Is Aluth Parapura insulting the intelligence of Sri Lanka’s new generation?
Posted on April 25th, 2017

By Rohana R. Wasala

Courtesy The Island

The following was prompted by the news story, appropriately headlined Punish perpetrators of war crimes, atrocities – NGO pack”, in The Island of April 20, 2017, according to which, Akalanka Hettiarachchi, representing an NGO called Aluth Parapura (New Generation), stressed that all those who had perpetrated crimes during the war and post-conflict should be dealt forthwith”. The young NGO activist was addressing the media during an event conducted by the Collective of Civil Society Organizations (CCSO) at the Centre for Society and Religion, Maradana on Tuesday April 18, 2017. The CCSO called upon the government to investigate war crimes allegations (leveled against the security forces) in compliance with Geneva Resolution 30/1, which was co-sponsored by Sri Lanka (in October 2015).

The passion for justice shown by the NGO Aluth Parapura is commendable. Justice for all is a universal ideal whose validity no one would question. But the truth, in the context involved here, is that  there is no reasonable basis for thus urgently prioritizing the need for punishing the political and military leaders of Sri Lanka who defeated separatist terrorism at such personal cost (in terms of death, injury, and vicarious suffering of family members) on behalf of all Sri Lankans. They also deserve justice just as much as defeated terrorists, who are now determined to take their revenge on the armed forces and those who provided them successful political and military leadership. Since no crimes were committed by the security forces, the accusers have to depend on false or concocted evidence.  An immediate example of the general falsity of war crimes allegations against our armed forces is the case of the 35 year old Tamil political asylum seeker in UK, revealed to The Island newspaper (April 24, 2017) by former minister of external affairs, Professor G.L. Peiris. The British Court of Appeal rejected an appeal by this person, identified only by the initials KV. It was established that KV, the appellant, who was seeking asylum in the UK as an alleged victim of torture at the hands of the Sri Lankan military, had got a ‘cooperative and clandestine’ doctor to inflict injuries on his body with hot iron rods (presumably under anaesthesia) in order to mislead the British authorities.

The patriotic majority of Sri Lankans must understand and exploit the implications of this incident (obviously not an isolated one) to defend the good name of the soldiers and their commanders against bogus war crimes allegations. Today, unfortunately, they are being subjected to a witch hunt by the West for reasons best known to themselves. As far as we know, the Western displeasure with Sri Lanka can only be due to the fact that our leaders were able to conduct a successful humanitarian campaign against the LTTE  described by America’s own FBI at the time as the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world.

Hapless Sri Lankans are faced with two kinds of problems in these critical times: (1) issues such as the SAITM dilemma, the Meethotamulla garbage dump disaster, the heavy backlog of unexamined corruption charges (true or false) against some important members of the past and present administrations, and (2) the infinitely more contentious and nationally more important issues such as the intended formulation and passage of a new constitution, the controversial Office of Missing Persons (OMP) legislation, the signing of the Economic Technical Cooperation Agreement (ETCA), and the selling off of country’s assets including seaports and airports and the oil tanks in Trincomalee as an economic strategy. It looks as if the problems in the first category are used as a smokescreen to conceal operations centering on those in the second. Considering these many crises facing the country at present, this demand for dealing with unsubstantiated war crimes allegations against Sri Lanka is ridiculously unreasonable and unnaturally unpatriotic.

The speaker from Aluth Parapura blamed the National Freedom Front (NFF) leader Wimal Weerawansa and the Pivuthuru Hela Urumaya (PHU) leader Udaya Gammampila for shielding those in uniform allegedly responsible for atrocities”, as reported. This shows how ill informed and how out of touch with reality  young  NGO activists of his caliber are. Ironically, he condemns the very people he could and should profitably interact with, even if he doesn’t accept their politics. Udaya Gammanpila (47) is a qualified lawyer (having graduated from Monash University, Australia) and has been engaged in politics since 2000. Wimal Weerawansa (52), though probably he cannot boast of high academic qualifications, is a well informed autodidact, and has been in active politics since the late 1980s. Of course, politicians are usually adept dissemblers, but, based on what I have been able to infer from their speeches and actions, I have no reason to doubt their sincere commitment to principled patriotic politics. Wimal and Udaya are two bright, relatively young, but experienced and mature, politicians. They represent the two vital complementary components of non-communalistic nationalist politics, the only force that will keep the country whole and undivided: the modern, eminently practical social democracy ideal emphasized by Wimal and the historic one country/single state concept advocated by Udaya, both compatible with principles of cosmopolitanism in internal good governance and in the management of foreign relations. They are among the most articulate analysts of the country’s current political problems. In their words and deeds, they demonstrate a high level of intellect, capacity for critical thinking, and personal discipline strengthened by experience. History entrusts them with a herculean task in the form of a vital role to play in helping clear the huge dump of political garbage that is currently threatening to engulf the whole nation. (A personal view – RRW/April 24, 2017)

6 Responses to “Is Aluth Parapura insulting the intelligence of Sri Lanka’s new generation?”

  1. AnuD Says:

    It is good everybody is speaking. The problem is when people give publicity to those. That means, people are hearing him. If that becomes a major discussion, then politicians like to involve and make it an issue.

  2. helaya Says:

    Who is this idiot Hettiaracchchi? He coughing for NGO dollars. He is a traitor. What this MF has to say about Parbakaran’s murder spree. I get really mad when I hear these things.

  3. Lorenzo Says:


    This group should be called NEW DEGENERATION.

    Why don’t they see war crimes by RUN-NIL in BATALANDA and by Tamils throughout the country?

    What a set of IDIOTS!

    I challenge them to CONTEST election INDEPENDENTLY and win at least 1 seat. They can’t.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well said Rohana!

    It makes me ABSOLUTELY LIVID when TRAITORS like this paid-NGO-mouthpiece Hettiarachchi come spouting homilies about the atrocities committed by the Military that rescued the nation from endemic terror, ignoring the tens of thousands of atrocities committed by the LTTE.

    Strangely, Tamils are all victims today; there are no muderers who maintained the horrendous Gulag in the Wanni to be found today.

    Hettiarachchi should give-up his Sinhala name to a Tamil name like Prabhakaran or Wigneswaran that would fit him perfectly!

    UTTER SHAME, how this Hettiarachchi betrays his own people for a few pieces of Tamil Diaspora/Western Neocolonialist gold! BAH!

  5. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  6. Ratanapala Says:

    The fault lies in not calling for enforced conscription of all eligible men and women for the war effort. Our Armed Forces are formed entirely on voluntary enlisting. Nearly 90% of those who joined the forces came from the rural youth. That left backbiting lily livered gutter snipes such as Akalanka Hettiarachchi mostly town bred and belonging to creeds inimical to Sri Lanka, Buddhism and our culture to accuse those who took part in the war effort for war crimes.

    For war crimes to happen first and foremost one has to be in the war front. It is easy for those who were hiding under their beds, crapping in their pants to level these accusations now enjoying all the benefits of post war peace. These earth worms who hid behind their mothers bottoms are now coming up as knights in shining armour heralding justifiable anger and human rights to vilify our war heroes. If they have the slightest pride call themselves humans they will behave in this fashion. These spineless gadavilas belong only in a crap heap and nowhere else!

    There will come a day when these traitors will be brought to justice by the people.

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