Russia should be saluted for preventing a Nuclear War
Posted on April 20th, 2017


The world population articulated a sigh of relief when the newly elected U.S.President Donald Trumph expressed that he would change the American foreign policy of war  mongering and acting as the world Policeman, establish cordial relationship with Russia and China and give priority to national interests of the United States drifting away from Obama/Hillary Clinton policies.

However the American weapons industry which dominates the Pentagon was waiting for the slightest opportunity to force Trumph to abandon his admirable foreign policies and dip America once again in its hegemonic policies and precipitate a confrontational attitude with Russia.  Emulating Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, America has once again taken to military action overseas

On Friday morning of 7th April the US Navy warships launched a massive missile strike at the Shayrat airfield in Syria, allegedly for destroying chemical weapons and neither the Pentagon nor the State Department have provided any evidence of presence of chemical weapons at this airbase. It  launched 59 Tomahawk missiles at the airfield, an claimed that it   was in response to the alleged chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib Province, blaming the Syrian government for the incident and said that dozens of civilians including children died from suspected gas poisoning in the rebel-occupied territory earlier this month.

Refuting the allegations Russia has said that any specialist from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) knows that traces of chemical agents cannot be hidden for months and years if they were stored somewhere. Reminding of then-US Secretary of State Colin Powell’s white powder vial at the UN and other allegations of the chemical weapons threat” in Iraq it has said that special equipment to collect samples for further scientific analysis should be used at the airfield, adding that Russia has already undertaken similar procedures in Aleppo, Syria where it said chemical weapons had been used by militants.

The Russian News Agency Pravda said that  many wondered why Russian sophisticated air defence systems, such as Pantsir, S-300, S-400, Buk-M2 and Tor complexes, have not protected Syria from 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles launched by Ross and Porter destroyers and explained that Russian air defences were deployed in Syria in agreement with the legitimate Syrian government to protect Russian facilities – the airfield, bases, troops and  infrastructure of the Russian Air Force. It said that Russia could obviously have intercepted USA’s low-flying targets with the use of Pantsir systems. Yet, if Syria had used Russian air defense systems in response to the US missile attack, it would have triggered a nuclear conflict and the composure of the Russian Commander-in-Chief made it possible to avoid a nuclear conflict, It also stated that if Russia had responded to the USA, it would have launched a nuclear conflict – a clash of two nuclear powers on a third territory.

Reports said that at the UN Security Council’s emergency‘open session’ on Syria US Ambassador Nikki Haley’s dramatic gesture of holding up photographs of chemical-gassed children only served to bring to mind the now famous theatrical display of a vial of anthrax by US Secretary of State Colin Powell at the same venue to warn the Council of the imminent danger that lay before the world from Weapons of Mass Destruction   in Iraq.

The Russian Deputy Ambassador has inevitably referred to the 2003 ‘Anthrax episode’ as well, since the Security Council session’s target for verbal recriminations by US, UK and France was more Russia than Syria. He has made it a point to warn Britain not even try to get into a war in the Middle East because he has said that in that part of the world they still remember Britain’s colonial hypocrisy.

Military and political analysts point out that the US missile attack flouted a number of provisions in international law and the Security Council is meant to prevent threats to international peace and security and it is sad to note that the notorious three, the evil trio,  of the five permanent members of the UNSC cheering on the violation of the sovereignty of another country, killing of innocent unarmed people including children and verbally carpet bombing Russia for not agreeing with them whereas Russia aptly deserves commendation for preventing a horrible nuclear war.

4 Responses to “Russia should be saluted for preventing a Nuclear War”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you Sir!

    Well said. LOVE to read your articles. VERY INFORMATIVE and objective. Please keep writing.

    May the Merciful One be pleased with you!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    USA is like a VILLAGE THUG walking around, arousing people and LOOKING FOR WAR.

    These COWBOYS only see WAR. Russia, Iran, China, etc. should get together and DESTROY this dirt for the sake of humanity. They should not be allowed to go DESTROYING nation after nation.

    KIM may be an idiott but nukes are his country’s ONLY protection.

  3. Christie Says:

    Nick Haley is another Indian vermin by decent or choice. She is blind to blinding and killing of children in Indian Occupied Kashmir with pellet guns.

  4. Sooriarachi Says:

    Common sense says Syria had no need to, and would not be so foolish to, give the West an opportunity to to attack it by using chemical weapons on a gang of CIA backed mercenaries already on the back foot fighting for survival. By using poison gas on their own helpless civilians and then blaming the Government forces is a typical strategy used by Western supported rebel groups, to provide an excuse to the West to use brutal force on government forces. They did this in Iraq they did this in Libya. In Sri Lanka Prabakaran too tried the same trick making bogus accusations against the Sri Lankan Armed forces, probably with tacit support from Norway and others, but the rapid action of Government forces to defeat Prabakaran and Tiger terrorists, denied the West sufficient time to intervene. Of course thereafter, Sri Lanka had to face harassment and bogus allegations from the defeated parties.
    The bottom line is, even if President Assad is a dictator, he is the leader of the country battling western backed opponents and would not be stupid to use chemical weapons to give the West the chance to do what they did. We must commend Russia for staying calm but firm at the UN security council. We had so much faith on President Trump of USA to avoid this type of naked aggression, but it seems he too is being fooled and taken for a ride by the US administration still controlled by the same reactionary forces. Lets hope President Trump would discover he too is being used and his attempt to cooperate with the Russians is being sabotaged.

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