MPs’ duty-free car permits racket Three dozen members, new buyers named. Case before SC on Feb 13
Posted on February 6th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Name and Shame ……….This is better than complaining to CIABOS…..

I would like to highlight an incident where I was penalized by the government  ( Customs) when I brought my Lexus Car which I used for many years in England  to Sri Lanka .I obtained a Green Permit on the strength of my earnings and got the import license.But last moment I decided to bring the car on temporary Carnet Permit which allows you to bring the car  if you are either a citizen of another country or you have a work visa.

As I was short of over 10 m RS custom duty I brought the car on Carnet Permit and used for a year planning to pay the duty later .Then Customs were gunning after me and wanted me to export the car back other wise I will arrested at the airport .I showed them my permit and offered to pay duty ,but they were insisting that I should export the car back.

I knew that many people have brought their vehicles on Carnet ,bribed the customs and Motor Vehicle Registration Department without paying a cent and got away .

I exported the car back to UK

This is how customs play games with ordinary citizens .They should exercise their powers and arrest those vehicles sold my MP’s and ask the new buyer to pay the duties and taxes. ,Let them go to court and get redress if they feel it is not justifiable .

What do you expect in this country when Justices also who got state land from UDA on a migre 15000 Rs per perch in Colombo have sold them at exorbitant prices ??

This is law and order in this country

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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  1. Vijendra Says:

    Here is a case where the leaders of the political system in Sri Lanka have flouted one law that they are supposed to respect and set an example for others. These idiotic politicians should be behind bars for a very long time. If ‘yahapalanaya” is serious and upholding and respecting the law of the land, please see that that justice is done. So, Mr. Sirisena and Mr, Wickramasinghe, if you have any integrity, show us that you really mean business by taking action against these robbers of our motherland and eradicate fraud, rather than always blaming the previous government.

  2. dhane Says:

    Long years ago my Company Imported certain item from Germany before introduction of HS cord. My Forwarding Agent had used incorrect Customs Duty rate and cleared the goods. After few months a Custom Officer call me to office at Former Times Ceylon Building. The Customs Officer explained the mistake done by my cleared agent and worked out the difference in the Duty amount I had to pay. I told him the difference is big amount. Then he proposed if I pay 50% of the difference to him in cash that he will accept my Clearing Agents original entry and can close the chapter. Thereby I can save 50%. I told him NO I will pay the correct Custom Duty amount he had already worked out. After paying the difference and brought the Official Receipt to show this Custom officer told me “you are the FIRST “foolish man” who agreed to pay the duty difference. I replied may be “I am the “LAST foolish man” to pay due Customs duty to Government and worked away.

  3. Sirih Says:

    Carnet Permits are issue for temporary transport of equipments between countries and in SL, it is used by rogues to get out of paying duties.. Educated guy like you should know better and should have used your permit rather than use Carnet. I still like to know who advise you to use a Carnet Permit?
    When I was advising the SL govt. I was told I was entitle to bring my car from australia, but I never did since bringing in expensive luxury car with out paying taxes is robbing countries wealth. I used my brothers factory old honda car and enjoyed my ride. BTW, I was never paid a cent by any one in SL.
    I knew this tactic and advised the customs to stop this practice since a car should not be in this Carnet Permit class , except for racing and export it after the race. Previous govt. thugs clan use this Carnet Permit extensively to import expensive cars to SL and never paid any taxes.

    Whole Carnet Permit is for Int. companies doing business and doing temporary demos for trade and demo exhibitions . U se Carnet Permit globally to transport heavy systems but always take them back after our demo or trade shows.

    In China, only registered major companies are allowed to use Carnet Permits and does not even allow small and medium Int. companies to bring anything with out paying taxes.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    DR. SARATH !! Read my comments on your article on Property in Ireland.

  5. Nimal Says:

    Often people write utter nonsense that the colonials divide and ruled us but acts like this is a clear case of divide and rule where one lot have an advantage over the others.
    These conniving politicians drag the main religion to control us and even take undue advantages. They make sacred cities, sacred roads like the road by the Maligawa causing us much inconvenience while a very few of these rascals have no such restrictions that the people have to put up with. What right do they have and can they really take any high moral ground when most of them are tarred with so many scandals? They are truly taking us for mugs and the more our people look over to the world outside by the help of the digital media, more they will question the integrity of our leaders and it’s in a matter of time if a group of honest politicians rise up then there will be overwhelming support for them. This is what is happening in the third world now.I hear the Ex President of Gambia who stole so much have nothing left as all his hidden assets are being discovered by the agencies like the Interpol. Now they are after the third parties as well to recover the assets.
    Even my assets were scrutinized and I have nothing to hide and everything above board.

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