Government sleeps while people perish in disasters.
Posted on June 6th, 2017


Since the day this foreign slavish treacherous government came to power in this country the innocent people are afflicted with disasters and diseases one after the other which has caused untimely death to more than one thousand persons, destroyed several hundred houses, damaged millions worth crops and properties and made hundreds of people to languish as displaced from each disaster.  Victimized people are yet to receive compensation for the crops damaged, alternative houses or money promised for their damaged houses, compensations for their businesses, business premises pledged to them and so on.   For instance only for some people (not to all) affected by last year’s Colombo district flood have been given a sum of only Rs. 10,000/= per household although their losses amounted to millions of rupees of their hard earned money and that too earned sincerely for decades. I need not mention what can be for this Rs. 10,000/=.

After area-wise and location-wise disasters the country is now affected by the history’s worst floods and landslides which has killed as per official figures nearly 300 persons and made around 100 missing. These figures become as the nincompoop laundryman of te President Minister Amaraweera has said that there were thousands to get killed and they reduced it to 200.  Crop damages and property damages are yet to be estimated.

It is reported that the government has decided to pay Rs. 100,000/= as compensation to a person who got killed in the disaster.  It is grossly inadequate as there was a court ruling to pay Rs. 2 Million for the family members of terrorist who was shot and killed while escaping from custody.

In many districts the affected people have not received any food or relief assistance from the government and people in the Thihagoda area of Matara which was one of the worst areas affected in the Matara district said that they did not receive any assistance from the government other than food and relief assistance provided them by philanthropists.

In the Galle district the provision of food and relief assistance to the affected people took the turn of a gang robbery.  The government Ministers and MPs snatched away by force the food and relief assistance being collected at various collecting centres. The UNP MP Bandulal Bandarigoda was reported to have forcibly snatched away flood relief items including more than 2000 food packets including food packets kept reserved for the security services personnel which had been collected from the general public by the Galle District Divisional Secretariat.  His attempt to do the same thing at the Baddegama Regional Secretary office had failed due to stern opposition from the public stern opposition from the public and the regional secretary.

The UNP ministers of the district have gone a step ahead and distributed the items snatched away in this manner with notices paste in the packs giving their identities. Minister of Lands and Parliament Reforms and the Chief Government Whip Gayantha Karunatilleke has even pasted notices even in the packs of plantains to say that these are Gayantha plantains.  Meanwhile the Deputy Minister of Ports Mr. Nishantha Muthuhettigama says that the same thing is being done by Minister Wajira Abeywardene as well.

While there is no need to about westernophile Ranil Wickremasinghe who left the country at the peak of the disaster completely ignoring the disaster the SLFP tie-coat bone chewer lapdog Minister of Disaster Management was in Mexico and he did not return even after several days of the conference he attended was over and said that although he was not physically present he did made all necessary arrangements.

This inept government without performing its duty and responsibility to serve te affected took even this unfortunate situation to sling mud on Rajapaksas and attribute that Rajapaksas were the cause for the floods. The former JVPer who had sought ultimate refuge in the UNP the ‘Aalupaalu economist’ Champika Ranawaka addressing a media conference said that the Southern Expressway is a huge 150 km damn across the rivers of Kelani, Gin and Nilwala and it contributed to floods in Colombo, Kalutara, Galle and Matara districts, despite southern expressway had been constructed several meters above the land areas.   It is shame to find these hooligans attempting to mislead the people thinking that they are so stupid to believe in what they say, and how can the southern expressway cause floods and landslides in Hambantota, Ratnapura, Nuwara Eliya. Matale, Kegalle and  Gampaha districts.

It seems that this is a canard deliberately floated by the government as the same accusation was made by the shameless bone chewer lapdog of the Sirisena’s cheat gang Dilan Perera with a nom de plume as Deal Perera and the notorious saffron robed former JVPer Rathana thero        .

Certain pro-government websites are carrying out a horrific mud slinging campaign saying that the cause for the flood disaster and landslides was the improperly planned construction of expressways and development projects by the Mahinda Rajapaksa government and these constructions have obstructed rflow of water in the low lying lands and caused sand erosion in the hills causing landslides.

The shameless bone chewer lapdog of the Sirisena’s cheat gang Dilan Perera with a nom de plume as Deal Perera and the notorious saffron robed former JVPer Rathana thero have blamed Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa as the cause for the recent disaster.  Rathana thero has even said that the cause of the disaster was environmental damage caused by implementation of mega development projects by Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Some Ministers have uttered blatant lies to mislead the affected people.  The Sirisena pet bone chewer lapdog Mahinda Samaarasinghe has said that Sirisena allocated Rs.2 Billion prior to his jaunt to Australia to provide a cooked sumptuous meal for the affected people at the rate of Rs. 300/=   per meal. The Government Agents of the affected districts have denied any allocations received by them for this purpose.  They say that the treasury has provided them less than Rs. 100 Million for the period of last seven days. It was also highlighted in the media that MPs of the government have pledged to donate one month’s salary of theirs for flood relief activities. Parliament sources indicate that other than the speaker none of the government MPs (including Ministers) have not fulfilled the formalities required for this purpose. While southern districts are severely affected by the disaster situation it is also reported that the Jaffna district is experiencing an acute drought situation and 121,000 people belong to 33,000 families are affected by lack of drinking water.  The inept government which was slow to address the problems of disaster affected people is reported to have taken immediate action to solve this problem.

Several MPs deserve commendations for the hard work done by them to help the affected people while many of them were in Colombo with their families and enjoying the luxuries in Colombo.   UNP MP Mr. Thevarapperuma of Kalutara district is indeed a rare individual in the UNP camp who even carried dead bodies in his hand.  Similarly SLFP MPs Kumara Welgamaa and Namal Raajapaksa were in the field helping the people and performing their responsibilities.

The private TV stations such as Derana. Hiru and Swarnavahini should also be commended for the strenuous work they carried out in collecting relief material, transporting them to affected areas and distributing them to the needy.  They should be commended for keeping the people informed with real facts and figures and for facilitating the people to witness the situation in the country.

In conclusion the doctors, medical students and the nurses deserve the gratitude of everyone in this country for the laborious work they carried out day and night by visiting the affected areas all over the country with the support of the private TV stations and holding medical camps to treat the sick, elderly and feeble people and the children.


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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    SL VLOG in the June 4, 2017 video disclosed that Ravi Karunanayake as Finance Minister had paid 20 SELECTED UNP Ministers Rs 150,000 per month from the funds of the Finance Ministry.

    This payment to Ravi’s “Cabinet within the Cabinet” was not the regular salary of the Ministers but a payment made secretly.

    Apparently, when this was EXPOSED after the recent Cabinet Reshuffle, other Cabinet, Appointed and State Ministers outside this Ravi’s Personal Cabinet have become angry like a nest of HORNETS that they had not been paid the same Rs 150,000 as the selected 20 Ministers of Ravi’s own “Cabinet within the Cabinet”

    This SECRET PAYMENT without APPROVAL by Parliament and without a Gazette Notification represents a CRIMINAL ACT of THEFT on a GRAND SCALE!

    This PAL HORA should be indicted for Misappropriation of Government Funds, PROSECUTED, CONVICTED and IMPRISONED for a long time.

    If this ALLEGATION is TRUE, Ravi Karunanayake should NOT BE ALLOWED to serve as the Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka for ONE MORE DAY!

    Furthermore, those 20 Ministers who ACCEPTED Rs 150,000/month BRIBE under the Table, should be FIRED and CONVICTED as well!

    Will Aiyoooo SIRISENA CONTINUE PREACHING yahapalanaya homilies to us without taking action on this as he did on the BOND SCAM, or WILL HE UPHOLD THE LAWS OF THE LAND? I will give you only ONE GUESS!

  2. ranjit Says:

    You have selected good words to describe the current Yamapalanaya and the Stooges in the Yamapalanaya Nizam. I enjoy reading your articles because it’s simple and true every word you say. Keep it up. How can those stupid idiots help the poor when they are not even here in the country. Many instances these happy go lucky president, Prime minister and yamapalana ministers riding high around the world enjoying all the luxury on top of the dead bodies of the poor citizens in my country. They utter all lies and their promises are all bogus. They haven’t done anything worth while for the last two and a half years except blaming and sling mud at our popular President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    It is very shameful to see how these UNPer’s and those SLFP defeated Minister’s distributed flood relief to the affected areas in front of the cameras. They come in full suits just to show their faces to the T.V. cameras and distribute goodies which were collected by others. This shameful government should be sent home packing soon before another disaster fell on our land. Shameless idiots.

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