocent journalist problem ?

    this is like our Tamil leader blame for Sinhala Govt for even if we do not get December rainfall.

  8. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    The doormat in Sri Lanka is the Sinhalese. The door mat is tamils, mussies and catholics easy meat. Sinhalese have no say in
    anything in the country. Thanks to some traitor Sinhalese donkeys who voted in this traitor YAMA PALLAN are
    destroying Sri Lanka, Sinhalese race and Buddhism. Meanwhile impotent puppet maru (hora) sira looking on
    helplessly. Traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande Wadakaya pol pot r@nil wickramaSinhalakiller
    is the one ruling Sri Lanka today. He is the supreme destroyer.

    Army, navy, airforce, police used to come in coffins regularly during catholic-run UNPatriotic party’s regime last
    time. Then MR came and saved 1000s tri forces lives, civilian lives. This goes to tamil and mussie lives as well
    since hitler pira paharan was using tamils children as canon fodder and at the same time killing mussies indiscriminately.
    MR saved 1000s and 1000s of lives. Not an iota of gratitude. Not a good word from tamils, mussies and some
    Sinhalese. Now these ungrateful, treacherous navy guys shamelesely harass poor Sinhalese workers knowing they
    are helpless. The doormat in Sri Lanka. You think any of the traitor deshapaluwan like pol pot r@nil, karupaiya,
    minister of erection (permanent) john baas, puppet impotent maru sira, kirixxlla, pongal mongol, cham pakaya etc.
    etc open their mouth in support? No chance in hell. If tamil or mussie hurt or demand something all of their
    deshapaluwan will fight tooth and nail and get what they ask for. When these navy guys go to the north and east, they become just pussy cats. They lick the tamils and mussies backsides. Sinhalese? In front of Sinhalese, full force of the law. Shame on you! Shameful low lives.

    The door mat is a door mat. Traitor low lives know it. Election
    is a long way away. So who cares? Come the election, 10,000 salary increase or 1 million jobs or something all the
    donkeys going to vote for them. So the door mat going to be the door mat till that time.

  9. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    NMY !! Force was used only on ONE JOURNALIST who broke through the Security ring and videoed events of a Security nature. Sarath Fonseka explains it well.

  10. Randeniyage Says:

    This has grown out of proportion. If we list the trivial “BIG ISSUES” fought hard by media, similar to Danno Budunge BIG ISSUE. Why ?
    Becuase of political games, everyone trying to score points out of it.

  11. Dilrook Says:


    There clearly is an ethnic issue here. Tamils and Muslims were treated differently by the same navy.

    I agree vandalism and sabotage cannot be tolerated. However, it could have been easily fixed professionally as navy used to do until recently. The journalist from a very reputed newspaper didn’t engage in any sabotage.

  12. Christie Says:

    Hi All: This is another job by the JVP to divert our focus from more important issues. India knows how to mange the majority Sinhalese.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lanka is rife with Political Games, mainly from Yahap folk hanging onto their ‘sick govt’.
    The sickness started with the Bond Scam (Arjuna Mahendran) now getting pardoned for the crime against the People of Lanka, with new Central Bank Governor, Indrajith Coomaraswamy, wanting to put aside all three COPE Reports on the Scam.

    Now let us take a look at what happened at the H’thota Port :

    In the present situation, we have to ask ourselves who put up the temporary workers at the Port to seize the two foreign ships ?
    Who is responsible for the seizure of the two ships ?
    The answer to this question is important.
    Whoever who put the workers to seize the two ships is either ignorant or not well intentioned.

    The Temporary workers’ wanted to be made Permanent. This could be have been achieved through an ordinary strike and negotiations, without the seizure of the two ships. That is the usual method for workers demands to be recognised and negotiated.

    And why was not the Police called in to disperse the workers ?
    Why was the Navy Chief called in with his forces ?

    Why did the Navy Chief act in such a strange manner, like an ordinary thug, brining the SL Navy to disrepute ?
    Now Ranil Wickremasinghe, the Exec PM, has come out with the fact that he has instructed the Navy Chief to clear the Port of the striking workers !
    Was the Navy Chief told exactly HOW he ought to handle matter too ?
    If so, what is the motive here by the Exec PM, Ranil ?
    Where is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces ? It is his duty to instruct the Navy, if at all, isn’t it ?

    Strange govt, this Yahap !
    Does Yahap work for the People of Lanka or do the top leaders have other motives ?

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