Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena declares Sinhala Warriors dubbed Traitors by the British as National Heroes and Patriots
Posted on March 7th, 2017

Media Release    Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights in Sri Lanka (SPUR) NSW Inc. NSW 1730, Australia                                                            

Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena declares Sinhala Warriors dubbed Traitors by the British as National Heroes and Patriots  

President Maithripala Sirisena took steps in December 2016 to expunge a previous British Colonial Government gazette notification that listed 19 national leaders of the Uva-Wellassa Sinhala Rebellion of 1818 as Traitors and recognised them as National Heroes.  On March 1 2017, again the President has officiated in a function to name a further 82 leaders of the same Sinhala rebellion as patriots.

Our Society, takes this opportunity to thank President Sirisena for granting recognition to the long forgotten Sinhala national heroes. These are the greatest of our heroes who sacrificed all they had for the good of the future generations. The members of our Society have always had these patriots in their own hearts.

There is a saying that the ‘proof of the pudding is in the eating’. Therefore, symbolic gestures need to be qualified with real deeds, else they remain forever hollow.

Today, in Sri Lanka there are dozens of severely disabled ex-servicemen who faced terrorism head-on on a death fast on the steps of Colombo City’s main railway station. They are pleading their disability entitlements and pensions be paid. At a time symbolism is reigning high, what moral right do we have in staging these symbolic gestures when we ignore the pleadings of these ex-servicemen?

These patriots and national heroes have been agitating in this manner for over four years. As a compassionate Buddhist Nation, shouldn’t we hang our heads in absolute shame?  Isn’t it the time we reassess our Buddhist values of truth, justice, and compassion ?

This is a horrific and a putrid state of affairs in comparison to the entitlements and the increasing plunder of self-serving parliamentarians. Those in positions of authority do not even deserve their next meal without first meeting the just rights of these disabled heroes, and releasing them from their death fast. These are the real heroes who were in the front line defending our freedoms against abject terrorism, just as those heroes of the Uva-Wellassa Rebellion have done. We are a failed nation at the highest grade no doubt, when hypocrisy, propaganda and symbolism rule the roost.

The families of those who fled Britain’s dastardly and murderous scorched earth policy of 1818 and Governor Brownrigg’s edict to slaughter every male Sinhalese over the age of 14 , settled in Sri Lanka’s east coast in and around Paa-nama.  To add insult to injury, these remnant population is being hounded out today from their meagre and subsistence living by powerful property developer politicians who are on a tourism resort hotel building spree.

We also appeal to President Maithripala, if such the information is currently being hidden from him, to restore the ancestral lands of the Kandyan Sinhalese, where 400,000 acres  were robbed by the British to set up vast plantations. The Kandyan Peasantry Commission Report of the 1950’s elaborates the destitution of the Sinhalese whose lands were thus robbed.

Today, we need to stop pandering to the preoccupation of the nagging neighbours of Sri Lanka, and a few westerners who poke their noses in wrong places, about a few acres of land that were acquired by the Sri Lankan  defence forces on defeating  an overseas funded  30 year brutal separatist terrorism in the north.

To meet national priorities, land is acquired from time to time, be they in the north, south, east or the west. Square kilometre upon square kilometre of private land had been acquired in the past decades for hydro dams and reservoirs in the hills, express-ways in the south and the mid country, for rail tracks in the deep-south, defence force camps around the island, and for our largest port and the new international airport located in Hambantota.  Public property is for public use, and is meant for the good of all citizens.  The agitation of those families evicted to build the world war time air field in Koggala by the British Empire in the south still rings in our minds.

The claim that is being peddled as occupied Tamil land was never an identified land of today’s Tamil speaking people of the north. They were indeed the lands of the Sinhalese who withdrew on the face of the western colonial onslaughts. The Dutch and the British settled the land so robbed, with South Indians over the years.

Further, the Tamil historian Mudaliyar Rasanayagam says in 1926 of the northern warlord Sankili in his book ‘Ancient Jaffna’ as follows;

Quote:  ‘he fell upon the Buddhists of Jaffna who were all Sinhalese, and expelled them beyond the limits of the country and destroyed their numerous places of worship…………… That Jaffna was occupied by the Sinhalese earlier than by the Tamils is seen not only in the place names but also in some of the habits and customs of the people’.  Unquote.

So much for the extremist racist agitation to re-claim the so-called ‘Tamil land’ even after a decisive, comprehensive, and a sobering a military defeat.  The attempt to achieve same by internationally sponsored terrorism in Sri Lanka was an abject failure.  It is now the rotten and a spurious attempt to call it a Tamil homeland.  As with land used for public purposes elsewhere in the island, it is the land occupied by the defence forces for the protection of all citizens of this island nation.

We appeal to President Sirisena to move away from pacification and appeasement of racist northern and eastern extremists, and to do much further than the display of symbolism towards the patriots of this Nation.

As a national priority, we strongly appeal to the President to take urgent steps to establish a comprehensive national policy framework to re-settle sparsely populated lands of this island nation in an equitable manner, for the common good of all citizens.

Nimal Liyanage                                                                      Dudley Upasiri          

Secretary and Spokesperson                                                Presid

18 Responses to “Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena declares Sinhala Warriors dubbed Traitors by the British as National Heroes and Patriots”

  1. Charles Says:

    What is the use of declaring those Sinhala National leaders who rebelled against trhe Colonila rule as Heroes, when this stupid man is allowing our war heroes of today who eliminated terrorism and brought peace and security to Sri Lanka are allowed to be arrested by the Prime Minister Ranil W’s police as criminals and held in prison to please the foreign countries and the Tamils and the Tamil diaspora ? Who is this man Maithripala Siorisena trying to fool?

  2. Christie Says:

    The British employed Indian Sepoys in defeating Uva-Wellassa uprising.

    If not for the Indian colonial parasites the so called British Empire would not have born.
    In fact it was a British-Indian Empire.

    Now it is Indian Empire from Fiji to Guyana.

  3. Lorenzo Says:


    APPRECIATE this GOOD done by Sirisena. Don’t always see BAD in him and GOOD in MR.

    MR has good and bad.
    My3 has good and bad.

    APPRECIATE the GOOD in anyone (even VP) and CONDEMN the BAD in anyone (even Jesus).

    SL had so many leaders for the past 99 years. Did ANYONE of them declare them HEROES and remove the TRAITOR classification? NO!

    MR was president for 10 years but did he do it? NO! He tried it in 2011 but DID NOT do it. Why?

    President Sirisena did it within 2 years.

    For your information Charles, the LIST OF HEROES declared by President Sirisena includes Vaniga Chinthamani Mohotti Don David Hendrick Appuhamy – the GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER OF MR!

    My3 could have easily STRUCK OUT Vaniga Chinthamani Mohotti Don David Hendrick Appuhamy’s name as SARATH FONSEKA’s name and PHOTO were REMOVED at the army headquarters and the website list of army commanders!!

    But he DID NOT do it. He even GLORIFIED the great great grandfather of this ARCH ENEMY. Is this SL? I’m shocked.

    I asked the army headquarters HOW did you win the war when there was NO army commander from 2005 to 2009!! The poor man at the other end told me he was TOLD to do it. ALL his lifelong achievements were TAKEN AWAY, pension was robbed, medals stolen, titles stolen and thrown in JAIL. This man WON the war for Christ’s sake!

    As a GRATEFUL BUDDHIST nation we must learn to appreciate the good without taking sides.

    BASH SF for all wrong things (I will join in) BUT NEVER take away his lifelong achievements he won FOR THE COUNTRY by shedding his blood, tears, sweat, body parts and ENTIRE YOUTH IN JUNGLES.

    A WAR HERO is a WAR HERO whether they SUPPORT or OPPOSE MR or My3. A TERRORIST is a TERRORIST whether they support or oppose MR or My3.

    (Thank you Lankaweb.)

  4. Dilrook Says:

    Thank you President Sirisena and SPUR.

    The implications are enormous. Land robbed from Sinhala people in Uva and Central provinces in 1818 must be returned to them. Landlessness and resultant problems triggered the 1971 insurrection drawing some youth in Uva mainly. These problems must be sorted out.

  5. Christie Says:

    Hi Folks

    We look only the outside of things.

    Indian Sepoys from Madras and Cochin were the ground force of the British Army. It is these Indian Sepoys who were instrumental in killing and burning.

    It was called a Ceylon Regiment.

    If not for the Indians it would have been impossible for the British to put down the rebellion.

    Please read a bit more. You can find some info in the net.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:


    As you said, this is ONE MORE COSMETIC PR STUNT that Aiyooo Sirisena does while ABDICATING his responsibility as President to defend, protect his country and the CURRENT War-Heroes of Sri Lanka who are being hunted-down for defending their people at the BIDDING of the then PATRIOTIC government ELECTED by the people to do just that.

    If Aiyoooo Sirisena wants to overcome his SHAMEFUL BACKSTABBING of the War-Winning FORMER President Mahinda Rajapaksa, LET HIM

    1. REPEAL the 13th Amendment and DISSOLVE the Provincial Council System that is a DAGGER aimed at the territorial INTEGRITY of our Motherland and the PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE of ALL of SRi Lanka’s citizens!

    2. FIRE the PARA-GATHI AGA-MATHI Pal Hora-in-Chief Ranil Wikunanasinghe and his ENTIRE Cabinet of TREACHEROUS UNP and minority lackeys

    3. RESTORE a PATRITIC government to our Motherland by APPOINTING either Mahinda Rajapaksa or Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as Prime Minister, and REUNIFY the SLFP/UPFA as the governing party1

    IF & WHEN Aiyooo Sirisena does that, WE CAN FORGIVE him for his back stabbing and pushing Sri Lanka to the current BRINK of POLITICAL DISINTEGRATION, COMMUNAL DISCORD, and ECONOMIC BANKRUPTCY!

    UNTIL THEN, Aioyooo Sirisena will REMAIN a GREEDY, AMBITIOUS and GULLIBLE puppet just like the Kandyan Chiefs who BETRAYED our Motherland to the British Colonialists 200 years ago in 1815!

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    GR should be in parliament to become the PM!! Don’t you know that? GR CANNOT become a MP after 19 amendment that makes it ILLEGAL for US citizens to become MPs.

    IF MR was appointed PM he will be IMPEACHED the next day.

    UNP + TNA + JVP = 126 seats. Others have only 99 seats.

    Your statements are like these.

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    Katussa (Lorenzo),

    I know you are jumping around like a Katussa, TRYING HARD to EARN your WAGES OF SIN from the TGTE to prop up Aiyoooo Sirisena until he ENABLES a DEFACTO-EELAM for your Masters by turning a Nelsonian Blind-Eye to the Elephant-in-the Room!

    Your arguments PRAISING to HIGH HEAVEN Aiyooo Sirisena’s declaring as National Heroes the Sinhala Patriots CONDEMNED and EXECUTED by the British Colonial Government to what President Mahinda Rajapaksa did forOUR Motherland are DOWNRIGHT PATHETIC and compares ROCK-SOLID MOUNTAINS to mere Cosmetic MOLEHILLS!

    In EVALUATING and APPRECIATING the GOOD and BAD that national leaders do, we cant compare MOUNTAINS to MOLEHILLS. We must also ASSESS the MAGNITUDE & SCALE of their respoective contributions and the IMPACT they had on the nation!

    It is NOT SUFFICIENT to say, hey MR did 10 good things and 5 bad things, but MS also did 10 good things and 5 bad things, so they are COMPARABLE!

    A1. MR RESCUED Sri Lanka from ENDEMIC & WIDESPREAD TERRORIST VIOLENCE, and REUNIFIED the NationThe whole world and military EXPERTS pontificated “The LTTE CANNOT be Militarily DEFEATED”! But, YET they were in a fashion that induces RAGE and ENVY in the eyes of our Western and Indian DETRACTIORS now attempting to minimize the accomplishment and defame those who ACHIEVED it in GRAND STYLE!

    Did MS do ANYTHING COMPARABLE? Instaad of CONSOLIDATING the Military Victory and making Sri Lanka IMPREGNABLE, this APOLOGY of a Preseident is Presiding over the DISINTEGRATION of the Nation into a patchwork of Bantustans, while a TREACHEROUS UNP government appoints SIX Constitutions Committees packed with minorities and UNP deal-makers and excluding Patriots from the majority Sinhala Buddhist community to craft a Federalist Government that will result in DISINTEGRATION of Sri Lanka! Is MS BLIND or does he NOT CARE as long as he gets to warm the President’s chair slavishly bragging about shaking the ungloved hands of foreign potentates?

    2.While MR was fighting a major WAR, he ALSO DEVELOPED the National Infrastructure as NEVER BEFORE in the history of Sri Lanka! At NO TIME during those WAR YEARS did he pass the ECONOMIC BURDEN on to the backs of the Most Vulnerable and Poorest people in the country.

    Did MS do anything COMPARABLE? NO! In fact, during MS’s Presidency Sri Lanka is spiralling rapidly into ECONOMIC BANKRUPTCY, alienating our BEST FRIENDS who helped to finance the war, rebuild the nation, and put it on the path to becoming the New Wonder of Asia! Why is MS wallowing in BLISSFUL IGNORANCE while the CENTRAL BANK is LOOTED, the budget for purchasing COAL is pilfered, LUXURY SUVs are given to he entire panoply of government politicians and hangers-on while pleading poverty and asking people to eat croton and jak leaves? Is this puppet of a President BLIND that he cannot see that the National Treasure is being SOLD at firesale prices, LAND that is the inalienable inheritance of our people are being leased in 99-year renewable terms? Is he BLIND to the fact that the plan of the MR/UPFA government of which he was part, had planned to service the Hambantota Port construction loans with Colombo Port income in the short term and its own income in the long-term without giving nearly COMPLETE OWNERSHIP at 80:20 ratio to China by the Yamapalana government. Is he BLIND to the 15,000 acre industrial zone that will also be given to China to create a Chinese immigrant Colony for 99-years at a time, that we will never be able to get rid of? Is he BLIND to the fact that there are NO AGREEMENTS in this deal to HIRE & EMPLOY Sri Lankans as the BULK of the workers? Where is OUR NATIONAL EQUITY in this DEAL? Is this MUTT of a President aware that Wikunansighe is plannong to sell five more government assets, including the Sri Lankan Airlines, Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, and the Ceylon Electricity Board, and Sri Lanka Telecom …. jewels in Sri Lanka’s crown ….among others?

    4. MR made certain that the North and the East was adequately GARRISONED by the Army and the Navy, as a former war zone, and maintained navy patrols cognizant of the illegal gun-running activities. He maintained the war-time intelligence services to monitor and the “Rehabilitated” LTTE cadre. He retained in PRISON the hardest-core of the LTTE cadre, in the interest of National Safety.

    In CONTRAST, under MS and the Yamapalanaya, Army camps are being dismantled falling prey to TNA demands for “returning” Tamil land to owners! Pay them for the land camps for God’s sake people’s lives are at stake! Every day, Tamil politicians are acting as if the North is ALREADY SOVEREIGN conducting their own foreign and economic policy! Violent crimes using GUNS transferred by “Rehabilitated” LTTE cadre are being committed in ever increasing numbers. The “Rehabilitated” LTTEers recently formed their own political party, the RLTTE or REhabiolitated LTTE party, no doubt to gain the breathing space and government assets until they are ready to jettison the “Rehabilitated” pre-fix to the party name. TNA leaders, members of Parliament and the Constitution Committees, are going to to Geneva and are LOBBY ACTIVELY against the SRi Lankan Government of which they are part! This PUPPET President is trying to rectify historical mideeds of 200 years ago, instead of DOING HIS DUTY to protect his own people in his own time!

    5. MR protected the victorious Armed Forces, rewarded its leaders with Ambassadorial Appointsments abroad, instited programs to care for the DISABLED war veterans and their bereaved families without a bread winners, and gave demobilized members of the armed forces PRIORITY ACCESS to government jobs, created retirement and healthcare plans for them, and made SERVICE in the Armed FORCES a RED BADGE OF COURAGE worthy of honor in our country.

    Yet, today under the Yamapalanaya, they are tear gassed and water-jetted in the streets when they demand their promised benefits, and are hunted down as war criminals. Why has MS presided over the DISMANTLING of the military intelligence apparatus that wasa key to the military defeat of the LTTE, and allowed the IDENTITIES of intelligence officers to be disclosed to the public? In the USA, disclosure of CIA and National Security agents would be prosecuted as TREASON! Is this PANA-NATHI JANA-PATHI BLIND also? Or does he not care that NO ONE WILL COME FORWARD in the FUTURE to defenmd the nation as these officers did? Whty is there MORE CARING for LTTE cadre contributing/supervising the arrests of these intelligence officers, than for our defenders?

    6. Finally, on the issue of Sarath Gonseka ….. you Katussa (Lorenzo) is way off base on PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING you said to lionize him!

    Sarath Gonseka was the Benedict Arnold of the Sri Lankan Army. Gen. Benedict Arnold, the victor of the Battle of Saratoga in the US War of Independence from the British, BECAME JEALOUS of Gen. George Washington who was his superior as the Commander of the Continental Army. Having trounced the British handsomely at Saratoga, at a time when the Continental Army was being regularly defeated by the British in Battles, he felt that he was not given sufficient recognition by Washington, and connived to get Congress to replace Washington. When that did not work, he plotted with the British to kidnap Washington, to help defeat the American bid for independence in return for miilitary rank and financial rewards, including a princely American state (Ohio … I think), from the British. The plot was discovered, the plotters were convicted and hanged,but Benedict Arnold escaped and fled to the British. When the British lost, he ended up in England, abandoned by the British any dying as a PAUPER in England. Benedict Arnold’s name is today SYNONYMOUS with TREACHERY in the United States.

    Gonseka previously had an undistinguished career in the Armed Forces and was on the verge of retirement when MR became President with the promise of winning the war militarily, and appointed Gota as Defence Secretary to design and execute the strategy to achieve it. Mahinda promised Gota to provide all the necessary funds and resources to win.

    Like Benedict Arnold who was given the opportunity to lead by Washington, Gonseka who begged Gota for a change to win fame as a military officer, was given that chance by Gota.

    He served creditably, albeit he was reputed to grab ALL THE CREDIT, even that due to other junior line officers, for himself. He also badly wanted to be Commander in Chief of all Armed Forces, Army, Navy and Air Force, which neither Gota nor Mahinda was willing to give him. He was insatiable. As the war progressed successfully and it became clear that it would be won, Gonseka became agitated at his failure to get sufficient recognition, deserved or not, before the war ended. In fact, he had running battles with the leaders of the other two services, especially the Navy to get more recognition asnd reard for himself, and Gota had to intervene to keep the peace. This gradually led to ANGER & JEALOUSY by Gonseka against the Rajapaksa Family who he felt stood in the way of his getting more recognition, despite all that they had done for him.

    Another factor may have been the rumored refusal by Mahinda to a proposal of marriage between Gonseka’s daugther and one of Mahinda’s sons advanced by Gonseka. It was reported that the frustration of this attempt to ally himself through marriage with the “ruling family” exacerbated Gonseka’s animosity.This story may, or may not, be true.

    By this time, that there were also reports through the intelligence grapevine that Gonseka was creating a circle of officers and men devoted only to him, that circumvented the established military hierarchy. This apparently alarmed Mahinda and Gota, as it should, so Gonseka was relieved of his Command as Army Chief and booted upstairs to HQ with a promotion as Army Chief of Staff. There, a close eye could be kept on him. Again. he was treated with respect, but this had apparently upset Gonseka because he lost direct command of the troops.

    Gonseka RETALIATED by issuing a statement that apparently confirmed the allegations behind the WHITE FLAG incident in which a number of high ranking LTTEers were shot dead as they tried to surrender. As Gonseka no doubt intended, that was seized upon by the Tamil Diaspora, and the Western Powers seeking regime change, to level war-crimes charges against the MR/UPFA government. These allegations, together with the fake claim of 40,000 dead civilians in the last phase of the war, is still a burden for the MR/UPFA government and the Sri Lankan Military officers who led the CRUSHING victory over the LTTE. So, Gonseka is RESPONSIBLE for the war-crimes allegations that bedevil Sri Lanka to this day.

    Later, when Gonseka, a political giant in his own mind, contested the Presidency, he maintained a force of several hundred (300-400) army personnel at his election headquarters thinking he was going to win. IT is not clear what his purpose was, but there was a clear threat of a military coup-de-etat if the election was close, but Mahinda won by a LANDSLIDE!

    Summarizing, like Benedict Arnold, Gonseka is DANGEROUS man who is willing to let his PATRIOTISM be subjugated by his GREED for PERSONAL ADVANCEMENT, POLITICAL POWER and WEALTH. He is not beyond betraying the elected government of his country and even perhaps engineering a coup-de-etat to gain his ends. Clearly, he is NOT a GRATEFUL man, for he he forgot the favor that Gota did for him in appointing him as the chief of the Army.

    MR let him off easy for what amounted to TREASON against his own government in the white flag case, and in what he tried to do during the election. The first matter would have merited a much more severe punishment. In the USA, he would be convicted in a MILITARY COURT and SHOT!

    NOW, Katussa (Lorenzo), that SUMMARIZES the TRUTH as I know it, of Gonseka’s “PATRIOTISM” that you are PRAISING to HIGH HEAVEN.

    ONCE AGAIN, in your RUSH to PROTECT those who are USEFUL to MAINTAINING the Yamapalanaya Government in POWER until your EELAM is achieved, you are VARNISHING the TRUTH pretending that BOTH GOOD and BAD SIDES of the STORY must be TOLD, WITHOUT identifying which are the MOUNTAINS and which are the MOLEHILLS!

    BOTH SIDES of the STORY …….. Katussa (Lorenzo) ………. are NOT OF EQUAL WEIGHT! By far, Gonseka’s BAD DOINGS in the END, like those of Gen. Benedict Arnold, far OUTWEIGH his GOOD DOINGS!

    This is TYPICAL of your CRAFTY DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN against the Patriotic Forces of Sri Lanka!

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    Katussa (Lorenzo),

    Ever heard of the National List of APPOINTED MP’s?

    Ever heard of a dual-citizen RENOUNCING citizenship of one country?

    Ever hear of the JVP jumping ship for political advantage?

    Ever hear of Sinhala Buddhist MPs in the UNP who are VERY DISATISFIED with the Yamapalanaya and fear facing the voters of their electorates? These are potential SHIP-JUMPERS just waiting for a good offer!

    Ever hear ………… ETC ETC ad inifinitum, ad nauseam!

    All of your REASONING is based on ASSUMPTIONS that are FULL OF HOLES!

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    National list MPs have been nominated in 2015. Now it is CLOSED.

    Even if GR is made the PM via some magic, UNP + TNA + JVP have 126 seats and he will be impeached by them.

    This is the DEMO-CRAZY you have been defending!

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    In the space you used to talk UNRELATED THINGS you should have ACCEPTED the fact My3 did a GOOD thing NO SL LEADER since 1948 did. Declare our FIRST INDEPENDENCE STRUGGLE HEROES AS NATIONAL HEROES. That includes MR’s great great grandfather Vaniga Chinthamani Mohotti Don David Hendrick Appuhamy.

    No amount of piles can cover that up.

    ACCEPT IT! Show some gratefulness or remain ungrateful for this GREAT ACT of national recognition.

  12. RohanJay Says:

    Good long overdue. Sri Lanka should never forget the patriots who fought for freedom. The Americans honour their patriots who fought for freedom from British rule to the hilt. Sri Lanka should do the same. Looks like they finally did so.

  13. Nimal Says:

    Forget what happen in 1818 but honour the war heroes that eliminated the terrorists in 2009.

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    Katussa (Lorenzo),


    I explained in DETAIL why your arguments are FULL of HORSE S**T!

    You want to EQUATE MASSIVE CONTRIBUTIONS to MINIMAL CONTRIBUTIONS and use that STRATEGY to support Sirisena (your Maru Sira) that you need to SUSTAIN the EELAMIST CAUSE!

    The EELAMISTS know if the Yamapalanaya FALLS before they get their Proto-EELAM through the New Constitution, then they will get NOTHING in the foreseeable future.

    So, you are FRANTICALLY PRAISING this PANA-NATHI JANA-PATHI blissfully spouting homilies while his motherland DISINTEGRATES!


  15. aloy Says:

    This is the crux of the matter:

    “PANA-NATHI JANA-PATHI blissfully spouting homilies while his motherland DISINTEGRATES!”

    At a recent ceremony a venerable monk told the Prez in plain Sinhala that even a child can see that a massive fraud has taken place in the CB. And that has happened with the connivance of his PM. In any other country the first thing to do would have been to sack him or take him off from the PM post until the case is heard. He has allowed PM to continue on his diabolic actions in selling national assets and making the country unstable leading it to disintegration.

    But our man on whom 6.2 million of us had faith is behaving as “pan nethi janapathi” and engaged on trivia with the intention of covering himself with something akin to a fig leaf.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    Talk to the topic USA. ALL SL true patriots appreciate President Sirisena’s decision to declare them NATIONAL HEROES. NO other SL leader since 1818 could do it. End of story.

  17. Ananda-USA Says:

    Katussa (Lorenzo),

    Your “talking to the topic” is only when it suits your agenda. Also, my comments were PRECISE MADE TO REBUT yours and to DEMONSTRATE how you blow up MINOR CONTRIBUTIONS into MAJOR MOUNTSINS of accomplishment in favor of your “Maru Sira” candidate that you need to PROP UP the Yamapalana Govt until it delivers the PROTO-EELAM to your EELAMIST Masters!

    CUT THE CRAP Katussa!



  18. Sooriarachi Says:

    President Sirisena seems to have woken up and has begun to do a few good things here and there. We must applaud him for these good deeds such as declaring the Uva-Wellassa rebellion sinhala heroes who fought the British, as patriots. This was long overdue and wasn’t addressed by any of the past leaders. So, thank you Mr President.
    Now he could start addressing a few more matters, important to the nation.
    First and foremost should be to grant the needs of the disabled ex-servicemen who were among those servicemen who helped to defeat the Tamil Tiger terrorists and regain the nations freedom.
    Next he should consider compensating and restoring ancestral lands to the Sinhalese who were evicted initially by the colonial powers and recently by the Tiger terrorists and Muislim activists, from various parts of the Island, including the Hill country, East and the North.
    Thirdly he could take action to recover and punish the recent Central Bank Bond issue thieves.
    Fourth the President could declare former rulers like Governor Brownrigg as murderers guilty of war crimes.

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