Indian Foreign Secretary Urges Tamil National Alliance to Unite to Fight for Tamil Rights
Posted on February 23rd, 2017

I. de Silva

The Editor
New Indian Express


Dear Sir:

Re: Indian Foreign Secretary Urges Tamil National Alliance to Unite to Fight for Tamil Rights

This is an example of blatant Indian interference in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka. India has been the regional bully for decades and it appears that Indian foreign policy for the region is based on the misguided notion that they can dictate to their neighbours. Is it ethical for a  foreign representative to ask a particular ethnic group in Sri Lanka to fight for special rights? Should Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal meet with Indian representatives on issues such as Kashmir? 

It is a well known fact that the TNA was and is the representative of the LTTE i.e. Tamil terrorists which was a group created, financed and supported by India to destabilize Sri Lanka. This type of statement by the Indian Foreign Secretary indicates that once again India is supportive of LTTE  sympathisers and is giving them advice and support against an elected government.These representatives have been elected to the Sri Lankan parliament to represent the people of Sri Lanka. Why does the Indian Foreign secretary believe that he needs to represent them to the Sri Lankan government?. 

The Indian Foreign Secretary asks for the co-operation of the Tamil parties to promote “economic development of the Tamil speaking northern and eastern provinces”.  Asking them to cooperate with India in the economic development of the Tamil-speaking Northern and Eastern provinces indicates his racist, biased attitude and the reason for his support. He is using them to get for India what it wants from Sri Lanka. India’s support of the LTTE  resulted in immense loss of life ALL over Sri Lanka as well as damage to the economy of ALL Sri Lanka. India is attempting to use the Tamil bloc to force an economic agreement with Sri Lanka which is detrimental to Sri Lanka but beneficial to India. The Tamil bloc sees India as a means to get their dream of a Tamil only state in Sri Lanka which was the goal of the LTTE.   India is once again supporting their separatist agenda for India’s benefit. If India is genuine in it’s offer of promoting economic development it should be for all areas of Sri Lanka and all communities  not restricted to particular areas and one community. Further, India should consider their “aid” as a form of compensation for promoting terrorism in another sovereign country not as a “gift”.

 As for the Indo-Lanka Agreement,  the 13th Amendment that followed  and the demand for a merger of the Northern and Eastern Provinces as a pre-requisite for the Tamils accepting any constitutional set-up, he states that while it is true that the merger is a part of the India-Sri Lanka Accord of 1987, much water has flowed under the bridge since then, making the merger difficult “at this stage”. Why does he not state the fact that India did not fulfill its part of the Accord so it could be argued that the “Accord” was null and void. The merger is not difficult “at this stage” implies that it is legal and applicable. It is not applicable now or at any stage and the sooner India clarifies this the easier it will be for the Tamil separatist minded groups in Sri Lanka to arrive at a settlement with the Sri Lankan Government without Indian mediation or interference. 

Yours truly,

I. de Silva


9 Responses to “Indian Foreign Secretary Urges Tamil National Alliance to Unite to Fight for Tamil Rights”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    This is just the TIP of a large well established ICEBERG of Indian Interference in Sovereign Sri Lanka!

    I say, DO UNTO India, as India DOES UNTO Sri Lanka!

    The MORE Sri Lanka EXCLUDES India from Sri Lanka, the SAFER Sri Lanka will be!

  2. Sooriarachi Says:

    Unlike in India, Tamil is one of the official languages in Sri Lanka. Should India also, give this right to Tamils and other large ethnic groups in India? Tamils in Sri Lanka can have free education in their language from grade one to university degree, irrespective of where thay live. Should India allow this facility to Tamils and other large ethnic groups in India.
    As a result of the humane policies of Sri Lanka, Tamils in Sri Lanka are born with equal rights, whereas in India, I believe, even their birth certificates record the caste they belong to, thereby condemning the so called lower caste babies to grow up with far far lesser rights.
    Indian Foreign secretary could do weel to address these disparities within India, before preaching human rights to their neigbours.
    As for his appeal for Tamils to unite and develop regions with majority Tamil population, he has only put into words, what India had practiced all along, to satisfy their hunger to annex the Northern region of Sri Lanka, which had been a part of the sovereign independent, culturally developed nation of Sri Lanka (Sinhale or Elam meaning the land of the Sinhalese) for many thousands of years.
    So let us hope India will fail to achieve their nasty plan.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Isn’t obvious now that it is always ENDIA that stirs up TAMILS to confront SL.

    Having been BEATEN in 2009 Tamils have finally leaned to live peacefully. Then come Endia with more violence.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    The 13-A is ILLEGAL as, apart from other reasons, it was imposed under Duress on the JRJ govt in 1987.
    It is a most divisive piece of legislation, and must be removed, with or without INDIAN approval.
    All Patriotic leaders of Lanka ought to get together to do so.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamils of Lanka have more rights than they do in homeland, Tamil Nadu.
    They have all the rights given to others of Lanka.

    In addition, in Lanka, they have NO mention of CASTE on their birth certificates.
    Lanka Census does NOT take Caste into account, as done in Tamil Nadu (and INDIA).
    They can learn in local schools and go for higher education without the obstacles thrown by Caste, as in Tamil Nadu.
    They can get jobs without the obstacles of Caste.

    If only the 13-A is removed and the Vadukoddai Resolution of 1976 is revoked officially in Parliament by the present day Tamil leaders, then the Tamils of Lanka have the best chance to integrate into mainstream society here.

    May it be so !

  6. Sarath W Says:

    Let this smelly bugger tell the Tamils in Tamil Nadu to fight for their rights. Don’t these idiots realise the Tamils come to Sri Lanka because India is a big, dirty and smelly SHIT HOLE?

  7. Christie Says:

    Hi Folks listen to the Foreign Secretary of the Indian Empire.. We have no say as the Natives of the island nation.

  8. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  9. Lorenzo Says:

    SW, TNA is made up of LOW CASTE Tamils. When LOW CASTE Tamils cross the PALK STRAIT they assumed HIGH CASTE. There was NO ONE in SL to tell them they are LOW CASTE.

    So TNA will have no place in TN.

    Having lived with Singhala people for too long Hindus in SL have FORGOTTEN their vital religious and cultural bits like taking a bath after touching an UNTOUCHABLE, defecating in public, drinking cow urine, mixing bullshitt into PAL CHORU (milk rice) and eating it for PONGAL, putting raw bullshitt on the forehead (in SL they only put ashed bullshitt on forehead), pressing bullshitt as a religious ritual, HARIJANA people, worshiping the PENIS and VAGINA in Hindu temples, bathing the ritual penis and vagina in milk and drinking it, etc.

    Endia is worried these VITAL HINDU practices are facing extinction in SL. They are still practiced in Endia.

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