This Bloody Line
Posted on April 15th, 2017

Ram Madhvani

Sadly the same story continues in many other parts of the world even today – in Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and many other smaller nations where locals are set up to kill each other so that the rich can make more riches and justifying those wars on the pretext of protecting democracy, human rights and freedom.

We do not seem to learn from the tragedies of the past….

2 Responses to “This Bloody Line”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    That bloody LIE!

    This is a short movie WRITTEN, CREATED, IMAGINED and DIRECTED by an ENDIAN to put the blame on OUTSIDERS from MILLENNIA OLD HINDU-MUSLIM wars.

    HINDU-MUSLIM killings did NOT start with the British. They were killing each other for a thousand years before.

    The line killed a million people? NONSENSE!

    It was HINDUS and MUSLIMS that killed each other. NOT the line.

    IF NOT for the line tens of millions would have been killed.

    How about BANGLADESH? Who created bloodshed in Bangladesh and killed so many people? ENDIA. By 1971 the Brits had left a long ago.

    How about SL? Of course Brits left Tamils in SL but they were peaceful until ENDIA gave them weapons to KILL BUDDHISTS.

    How about GUJARAT RIOT in 2002? Was it by Pakistan or Britain? It was by HINDU terrorists. And their leader became PM!!

    How about the 1962 war with CHINA? It was all the fault of ENDIA.

    How about DAILY war in SL’s sea? Who did that boundary? SL and Endia in 1970s. Now Endians INVADE it everyday and fight with the SL navy!!

    For ENDIA it was Pakistan in 1947, China in 1962, Bangladesh in 1971, SL in 1983, Maldives in 1988. Who is next? See the COMMON MURDER FACTOR? Endia!! Stop blaming others. It is ALL Endia’s fault.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Oh I forgot KASHMIR where Endians kill kids everyday!!!

    Brits should have given it to PAKISTAN. That would have saved MILLIONS of Muslim kids killed and blinded by ENDIANS.

    Sikkhim is another disaster by ENDIANS.

    Andaman islands yet another DISASTER by Endians.

    ALL regional countries should get together and END ENDIA for peace. Now Endia is INVADING TRINCO of SL. And they will put the blame on CHINA or RAVANAN!!!

    We all know how a JEALOUS Endian by the name RAMAN invaded SL, burnt the place down, killed the lover of his wife and threw her into FIRE!!! Was there any Brits then?

    In SL Endians CONNIVED with the BRITS to kill SL people, COLONIZE SL and ROB their land. Then Brits were good for Endians!!

    Winston Churchill was SPOT ON about Endia and Endians.

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