Posted on March 24th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

When I see the TV and the photos in the paper where President Putin who is in an immaculate Physical and mental state witting with President Maithriplala Sirisena ,I felt nostalgic about the time I spent in Soviet Union which was then a socialists country .It was a country with moral values ,with a nation of multinational society with social values ,respect to each other .Whole country was proud of their achievements through  years from Lenin,Stalin and Breshnew .

The transformation which took place under Garbachov,who I think was a planted  agent by the western capitalist world brought end to a country where people lived  in harmony .All foreigners were treated with dignity and respect which has left fond memories of the country and the people .

I remember a an incident where I was suspected of a Russian Spy by my British Colleagues after I visited Russia on the way to Sri Lanka from  United Kingdom where I worked in Oil and Gas business after graduation. I was received with open arms in the State University of Petroleum and Gas where I studied ,and I gave a lecture about modern systems of Oil and Gas Exploration to my fellow  teachers and professors ,who really wanted develop the teaching of the technology in Oil and Gas Exploration. Somehow or rather the British thought that I was a spy trying to steal their technology .

Russians  were really advanced in their field of technology .and I am proud to stay that one of the professors who taught me was the one who designed the mobility mechanism of Lunahod” which was the vehicle moved around on the moon.

Computer applications which were quite primitive was used in Russia like in the west where punch card system was used in a mammoth machine in the university premises .I wrote a thesis where I invented a formula to pre diagnose the condition of the bearings of large compressors used to compress Gas which was pumped into a natural gas storage in underground,formed in a lime deposit

Of course I had to study in Russian ,and at the end of my study my Jewish Professor asked me to lecture about compressors in Russian ,and the students who were in Third Year were so disciplined and took notes down with respect.

There was a shortage of beer ,but plenty of Vodka at 3.62 Roubles per bottle which we consumed during the weekends and the link between by 39 Russian colleagues out of which ,three Jews ,two Kazaks,one Azerbajani  and one Gruzin ( Georgian) and an Armanian and 50 % females !

They may be in very high positions today, but I lost all my contacts

It was a country of many republics which grew at an enormous speed and the top leaders knew that strict regime was the need of the hour for the growth .

Whenever I meet a Russian today I feel brother hood with appreciation for what they have done to us and today I am a capitalist in every sense exploiting people and workers  ,but I have a socialist inner mind of which I am proud of .

We can get much out of Russians than Chinese or Indians or even Americans and we should allow them to come freely to our country and contribute to our development.

One area they can develop is fishing industry as the Russians love fish and we can collect and export to Russia and develop the wellbeing of poor fishermen in this country.

After reaching the pinnacle of my engineering management carrier, I am always proud to stay that I was educated by Russians though they expect me to say they I studies in the West .

I never lie and my wife who is also a Russian  Educated Doctor never lie where we had our education

Our president should take this opportunity to work with Russians because they can make Kings in any country like what they did to poor ( stupid )  Americans !

Dr Sarath Obeysekera


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