Posted on April 24th, 2017

Sarath Obeysekera

We have done some blood tests in two different leading hospitals known for accurate reports. One consultant looked at them and got confused when he read different values in both reports for same tests

He advised us to go to Apollo Hospital ,where modern latest equipment are used ,claiming that this is the best place to re do the tests as they supposed to be using modern equipment

We went to Apollo  at  6.00 am and approached main reception .He did not even look at our face but glued to the computer .After few seconds looked at our impatient face and with  a frowned look .I said loudly good morning”  to him to emphasize  the need to greet patients with a smile and a pleasant face.

He startled little bit and showed us the location to order blood tests  .We went to the blood extraction center where a young man was sitting behind the counter ,with no smile or greeting ,waved his hand to another counter ,where a little oversized female  was looking at her computer .She waved her hand again and told us to go to the same person who sent us to her. We went back to him and he again said that the female’s counter take payment .We went back and asked her .She was not happy and told us that next person who takes the order for tests is in wash room

We waited and a young man came to counter with no smile ,no greeting took payment and handed over with to instructions where to go .

We got little annoyed and asked him to show the blood lab.Finally he showed where it is and we gave blood for the test.

On the way out ,my wife wanted to see another doctor friend who has been admitted to Apollo for  dengue treatment .As we did not know the ward where her friend is treated ,we went to the same reception and inquired .

They could not find anybody with that name in the system .Then he wanted us to go to Emergency admission and check

We gave up and left

My contention is ,Apollo now administered by new set of people since government has changed need to be trained and make then learn to be polite patients and visitors .

Hospital looks nice when you go in and interior looks quite modern and charges are exorbitant ,but the people who managed are absolutely unaware of   how the hospital should be run .

May be people need a strict GM or a Chairman ??

Sarath Obeysekera

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  1. Christie Says:

    Is this the hospital run by a monk?

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