GO! Go!! Ranil Wickramasinghe people do not want you as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.
Posted on February 5th, 2017

By Charles.S.Perera

Yahapalanaya goons accused Mahinda Rajapakse for running a  family affair, but Ranil Wickramasinghe makes the government an affair of buddies, with the connivance of the President.

Maithripala Sirisena was elected by the people at the Presidential elections. Therefore he has the peoples’ consent to become the President of Sri Lanka. However,  a large number of Sinhala Buddhists had rejected him.

But the people of Sri Lanka never wanted  Ranil Wickramasinghe as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. If there is a referendum today to ask the people whether  they would like to have Ranil Wickramasinghe as their President, a large majority of the people will definitely say No.

Ranil Wickramasinghe was elected by the Colombo Sinhala,Tamils and Muslims. He was rejected by the mass of the people of this country 29 times consecutively.  But Maithripala Sirisena unconstitutionally appointed him the Prime Minister for personal reasons.

This Prime Minister  of the President Maithripala Sirisena, had his personal plans to enrich his Party the treasury of which had dwindled due to UNP having been outside political power for well over twenty years.

Ranil Wickramasinghe when he became the Prime Minister got around him his buddies- people who could help him fulfil  his personal plans to strengthen his power in the country as the leader of the UNP and Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

He appointed Ravi Karunanayake despite a pending  court case against him for money laundering, as his Finance Minister.

Ranil Wickramasinghe  knew that he would be  legally safe in doing even a legally incorrect affair as the Prime Minister. Therefore, in preparation for what ever was in his mind,  he  took over from the Finance Minister,  the Central Bank under his Ministry- Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs.

Then he got down from Singapore Arjun Mahendran ( who is not a citizen of Sri Lanka), a friend of the Finance Minister Ravi Karunananayke, and Raj Rajaratnam. Incidentally  Raj Rajaratnam is the man who financed the Sri  Lanka Terrorists, and whose funds Ravi Karunanayake was accused to have tried to launder”.

Prime Minister Wickramasinghe   recommended to the President  Arjun Mahendran to be appointed the Governor of the Central Bank. The President acceded to his Prime Minister’s request without investigating his background, to assure himself of  the suitability of his appointment to the most responsible and coveted post in the Country.

This irregular recommendation for the appointment of a non Sri Lankan as the Governor of  the Central Bank was evidently an  abuse of  the powers vested in the  office of Prime Minister.

The Governor of the Central Bank  was accused in  reports made by two COPE Committees for the role he played in the  Central Bank Bond Scam in which 5 billion rupees had been swindled by  his son-in-law Arjun Joseph Alloysius of Perpetual Bonds Co.in a Bond Scam.

The Prime Minister’s responsibility for the Bond scam is in  question, firstly,  as the Central Bank comes directly under his Ministry, secondly for protecting the Governor of the Central Bank when the President refused to extend his contract, by employing him as a Consulted in the Prime Minister’s Office. And thirdly for advising the President to dissolve the Parliament before the first COPE report accusing the Governor of the Central Bank was presented in the Parliament. Prime Minister  is also indirectly responsible for the subsequent attempt by the UNP MPs in the COPE committee adding foot notes to the COPE report to dilute”, the legal effect of  the  COPE Report.

Therefore in respect to democracy for which this government often makes a great fanfare,  Ranil Wickramasinghe should step down from the office of Prime Minister without delay, as he is guilty of his responsibility for the Bond Scam on the three counts enumerated above.

In this matter,  the President Maithripala Sirisena should also  take a part of the blame for allowing the Prime Minister to continue to employ Arjuna Mahendran when his services had been terminated by the refusal to extend his contract. Therefore, it becomes imperative that  the President Maithripala Sirisena demand the Prime Minister to submit his resignation.

Sri Lanka should have a Sinhala Buddhist patriot as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. Ranil Wickramasinghe does not qualify either as a Sinhala Buddhist nor as a Patriot who loves Sri Lanka and would save and protect the historical heritage  the Sinhala people. 

Ranil Wickramasinghe  depends on the minorities the Tamils and Muslims along with the green even if cut” UNP Sinhala  vote Base to keep himself afloat in the troubled political waters of Sri Lanka. Therefore he will make all sacrifices to satisfy the minorities at the cost of the Majority.

Ranil Wickramasinghe behaved similarly  when he was the Prime Minister of the President Chandrika Kumaratunga. He signed the CFA without consulting either the President or the Parliament, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of Soldiers as well as terrorists, and perhaps civilians too which the American Resolution against the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka for violation of human rights during the last phase of the elimination of terrorists does not take into account.

He was also responsible for the Athurugiriya Millenium City raid which resulted in the murder of a number of officers of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces’ Secret Service. He should also take the blame for  building a close relation with the West despite Sri Lanka’s policy of non-alignment. The Prime Minister had also been accused for maintaining torture camps in Batalanda, by a Commission appointed for its investigation.

Now he is all out to prepare himself for the 2019 Presidential elections, having assured that President Maithripala Sirisena will not be a contestant for the Presidency in 2019. He had also assured the  removal of some of the  President’s executive powers with the passing of the19Amendment to the Constitution, which does not even allow the President to dissolve the Parliament until 2020.

It is with that in mind that Ranil Wickramasinghe  is all out to discredit the President Mahinda Rajapakse. Every political manoeuvres he had made so far,  had been with that view in mind. He appointed Sarath Fonseka a man with a rotten mouth without any idea of what is political good sense, as a Minister for the only purpose of getting him to make speeches” in Parliament insulting the President Mahinda Rajapakse. He created the FCID to take into custody and imprison every one that opposes him and would be an obstacle for his Presidential ambition.

Ranil Wickramasinghe has around him corrupt politicians- Lakshman Kiriella Minister of High Ways has appointed 45 of his henchmen as consultants  paying them monthly a sum of Rs.65,000,00. When he was questioned in Parliament on this irregular appointments he said that he was helping those who helped him to win the Parliamentary seat.

Sarath Fonseka is his man to attack the Previous President Mahinda Rajapakse to deny him  political  influence in the country.

Sarath Fonseka is  also a corrupt person who got  the Sri Lanka Armed Forces, when he was the Army  Commander ,  to  purchase bullets and shells for the use of the Armed Forces from his son-in-law Danuna Tillekeratne’s Company Hicorp . The Company got  2 cents for every bullet fired by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces and 20 dollars for every shell.


There is no one capable of leading the UNP, therefore Ranil Wickramasinghe is UNP’s hobson’s choice as its leader. Karu Jayasuriya  is not independent even as the speaker of the Parliament he would not take any decision that would go against the UNP or its Leader. Sajith Premadasa is a man without any self confidence . There was once a group of members of the UNP who proposed him  to take over the leadership of the Party. But he quickly turned down the offer proposing that Karu Jayasuriya should be the leader.

Only person in the UNP who has leadership qualities is Rosy Senanayake. But she was not given even a ministerial responsibility. Rosy Senanayake would have certainly been a better Minister  than Sarath Fonseka- who remains a military man in his speech and behaviour. He is far from being a politician or the likes of one .

Malik Samarawickrama is another buddy of Ranil Wickramasinghe the Prime Minister. Samarawickrama is not an elected Parliamentarian, but he takes lot of initiatives that even a Minister does not take. He interferes with any Ministry he wants without consulting the Minister in Charge. There have been charges of corruption against him which have not been investigated as yet.

Prime Minister fools the people of Sri Lanka by making false statements. The Volkswagan motor car assembly, plant and a foreign glove producing company in Horana were all false publicity given with a view to fool the masses to believe that the Yahapalanaya government is carrying out projects financed by foreign investors.

Prime Minister makes most dangerous proposals without consulting the President , Cabinet or the Parliament. The creation of a Super Minister with powers to act beyond the powers of the Parliament was one such mind boggling project that came out of his mind. With a Prime Minister like him, it is dangerous to allow the passing of Agreements with India such as the ETCA, Hanuman Bridge or under ground tunnels to Sri Lanka from Tamil Nadu and  a direct overland transport system from India to Sri Lanka.

It is high time President Sirisena wakes up to stop this megalomaniac from ruining Sri Lanka.

Ranil Wickramasinghe is the one who did not allow a real democratically acceptable opposition in the Parliament, instead he appointed with the connivance of his buddy the Speaker TNA Parlimentarians as the Opposition of the Parliament to allow his  government a political support against the real  opposition.

Mangala Samaraweera is the other buddy, who keeps alive Ranil Wickramasinghe and his governments  servitude to the West. Samaraweera is on his own. He makes statements binding Sri Lanka without consulting the President or the Parliament. That is how he came to sponsor the American Human Rights resolution against Sri Lanka, with the consent of  the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe blinded by his ambition, and to be close to the West.

They all have a wonderful time at the expense of  Sri Lanka. They are able to do that thanks to the President Mahinda Rajapakse, who eliminated terrorism and brought peace to the country  under the blanket of which these Yahapalanaya goons have been so far very safe, to continue their attack on  Mahinda Rajapakse, his family and all who have any connection to him.

Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake is the Mervyn Silva of Ranil Wickramasinghe’s Yahapalanaya Government. He is there to catch thieves. He is  an extension to what JVP is doing. JVP members are also the buddies of Ranil Wickramasinghe the Prime Minister. They are all together in the exercise of ruining the Rajapakses and all connected to them along with Wimal Weerawansa who is a strong Critic of this Ayahapalanaya Government.

Ranil Wickramasinghe is completely out of touch with the ordinary masses of Sri Lanka. Raznil says  that when Yahapalanaya came into power Sri Lanka was like a patient on his death bed, and that they are going to treat the patient and bring him back to life to make this country a better place for the young people of this country.

But every one knows that Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe has already killed the patient, and now it is only a Zombie that he is trying  to awaken. No good to the young, the old or the country will come by their doctoring a Zombie.

Best that the Prime Minister and his Government can do is to resign for the good of every one.

What is President Maithripala Sirisena doing supporting this man  Ranil Wickramasinghe who is going to hang on to being the Prime Minister at any cost. He will bring Sri Lanka not only to bankruptcy, but also to utter ruin balkanising it to please the minorities. If the President wants to Serve Sri Lanka in a positive manner, he should get rid of the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe, and appoint a Patriotic Sinhala Buddhist as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

18 Responses to “GO! Go!! Ranil Wickramasinghe people do not want you as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Nobody in Sri Lanka dares to challenge traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande Wadakaya pol pot
    r@nil wickramaSinhalakiller. He knows he is above the law.
    Batalande torture camp where he tortured and killed Sinhalese Buddhist youth for being 1% jvp 99% Buddhist – no

    gave half the country to his catholic buddy hitler mala paharan in 2005 on a plate – What punishment? Sinhala
    modayas couldn’t even make the connection

    dragged the war for 30+ years to sacrifice Sinhalese army, navy, air force, police personnel including Buddhist
    monks, men, women and children – punishment? Sinhala modayas couldn’t make the connection why catholilc-
    run UNPatriotic party didn’t want to take drastic action. Destroyed Buddhism from the north and east. Added

    dragged the BHEESHANA SAMAYA for 6 long years with his traitor alugosu (to Sinhalese only) thambi
    mudiyanselage jr@ to get rid of 60,000+ Buddhists – again Sinhala modayas thought the UNPatriotics were
    putting down an insurgency. How convenient for the traitor Yama Pallan?

    sent millennium city intelligent officers to catholic tigers of tamil drealam bullet by pol pot – again Sinhala modayas
    were in the dark

    Soon after he became PM (pathala man) through the back door he appointed his catholic buddies to army chief,
    CB governor, northern province governor reg cooraya, eastern province governor to asstin fdo (this is they molly
    coddled his catholic buddy tamil sellan with apples and grapes), john mara to police, karu paiya to nation’s purse
    string (fox in charge of the chickens) etc. etc. Then traitor chief and maha horandran robbed the CB of 5585.
    Punishment? What punishment? Catholic run media still calls him MR CLEAN. Robert mugabe is cleaner than this

    State pension gone as soon as he became the Pathala Man (beg on street after retirement). What a brain! Still
    a lot of Sinhala modayas praise him

    Stopped teaching history in schools when the traitor chief was the education minister. Batalande wadakays’s list
    of treacheries against the Sinhalese, Sri Lanka and Buddhism endless. At every opportunity he strikes. What a
    cancer in Mother Lanka? The worst ever!

    So traitor YAMA PALLA knows he is above the law in Sri Lanka. So he keeps destroying Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka
    and Buddhism to please his ardent supporters tamils, mussies, catholics and the catholic west. Meanwhile Sinhala
    modayas revere the monster.

    Traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande Wadakaya pol pot r@nil wickramaSinhalakiller and his
    UNPatriotic party’s mantra is:
    Buddhism maranam gachchami
    Sinhalese maranam gachchami
    Sri Lanka maranam gachchami.
    Sinhala modayas have no clue and still revere the monster and his murderous, treacherous, thieving YAMA

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Stories you won’t see in so called Buddhist Sri Lanka (on paper of course) media. They make sure Sinhala
    modayas kept in the dark.








  3. Lorenzo Says:

    At one point Charles BLAMES the president for complacency for Run-nil’s crimes.
    Then he requests him to REMOVE Run-nil.

    You can’t BLAME someone and then ask him to do something!!

    We have to understand Sirisena’s DILEMMA. He CANNOT work with MR. He needs someone ELSE to work with. SLFP has NOT produced that someone Sirisena can work with. Until then Run-nil will be PM.

  4. Charles Says:

    What a brilliant conclusion ? Your problem brilliant man is MR., neither MS nor RW !

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Pres MS said that Ranil was made Exec PM ‘because the west wants it so’.

    The West is now busy with their own problems. So is INDIA which is now running with the West.

    It certainly seems a good time for ‘Go Ranil, Run’.

    Thank you, Charles !


    Points to note :

    * The extreme Cold War phase with Russia is over.
    * Is Lanka now free to have the kind of leadership the majority of the people here want ?
    * Most Lankans are tired of persistent Financial Vultures who do not want Lankans to be happy and shine more on high moral grounds.

  6. Cerberus Says:

    Please see the article below for information on Batalanda.


  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well said, Charles!

    To our PARA-GATHI AGA-MATHI we beseech, GO! GO! GO AWAY from the PRIME MINISTRY, as well as our dear Motherland you hate so much!

    We don’t need UNPATRIOTIC ALUGOSUWAS sabotaging our Motherland every ten years!

  8. Charles Says:

    Cerberus, Thank you very much for bringing this article back to our attention. Is this the man who is the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka ?

    He has no place in Sri Lanka. He should really be chased out from politics.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    Katussa (Lorenzo ),

    Was it not you who FIRST supported MR, then stabbed him in the back supporting Aiyoooo Sirisena and boasted about how effective you were here at LankaWeb, then turned against Sirisena coining the nickname “Maru Sira”, and NOW is again supporting that same “Maru Sira”! What ails thee?

    How can we explain your POLITICAL SOMERSAULTS, except through the CONSISTENCY of those moves in SOWING MAXIMUM CONFUSION among g patriots and ADVANCING the EELAMIST OBJECTIVES?

    GO!GO!GO AWAY Katussa (Lorenzo)! Stop pointing your finger at others like Charles who epitomize LOYALTY & CONSISTENCY!

    GO away and attend to your PhD in Kovil Management!

    Your PhD thesis on the significance of bathing Sivalingams in milk lies fallow and untilled! They wont keep the POOSARI job open for you forever!

    Get going NOW ! Thararey, thara podu da!

  10. Dilrook Says:

    This forum will not digest this well but Ranjan Ramanayaka (aka Ranjan Sylvester Aponsu as his real name goes) will be a huge political power to recon with even with prime ministerial ambitions. I blame his rise on the Opposition that has been dead for all matters concerning the people but first to beg for votes blaming the ruling party. Voters don’t vote for an Opposition party just because the ruling party is bad.

    This was why the SLFP failed after 1977 until 1993. UNP governance was horrible but the SLFP didn’t take up specific people’s issues. They hoped people fed up with UNP horrors (including riots, wars, privatisation, dictatorship, etc.) will automatically vote for the SLFP. But they didn’t. Chandrika changed this by fearlessly taking up specific issues affecting the people since 1992.

    Ranjan won the SLFP powerbase of Gampaha twice in 2015, once with the highest preference votes. He also won Ratnapura in 2008 PC election within the UNP. In addition, he has made inroads into a possible block vote of housemaids and their families – all others have neglected these people. He is now the champion of environmental issues – another huge support base awaits him. He visited Wilpattu (the only politician to do so) and fearlessly pointed out injustices done to Sinhala villages. He is doing what the Joint Opposition should be doing (in his own rowdy and uneducated street style). But he is gaining public confidence. He also has the youth vote more than any other MP.

    The Joint Opposition seems to be scared of him. It lost the ideal opportunity to go to town on Ranjan’s abuse of a government official – not the first time. Since then he has absolutely lambasted the Rajapaksa family with disgusting phrases and demanded they be punished severely for alleged crimes. These spread like wildfire in social media and the response seems to be overwhelmingly positive.

    If his stellar rise continues, don’t blame the people, blame the weak Opposition that is good at playing safe just like Sirima in the 1980s.

  11. Nanda Says:

    This forum is not “free thinking” as it claims. That is why it cannot digest what you say.
    I agree he is getting very popular and both RW and MS scared of him.
    Clearly he is very good actor, if not a genuingly honest man.
    We saw many in the past but nothing good happened to our country.

  12. Charles Says:

    What can the opposition really do Dilrrok ? They are under threat. Wimal in Prison. Gamanpila may also be imprisoned. Others are perhaps doing their best to keep away from the prison. Ranil and Sirisena are a real danger and they will go on at any cost protecting “their thieves”. Finally it will be the likes of Ranjan who will be the rulers of Sri Lanka !!!

  13. Ananda-USA Says:


    Why don’t you also give a list of Ranjan Ramanayake’s pecadillos that could sink him?

    All of these holier-than-thou politicos,like Champika and Mervyn, have loads of hidden secrets that reveal their real character. Ranjan Ramanayake is no different. Do a Google and YouTube search to find out!

  14. Dilrook Says:


    It is not what I think or know about him. It is how people think. There is little we can do to change people’s mind.

    Charles, those are at the forefront of attacking the government. They didn’t get much support from others. That is why the government could silence them. Their colleagues are eerily silent about the fate of Wimal! I’m surprised and disappointed. This might silence Wimal for a long time even out of prison. He has a young family too.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    RW & CBK have proven records as leaders who have worked earlier against the country.
    Their past personal histories makes them NOT do their best by the country, one way or another.
    The People do NOT trust them to work for the best of the country.

    Right now, both have crept back into high politics through the back door.

    It is that simple !

  16. Kumari Says:

    Ranil is in power because of the west. They know the worst enemy of Sinhalese Buddhists is Ranil. Sirisena was made to win presidency only to get power to Ranil. Ranil is sure to do the business to please his western Christian masters.

    It is possible that Alponso or Ranjan Ramanayake rank above other UNP ers because of his Catholic affiliations.

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    Gonja breaking stones and his quarry business exposed!!


    kalu gal Gonja bhanga wewa!!

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    Please expose GAL GONJA Ponjan Ramanayaka.


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