Meetotamulla Garbage disaster.
Posted on April 21st, 2017

Sudath Gunasekara 17.4.2017.

The President said that the Government would ensure that no garbage would be dumped at the site in the future and the existing site will be shifted soon.  – See more at:

I have two questions on the President decision. How many Presidents and politicians have said the same thing before. But why didn’t they solve this problem until 32 people died and so many displaced and victimized .

Presidents decision. ‘existing site will be shifted soon’. First ‘Going by what has happened to many of his previous orders, I am very skeptical about its effectiveness. As such will it ever happen?.

Second. Where is he going to shift it. Isn’t going to be the same problem . Won’t that be a shifting of the site only and you are creating the same problem to a new set of people in a new place. Dose the President think that it is the solution to this problem.

Bopage’s statement clearly reveal how politicians have made this a real garbage

Is shifting the site, the solution to this perennial catastrophe. If our politicians shave no brain to find a solution to this eternal problem why cant they learn from others at least in their regular world tours they do from North to south and East to West. Isn’t it a big irony that if you go deep in to any problem that you find a politician behind it like a worm in a garbage.

Now look at some of the decisions they have taken after the collapse of Metotamulla

Colombo Garbage to the village

100 meter ban zone for building

Tear gaze and batten treatment for protesters

Arising from these mad decisions see the new problems bound to crop up. Who will like to take other peoples garbage, that will be an environmental and sanitary disaster for them. How can be what is disaster for the city is going to be blessing for the villagers. Next, why a ban zone at all. Where are the people expected to go. Do these idiots in Colombo know that even in villages, thanks to the inefficiency and neglect of duties at DCC level, this problem is already there, though in a minor scale. None of these politicians at all levels is duty conscious. They all are concerned only with power and money making. When you see the depressing levels of corruption, bribery, and pilferage to which they have fallen.

Meetotamulla garbage disaster affected only the area around. But the day the Garbage Mountain that is Parliament collapse the whole nation is doomed

The solution cannot be piecemeal. It has to be a permanent one as it is done in other countries. What happened to the reports of studies done by teams sent to other countries to study and make proposals over the past so many years. Who is responsible for not implementing them.  Or is it like the monkeys talking about putting up a hut every year when there is rain and forget it until the next rainy season come.

Why cant these governments either dispose all garbage without filing up disaster mountains like in Meetotamulla and many other places, several 100s of feet high or devise alternative methods of disposing by recycling or power, gas generation or convert to fertilizer as it is done in other countries. Surely all garbage, amounting to 1000s of tone per day in large cities like Colombo cannot be dispose by burying for lack of space like what we do in home gardens

The only solution for this national disaster is the cleansing of this utterly corrupt political garbage mountain starting from the Parliament to the Pradesiya Sabha level with the least delay and replacing it with a new set of people who could do the job properly and pay more attention to good governance in the country.

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  1. Christie Says:

    කොලොඹ කුනු එකතු කිරීමත් ඉවත් කිරීමත් කරන්නේ අබාන්ස් නැමති සමූහ වියාපාරිකයන්ය. මුන් ඉන්දියානු පරපෝසිතයන්ය. මගේ හිතට ඉතාම කනගාටුවක් දැනෙන්නේ සින්හලයන්ට මෙම විපතට මුල මුන්බව වටහා ගැනීමට නොහැකිවීමය. මේ බව කියන අයට හාමුදුරුවරු ඇතුලු සමහරු ඉතාම නින්දිත ලෙස බැනවදිති.නෝ ලිමිට් වර්ජනය කරපල්ලා කියන අය අබාන්ස්ලට ආවරනය දෙති.
    Abans Enviromental Services Pte Ltd is the contractor responsible for this tragedy. Owned and operated my well known Indian Colonial Parasites

  2. Senerath Says:

    “But the day the Garbage Mountain that is Parliament collapse the whole nation is doomed”

    – No ! That is the day of jubilation for Sir Lankans. I am waiting for that day.

    Our country is a pure s– hole. Look at the car importation.

    Sirisena importing from

    Toyota Tsusho Asia , Address is an office building in Singapore.

    Question is why can’t he import using Toyota Sir Lanka ? OK, at least he is importing from genueinly Toyota. Look at our alternative if we kick out the joker.

    Rajapakse is importing a more expensive ( Toyota Land Cruiser) vehicle from

    Serendib Sourcing Pty Ltd , Address is a rented residential unit in Melbourne. Go to contacts, it is one “Charles”.

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