President Sirisena should immediately take meaningful and effective steps on the following 15 key disastrous and burning issues facing the country right now.
Posted on April 30th, 2017

Dr Sudath Gunasekara President Mahanuwara Sinhala Bauddha Jestha Puravesiyange Sanvidhanaya and retired Perm Sec to Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranayaka. 30. 4.2017.

These 15 issues are in addition to the four (4) issues already discussed in details that appeared on 29th Lankaweb

The four issues are

1 Agitation by Tamils and Muslims to withdraw military and other Armed forces from North and East and returning land armed forces are occupying in the North and the East and Mannar area.)

2 Agitation by Tamils and Muslims against the Government declaring certain forest areas as reservations and sanctuaries in the north and east and in Mannar District particularly by the Gazette Notification of 24 March 2017 declaring four forest areas north of the Wilpattu sanctuary as reserves

3 Vandalizing ancient Buddhist Monuments, Encroaching on Temple land donated to Buddhist temples by the ancient Kings in the yore for their sustenance and protesting against restoring and rehabilitation of ancient religious monuments in the Northern and Eastern Provinces  jointly by Tamil and Muslim politicians and even media men and women and activists of the two ethnic groups like Sulochana Ramiah Mohan and Muslims vandalism against Buddhist places even in the interior of the country, (for example in Kuragala and Katarantenna in Mawanella area).

4 The Crisis of Disintegration of SLFP

(Please see Lankaweb 29th for details)

Part 11

1 Assume full authority as the Executive President of this country and sack the illegally appointed Prime Minister, by you on 9th Jan 2015, Ranil Wickramasinha, for having failed to deliver the goods in his role as the PM as expected by you and now who is only going round the world selling the country and its resources on a public selling spree on the advice of India and his Western allies, having laid down the trap to push you in to the political dustbin at all elections in future, while Sri Lanka is on Fire

In the event you fail to take this crucial step you are, in the first place, passing on the destiny of the country on a silver tray to Ranil the dictator even before you find your alignments.  Secondly if something unexpected happens to you due to natural causes or other reasons like  a impeachment, conspiracy or possible assassination, by your own people on the advice of Raw or the West or the Church. Thereafter it is Ranil who will be the Executive President until 2020 Jan. Ranil knows very well that he can never win a Presidential election. That is why he is waiting for a chance to become the President by some other way. The whole world knows, though you may not  know, both India and the western world now do not like you. Their honey moon with you is now over. The same way they removed MR with your help, they will remove you as well. In that process you should not expect civility or morality. You may not have fully understood who Ranil is. Who knows what conspiracy he may have hatched in India with Modi promising him not only Trinco harbor and all the oil tanks and part of Colombo harbor. It can happen at any time before you or anybody else could even realize what happened. You are now very badly trapped in Ranils net. He like an octopus has netted you all round. You have no escape. Your own trusted friends like Rajita, Champaka and many others could change their colours at any time. What is the guarantee that they will not betray you the same way they did to MR? They are so untrustworthy and ambitious.

Being a frustrated and vengeful man with no Sinhala Buddhist values and who has never got a popular mandate to rule this country, but armed only with the legacy of his uncle JR, who wanted to hand over this country on a platter to India in 1943 and who actually did it in 1987 through the JR-Rajiv Accord and the infamous 13th Amendment, Ranil will play hell with the full support of UK, USA, Norway, India and all other anti-Sinhala and anti-Buddhist countries of the so-called International Community, to destroy this country and the Sinhala nation along with Buddhism, though his friend Malwatta Prelate cannot understand it.


2 Forget the past and reconcile with Mahinda Rajapaksa in the name of the Country, Nation, the Sambuddha Sasana and the SLFP and ask him to form a new interim Government under you with your blessings until 2020 and appoint a person who can command the majority in the Opposition as the legitimate Leader of the Opposition in Parliament for the democratic process to function legitimately within the Parliament. I can assure you that you will be much safer than you think with MR as PM than Ranil.  He will not harm you as he loves the SLFP than you do.

As I have no authority as a citizen, either  Constitutional, Conventional, religious or social to warn you over this imminent danger, I opt to advice you all in good faith  as a man who loves his country, nation and the Sasanaya  than his own life to give up your vengeance against MR and reconcile as he is the only person who could be called the Man of the Hour’ as he has already demonstrated and  been accepted by the people of this country as the Man who won the LTTE war and brought about an unprecedented infra-structure development Programme in this country covering the entire Island and who has already gone down in the annals of history of this country as a great statesman of the 21st century Sri Lanka, whether you like it or not. So no one can erase it from the pages of Mahavamsa. It is now history.  You have to accept it.

If you continue with this UNP contract and strict to it, your SLFP will not get even 5 seats from the whole Island at a general election.  You also must remember that you won the Presidency last time not as the General Secretary of the SLFP but purely as a UNP nominee though you were  called the Common Candidate. All you polled were the UNP, Tamil, Muslim and JVP votes.  You mark it you will  see your real strength only after the poll.

It is in this backdrop I am making this fervent appeal to you Mr President in the name of our holy Trinity ‘The Rata, Deya and Samaya because I personally prefer you to Ranil as the President in this country.

3 Reduce the Cabinet to 30 immediately as stipulated by the 19th Amendment and re-classify portfolios on a meaningful and functional basis,grouping allied subjects together For Eg Ministry Agriculture, irrigation and Lands and not like Higher Education and High Ways or Samaja Subhasadana saha Samaja Balagenviime Amatyansaya as if all other Ministries are doing nothing for social welfare.

4 Take immediate steps to bring down the sky rocketing cost of living, to relieve  people and enable the suffering masses to keep their heads above water.

5 Immediately stop the criminal sellout of Trico Oil Tanks and Harbour to India and Hambantota to China by Ranil Wikramasinha on terms the Government has agreed. Also reverse the 2002 deal with the IOC and return the Tanks and distribution of petroleum and allied fuel to the CPC

6 Take immediate steps to abolish the JR/Rajiv Accord of 1987 and the 13th Amendment together with the Huniyama called Provincial Councils that have completely disorganized and destabilized the District administration in this country, burdened the nation with a gang of parasitic third grade politicians and  impoverished the country in trillions during the past 30 years.

7 Stop entering in to any International, whether bilateral, tripartite or otherwise including ETCA with India without first getting the approval of the Parliament

8  Immediately stop the duty free permit system to all politicians, selected Officials or any other and also all extravagant payments to politicians (it will save billions for you to meet Government bills)

9 Ban all ethnic and religious Parties like TNA, Muslim Congress and encourage  them to join the National Parties

10  Immediately take all steps to arrest invasion and colonization of this Sinhala Buddhist Land especially in the North and East by illicit immigrant Tamils from South India and Muslim Jihadist illicit immigrants from some Arab countries and repatriate them to countries from where they have come within three months from now (you need to have a full survey of land in these districts illegally occupied by these illicitimmigrants.)

11 Rescind the Pension system to all politicians and their personal staff

12 Immediately stop all actions on the proposed new Constitution aimed at dividing the country on the so-called devolution of power and reconciliation

13 If anyone is sincerely interested in reconciliation with the native Sinhalese who constitute 75 % of the total population, whether they are Tamil, Muslim or any other let them all learn the language of the land that is Sinhala and embrace Buddhism, take Sinhala names and get integrated with the sons of the soils as it was done right throughout history. This is the only way you can achieve sustainable reconciliation in this country. This was how it was done from Vijatya to end of the Kandyan period. The best example is the present day Salagama and Karave people in the SW coastal belt who had come from Kerala and other parts of South India in Medieval times. Today they are better Sinhalese Buddhists than even some of the Mahanayakas of this country. If they could have volunteered to do so why can’t the present day South Indians who were brought here by Colonial powers as slaves to work on their farms and plantations and Muslims some of whom  had already taken even Sinhala ge -names like Vidanelage and Mudiyanselage do the same thing if they want to live in somebody else’s country. The so-called fake Tamil diaspora can live where they are at present as they are already citizens of those countries

This was and it is the custom and practice all over the world. For example President Putting and Australian PM have clearly said that all those who want to live there has to learn the language of the natives (that is Russian and English) and live as Russians and Australians only. Those who cannot were asked to go back to their own countries and they cannot live in either Russia or Australia. Even President Trump has said the same thing. That is reality. Either you agree or disagree. Those who disagree will certainly have to leave to their loved countries without asking for EELAMS and Jehadian lands on this soil.

Why can’t our leaders also say this openly and clearly to these minority trouble makers just as Putting, Trump and the Australian PM have done. This is how our ancient Kings too did.  All of them loved and love their Motherlands. But none of our leaders do. They only love votes, power and wealth for themselves. This is the tragedy on our land.

If it cannot be done, then resign and go home so that a true Sinhala Buddhist leader who will emerge like the proverbial phoenix from ashes from among the masses will definitely do that.

I am no soothsayer like the one who cried  Beware of ides of March”  but I would like you to take my sincere advice seriously and request you to discard all advices of Chandrika, the well-known destroyer of Bandaranayaka policies, for your own good. She is only an assorted lump of meat, neither fish, chicken beef, Polk or nor lamb.

13 Hold the local Government election delayed by you by two years immediately and allow democracy to come back and let people solve their simple problems like water, garbage, roads etc

14 Immediately create a Ministry of Buddhasasana directly under you and assume the role of its custodian as the Kings of the yore did it.

And finally (For the time being)

15 Create a supreme Advisory Council of 15 advisors as given below.

1The Mahanaayka Theras of the Three Nikayas

Asgiriya, Malwatta  Ramanna and Amaarapura                                   4

2 Nayaka Theras of Kalyani and Rohana Sects Dambulla and               3

3 Two erudite monks nominated by the  7 Mahanayaka Theras             2

4 Three representative from Hindu, Catholic and Islam                          3

5The chief Justice                                                                                   1

6 President of the Uttara Mantarana Sabha                                            1

7Head of the Public Service(Sec toTreasuryand M/Finance)                   1

Powers and functions of this Council

1Advising the Government on all matters pertaining to State and National policy, Foreign Policy, Agreements and treaties with foreign countries and appointments to key posts both at Home and abroad

2The Government must obtain the consent and approval of this Council for all matters pertaining to above matters

This will serve as a strong check and balance mechanism against arbitrary action by the government and always provide a guarantee to national interest

Part 111 will follow.                                                    


4 Responses to “President Sirisena should immediately take meaningful and effective steps on the following 15 key disastrous and burning issues facing the country right now.”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    Sudath, I agree with most of what you say. But can My3 do any of those you mentioned? If he does Ranil and Chandrika will expose the dirty deal he made with them on behalf of India, Tamil diaspora and the west. As you said he can not depend on the loyalty of any one as he is the biggest traitor in the recent history of Sri Lanka.

    So what is the way out for him? The only way out for him to escape possible assignation, tried for treason. and the clutches of Ranil and Chandrika is to join hands with Mahinda and work for the prosperity and the security of the nation.

    As we all know Mahinda is not a vengeful person. He loves the country and the people and will not waste his time going after his enemies. A cunning and experienced politician like My3 should know this.

    I have often mentioned a new government should take steps to abolish the 13th amendment, ban all racist and religious political parties and most of the things you mentioned. To compensate, government should offer ministries (out of 30 ) to minorities on their percentage basis to include them in the government.

    Most of Lanka Web readers love and respect Mahinda and want him to lead the nation again. But we also must be bold enough to tell him about his past mistakes and what we expect from him as our future leader. GOOD WORK SUDATH.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Dr Sudath Gunasekara,

    My3 CANNOT sack RUN-NIL because some MPs from his party (SLFP) secretly work with RUN-NIL against My3.

    IF Run-nil is sacked, they get together along with TNA and IMPEACH the president. They have the numbers.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear Sudath,

    I COMPLETELY ENDORSE all you have proposed!

    I hope Aiyooooo Sirisena will listen, but I fear that his EGO and JEALOUSY of MR will not permit him to do so.

    He will continue on the foolish destructive path he is currently on, making in anan irrelevant apple-pie and motherhood speeches while the nation burns, and will go down in history like the captive Don Juan Dharmapala as a comical ineffectual helpless puppet who betrayed his own people to foreign devils!

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    Dr Sudath,

    You have so generously given a fig leaf to a spineless gutter snipe – gadawila so that he can straighten what remains of an excuse for a spine.

    If he goes to polls he will not be any better than the Kalawedda who polled a large block of the votes when he contested as the common candidate in 2010. This idiot didn’t realise that the majority did not vote for him per se, but gave him their votes to oust Mahinda Rajapakse. Come 2015 Kalawedda polled less than 5000 islandwide if my memory is correct.

    In 2015 hardly anybody in the North or East knew who Aappa Sirisena is and yet 6.2 Million voted for him – mainly UNP, TNA and Muslims who had a common agenda to oust Mahinda R hook or by crook and with a generous Rs 500 Million from the Western Christian Powers. Is there anybody who think that Aappaya can better Kalavedda in a 2020 election by coming through SLFP?

    He has still an opening as Dr Sudath suggests to cover his ball-less nakedness and that is to abrogate the 13th Amendment and dissolve the accursed Provincial Councils, for he need not depend on votes again he can do this and get back on the history books even as a foot note – to say he abrogated the 13th Amendment and dissolved the Provincial Councils. At least he can claim some of his wiggling bravado that he was the acting Defence Secretary for some period at the end of the Racist Tamil Terrorist War and must be treated as a war hero!

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