President a prisoner of UNP— the Joint Opposition (JO) said
Posted on January 11th, 2017

by Dasun Edirisinghe

January 11, 2017,

President Maithripala Sirisena was the head of state and government, but Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and his small cabal ruled the country, the Joint Opposition (JO) said yesterday.

Colombo District Parliamentarian Bandula Gunawardena said the President, the PM and ministers issued contradictory statements on the Hambantota Port and land deals.

Former Minister Gunawardena was addressing the media at Vajirashrama Temple at Punchi Borella.

Gunawardena said the President and the PM laid the foundation stone for a car assembly factory in Kuliyapitiya recently claiming it was a Volkswagen investment and it had now been revealed that they sought to dupe the people.


He said the President had not yet ordered a probe against the company which had earned a Rs. 23 billion profit through Central Bank bond frauds.

Former Minister Wimal Weerawansa had been remanded till Jan. 24 on charges of misuse of state vehicles, but culprits of Central Bank bond scams, who caused losses running to billions to the government, were still at large just because they were friends of Wickremesinghe, Gunawardena alleged.

Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake had made a preposterous allegation that Rs. 5,000 notes amounting to Rs. 13 billion had been stolen from the Central Bank on the eve of the 2015 presidential election, but the President had not ordered an investigation into the serious allegation yet, he said.

Former External Affairs Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris said President Sirisena, misled by PM Wickremesinghe, had laid the foundation stone for a car assembly plant in Kuliyapitiya thinking it was a Volkswagon factory

He said it was a land belonging to the Department of Public Trustee had been earmarked for being handed over to the Wayamba University for its medical faculty.

Prof. Peiris said the 50-acre land would be taken back by a future government under the leadership of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.


4 Responses to “President a prisoner of UNP— the Joint Opposition (JO) said”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    According to TOP SECRET govt. internal sources the next president is going to be culvert mouth RAJITHA.

    He has MOST UNP and SLFP support, JVP support, TNA support, CWC and SLMC support. IF Sira dies in 2 weeks expect PRESIDENT RAJITHA! And expect absolute hell on his rivals. PRRA activists are already at work. Some of them are Tamils.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    PRESIDENT RAJITHA will be different.

    He is a tough nut.

  3. Christie Says:

    It is Indian colonial parasites and the Indian Empire who runs the island nation as they have done from 1792-1948. Then onward except for a few years from 1956 until 2005. It is under the Indian Union since 2015.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Yahap modus operandi appeaers to be to confuse & confound the People of Lanka, whilst bankrupting the country.
    Two years in power have shown them up well.

    Their Agenda, as announced by them at the outset AFTER the elections :

    * ETCA
    * 5,000 acre lots on 99 yr leases to foreigners
    * Sea Bridge to Tamil Nadu (TN has over 15 Million Tamils of Dalit origin, written into their birth certificates)
    * New Constitution (what might that bring ?)

    This Agenda was NOT announced by Yahap during the Election time.
    Prior to the elections, they threw out a FALSE Agenda to the People of Lanka to gain their votes.

    Is this fair by the People of Lanka ?

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