Denial of Visa application of Maj.Gen. C. Gallage by Australian High Commission
Posted on March 25th, 2017

Ira de Silva Canada

It is incredible that the Australian High Commission has either denied or claims a visa for Maj. General C. Gallage is “under assessment” – diplomatic jargon to cover the denial of a visa.  Australia considers the Major General as a  “Potential Controversial Visitor” citing war crimes  and crimes against humanity as reason for denying Gallege a visa. Australia found fault with the Maj. Gen. for commanding the 59 Division on the Vanni east front. 

The Maj.Gen. is  considered a “controversial visitor” by Australia because he commanded a division in the military which defeated the Tamil terrorists, known as the LTTE, who had terrorised Sri Lanka for thirty years. Australia recognised the LTTE as a terrorist group and is supposedly against terrorism. Does Australia now have a policy of supporting terrorists and finding fault with those who fight terrorism? Should other countries consider  Australian military personnel who are fighting terrorists as “controversial” and refuse them entry into their countries?

Australia has already found the Maj. General guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Is it possible for Australia to provide the basis for this judgement? No other country or international body has made such a judgement because so far there have been only allegations, mainly by the supporters of the LTTE outside of Sri Lanka, but absolutely no proof of any such crimes. Does Australia pass judgements on allegations without proof in Australia? If so, it is a sad indcitment on the legal system in Australia which is supposed to be a democratic country where a person is considered innocent until proven guilty.  This action equates Australia to countries where there is no legal process available to determine whether accused are judged on credible evidence, mere hearsay or a whim.   

Australia is known in the world to have kangaroos – it now seems to also have kangaroo courts instead of a judicial system based on recognised legal principles.

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva



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  1. Sarath W Says:

    No wonder this racist Australian government supports terrorist when the previous coalition leader John Howard is on of the biggest living terrorists along with George Bush and Tony Blair.

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