‘Nihanda Hangum’ for a Good Cause
Posted on March 31st, 2017

Old Anandians’ Group of 99

Old Anandians’ Group of 99 is organizing Nihanda Hangum program to support children with hearing problems.

There are many babies who are born to this world with hearing difficulties and some of them don’t have both ears functioning. These children have to be supported with various hearing aid equipment and they also may need special attention for their studies.

Lady Ridgeway Hospital (LRH) has advanced facilities to treat such children, and 99 Group of Ananda College will have an event on 8th April (Saturday) at 8am at LRH to hand over essential hearing aid to these children. The project also coordinates with Centre for Education of Hearing Impaired Children located in Dalugama Kelaniya. This organization was founded in 1982, and for over three decades they have become a home for hearing impaired children. These children need hearing aids and battery pack for these equipment regularly. Some parents can’t afford these costs and Centre for Education of Hearing Impaired Children also needs donors to support them. Old Anandians have come forward to support in this very important social need.

At the event on 8th April, needy students will get hearing aid, battery packs, 10 students will get scholarships for a year as a support, bank accounts will be opened for 300 children and books will be handed over to 300 children.

This project aims to donate those necessities with the funds collected by the organizers from fellow old Anandians, various organizations and general public. Old Anandians’ Group of 99 expects to do this project annually and invites long term donors to come forward.

Old Anandians’ Group of 99 works with three pillars identified for their activities – Ananda, Us and Society, where they support their alma mater, themselves, and the society. This project falls under the area of supporting the society.

Please contact Ranga Jayakody 0773077329/rangatechno@gmail.com or Yasas Vishuddhi Abeywickrama at  yvabeywickrama@gmail.com to discuss donations.

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