We need a strong patriotic Sinhala Buddhist leader who has the charisma and national acceptance who, in the first place could rally all Sinhala votes and Buddhist monks to save the Sinhala Nation
Posted on April 2nd, 2017

Sudath Gunasekara


We need a strong patriotic Sinhala Buddhist leader who has the charisma and national acceptance who, in the first place could rally all Sinhala voters and Buddhist monks to save the Sinhala Nation. In the past this was done by Buddhist monks on their own initiative. But today as the fraternity also has unfortunately got blindly and badly politicized and since monkhood has got radically changed falling in line with the broad degeneration of the society today. It is not the same as what was in the olden days. Politicians on the other hand have got dropped in to the very depth of the abyss of corruption and self- seeking and ceased to be Statesmen like in the yore any more. As such a different external social agent has to step in to bring them back (both the monks and the politicians), to sanity and a patriotism. It is a yeoman task of bring them back to normalcy of monkhood and Statesmanship. Therefore it has fallen on the heads of few living patriotic people like us to convince them on the need to awake from this deep slumber and act. We cannot escape this responsibility. Therefore let us get together and jointly strive to do what we can, each playing his role, the other his.

Around the kind of leader I mentioned here, there should also be another group of ten solid and clean men and women at least, who will not go after the “Tamil and Muslim votes” any more, as they do now, like the proverbial fox that followed a goat for years hoping what was dangling in its rear will soon fall at any moment, and finally perished

We cannot expect any present day magodis politicians to fill that gap. So we have to find completely a new leader of different mind and mettle who will boldly and openly make a clarion call to the whole world that this is the land of the Sinhala Buddhist, as  it was, for the past 2600 years and it will remain so for millennia to come and,

Then who will also vouch to declare,

1This Country once again as the Sinhala Buddhist country to the whole world as Sinhale” as it had been known for millennia up to 1815 and even up to 1972. (One country)

2 Ban all ethnic political parties like Tamil, Muslim or any other and organize ‘Save Lanka political movement’ under a different political organization under one banner the ‘The lion Flag’ as (One Nation)

3 Ban every communal segregation in any part of the country as Tamil or Muslim and make all Government sponsored new settlements as mixed settlements ( One State and one Government)

4 Make Sinhala the official Language as it had been from the inception of history  of this country, scrap the relevant treacherous sections  in the Constitution and declare Buddhism the State Religion as it was from Mahindagamanaya in 5th C BC with reasonable facilities for the observance of other religions.

5 Ban Thesawalamei and Muslim law and have one law for the whole country (one law)

  (We ask Tamils to practice it in Tamilnadu and Muslims in Arabia but not in Sri Lanka)

7 Scrap the treacherous 1987 JR/ Rajiv / Accord that declare

  1. North and East as Traditional homeland of Tamils b)Proposed to Establish Provincial Councils c) Made Tamil also an Official Language and d) gave citizenship to all Estate Tamils by a declaration of a JP on a Rs 1 Stamp and many other betrayals.

28 Scrap the Provinces created by the British in 1833 to divide this country as separate Sinhala and Tamil territories

9 Abolish the Provincial Councils, the political Huniyama imposed by our good friend India under threat of invasion and death to JR from India, that has eroded the economy, ruined the governance, bred a battalion of corrupt third grade political scums catering to the needs of the politicians at the centre by collecting votes at elections, people for wasteful mass rallies organized by the respective parties,  money and many other worldly things to leaders as pimps, amass wealth for themselves, strengthen divisive aspirations among the communal Tamils and Muslims claiming for separation and laid the foundation for the Tamil EELAM covering 1/3 of the land area and more than 2/3 the coastal belt and even more of the territorial waters within the legitimate territory of this tiny Island. (India explicitly wanted PCC only for North and East but JR created all over the country as he wanted 9 political misfits,  rejects and stooges as Governers, 9 stooges as Chief Ministers, another 36 catchers as Ministers and nearly 700 additional water and firewood carriers to support the electoral base in the Provinces ) We also remember how JR imprisoned all MP the previous night in Galadari Meridian and conducted them in heavily guarded ‘Prison’ vehicles to Parliament next day having obtained undated resignation letters and got them to vote this treacherous  Bill under threat, duress and emergency declare all over the Island.

10 Have one unitary Government for the whole country administered by 25 Districts by professional Public Servants of the highest caliber (Ban even speaking on Federalism and separation as treason)

11 Establish a Rajya Sabha of less than 150 MPP with a Cabinet of 15 Ministers (presided by the President of the country) elected on an electoral basis (with two Senators of whom one should be the Minister of Justice), of educated, decent patriotic men and women unlike the present day rogue gang of unpatriotic, treacherous self-seeking rogue politicians and an Uttara Mantrana Sabha of 35 eminent, distinguished patriotic statesmen

12 Make a new Constitution based on the country’s past system of Statecraft, glorious history, culture, traditions and values within six months after consulting the views of the learned and  patriotic people in the country (unlike the treacherous elements involved in the Constitution making of the present Government)

13 Establish a Government that is run by the majority Sinhala Buddhists and not dictated or run by minorities as it happens today and had been for the past 69 years since the so-called 1948 independence (the guiding principle will be age old Buddhist concept of Bahujana hitaya and Bahujana Sukhaya)

14 Ask all Tamils and Muslims (Including Indian estate Tamil labourers who want to remain as citizens of this country to integrate with the Sinhala nation as it had been done from the inception of history in this country. Give them a grace period of ten years (10) as stipulated in the Nehru/Kotalawala Pact of 1954 or leave the shores of our Motherland to South India, Arab countries or any other they worship as their motherlands.

15 Have one National flag and one National Anthem in Sinhala, the language of the land,

16 Scrap the excessive annual holidays sometimes running in to 135 and have a national holiday system that suits the culture, the needs of the majority and that does not hamper national development and not bread a set of lotus eaters

17 Impose a ban on all national issues like exponential population increase among ethnic minorities specially like Muslims, marriage between Sinhalese women and Muslims, conversion, destruction of Watersheds environmental reserves, archaeological and Buddhist treasures,

18 Ban intrusion of foreign religious and subversive NGOO aid agencies in to villages bypassing the Government

19 Formulate and implement visionary National policies on Education, Agriculture, national development, Governance, Administration, Public service and a Judicial system

20 Scrap all excessive perks like pensions and duty free vehicles etc to politicians or any other to stop wastage of public funds and make politics a service oriented mission rather than a mere portal to Self- aggrandizement and power of politicians. (to stop plundering public wealth by politicians, their catchers and the so-called public servants)

21 Banish all those who do not accept these conditions to countries from where they have come, whether they are Tamils, Muslims or any other.

22 Establish a Supreme National Advisory Council of the following persons to advise the Government

1 Mahanayaka Theros of the Asgiriya, Malwatta Chapters, Ramanna and                                                4

Amarapura Nikayas

2 Mahanayaka Theros of Kalyani, Rohana and Dambulu Chapters                                                             3

3 Two eminent erudite Maha Theros nominated by the Mahanayaka Theros for a definite               2


4 Three Religious dignitaries representing Hindu, Catholic and Muslim Religions                                   3

5 Chief Justice of the Country                                                                                                                              1

6 The President of the Senate                                                                                                                             1

7 The Head of the Public Service-Secretary to the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance                        1


23 Set up a National Planning Council to plan the development vision and plan for the country

24 Establish a Ministry and a full powered Development Authority for the rehabilitation and Development of Kandyan Peasants and Protection of the Central Hill Country (the” Geographical Heartland of the Nation”) directly under the President as stipulated by the KPC Report of 1951at least now. (The proposal was made in 1951 to alleviate their problems an to do justice to all Kandyan people who fought and died and were killed in thousands for centuries from 1505 against three invaders Portuguese, Dutch and British, to save the country for posterity and who lost their lands and everything.  But up to date justice has not been done to them by any Government. Instead this stretch of land called the central hill country is being now given to Indian estate labour (by our own unpatriotic power hungry politicians of the UNP, especially Ranil and Kiriella now planning to distribute all tea estates at 2 acres per family among the Estate Tamils) just to get their vote who were brought here in the latter part of the 19th century as slaves by the British to labour for them on plantations established on land plundered from our ancestors.

25 An Independent Judiciary, Public Service and a Foreign Service under a JSC, PSC and FSC (Foreign Service Council to be set up}

26 Lay down strict qualifications for all politicians and public servants like permanent Residence within the Electorate or work place, Minimum Education, wealth, Character, past record and a strict code of ethics for recruitment

27 Ban sending domestic Servants to Middle East and other countries and replacing it by sending professionals like Doctors, Engineers, technical personal. IT men and qualified technicians etc; create job opportunities within the country for them

28 Ban religious dignitaries entering active politics

29 A compulsory social Service scheme and dole for all needy people over 60 years of age

30 Reintroduction of Death Penalty for all serious crimes, Drug dealers of all sorts, and plunderers of public property etc

31 Black list all Politicians and public servants who misappropriate public funds and property, abuse authority and misuse power and have them preserved so that no one even from their families could enter politics or public service in future.

32 An immediate national scheme for reducing the cost of living and improving the National Health system and ending poverty from this country.

33 Effective and powerful laws to protect archaeological and religious places, watersheds and National Forests and water resources.

34 A code of work norms like a minimum output and quality for all politicians and public servants per day and month like in the Suddhas days, the breach of which will result in disciplinary action supported by strict evaluation and monitoring.

35 Abolition of the National list (that has made elections and franchise a BIG Joke) and introduce a voter based method of selection of nominees for electorates in place of the present system of selecting by the Party leader and prohibition of nominating outsiders as it is done today.

36 Immediate abolition of the Pension scheme for all politicians other than the President of the Republic.

37 Banning of appointing defeated candidates to political office (Parliament), or any public office like Ambassadors, Chainmen of cooperation’s etc.

38 Banning all politicians and public servants to engage in government contracts directly or indirectly.

39 Stop channeling public funds through politicians and channel all such funds through the established government institutions strictly according to financial regulations  for spending of which relevant public servants from top to bottom must be held responsible to stop public money by politicians. 40 Abolish the present District System of electing members of Parliament and re- introduce the former electoral system and abolish the PR system as well and go back to the old system

41 Make every one equal before law breach of which shall be punishable

42 Remove political rights of all public servants other than the right to vote and make them the servants of the State and not the domestic servants of the political party in power as it has happened today.

43 Laws will be enacted to pay all public pensioners the current pension equivalent to the post he held at the time as the Indian Supreme Court has decided in 1985.

44 Re-settle all displaced Sinhala and Muslim people during the war in their original places within six months and evacuate all encroachers on environmental reserves and crown lands.

45 Abolish the so-called International education system that alienate our children from our nation and convert all such Institutions to implement the National Education scheme of the Government.

46 Ban all foreign exchange coming in to the country bypassing the Central Bank to stop Diaspora LTTE scums (who are citizens of other countries), sending money to Tamil separatists, Muslim extremists Organization to communal Muslims  like Hakeem and Badurdeen for their expansion work.

47  Stop running the country by Minority leaders like Hakeem, Badurdeen,  Asad Sali, Wigneswaran,  Thondama, Digambaran, Mano Ganesan  or any other and put an end to the tyranny by the minority at the expense and betrayal of the Sinhala Nation.

48 filling all vacancies occurring during the life time of the Parliament to be made only through  by elections

49 To increase local production and restrict import of items that could be grown within the country with an aggressive plan of action to infuse and promote patriotism  in the younger generation

50 Finally make laws to hang those politicians who betray the Motherland either here or in a foreign country at any International forum and confiscate all their properties so that present day politicians as well as those who aspire to become so in future will learn a good lesson.

This is the first step. The next has to be worked out together by dedicated, eminent and patriotic group of men and women to be followed immediately

Rallying Buddhist monks round this national cause, for this movement, in my opinion is not that difficult. As already we have a sizable number powerful and erudite Buddhist clerics who are still wedded and committed to the National cause and who have demonstrated it openly and effectively.

I see already they have formed a joint Council of such Bhikkus Organizations in Kolamba last week. So it is the likeminded Bhikkus as well as laymen to join this movement and work relentlessly until we defeat the enemy and rescue the country and the nation from these present treacherous ploiticians.  It reminds me of the historic role played by the ‘Eksath Bhiksu Peramuna in 1956 ‘in defeating the UNP and bringing patriotic National forces in to power under the leadership of SWRD Bandaranaike.

So it is not a difficult task or an unachievable goal. Nothing is impossible to succeed if you are armed with Commitment, dedication, determination and indefatigable courage and strive hard consistently and unrelentingly until the goal is achieved the success is yours.  Patriotism and love for your motherland will definitely catapult you to the destination. The Buddhist temple in the village is the gateway to this noble mission. Let enter the village and the hearts of people through it and build up a new Nation by completely demolishing the present rotten political party system and build up an entirely a new political culture in this country and take it to the dream world you and wish.

Declare We ask for a popular mandate to implement these proposal . We promis the nation in front of the Sri Dalada Wahanse that we shall definitely fulfill  this vow

(Critics might say this is Sinhalese Buddhist chauvinism. No it is not. It is genuine patriotism, ‘Burning Patriotism’ of a desperate Nation, to defend their Motherland that was ruled for 2600 years continuously by their own kings

PS; Pl see my 100 Panatha in Lankaweb for details. Also pl contact me for any clarification

(Note I have listed these as they came to my mind in a hurry as my wish was for you to get them as early as possible. You can add anything missing. Please classify them under different categories as you want)

Sudath Gunasekara

TP: 071 8075326- 081 2232744

7 Responses to “We need a strong patriotic Sinhala Buddhist leader who has the charisma and national acceptance who, in the first place could rally all Sinhala votes and Buddhist monks to save the Sinhala Nation”

  1. Somapala Senerath Says:

    Bikkhus shall give full sopport to promote Sarath Weerasekara to lead the nation. No other past and present politicians can be trusted.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    I proposed SARATH W for PRESIDENT first and all patriots are now supporting it. VERY GOOD. I mean TRUE PATRIOTS.

    Then again our DIYAWANNA-PATRIOTS oppose me. (As usual).

    I see SW is getting better than GR for these reasons. BOTH are way above the rest. I’m comparing only the BEST OF THE BEST of the second best option (first option is a MILITARY-SANGHA takeover).

    1. He is an EXPERIENCED politician. He WAS in parliament. GR did not.

    2. Unfortunately, GR inherits the bad image of MR (and the good image as well). IF SW contests, he inherits the good of the ARMY anyway but avoid the bad image of MR.

    3. He stood up for war heroes. MR and JO only talks. Did nothing to go to GENEVA. This is because SW FEELS for his troops and is a potential TARGET by the UNHRC witch-hunt.

    4. Even Sira has a good opinion about SW. He is NOT tainted by POLITICS over patriotism. This is important. Like it or not, Sira is the president and he will NOT hesitate to use his EXECUTIVE POWERS to FLATTEN his opponents. Going against him openly is disaster.

    5. SW has NO allegations. Right or wrong, this GESTAPO govt. has levelled allegations against GR. They can grill GR by COOKING UP charges (ALREADY IN PROGRESS). I don’t believe in ANY of these charges but people are grilled based on COOKED UP charges in SL. They cannot cook up charges that easily for SW.

    6. SW is NOT an American citizen. This has a HUGE impact. A US citizen is BOUND by the US OATH OF ALLIGIANCE. USA can use this to get things done even from the most patriotic person (unless he sheds US citizenship). If GR was a Japanese citizen, Russian citizen of even Saudi citizen, the problem will be LESS.

    7. Anti-SL people like VASU, DEW, DAYAN are with GR and MR. This is a HUGE problem. They are all anti-SL and pro-Endian people. DAYAN is promoting GR now not because he loves GR but he wants to PREVENT SW from becoming the presidential candidate!! Try to understand this.

    8. SW is the president of the RANAVITY UNITY which is the largest of all RANAVIRU groups. Considering family members, RANAVIRU vote bank is close to 2 million. Solid votes. After jailing SF and sacking a large number of MAJORS, MR lost most of this vote. But SW can get them.

    9. GR has the RATHUPASWALA problem following him. SW does NOT have this.

    10. SW is a member of the SLFP but GR is not. NO ONE outside major party membership has EVER won a presidential election. My3 will NOT allow GR to get SLFP membership. IF anyone thinks you can JUST win a presidential election without LONG TERM membership of SLFP or UNP, he has NO experience working in elections. I have.

    NO ONE will agree to MOST of Sudath’s commandments but IF anyone agrees to KEY issues, we should support him.

    We have to use the BEST HORSE to win the race. NOT our preference. Once the presidential election is won, we can do ANYTHING. If we don’t win the presidential election can CANNOT DO ANYTHING.

    UNP won in 2015 because of this. IF UNP insisted on RUN-NIL or any other UNPer, they would have LOST. IF Sirima contested the 1994 election for president, SLFP would have LOST. IF Anura contested the election in 2005, SLFP would have lost. IF KARU contested the 2005 presidential election, UNP would have WON. SW is the best chance of winning the presidential election.

    Recently BR tried to get SW into his SLPP flower bud party but SW REFUSED!! Excellent decision. SW must protect his SLFP membership (until MR sacrifices it).

  3. AnuD Says:

    Get Maithripala sirisena as the President and gota as the Prime minister. then next time, a can be the president and another can be selected as the prime minister.

    Other wise, mess can not be entnagled just by one time.

    when it comes to the election time, the things won’t be exactly the way we see today.

  4. aloy Says:

    I do not understand why both mainline Sinhala political parties do not realise that by pursuing the agendas of their parties they are putting the existence of the nation at risk. At such a juncture Sudath’s attempt to revive the nationalism is timely. I hope all Sinhalese unite and answer this call.

    Perhaps the Sanga should lead in selecting a leader who would not try to woo the minorities for their votes but fight for the lost rights of the majority who have been taken for granted since independence. I think we have to say goodbye to present parliamentary system.

  5. Somapala Senerath Says:

    To be the a leader who value the COMMANDMENTS 7 and 9 should be good eneough. Other good actions will follow.

    Most “business patriots at Diyawanna” do not even talk about getting rid of 13th A. Not sure whether SW has it in his list. If not Bikkhus should ask him to do it and he will.

  6. Somapala Senerath Says:

    To be the leader who value the COMMANDMENTS 7 and 9 should be good eneough. Other good actions will follow.

    Most “business patriots at Diyawanna” do not even talk about getting rid of 13th A. Not sure whether SW has it in his list. If not Bikkhus should ask him to do it and he will.

  7. Nimal Says:

    Countries that are secular is at peace among the communities that lead the country’s development and wellbeing. Religions are divisive and dangerous it is used to bring conflicts between communities.

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