Sri Lanka rubbish dump deaths: ‘Still they dump’ BBC ……………..
Posted on April 16th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Sri Lanka rubbish dump deaths: ‘Still they dump’   BBC ……………..

15 April 2017 Last updated at 09:46 BST

Five children are among 19 people killed after a huge rubbish dump collapsed on to their homes in Sri Lanka.

The 300ft-high (91m) pile had shifted after floods and a fire, and subsequently collapsed on Friday.

At least 40 homes on the edge of the dump were destroyed.

There had been concerns over the safety of the site in Colombo, with residents demanding it be cleared.

One man said his mother was thrown 30ft by the collapse.

He was speaking to the BBC’s Azzam Ameen.

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I and my wife were great supporters of the Yahaplanaya Today if someone asks me whether I will vote for this lot I would just say I may have to rethink again

What can be the reason for  this change just  after a less than two years .

It is because the politicians and the public officers appointed by the leaders who their incompetent stooges cannot do anything right.People who have been in service in state and private sector and  offered quite a few workable solutions to solve  the garbage problem .Even the current chief minister called me asking my advice and I told him that if I will be given executive authority ,I will surely lead a team to solve the problem short and long term.

After the tragedy which took place on new year day in  Mettotlamulle ,one minister was talking about temporary dumping of garbage in Dompe ans somewhere else ?

Garbage trucks have to pass through Kollonnawa , Kaduwela ,Mabima etc to go to Dompe which is the stronghold of Bandaranaykes ,may have to be driven over dead bodies of demonstrators who may be now planning to create another mayhem .

I suggested to move the old dry  garbage mountain to the 200 hundred acre land  next to the Mutharajawela Industrial zone ,which has been reclaimed by SLLRDC . Once a 1-2 feet layer of garbage is spreaded out in 200 acres with half of the mountain and subsequent layer of 1-2 feet of sea sand  should be spreaded out over it .There is 2 million tons of sea sand stock pile next to the 200 care land which can be used .You keep doing this exercise layer by layer and you can get rid of the garbage mountain ,

Or place an order with the Chinese dredging company to mobilize from port city which is now in operation ,to cover the barbage .As the garbage is dry there will be a minimum pollution  to the earth below .One may complain about the danger to fauna and flora.But we shall give prority to saving life of human beings before Fauna and Flora .

Once Meethotalamulle is cleared we can have a mixed development and give house to the displaced people

Government should order a garbage bailing machine like the ones they use in Sweden and carry out baling of all the fresh garbage an stockpile for future sea reclamation or segregation for use to generate power .

I proposed solution and none of the higher ups in the government bothered to listen.

It is still not too late if The Presidential Task Force with executive powers implement the plan ASAP .

You may face objections .but The President should be quite firm

(When people protested against Hambantota.and Port City Government was quite firm .With Etca and Saitm matter still burning I am sure government is firm .

There is no reason why government cannot be firm in the national issue ?)(

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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