Sri Lanka Department of Education Long-term Fraud Exposed
Posted on June 7th, 2017

By, Professor Nishan C. Wijesinha

It is interesting to note that in 1958 the government of Ceylon then passed a resolution which obtained the full mandate of the Buddhist Clergy to uplift and propagate Buddhism and the Sinhala Language predominance, throughout the Island.

It was then in 1960, that it was made mandatory, with this national puritan concept in mind, that all Non-National schools which were private based should fall under the business registration category as a business enterprise and not under the registration of the Department of Education as a school.

As of today, there are over a thousand of private and International Schools which are operating in this Island of ours, which have blindfolded the people of this nation by fraudulently projecting that, they are registered schools under the Sri Lanka Law, and hence registered as a school under the department of education in Sri Lanka.

This fraud is kept under cover by the Sri Lanka Department of Education from its inception because of a greater fraud which was institutionalized by the Sri Lanka Department of Education itself by coordinating the GCE OL/AL examinations facilities to these private enterprises.

As a result the Sri Lanka Department of Education issuing of the GCE OL/AL results forms does not indicate the name of the school to which the student belongs.

It is a sad tale but true; and therefore as it says, in fact, that the truth should set the captives free;

I hope the eyes of understanding of our people will be opened, and the truth as projected here by me,  will eventually, wipe out this fraud to provide a Sustainable National Education to our Children; who are the Pearls of our Motherland Sri Lanka.

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