“Oil exports to India from developed Trinco tank farm Can anyone in Sri Lanka object? – asks PM”
Posted on May 9th, 2017

Sugath Samarasinghe  

This is what Ranil W. is reported to have said at the UNP May Day Rally, according to the front page news of Sunday Island of 7th May. I am amazed. Could a political ‘leader’ be so dishonest in his intent, to mislead his followers? Could one imagine that an emerging economic power like India who imported all her oil requirement direct from wherever it did all this time, is going to import her requirement now from Sri Lanka’s oil tank farms in Trinco? And why? Does he think that people of this country would be so stupid, to believe him?

Instead, isn’t it clear that what is going to happen is that India will take over the total supply of oil to Sri Lanka, robbing it from the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation? Ranil W. has already surrendered part of this right to the IOC, last time when he was in power. Is he now bent on making his sell out complete?

Once the exclusive right to supply oil to this country is handed over to India, she could throttle Sri Lanka if she decides to stop this supply whenever she wants, if Sri Lanka does not toe her line. This is the control she wants over Sri Lanka so that she can manipulate this country, particularly against China. Why do we need to surrender the independance of this country?

What will then happen is what has happened to that land locked country Nepal. Nepal has to be at the beck and call of India as she depends on India for her oil supply. In fact, India had the temerity to dictate to that country as to what she wanted included in Nepal’s new constitution!

An advantage that Sri Lanka has over land locked countries such as Nepal and Bhutan is that this country is an island. This is why no country is able to manipulate this country short of using force. We have enjoyed this advantage throughout history to maintain our independence and unique culture. It is one of the reasons why we were able to survive as a nation over two millennia.

This again is why India is always trying to coerce and compel us to give into her manipulations. The Hanuman Bridge, direct railway line from Mannar to Trinco, Trinco Harbour, oil farms and the latest, a hospital in Norwood are all part of this strategy. It is strange that our PM does not see this obvious evil plan that India is laying, to lead us into her trap.

Why cannot Ranil realize this? Is it a cse of none are so blind tha those who do not want to see”? Or, is he trying complete what his uncle failed in 1987?

Sugath Samarasinghe               

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  1. Sarath W Says:

    Sugath, you questioned why Ranil does not realise India is manipulating him? As we all know Ranil’s loyalty is to the West and Chandrika’s is to India. Now India is tilting to the West as well. Ranil needs the support of India and the Western countries for his survival.

    Why don’t you ask the same question from Mahinda and the other JO leaders? Are they hoping the people twill take up the responsibility to overthrow this traitorous government instead showing real leadership by exposing all these dangers the country is facing?

  2. Dilrook Says:

    What a disgusting liar Ranil is. Oil exports are India’s second largest export industry ($27.7 billion in 2016) and the largest export growth industry with a deficit of $61.6 billion in 2016.

    In short, it will economic doom for Sri Lanka as India dumps Indian oil in Lanka driving local companies out of business. A massive forex loss will be created.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:


    This deckaration by our PARA-GATHI AGA-MATHI is indeed the MOST LUDICROUS of explanations I have heard to date to justify India’s interest in Trincomalee and the BENEFIT that would ACCRUE to Sri Lanka!

    Why on earth would India want to store the Oil it IMPORTS from other countries in Trincomalee, and then RE-EXPORT it to India, when it can build an Oil Tank Farm on its own shores, near a large port of its own (ChennAi which is being expanded rapidly)? Moreover, if India owns the Trincomalee Oil Tank Farm, how on earth can Sri Lanka benefit? We can’t impose any taxes on any Oil that is re-exported!

    This SCENARIO would ONLY APPLY TO A DISTANT NATION such as CHINA, which needs, and can use, an Oil Tank Farm in Sri Lanka which is about 1/3 of the way from the Persian Gulf to China. Bit, China already has access to Hambantota Port and can easily expand the oil bunkering facilities there.

    The Oil Tank Farm in Trinco can be made use of our own Sri Lankan Companies to launch into the energy business, especially if production from off-shore oil and gas deposits in the Mannar Basin, or imported LNG shipped by tankers, need to be stored. Such a storage capability can be coupled to a pipeline gas delivery network to supply piped-gas to all homes and businesses in Sri Lanka. I STRONGLY FEEL that these energy-related businesses should be OWNED & OPERATED by a mix of the Sri Lankan Government and Sri Lankan businesses to retain the INCOME GENERATED in Sri zlanka for our BENEFIT. These energy businesses should not be given over to FOREIGN nations, LEAST OF ALL to India which, both historically and currently, poses the PRINCIPAL THREAT to Sri Lanka’s territorial integrity and economic independencentre. This is a CRITICAL ISSUE that impacts National Security.

    India CLEARLY wants to COLONIZATION Sri Lanka in the Long-Term and firmly bind Sri Lanka hand and foot in the short term to itself. To that end, India is colluding with its Western Partners in the CONTAIN CHINA coalition to deploy political, diplomatic and economic pressure against Sri Lanka to get Sri Lanka to kow-tow to its hegemony.

    In the PARA-GATHI Yamapalanaya led by the treacherous PARA-GATHI AGA-MATHI it has found the IDEAL PARTNER to ENSLAVE our sovereign Motherland!

    May the Hatarawaran Guardian Dieties of Sri Lanka, CONFOUND and DISRUPT all of their best laid TREASONOUS plans!

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oops! I meant to say “India CLEARLY wants to COLONIZE Sri Lanka ….”

  5. Ananda-USA Says:


    Sri Lanka should use the deep-water Trincomalee harbour to rapidly develop its own marine-related industries.

    These include, ship building and ship reparing/ msintenance, off-shore oil platform construction, leasing out offshore oil drilling rigs, construction, installation and servicing of off shore windtubines which are huge and need specialized equipment, long distance transportation of large infrastructure modules like bridge segments and off-shore windturbine platforms, building of littoral shallow-water naval boats and ships including hovercraft, and advanced fishing vessels. The list of uses is really ENDLESS if Sri Lsnka wants to burst out from its self-imposed low-technology prison into the future as an innovative nation of inventive engineers and entrepreneurs.

    Give our own engineers and entrepreneurs a HELPING HAND and a BREAK and RESERVE for them the ADVANTAGES of their own Motherland, advantages that NO FOREIGNER will ever give them.

    If the Sri Lanka Navy needs advanced Offshore Patrol Vessels, don’t buy them from India, but give the contracts to our own local companies and empower them to enter into collaborative arrangements with foreign countries to develop and install the most advanced of the required technologies. Nations such as Israel, South Korea, Russia, China, Pakistan, the United States and even India would be more than willing to share such technology rather than lose the opportunity to competitors. Let us treat every major military and civilIan purchase as an opportunity to train snd embed technological skills in our indigenous Sri Lankan companies.

    During the war years, under Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s visionary leadership, we develop Arrow and SRS boats to confront and brat the Sea Tigers at their own game, we modified ordinary merchant vessels into armed long range ships capable of interdiction the LTTE weapons shipments, we developed our own BUFFEL-type buried mine-resistant troop carriers, and even deployed drones to track the LTTE on the ground. Gota showed how our own military needs can be leveraged to develop our own military manufacturing capabilities.

    In losing Gota’s services on Jan 8, 2015 we lost far more than a political leader; we lost a visionary leader on how our poverty can be turned into an asset with inspired innovation.

    Let us take Gota’s accomplishments as a small but shining example of what can be achieved ….. IF ONLY WE DARE!

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    NO politician will EVER reverse this deal.

    Remember 13 amendment? PERPETUAL!

    Hatarawaran Guardian Dieties of Sri Lanka are the MILITARY and the SANGHA. ALWAYS.


    1. You CRY TO HIGH HEAVANS of Hatarawaran Guardian Dieties of Sri Lanka
    2. At the same time you trust POLITICIANS!! You want your favourite politicians back
    3. Then you want BASTILLE DAY by the people

    Hatarawaran Guardian Dieties are POWERLESS as long as POLITICIANS are in power.

    Hatarawaran Guardian Dieties of Sri Lanka are the MILITARY and the SANGHA. ALWAYS. MAN BECOMES GOD.

    Hatarawaran Guardian Dieties of Sri Lanka

    Hatara = 4



    1. ARMY
    2. NAVY
    3. AIR FORCE
    4. POLICE



    3. ISLAM

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Katussa (Lorenzo),

    You have risen from your subterranean depths to lecture me about the Hatarawaran Dieties, but a TREACHEROUS aisle-jumping BACKSTABBING EELAMIST AGITATOR like you is the LAST ONE QUALIFIED to pontificate on this topic.

    You saw the beginnings of the BASTILLE DAY that I PREDICTED at the May Day Rally at the Galle Face.

    Today Bandara Tennakoon, MP from the Central Province who was dismissed recently as an DLFP organizer by Aiyoooo Sirisena, formally pledged with 20 other Provincial MPs to join the JO.

    The MOMENTUM is building for an ELECTORAL BASTILLE DAY despite all of your propaganda support for your DEAR CANDIDATE Aiyoooo Sirisena, and your MISDIRECTION, BACKSTABBING and ADVOCACY of Military Coup-de-etats to pit the people against the military! ALL of your CONNIVING in the SRI VICE of your EELAMIST masters is FAILING DISASTROUSLY! They ought to CUT YOUR FUNDING for FAILURE TO PERFORM as agreed!

    Oh BTW, all of your EELAMIST TREACHERY will soon come to bite you in your behind too! Better keep a sharp lookout! BOO!

  8. SA Kumar Says:


    I learned lots about MY Mother Lanka ( Chignkala Theevu ) from You & Mr Fran Diaz !

    We-Saivath Thamil(zh)ara!

  9. Lorenzo Says:



    What type of an oxymoron is that?

    Bastille day is NOT electoral!!!

    Looks like USA is slowly changing the story. First he said BASTILLE DAY.

  10. Christie Says:

    India wants Trico harbor for its Subs.

  11. Christie Says:

    India has 15 submarines two nuke and 13 diesel. They all need fuel. Trinco is the safest and most secretive harbor to use for refueling its fleet secretly.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Mm CBK & (Sir-in-waiting) RW are both Westward Ho ! people.
    Since INDIA is also going westward, INDIA is now acceptable to the duo.
    INDIA’s main business partner is China, with America in second place.
    INDIA has signed 10 border Peace Agreements with China.

    If INDIA takes over Trinco, Lanka can say bi-bi to Democracy and Unitary status & the Economy which is teetering anyway due to C’Bank scam.

    It is high time the sleeping politicos of the Yahap woke up from their Food & Fun(d) Festival and politely told INDIA to mind their own business by developing their OWN poverty ridden country with one Billion people.

    Agree with Ananda that Trinco has high potential for Lanka in ship building etc. Thank you, Ananda !

    Why give away Lanka’s assets ?

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    SA Kumar,

    I hope what you have learned most from Fran and Me about our Mother Lanka is that Sinhala Buddhists are intrinsically decent people who are permanently wedded to their culture and faith, and are willing to live and let-live amicably with other communities as long as the others do not threaten to DIVIDE and DESTROY our Motherland and our Culture.

    I am pleased to read that you too consider Sri Lanka to be YOUR Motherland! I hope that you are wedded to protecting , defending and fostering our Motherland, just as we are.

  14. SA Kumar Says:

    ! I hope that you are wedded to protecting , defending and fostering our Motherland, just as we are.- I am as always!

    Very Very Happy to say I’ve visited Mother Lanka after long long time ( left 1983) with closed family members.
    spent only two days in North (nothing much there) but rest 10 days in South .
    happy days !

    at Katunayaka airport officer asked me why you did not visit since left the country , I said I did not leave my mother land but you kicked out me . he was laughing (friendly manner).

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    We agree with Ananda’s thoughts.

    Imagine Lanka as a Peaceful and Happy place for all the People of Lanka !
    How wonderful !

  16. SA Kumar Says:

    Dear Ananda-USA / Fran Diaz

    Please why do not We fully implement 6A & 13A together to have United Federal Sinhela Lanka (like Indian Union states)?

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