Mourning LTTE – India bans, yahapalana allows. Who is mourning whom?
Posted on May 23rd, 2017

Shenali D Waduge

LTTE was an India-created militant organization that was militarily defeated in May 2009. Its rule of terror ran for 30 years amidst failed negotiations, peace talks and peace agreements. After refusing the 3 offers given to lay down arms and surrender, the LTTE was militarily defeated. LTTE’s reign of terror resulted in the deaths of innocent Sinhalese, Muslims, Tamil civilians, Sri Lankan armed forces & police, politicians, academics, media personnel, clergy and even foreigners as well as LTTE’s own cadres and cadres belonging to other Tamil militant groups that India created. 32 countries including India have kept the ban on LTTE despite its military defeat. What is ironical is that while India not only has kept the ban on LTTE in place, India has taken action not to allow any commemoration of LTTE in Tamil Nadu while Sri Lanka has cancelled the Victory Day celebrations while allowing LTTE’s representative the TNA to hold commemorations for dead LTTE cadres to which even the Jaffna University academics have taken part. However, neither the TNA, the Northern Chief Minister nor the Jaffna University are even bothered to say even a silent prayer for all the Tamils killed by the LTTE. This is not only a grave injustice but it is laughable that the Government of Sri Lanka knowing this is allowing this farce to continue.

Mourning LTTE is not mourning Civilians

Mahaveer Naal or Great Heroe’s day is not a Tamil civilian event, a Tamil religious festival but a purely LTTE event to remember all LTTE cadres who had died fighting against the Sri Lankan state. It was first held on 27th of November 1989 and has been held annually since in Sri Lanka & overseas since then. It was held after Prabakaran’s birthday on 26th November. Mano Ganeshan is on record saying people can celebrate Mahaveer Naal without mentioning LTTE by name!

In 2016 commemorations were held in the North using LTTE colored flags (yellow & red). Jaffna university has been holding vigils for dead LTTE leaders.

On 13th May 2016 Sivajilingam brother in law of Prabakaran also held a commemoration but hardly 20 attended.

In 2014 the Jaffna University commemorated Maaveerar Naal with posters that said Our tearful respect to our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for our nation to bloom and to our people killed by state terrorism,” ….Our fallen martyrs’ dream will come true, Tamil Eelam will be born tomorrow.” The Jaffna university is said to have a permanent post on the wall that states nobody can enter the university area if they do not subscribe to the (fictional) Tamil traditional homeland

The GOSL allowed LTTE dead to be again openly commemorated. Not a word was said against any Tamil killed by the LTTE in any of the speeches delivered by the NP Chief Minister or the TNA head who happens to be the country’s Opposition Leader. No one is raising the question as to why the Country’s Opposition Leader should be attending a commemoration of terrorist dead.

When families of dead LTTE cadres also took part what more is left to say?

World War 2 & Victory Day

Ever since the defeat of Germany & Japan and the end of World War 2, Victory Day has been celebrated by the very countries demanding Sri Lanka not to celebrate the victor over the LTTE terrorists. The West and Russia have not stopped Victory Day celebrations just because it hurts the feelings of the Germans & Japanese. The very countries demanding accountability from Sri Lanka are reminded that 11million German civilians and German soldiers are said to have been killed AFTER the war ended. Five million Germans were starved to death in occupied Germany (Richard K. Mariani) 2 million German Soldiers died in allied captivity while performing slave labor.

The West is demanding Sri Lanka to give amnesties to LTTE cadres but these very countries are still hounding the Nazis – men in their 90s are being arrested and imprisoned.

Best of Tamils were killed by LTTE

The best of Tamils – Tamil leaders, Tamil politicians, Tamil academics, Tamil civil society heads were killed by LTTE not by Sinhalese. Lakshman Kadiragamar, Jeyraj Fernandopulle, Neelan Tiruchelvan, Amirthalingam, Sam Thambimuttu, Alfred Duraiappah, Sajorini Yogeswaran just to name a few.

We do not even know the number of LTTE cadres including kidnapped Tamil children that the LTTE killed or how many died unable to bear the gruesome training given.

We cannot forget that the LTTE put scores of injured LTTE cadres into buses and blew them up killing their own men & women because they did not want them to be taken into custody by the Sri Lankan military. We also do not know how many LTTE cadres committed suicide as part of LTTE cult to bite the cyanide capsule before getting caught.

Yet to prove Tamil civilians over Tamil LTTE cadres died in the conflict

As for Tamil civilian deaths – the figures are obscured. Firstly, LTTE had a civilian armed force so we do not know how many of these civilians trained in armed combat actually engaged in hostilities. If so according to international law they lose any rights accorded to civilians. We do not know how many LTTE cadres fought in civilian and died (they cannot be regarded as civilian). We do not know how many civilians LTTE shot dead or how many civilians died out of fatigue and injuries or natural causes. Without knowing or differentiating these factors it is absurd to accuse the Sri Lanka military of war crimes and murder when the UN and foreign envoys made appeals to the LTTE to stop shooting fleeing civilians.

We have been given estimates ranging from 40,000 to 200,000 as being killed but none of these allegations have been backed by the simplest of evidence – not even names of the dead, not even addresses of the dead, not even birth certificates of the dead, not even family members of the dead, none of those making the allegations have even a dead body or even skeletons to claim they were murdered. None of those making allegations have even given the details of the dead to the Presidential Missing Persons Commission or the UNHRC or even logged their deaths with the police to obtain death certificates. 13 March 2009 – UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay’s press release said that ‘as many as 2800 civilians ‘may have been killed’. As of 9 April 2015 only 16,179 civilian ‘missing’ have been logged with the Presidential Missing Person’s Commission However, details of 5000 missing soldiers have been lodged with the Presidential Commission. UN country team in Sri Lanka placed the dead as 7721. A Survey by the Government in the North at the end of the conflict done by Tamils placed the number of dead and missing at 7400 dead (included LTTE killed in combat) and 2600 missing (of this 1600 had been with LTTE whereas only 438 had disappeared in areas under military control). The satellite analyst report by the American Association for the Advancement of Science identified 3 graveyards of which one had 1346, and one of the 3 was a LTTE graveyard with 960 bodies. No satellite images detected 40,000 – 125,000 or even 200,000 dead! In July 2011 Tamil teachers of the North did a population survey of the North covering migration, deaths, untraceable persons from 2005 to 2009 – their report revealed 7896 dead including LTTE while the dead from natural illness and sickness was 1102

The population figures do not make sense

The Vanni comprises the districts of Mullaitivu, Mannar, Kilinochchi & Vavuniya. Mullaitivu district is 2516.9(km2) it was the LTTE’s chosen hideout from where they recruited and trained the bulk of cadres from low caste impoverished Tamil homes. Mullaitivu population in 1981 was 77,512 of which Tamils were 69,670, Sinhalese were 3948 and Muslims 3777.  However, the 2007 population estimate placed Mullaitivu population as 220,311 (when areas was under LTTE rule) while the 2012 census gave Mullaitivu population as 91,947 (post-LTTE). The population figures do not make sense. 1981 was an actual census while the 2007 was estimated and LTTE is on record for claiming 35% of its cadres were Indians. It is important to investigate how many Indians are illegally living in Sri Lanka as our citizens.

Also it is very clear that inflated figures were given helped by foreign payrolled NGOs because it would enable them to get additional food and other provisions in case the conflict got delayed. We know from civilian witness accounts that LTTE did not give the essentials sent by the GOSL to them and instead distributed them amongst LTTE families ONLY.

Farcical ‘genocide’

Sri Lanka must be the only country were the people who are alleged to be killed statistically increase in population figures! UN has failed to even distinguish LTTE from Civilians and to ascertain how many civilians LTTE killed and how many civilians died from SL Army fire keeping in mind that collateral damage does take place and that had it been intentional there would be dead bodies that would have been proof that people were killed. Instead we are going by hysterical figures minus any details.

Sri Lanka’s army was not sent to kill civilians as is being currently promoted by media but to kill the enemy combatants. A combatant’s privilege is that he has every right to kill his enemy – the LTTE. There is no doubt that civilians would have died – it does not mean civilians were targeted as is being implied.

International Community & UN accusations against LTTE

UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon has accused the LTTE of forcibly cutting hair of girls trying to flee the conflict to mislead the military into thinking there were LTTE. Those who have any doubts may like to read the report that confirms this –

“The LTTE continues to actively prevent people leaving, and reports indicate that a growing number of people trying to leave have been shot and sometimes killed,”

UN accuse LTTE of trapping civilians in war zone in Sri Lanka

United Nations accused Tamil Tiger rebels of forcibly recruiting local workers

LTTE shoot at civilians –

LTTE’s cruel conduct on Tamil civilians

Therefore, a weak government facing rising public disdain, unable to hold even an election but pulling all types of stunts to stay in power have humiliated the armed forces by cancelling their victory day celebration while allowing a public display of mourning to LTTE cadres that had died in the final battle – not a word is mentioned about the many Tamils that the LTTE killed over the years. None of their names are even read, none of their families are even invited and none of their deaths are attributed to the LTTE.

How long is this farce to continue???

Shenali D Waduge

47 Responses to “Mourning LTTE – India bans, yahapalana allows. Who is mourning whom?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    With all due respect, here is some news for you Shenali.

    99.99% of the SL Tamil community see NO DIFFERENCE between LTTE and Tamil civilians. They both are CIVILIANS when LOSING war and FIGHTERS during winning!!

    LTTE is the tip of the iceberg. BRAINWASHED Tamils are the iceberg under water. Now Sirisena’s TITANIC is approaching this iceberg. MR’s TITANIC already hit it and sank!!

    Don’t get me wrong. Something must be done to help 1,000,000 more Tamils peacefully go to CANADA soon. Otherwise there will be trouble.

    Singhala people cannot understand this because they LOVE SL. For them SL is HOME. Lets say it is DIFFERENT to 99.99% SL Tamils. For them HOME is where MOST MONEY is. This is why Tamils do NOT have a FIXED country of their own.

  2. Vaisrawana Says:

    I think, Shenali, the farce you are talking about will continue as long as the Sinhalese are divided among themselves as they are now. The minorities are united as individual communities within themselves; they are also united with each other. But they are united at both levels against the nonchalant majority. That (a not caring attitude born out of a sense of strength in numbers) is the nature of a majority anywhere, but nowadays, most majority communities elsewhere do not take their the invulnerability of their majority status for granted. It is time we too became united within our own community, while maintaining our friendly relations with the minorities, but without surrendering our independence to them. This is something we have played shy of doing even since the time of Anagarika Dharmapala and other farsighted patriotic leaders. There are encouraging signs at present that at least some enlightened Sinhalese youth have decided that we need to unite as a nation to fight against Wahabi expansionism on a nonpolitical basis (though murderous Islamic fundamentalism is a pathological, out and out politico-religious movement). I am hopeful that the majority of ordinary Muslims and ordinary Tamils will cooperate with the Sinhalese in defeating Wahabism, as they did in the case of the separatist terrorism.

  3. ranjit Says:

    As usual Shenali has written a very useful article again. We appreciate very much of all this and thanks for sharing all important information with all of us around the world. Great work by Shenali.
    I agree with vaisrawana too on his comments. Because of few bad and evil creatures from human race majority of the human race suffer not only in my country but in the whole wide world. We need to eradicate this poisonous evil thinking humans from this earth for good for ever. Thirty years of suffering was enough we need to stand together unitedly to stop if there is going to be any threat to our democracy or to our citizens again without party politics. We still can remember how the UNPer’s sarcastically laughed and teased our war heroes and the then government those days. They almost given half of our land to Prabakaran and his barbaric gang of murderers. Now too they are going to do the same in the name of “SANHINDIYAWA” THIS is the word that these three individuals Sira,Ranil, Chandrika daily eat,drink and shit. These three should be brought to justice for treason and helping a terrorist organisation which destroyed our land for thirty years. Time has come to rise up Sinhala buddhists against our enemies like in the old days. Lion flag should be held high for the world to see. We the lions NO fear none.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    Something must be done to help 1,000,000 more Tamils peacefully go to CANADA soon

    Ananda-USA at last your Demil Yaluva (0.1% Tamil) said his plane now to achieve TE .


  5. vyasan Says:

    Today it happened in Manchester, U.K. killing 22 people including children and injuring many more. Yes, terrorist struck there claiming lives and spreading fears not only in the U.K. but all over the western world. Here in Canada the government says that it will make sure that all the security measures will be put on alert to prevent any possible attack by terrorists. The same countries, the so-called “international community”, were giving asylum and allowing many members of the LTTE, including some main LTTE figures, to live and operate from their soil (Anton Balasingam, Kittu and Rudrakumaran to name a few of them), and this was while the LTTE was banned in their countries. So terrorist are, in the eyes of the western world, people who cause damage in the forms or lives and property if it were done in their land, and fighters for rights when they happen to cause the same damage in other countries, especially in the developing countries.

    Having said that, I am a Sri Lankan Tamil, and there are many Tamil people in Canada and in Sri Lanka who were and are opposed to the LTTE and who respect and love Mahinda Rajapakse and his government, not just for eradicating terrorism in Sri Lanka but also for the enormous development works done in Sri Lanka when he was president.

    So it is wrong for Lorenzo to say that 99.9% Tamils are pro-LTTE. And I know form his posts in Lankaweb that he was vigorously campaigning against Mahinda Rajapakse during the Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    You are 0.1% Tamil who respect and love Mahinda Rajapakse and his government, not in other balance ( include myself) 99.9% Tamil.

    To whom you both are fooling , still you believe Sinhalese are modayas .

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear vyasan,

    I have MANY Tamil friends, but very FEW of them believe in returning my friendship by not using the Tamil Card against my community when it is convenient and profitable for them to do so.

    I am saddened by the fact that they are so FEW of them, and I MOURN the loss of my hundreds of good Tamil friends and playmates I had growing up in Sri Lanka.

    I know that many of my Tamil friends who lived among Sinhalese supported the LTTE, even as their properties in the North and East were confiscated by the LTTE, and they had to FLEE South for safety to live among the demon Sinhalese. This is INBRED RACISM that I cannot fathom and cannot explain.

    We see this TREACHERY displayed well in the character of Wigneswaran who thrived among the Sinhala people with their support, but now demonized the Sinhalese who supported his career at every turn all the way to become the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. That is a prime e ample of INBRED HIDDEN Tamil Racism emerging at the opportune time to profit from it!

    From what you say, you are a PATRIOTIC Tamil citizen of Sri Lanka able to rise ABOVE the ENDEMIC RACISM of others in the Tamil Community.

    I don’t see ANY WAY of changing that RACIST MINDSET of the majority of Tamils in the short-term.

    The only PRACTICAL solution to this problem is for the Sinhala Buddhist community to control and IMPOSE a RATIONAL & COMPASSIONATE government of Sri Lanka, IGNORING ALL minority demands for devolution power on ethno-religious bases for at least a FEW CENTURIES.

    Given the EVIDENCE of SOCIAL PROGRESS and SOCIAL EQUITY in ALL AREAS that has been achieved in INDEPENDENT Sri Lanka (in STARK CONTRAST to India STILL WALLOWING in INEQUITY & DISCRIMINATION despite their LUDICROUS ATTEMPT to PREACH Democracy and GOOD GOVERNANCE to Sri Lanka) under sucessive Sinhala Buddhist DOMINATED governments since SWRD’S Revolution in 1956, I have NO DOUBT that ALL COMMUNITIES will BENEFIT EQUALLY without INSTITUTIONALISING communal DIVISIONS within a Federal System.

    I am CONVINCED that the Sinhala Buddhist is INNATELY JUST & FAIR, and will ENSURE EQUAL RIGHTS for ALL COMMUNITIES in ONE Nation, OF ONE People sharing ONE National Destiny. Sri Lanka’s SOCIAL PROGRESS to date is EVIDENCE of that.

    I have NO SUCH CONFIDENCE in a FEDERAL Government of ETHNO-RELIGIOUS Provincial Governments that Sri Lanka can remain a single nation, and be governed without discrimination based on communal attributes.

    We DARE not take that RISK given the LESSON we have RICHLY LEARNED in the last 30 years of Indian-supported Tamil RACISM & Tamil TERRORISM in Sri Lanka.

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    SA Kumar,

    I am sometimes SADDENED by your comments, even if they are clearly designed to provoke a violent response, just like the LTTE ATTACK against the homeward bound soldiers that led to the RIOTS of 1983.

    I am convinced that you do not really believe in your provocative comments, but propelled by instinct to ignite discord.

    I have often warned you that lighting matches in the fuel depot will only lead to further pain and suffering for your own community. Is thst what you really want?

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    be honest , We are two different community We both never ever live together even Elra (Ela Raja) time to VP time even now MS time.
    We both believe Our own identity is more important than our own life so We both take any pain and suffering for our madness believe.

    You may say sorry I am wrong You do not have same madness as what we have but I can proof you I am right .
    example I always said best solution for our problem at this time is fully implement 6A & 13A together but you do not want to that you know why you do not want to loose your identity .

    Please do not take personally

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    TAMIL NADU CASTE & SEPARATIST WARS have been transferred to Sri Lanka.
    Sri Lanka gave various rights to ALL the Tamils not found in Tamil Nadu (Tamil Homeland), and in return they have been taught to take over parts of the country for a mythical Eelam.

    Blame INDIA for training the LTTE, and the Tamil leaders for misleading the Tamil people. What shameful & dishonorable acts !

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Thank god you remind me second our both community madness that We both strongly believe that We are the only one original of Mother Lankan (Elavar) other community is come from India .
    ie : Sinhalese from bengal/Orisa, Tamil from TN/TN boarder Kerala.

    Also We both only believer of Dharma & Karma !!!

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Shenali’s valuable article states : It is very important to estimate just how many INDIANS ARE LIVING ILLEGALLY IN SRI LANKA !
    Too true.

  13. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Bears testimony to the so called “Yahapalanaya” which should in all probabilities be re-named “Yakapalanaya” led by a man with no real credentials to govern teamed up wit a bunch of bungling village idiots who are gradually and systematically taking the country into a chaotic disposition. It must also be borne in mind that all the good or most of it is attributable to the previous regime who also had its fair share of village idiots bringing about its downfall where the leadership as we now realizw was rock solid but interfered with by extraneous sources and the conniving interlopers of the then opposition.

  14. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    and isn’t it curious that the Indian PM made it a priority to visit the hill country estate workers comprising mainly of Indian Tamils.If Sri lanka does not watch out the Indian Tamil issue could become far more detrimental to the country, even more than China and the phobias shown by India about China which in the end could prove to be a mere ploy towards distracting Sri Lanka while the Trojan Horse is launched and the country caught unawares towards an Indian imposition! It is a time when being wary about Indian manouevres and their so called goodwill extensions need to be imperative. China could prove to be the ultimate redemption for Sri Lanka.

  15. vyasan Says:

    Dear Ananda-USA,

    Thank you for your comments. As far as I am concerned, all the people of Sri Lanka should consider themselves as humans first, Sri lankans second, and everything else, whether it is the racial identity or the religious identity should come next to them. (I would be more happy if the race and religious cards are not played at all). Having said that, I did not have the opportunity growing among our Sinhalese brothers and sisters as I was born and grew up in Jaffna. However, I have some good friends (Sinhalese) in Canada. I could also grasp the frustrated tone in your comments that we are unable to rectify the racial problems in Sri Lanka. Well, things keep changing in the world. If Japan could nurture a kind of friendship and alliance with the U.S.A. the country that destroyed part of Japan during the WW11, then everything possible ! I fervently hope that all the people in Sri Lanka will learn to live as humans and Sri lankans forgetting the past and not falling victims into the international political games of foreign powers again!, whether it be the neighboring countries or the western world!

  16. Fran Diaz Says:


    Why are Tamil folk using Lanka to flee to west ?
    We would have thought that SL Tamil people would go en masse to Tamil Nadu.

    After 1983 trumped up riots, nearly a million Tamil left for the west.
    Can the west afford more refugees ? I doubt it.

    If truly desperate enouugh, they can go direct Chennai / Canada, without coming to Lanka as illegal migrants.

    I am not talking tongue in cheek stuff – I really mean it. There are some 15 Million Tamil folk of Dalit origin who would like to leave Tamil Nadu and go elsewhere due to Caste/poverty issues in TN. That is why Lanka has so much trouble with Tamil Nadu & INDIA. INDIA does not know what to do with their people who want to leave INDIA. They end up as illegal migrants in the smaller countries around INDIA, and INDIA ends up with quarrels with the neighboring countries.


    People must face the problem if we are to find some solutions.

    The worlds poor are enormous in numbers.

    Suggestions to mitigate the problems due to over population & poverty :

    *It is far kinder to give FREE birth control all adults who want these items. That way civil wars, regional wars, world wars and other conflicts may be less or even avoided. People must stop killing each other.

    * The way WITHIN through Meditation must be taught in schools.

    * PATRIOTISM must be taught in schools too.

    * The Man : Land ratio ought to be maintained.

    Other Suggestions welcome.

  17. Ananda-USA Says:

    With Reference to Fran’s last comment above, I agree fully that India is EXPORTING it’s problems to neighboring countries without SOLVING the problems where it originates …. in India ITSELF!

    Therefore, countries neighboring India have to take steps to HALT and PREVENT India using their lands as a safety valve for relieving itself!

    FIRST and FOREMOST, stem the TIDE of Indian Immigrants at their BORDERS. Totally BAN immigration of Indians into their countries under WHATEVER PRETEXT, be it as legal refugees, illegal immigrants, or as ‘legitimate” workers under bilateral agreements such as the ETCA.

    Totally reject all offers of AID from India for ANY and ALL PURPOSES because they are the THIN-END OF THE WEDGE, the NOSE OF THE CAMEL PROTRUDING INTO THE TENT, of India’s SLY STRATEGY to invade and dominate it’s neighbors. In pursuit of that strategy, India uses its 5th Columns consisting of recent Indian immigrants, to create a CAPTIVE CONSTITUENCY in each country.

    It is time that ALL neighboring nations of India JOINED TOGETHER in a COMMON DEFENSE to form a COMMON STRATEGY to cope with this Indian AGRESSION!

  18. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oh BTW, during Modi’s visit to Sri Lanka, presumably to celebrate International Vesak Day, he made a point of visiting the so-called Indian Tamils of the Hill country in Sri Lanka.

    While he was presumably showing support for the Sinhala Buddhist majority, he delibratey threatened the Sinhala Buddhists by that move.

    This is clearly in furthered of Modi’s CARROT & STICK approach to Sri Lanka.

    He makes MEANINGLESS gestures to the Sinhala Buddhists, but sends a THREATENING MESSAGE of support to the Indian Tamil Community of Sri Lanka, the 2nd of his two 5th Columns in the country.

    All of this tells me, that it is HIGH TIME we took our National Security against Indian interference in our country seriously, and took steps to HALT all such activities.

    Among those steps, halting the ETCA and movement of Indian workers into Sri Lsnka, reducing our relian e on Indian Imports, ridding SK of the Indian presence in Trincomalee, and entering into a defence pact with China appear to be high priorities.

    But, a NECESSARY PRE-CONDITION for that is RESTORING a PATRIOTIC GOVERNMENT to POWER in Sri Lanka as soon as possible.

    NOTHING can be done to PROTECT & DEFEND Sri Lanka with the CURRENT PARA-GATHI FOREIGN PUPPET Yamapalanaya in POWER!

  19. Lorenzo Says:


    NO birth control nonsense PLEASE. This has done ENOUGH damage to SL already!!

    Endians will NEVER do it so SINGHALESE will be the losers. The will NOT be enough Singhala soldiers to fight war.

    AGREE with USA’s comment. That is the ONLY way to resolve it A removing TAMIL MADU language as an official and national language in SL.

    ONLY SL and Singapore have TAMIL MADU language as official language. Not even Endia. Singapore is SHUT FIRM to all kallathoniyas. So SL is the ONY hope for TN Tamils!!! 25,000,000 poor TNs. Get ready!!

  20. Fran Diaz Says:


    If INDIA gave FREE birth control material even at this late stage, some good will come out of it. So would every over crowded country.

    Even in Buddhist Lanka, it is a sad and grave burden to have unwanted children. Have you ever visited the Orphanages on Lanka, all over the island ? It is an eduction to do so. Have you seen the unwanted people, in old age and in sickness due to wars, overcrowding, lack of resources, resources lost in fighting senseless wars, etc. etc.

    Are you in a position to take care of the poor, the sick and the unwanted, whatever their age, at least in Lanka ?

  21. Fran Diaz Says:

    Read as “orphanages in Lanka, all over the island ? …”

  22. Fran Diaz Says:

    Another point : Unwanted infants are given up for ‘adoption’, a nice name for actually ‘selling’ kids. I have personally seen such cases. In one such case, the mother of the unwanted infant got rupees one lakh – a very high price. This was way back in the early 1980s.

    I agree with you and Ananda that the 13-A must go and with it the Tamil language as an Official language. We have always stated that fact. Compared with Lanka, S’pore is relatively far from Tamil Nadu, and is safe from illegal migrants from TN. S’pore also has strong laws to prevent invasions.
    We agree also that removing the Tamil Language (Special Provisions) Act of 1958 is also a good thing. It is a great pity that SWRD paid for this considerate act at that time with his life. It is also obvious that the ongoing price paid by Lanka is too high to maintain the Tamil language here.

  23. Lorenzo Says:


    You mix up two different things.

    Birth control in ENDIA and SL. Let Endians do whatever with their fertility. We CANNOT influence that.

    On SL, your suggested approach is to use a SLEDGEHAMMER to kill a MOSQUITO.

    Wholesale infertility of the population is NOT the solution to ORPHANS. Every country has orphans but as a percentage of ALL KIDS, they are very small in SL. Allowing LEGAL AND SAFE ABORTION is one BIG part of the solution. Educating young people is the next solution.

    IF unwanted kids are born then there should be LEGAL and TESTED methods to give them for adoption NOT to sell. There are MANY COUPLES without kids. ALL will be very happy.

    There is NO need to mess with NATURAL body functions and FERTILITY just to fix the problem of orphans!! Humans are NOT pests!!

  24. Lorenzo Says:

    SL can handle its orphans but NOT kallathoni.

    ALL kallathoni must be DEPORTED back. IF Tamil Madu language remains official NOTHING can stop them creeping into SL. For them SL is MORE HOMELY than even Endia where it is NOT an official language!!

    Endia as usual PASSED THE BUCK.

  25. Fran Diaz Says:


    Removing the 13-A is the best option. I have ALWAYS said so.

    Natural body functions can happen WITHOUT UNWANTED CHILDREN if birth control material are used.
    Not all adopted children find happy homes. Some are actually SOLD, believe it or not ! Some even think it is a easy occupation to produce kids for adoption, as at the point of adoption payments are usually made either to the orphanage or to the mother.

    Have you visited the Orphanages in Lanka ? These Orphanages have large numbers of unwanted kids, large numbers for a small island like Lanka. Far better to give FREE birth control material – and I shall always say so, whatever your opinion on the matter.

    Huge populations will lead to poverty and wars, manipulations and games with resultant death & destruction, undue controls and unhappiness. The Man : Land ratio should be wisely maintained in every country. Sri Lanka pays dearly for INDIA’s lack of wisdom in this direction.


    I have news reports that Kohomba leaves chewed and taken internally is a natural birth control method for both men and women. 10 leaves per day can do it, they say. We are told that Madagascan women use this method. Perhps Lanka can produce a pill from dried Kohomba leaves ? Kohomba has other medicinal properties such as a disinfectant, and the oil to keep off insects.

  26. Ananda-USA Says:


    I, for one, have seen orphanages in Sri Lanka. My current life’s work is in helping children, and destitute families with children in Sri Lanka.

    It is my intention, and my fond hope, to establish and run a substantial orphanage. This will not be an ordinary orphanage providing the bare essentials, but one that will give those orphans an education, patriotic moral guidance, and skills that meet and exceed those available from the best schools in Colombo to prepare them to successful patriotic leaders in Sri Lanka.

  27. RohanJay Says:

    Shenali in your articles regarding WW2. You are correct regarding the Millions of Germans lost. But the Russians lost 26 millions people!!!! I never see in any of your articles give due respect and credence to the Russians. Lest I remind you its Germany that invaded Russia called operation Barbarossa. Majority of German forces were sent to invade Russia and crush the Russian forces. The Germans almost succeeded being just 15 miles from Moscow. But the Russians fought back as only they can. They stunned and smashed the much vaunted German military and the Germans were eventually sent packing back to Germany! Its the Russians that won WW2 for the allies at least for the German part of WW2.
    Also Russia hasn’t hounded Sri Lanka in the war on the LTTE. Whereas your favourite western country Germany has joined the west in hounding Sri Lanka. What you say is correct regarding Germany and WW2 and how the allies the US and UK in particular are hypocrits. Russia though has been exemplary and fair of the WW2 victors. Please make sure in your future articles you give the Russians credit. They lost 26 million people I think a little more than Germany lost during WW2. What the Russians did against Germany never ceases to amaze they scored impressive military victories agains the supposedly invincible and well trained German forces. Eventually the Germans were smashed 80 percent of Germany military men were killed by the Russians. Russians deserve all the credit not Germany Shenali! Who invaded Russia and treated the Russian people poorly once they occupied it. Rightfully the Russians kicked them out of Russia! With it garaunteeing victory against Germany in WW2. Shenali you mention WW2 a lot. But always fail to highlight Russia’s feats in WW2!

  28. Lorenzo Says:


    Causing INFERTILITY is NOT the solution to orphans’ problem!!

    Yes I have visited orphanages and I work with them to help these kids. They are NOT unwanted children!! Please don’t have such attitudes towards fellow human beings!! They are WANTED children for the NATION and for GOD. They are here for a REASON and a PURPOSE. Just because their father and/or mother CANNOT afford them or even wanted them does NOT mean they are UNWANTED!

    Recommending MASS STERILIZATION of certain animals by a zoologist is OK (than culling them) but not acceptable to humans.

    I sponsor kids and work with orphanages. I must tell you that as a BUDDHIST NATION SL has done VERY WELL to look after these kids!! SL is a POOR country and there are SHORTCOMINGS but even compared to RICH countries the KINDNESS these WANTED CHILDREN get is AMAZING.

    Appreciate the good work USA does. I’m aware of it. Whatever disagreements I have with him I have always respected his good work for helping kids.

  29. Lorenzo Says:

    A very large number of orphans in SL is the result of WAR, MIDDLE EAST and INSURRECTION (now they are adults). These were WANTED children that became orphans by subsequent events. Completely UNACCEPTABLE to sterilize Singhala men and women with whatever substance as a solution to it.

    Please kindly refrain from such suggestions. A respectable request.

  30. Fran Diaz Says:

    So that is what is bothering you.
    Who mentioned STERLIZATION ? I did not.
    We do NOT want Sterlization as a birth control method in Lanka.

    There are plenty of other ways to NOT have UNWANTED CHILDREN.

    My focus is on UNWANTED CHILDREN, not sterlization.
    Repeat : There are other ways to prevent unwanted children.

    I have sponsored the welfare of children in Orphanages for many years. I have visited them and know the conditions in such places. However hard the staff may try, the kids are in want and smelly living spaces add to the problems.

    Sri Lanka can do without unwanted children. If not wanted by their parents, they are unwanted children. It is a pathetic situation for such children and haunts them throughout their lives. Even if they grow up adopted, they want to know their REAL parents and why they were given away. NO, I cannot agree with you on the production of unwanted children. Every effort must be made to make every child a wanted child. Let us, as usual, agree to disagree and stop the debate.

    I do not know how, but you always manage to get the wrong end of any subject ….

  31. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Ananda,

    Please accept our heartfelt good wishes for the good work you do and propose to do !
    We need more Anandas in Lanka.

    Warm good wishes with thanks,
    Fran & family

  32. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear Fran,

    I could not agree with you more that children must be wanted …. badly.

    That is why I give my own last name to the orphaned children I adopt in Sri Lanka.

    ALL of them are WANTED …. VERY MUCH ….. by my wife and me.

  33. Lorenzo Says:


    You said.

    “I have news reports that Kohomba leaves chewed and taken internally is a natural birth control method for both men and women. 10 leaves per day can do it, they say. We are told that Madagascan women use this method. Perhps Lanka can produce a pill from dried Kohomba leaves ?”

    This creates INFERTILITY. It is equal to STERILIZATION.

    This is NOT the solution to HUMANS.

    There are enough SAFE CONTRACEPTION methods. SIDE EFFECTS are NOT lasting. We have to promote ONLY those and EDUCATION.

    I repeat, there are NO UNWANTED children. ALL children are WANTED. IF their parents are not looking after them, there are other means to look after them. We have to promote those means. They are all SL’s children. NOT children of a lesser god.

  34. Lorenzo Says:

    Please search MONARAGALA BABY in GOOGLE and YOUTUBE.

    A very much WANTED child just like ALL other kids in SL.

  35. Ananda-USA Says:

    Katussa (Lorenzo),

    You are upto your USUAL DEVIOUS TRICKS again!

    How can temporary BIRTH CONTROL be EQUATED either to INFERTILITY or to STERILIZATION?

    PLAYING on words, DISTORTING and MISINTERPRETING what Fran says does not constitite a VALID ARGUMENT!

    All that Fran is saying is “Those who are not prepared to love and care for their children should not produce them”.

    I AGREE! Children, the unwitting victims of this practice, deserve better!

  36. Lorenzo Says:


    “Those who are not prepared to love and care for their children should not produce them”.

    Do you think such people will chew Kohomba leaves – 10 leaves every day or a pill for that matter???

  37. Ananda-USA Says:

    Katussa (Korenzo),

    I viewed the Moragala Baby Youtube video. A mentally I’ll mother threw a baby into a drain, and the baby was rescued by bystanders and was restored to the loving father and loving husband by the police. The father is aware of his wife’ s condition and states he will take steps to protect the baby.

    So, WHAT IS THE POINT YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE by pointing to this incident?

    This incident involving a loving father and husband with a nentslly sick wife has NO RELEVANCE to Fran’s very valid point that those who do not intend to love and care for their children should not produce children.

    Koheda Yanney? Malley Pol!

  38. SA Kumar Says:

    You all three are great Mother Lankan !!!

    No wonder why We-Tamil never ever able to win TE last 2,000 years or more (Since Elra) .
    Dharma protecting you !!!

    Even though I do not like MY half Tamil Sakotharam ( Who against MY one & only Thesiya Thalaivar VP)But I salut him for his believe, great Bro !!!

    there are NO UNWANTED children. ALL children are WANTED. IF their parents are not looking after them, there are other means to look after them. We have to promote those means. They are all SL’s children. NOT children of a lesser god.

  39. Fran Diaz Says:


    I agree with what you say here. Thank you !

    Yes, it is this ‘Koheda yanne, malle pol’ stuff by Lorenzo that makes the me think Lorenzo writes in a irrelevant fashion. This has happened a number of times ….



    Neem leaves do not cause permanent birth control, or sterilisation as you put it. Once the person stops taking Neem leaves, they can conceive.

    Please do your homework before writing in comments.

  40. Christie Says:

    Very interesting. Indian Union ban its own terrorists of Ceylon in India. Indian Made terrorists were to be used in the Island not in India. So what do you expect? Indian colonial parasites have done a great job in wiping out Sinhalese from the island since they came with the British.

    Recent Genocide of Sinhalese started in 1958 by killing and expelling all Sinhalese in Jaffna. India used Sirimavo to Genocide Sinhalese with her Preethi and Mithuri.

  41. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Three different problem you all three talking about but want have one solution (like our Tamil problem)

    1) Permanent birth control ( consequence- Sinhala nation will be reduced over the time in Mother Lanka which is Your Tamil bros Lorenzo deadly against)

    2) SAFE CONTRACEPTION methods- to have two children for family .

    3) orphans in SL – (NO UNWANTED children- Lorenzo do not want use this ward I can understand his feeling because I am also Tamil who have same feeling)

    but common in you three you all are very good humans .

  42. Fran Diaz Says:

    We thank Ananda for his real kindness to lend his surname to the orphaned kids he and his good wife have adopted.
    Acts of merit, indeed !


    Between COLONISATION of nearly 500 yrs, INDIAN (Tamil Nadu) invasions, international interference for Ports & LAND, Sri Lanka is not only losing her so called majority population of Sinhala/Buddhist people, but also the LAND.

    Having babies out of wedlock, unwanted & unloved kids, babies out of rape, etc is NOT the answer.

    Babies ought to have LOVING HOMES and children the same.
    To have such an environment, there has to be a STABLE & SECURE COUNTRY.
    Do we have a STABLE & SECURE SRI LANKA for people to happily multiply ?? !!
    No one wants their kids to be cannon fodder, do they ?
    The ‘Divie & Rule’ people will be happy to have cannon fodder of Sinhala/Buddhists & poor Tamils too !

    We have to also be mindful that growing children will have to have a good Education & later Jobs, Homes of their own etc. Does Lanka have the SPACE & LAND FOR HUGE POPULATIONS ?

    In the menatime, Tamil leaders want to use Lanka as some sort of springboard to go west, but the west does not want any more refugees. They cannot cope with the populations they have already.

    Each country is being asked to solve their own problems.
    Lanka must do so too. Therefore, mindfulness in population growth is necessary.

  43. Fran Diaz Says:


    No one has stated here that they want permanent birth (PB) control.
    PB is a figment of Lorenzo’s imagination.

    If we are to have a healthy & happy population of people in Lanka, then we have to create the conditions that are right for people to have healthy & happy children. No other way.
    Peace & Security a must in Lanka to Move On to Prosperity.

  44. Ananda-USA Says:

    Heavy rains in Sri Lanka cause havoc with floods, landslides, claim 23 lives
    Fri, May 26, 2017, 11:40 am SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    May 26, Colombo: Heavy rains lashing for a third day on Friday with over 100 mm rainfalls and gusting winds have flooded major roads interrupting the transport services on main roads in the south while landslides and earth slips in Kalutara district have buried houses and shops.

    According to the Disaster Management Center (DMC) 23 people have died and over a million people have been affected due to the island wide inclement weather.

    Pimbura Hospital in Bulathsinhala has confirmed that 9 dead bodies have been brought to the hospital from a landslide in Bogahawatta in Bulathsinhala of Kalutara district.

    Kalutara District Secretary said 10 people have died due to a landslide. Several roads in Bulathsinhala, Padukka, Seethawka, Agalawatta, and Badureliya are inundated and relief efforts are hampered by the flooded roads.

    Meanwhile an earth slip in Neboda, Kalutara has damaged two buses and a shop and some 30 families have been evacuated due to the threat of further landslides.

    The National Building Research Organization (NBRO) alerted the public to be vigilant on possible landslides in mountainous areas in Galle, Kegalle, Ratnapura, Kalutara, Matara and Hambanthota districts. Earth slips and falling of mounds are expected in the next 24 hours. If rain continued people who are living in those mentioned areas need to be vigilant of possibility of landslides, the NBRO said.

    Due to heavy rainfall experienced in many parts of the island, the people living in low lying areas around Kelani River and Kalu Ganga are cautioned about possible floods.

    The Irrigation Department has identified rising water levels in Kalu Ganga, Kelani Ganga, Gin Ganga and Nilwala Ganga. Possible inundation of the low lying areas will be expected. People were alerted at low lying areas in Kalu, Kelani, Gin and Nilwala Rivers and requested to be vigilant about the rising water levels of the rivers.

    The Disaster Management Center (DMC) issuing a major alert warned the people of Kelani Ganga related Divisional Secretariat areas of Kolonnawa, Biyagama, Kelaniya, Kaduwela, Dompe, Hanwella, Padukka and Avissawella and Kalu Ganga related Divisional Secretariat areas Agalawatta, Bandaragama, Beruwela, Bulathsinhala, Dodangoda, Horana, Ingiriya, Kalutara, Madurawala, Mathugama, Millaniya, Palindanuwara, Panadura, Walallavita to take adequate measures from major floods.

    According to Home Affairs Minister Vajira Abeywardena 13 deaths have already been reported and four are missing due to countrywide floods.

    Meanwhile, Kokmaduwa and Welipenna interchanges on the Southern Expressway (E01) had been flooded and motorists are advised to use alternate routes, Southern Expressway Deputy Director R. A. D Kahatapitiya said.

    The DMC requested the people to take adequate precautions to prevent lightening damages and also as heavy rain and strong winds are expected, people are requested to be alert on falling of trees and take necessary actions to minimize the damages. Speed of the water streams will be in dangerous levels and communities are alerted not to use any flood water sources.

    According to DMC, as of 6 pm on Thursday (25 May) 1,098,085 people from 301,990 families have been affected by the floods and landslides.

    The Disaster Management Centers, three armed forces and police are ready to face any emergency situation, and the public can provide information on disaster situations on 24 hour hotline at ; 011 2136226, 011 2136136, 077 3957900, the DMC said.

  45. Ananda-USA Says:

    When Gnanasara Thero and the BBS defends LEGITIMATE Sinhala Buddhis interests and National Archeological Treasures …. they are LABELLED as JAATHIWAADAYO and RACISTS!

    But when wahhabi Muslims and Eelamist Tamils seize Government Lands, desecrate Buddhist Monuments, THREATEN the government, BAN the President from visiting the North, and DENY Sinhala people EQUAL ACCESS to Land in the North and East, they are VICTIMS and FREEDOM FIGHTERS deserving PROTECTION!

    And our JAUNDICED National Government, the Yamapalanaya, HITS ONLY the Sinhala PATRIOTS!

    Is this a Muslim majority or a Tamil majority nation? Am I simply LABORING UNDER A FALSE ILLUSION that Sri Lanka is PRIMARILY a Sinhala Buddhist nation?

    It is HIGH TIME we OUSTED this PARA-GATHI DESHA-DROHI Yamapalanaya and RESTORED a PATRIOTIC government to OUR Motherland!

    Arrest Muslim racists before arresting Gnanasara Thero
    2017-05-25 23:10:50

    Sinhala Ravaya General Secretary Magalkande Sudaththa Thera said today stern action should be taken to arrest Muslim minsters who supported Muslim extremism before Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) General Secretary Gnanasara Thera was arrested.

    Sudaththa Thera told a news conference that Muslim political factions were trying to label Gnanasara Thera as another Prabhakaran who was igniting racism and causing harm to the Muslim community.

    “According to them Gnanasara Thera is the worst criminal in the country and the one who is destroying the archaeological sites in the country, the one who has destroyed forest reservations and the one who bring drugs into the country,” the Thera said.

    He said Gnanasara Thera raised his voice against the destruction of the Sinhala Buddhist archaeological sites and the clearing of forest reserves in the country.

    “He has done nothing bad to the country,” the Thera said.

    Sudaththa Thera said several attempts had been made by several extremists groups to assassinate Gnanasara Thera and contracts had been offered to these groups.

    “Today, a warrant had been issued to arrest Gnanasara Thera. However, there is no one in charge of issuing the warrant. No police department had been informed to arrest him, the minister who is in charge of the police department or the Justice and Buddha Sasana Minister does not know about the arrest. Therefore, it’s reasonable to believe that there is an attempt to abduct Gnanasara Thera and assassinate him,” Sudantta Thera said.

    He said the BBS was not responsible for the attacks on Muslim religious centers and that there should be credible inquiries regarding these attacks.

    “We also condemn these attacks. Investigations should be made to arrest Muslims who attacked their mosques,” he said.

    The Thera said, Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran should be arrested first followed by Northern Provincial Councillor M.K. Sivajilingam.

    He said Mr. Sivajilingam has allegedly said that even President Maithripala Sirisena could be arrested if he comes to Jaffna and make statements which ignite racism.

    “Then State Minister of Child Affairs, Vijayakala Maheswaran should be arrested. Later, Trade and Investment Minister Rishard Bathiudeen, National Unity Front Leader Azath Sally should also be arrested for issuing statements igniting racism, Gnanasara Thera could be the last one to be arrested,” the Thera said. “Now the Muslim extremists claim that they are having a problem of having archaeological sites in their living areas such as in Eastern Province. However, the Archaeological Department Director had been removed to ease their work,” the Thera said. (Chaturanga Pradeep)

  46. Lorenzo Says:

    1. Use SAFE contraception methods only.
    3. ALL children are WANTED.
    4. Human problems need HUMAN solutions.
    5. Botanical problems need BOTANICAL solutions.
    6. Zoological problems need ZOOLOGICAL solutions.

    BBS has alleged Islamic extremists are using pills to cause infertility. These are BARBARIC practices. Should NOT promote in SL.

  47. Fran Diaz Says:

    Some points to ponder and act on :

    a. Sri Lanka and other poor nations must stop producing Cannon Fodder for the killing fields.

    b. All illegal migrants must be deported.

    c. PATRIOTISM a must in Lanka.

    d. Law of the Land must be followed – all imposed laws from outside erased.

    More needed. Please add.

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