India assures Sri Lanka on world class road infrastructure in Jaffna
Posted on April 27th, 2017

Courtesy Adaderana

India has agreed to cooperate with Sri Lanka in developing world class road infrastructure in Jaffna region of Sri Lanka.

The Indo-Sri Lanka Cooperation in road construction came up for discussion when India’s Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari called on visiting Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

During the discussions, the Sri Lankan Prime Minister invited the Government of India to take up development of three stretches of major road stretches namely Jaffna to Mannar, Mannar to Vavuniya and Dambulla to Tricomalee.

The Minister informed the Sri Lankan Prime Minister that India’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, during the last three years, has showcased tremendous amount of acceleration of road construction in India and is capable of taking up the roads and completing before time.

The Sri Lankan Prime Minister suggested that these stretches are important for Sri Lanka to develop the region of Jaffna.

Gadkari assured the Sri Lanka Prime Minister that Government of India and his Ministry shall fully cooperate with Sri Lankan Government’s efforts in developing world class infrastructure in Sri Lanka.

The Minister also suggested that taking up all these stretches for development may only be possible with the active support of Sri Lankan agencies for land acquisition and local clearances.

Without acquisition and other clearances in place, it will be difficult to complete the project in time.

Indian delegation proposed that a suitable financial model for developing these roads may be put in place.

On receiving the final formal proposal, the Minister assured that we may look at appointing an international consultant to take up detailed study and preparation of feasibility report and DPR for these stretches.

Gadkari reiterated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment of India’s active support in strengthening bilateral relations between India and Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile India and Sri Lanka will hold a dialogue on how to check the growing threat of the Islamic State in South Asia and any attempt by the terror outfit to destabilise the region.

The issue was discussed when Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh called on visiting Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickremesinghe in New Delhi today.

The home minister welcomed the Sri Lankan prime minister and emphasised on the close political ties between the two countries.

Both the leaders expressed concern over the growing ISIS threat and agreed that there should be a continuous dialogue between the security organisations of the two countries to thwart any attempt by the terror outfit to destabilise the stability and peace in the region, an official statement said.

The issues concerning the fishermen who inadvertently cross the international maritime boundary line were also discussed and it was felt that the same should be resolved at the earliest with no more loss of lives, it said.

Source: ANI/Outlook


7 Responses to “India assures Sri Lanka on world class road infrastructure in Jaffna”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    Obviously India has a hidden agenda and want their agents in Jaffna to start another uprising against Sri Lanka. India is such a “shit hole”, millions of Indians living in poverty, no clean drinking water, toilets, housing and roads. If the Indian government wants to be charitable, them let them begin at their homes. Most of Sri Lankans have better living conditions than the Indians.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    When Basil declared in 2013 that over 90% of borrowed funds since 2009 went to the north and east, I correctly predicted the political annihilation of the Rajapaksa clan. Very few believed me then. But it has become a reality.

    Ranil and his UNP are on the same track. They will be electorally annihilated at the next election.

    State investments in the north is completely wasteful. With only a 5% contribution to the national economy, the northern economy is too small to be worthwhile. Even northerners don’t like it beyond a point. Driven by ultra racism for a century, northerners fear non-Tamils coming to the north with economic growth than poverty!

    India’s Karakoram Highway running through the north will attract rebels from Pakistan once again turning the north into a battlefield of India and anti-Indian forces through proxy. The north, due to its ethnic composition and geography, is cursed into perennial war, especially when it is prosperous.

  3. Ratanapala Says:

    Their main objective is Mannar to Trincomalee Express Way. This together with the Monkey Bridge will complete the Main Supply Route (MSR) and dividing line for the initial bifurcation of Sri Lanka and eventual capture. To the north of this line will be Eelam and to the south – Malayanadu. The fact that this road will be for military use is beyond doubt. For otherwise why should India with more roads and infrastructure to develop within India, be interested in developing Sri Lanka.

    Modi and the Indian establishment has big plans for India. This is to be Raja Modi’s acquisition of Ravanaland and Trinco his crown jewel.

    Sri Lanka’s future will not be any different from those of Arunachal, Sikkim and Bhutan! India will build a Military Outpost as well an Indian Free Port in Trinco for the exports of Indian ( Indian meaning including Sri Lankan) goods. Eventually Sri Lanka will only be a foot note state and another Indian tourist destination!

    It is time Sri Lankan patriots had intense dialogue with all possible stake holders around the world about the importance of Sri Lanka for world peace. non-aligned status of Sri Lanka and her independence from Big Power rivalry!

  4. Ananda-USA Says:


    I agree with your assessential that the Northern Tamils fear economic growth with influence of Sinhalese than they fear poverty.

    The solution is what I have advocated for a long time: Completely dismantling the Provincial Council System that helps to sustain Separatism and Adopting National Integration with settling Sinhala people in the North as an absolutely necessary aspect of that National Integration.

    We have to UTTERLY DESTROY the very notion of SEPARATE ETHNO-RELIGIOUS HOMELANDS in Sri Lanka for separate communities.

    That policy only drives wedges between communities that can never be uprooted again. That is what happened to former Yugoslavia that disintegrated into its constituent regions with the active egging on by the so-called “Western Democracies”.

    For that to be possible, we have to have a Majority controlled PATRIOTIC government in power, having the electoral plurality be essay to withstand undermining the Western Powers and the Tamil Diaspora, much like the MR/UPFA govt of the past, but with a totally new policy direcyed at REPEALING the 13th Amendment, Dissolving the PC System, and Adopting National Integration without internal borers within the country that ERECT BARRIERS to ethnic integration and economic development of the nation as a whole.

    MR now has the OPPORTUNITY to lead the nation towards this NEW goal of national integration jettisoning some of his past policies such as those that supported the 13A and the PC System. I understand that he was bound to doing that to gain the freedom to win the war; but now with his pleas to the Tamil Community to participate in a Parlimentary Constitutional Commission categorically rejected, he is no-longer bound by what he offered then. Now it is time to develop a COHESIVE COMMON SENSE POLICY that will integrate Sri Lanka into one demographically uniform fully integrated nation in which foreign forces cannot exploit communal divisions to undrained and control Sri Lanka.

    My view of national integration is not the current “national reconciliation” popular with separatism-leaning NGOs or their foreign sponsors. No reconciliation with former terrorists and muderers is necessary; those illogical and impossible notions of pandering to devious sepatatists should be rejected out of hand. Those political segments trying foist reconciliation and one-sided war crimes on us at the same should be declared illegal and outlawed. The NEW Policy of National Integration should be enacted with the support of the Parliament made the law of the land that EVERYBODY has to COMPLY with, or face the consequence of imprisonment for violating it.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    MR, My3 or RW no one can STOP Endia. They all support Endia.

    We have to get BIG POWERS into SL to stop Endia. That means COMPROMISE. We are a small country.

    Our FOOLS don’t like CHINA MILITARY coming to SL but wants to keep Endia out. How can you do that? You have to give up something.

    When MR said I FOUGHT YOUR WAR to Endia, he meant this. IF LTTE was around, Endia could NOT be able to do this.

  6. Ratanapala Says:

    MR squandered that opportunity which was there immediately after the end of the Tamil Racist Armed Insurrection. He could have done away with the accursed Provincial Councils thereby ending the need for any devolution of power in our small island.

    He should have gone on to increase the strength of the Armed Forces, declared Northern and Eastern provinces as still needing a security presence and rehab and not suitable for democratic elections for a minimum of 10 years. He should not have been in such a hurry to develop the North and East compared to the rest of country that suffered the terrorist onslaught. He should have delayed the de-mining process. He should have finally arrested the TNA leaders for collusion with the terrorists and for their responsibility for thousands of civilian deaths in the South. He should have allowed the prosecution of all war war criminals LTTE or otherwise in accordance with similar situations elsewhere in the world – not exactly according to ICJ or Geneva – which are only applicable to subservient third world situations. If the US, the UK, France and other similar countries can evade ICJ and Geneva so it should be possible for us too.

    The situation with the ever present enemy India should have been handled by properly orchestrating the international players. Having got defeated in the hands of the LTTE and suffered over a thousand deaths of their Javans and even more injured and maimed for life, they would never have ventured into a conflict so soon with Sri Lanka.

    A powerful Army and a stable government would have painted a better picture with other powerful nations of the world. This is how Singapore survives. They have shown the world that they can survive, and fight off any likely power inimical to its existence. That is how they survived between two belligerent nations such as Malaysia and Indonesia to maintain their identity and independence. Sri Lanka should have gone onto provide security to the sea lanes south of Sri Lanka.

    All the problems that Sri Lanka currently suffers are due to the instability it projects to the rest of the world. Had we stayed stable and strong, other countries would not be putting us in the present nightmare situation of having to sell our assets to stay afloat, democracy and human rights not withstanding!

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oops! I meant to say to Dilrook

    “I agree with your assessment that the racist Northern Tamils fear economic growth with the influx of Sinhalese to the North more than they fear continued poverty”!

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