GMOA to hold awareness programmer ahead of protest (against Saitm)………..News Item
Posted on April 7th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

GMOA members have finally decided to create awareness among the public about SAITM? ( is it before the pending strike? )

Do you think the office workers among  public of middle class background have any idea about the SAITM except what they hear in the TV news and what they read in the papers.

They have no clue what qualification these students had and what clinical experience they have received during the studies.

They only know that whoever passes out from Sri Lanka Medical School and also foreign schools have to undergo Internship to get more exposure in various area of clinical work until they pass exams to become consultants. They also know that after becoming consultants they can do advance treatment to patients  ( an become commercialized and inhuman !) .Until such time they work as OPD doctors or shadow consultants to learn .

Now GMOA wants to hold awareness programs ahead of protests?

Isn’t it better to hold awareness program among the public about following?

  • Eradication of Dengue and H1NI
  • Reduction of consumption of sugar and salt by the public to improve health conditions
  • Eradication of alcohol consumption
  • Teach parent about birth control to suit affordability to raise children
  • Teach children about physical exercise to become healthy
  • Hold discussions with various member groups of the society about mental health
  • Create awareness among youngsters about social responsibilities

If they hold such awareness programs to develop health and mental  status of the public they may even be ready to listen to GMOA about SAITM

For the public ,whether it is a SAITM ,Colombo /Pera Doctor or even Doctor from Russia ,Nepal ,India or Bangladesh ,it does not matter as long as they are treated with common medicines for common illnesses and direct them to clinics conducted by Consultants

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

One Response to “GMOA to hold awareness programmer ahead of protest (against Saitm)………..News Item”

  1. aloy Says:

    Your bullet no. four refers.
    It appears to me you too are subscribing to the slogan: “punchi powler raththaran”.

    Look Dr. Sarath, even the world’s largest population China has given up their birth control measures. They are reviving even frozen embryos and increasing their population and you seem to encourage the extermination of Sinhalas.

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