China’s Nalanda is Finally Ready to start first batch of Students!
Posted on June 9th, 2017

Courtesy Bihar Times

Patna,(BiharTimes): The lackadaisical approach to revive Nalanda University by Nalanda Mentor Group led by Amartya Sen and subsequently by the shallow advisers in recent days have finally vacated space of Buddhist diplomacy for China to rush in. The first batch of 220 students is ready to take off in September this year. Deadline for candidates registration is 31 July 2017.

Nanhai Buddhist Academy has opened at Sanya’s Nanashan Temple in Hainan Province of China. Spread across 618.18 acre, the tri-lingual University is being led by monk Yin Shun( 1974 born). Panchen lama, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Thai and SriLankan Buddhist Centres are closely associated with the University.Monk Yin Shun is also the abbot of Lumbini-based Zhong Hua Chinese Buddhist Temple.

The University is located just in front of newly inaugurated 108 metre tall statue of Avalokiteshwara( December 2016).

The Chinese have also sidelined Sanskrit from Buddhist education and replaced it by Chinese. Nanhai Buddhist academy will have three language teaching-Pali, Tibetan and Chinese. They have already won support of SriLanka, Thailand, Nepal and other Southeast Asian countries.

Unlike Nalanda University which is still struggling with constructing boundary wall, and confused with mode of education; China has given the command of steering to Buddhist leaders and also made it into a monastic University like old Nalanda. Major meditation centre is being opened.The Academy will be complete in all aspect by December 2018.

The university is located 300 km away from Guiping. Guiping is another important city on upper portion of river Mekong to watch; where China has established the Theravada Centre for connecting with Theravada Buddhism of Southeast Asia where a major festival is being celebrated in July this year. The University is also in the vicinity of Guangzhou(Canton) which was the southern gateway of Buddhism into China. Nanhai does mean “South” and also “Boy”. Nanhai Academy is China’s Buddha Boy projecting unto South–both Southeast and South Asia. China has finally put into place the Tri-ratna of their own 21st century Buddhism- Lumbini (Buddha’s birthplace), Wuxi (Brahma Palace as HQ of World Buddhist Forum) and Hainan( reinvented Nalanda University in the Brahma Loka of Sanya) with Master Yin Shun as the common thread.

Hainan is the place to watch for soft power of China––dotted with beautiful coast line, connected with air service, high speed trains, beautiful motorable road, international velodrome, golf courses, home to multi-hued butterflies, home to traditional Li and Miao people, their bamboo dance, their brocade skill,; it is a surfers and tourist paradise .

Buddhas can be seen in a Platter in Hainan. Five Color Rice, a traditional specialty of the Hainan Miao minority group in Qionghai, is a popular attraction here. Buddhists may connect the specialty with five Dhyani Buddhas.

The place is also rich with mango trees, bamboo groves, betel nut and betel plantations, translocating Nalanda ecology of Magadha onto this beautiful place.

To add to insult, the Chinese have termed the new Academy and its associated construction as Brahma Loka– the place of Brahma.

Bihar’s Nalanda where the newly appointed Vice Chancellor with an ugly track record both in academics and administration, and with no awareness at all about either Buddhism, or Asian diplomacy or spirituality, has taken over the command recently. She has made public her vision about introducing Vedic Education in Nalanda.

What a better way to hand over Buddhist legacy to China than to hand over the node of soft powers in the hands of decrepit.

College Introduction

Nanhai Buddhist College is officially approved by the State Bureau of Religious Affairs by the Hainan Provincial People’s Committee in charge, the Hainan Provincial Buddhist Association hosted the four-year undergraduate Buddhist Institute. According to the overall idea of ​​the provincial party committee and the provincial government, it will build a country based on high taste, high standards and high quality standards, and will be based on the domestic, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, collection of academic education, Buddhist meditation, amateur training, Buddhist cultural research and foreign exchange” as one of the complex Buddhist College. And to serve the country “area along the way” strategy, service Hainan international tourism island construction.

Nanhai Buddhist College East Nanshan Temple, west of the size of the cave, mountain and the sea, left auxiliary right Bute, the sky winding meandering, terrain Huju Long disk. About 1.8 km long, planning land 618.18 acres. Nanhai Buddhist College consists of seven regions: Buddhist research area, cultural exchange area, south Buddhism area, Han Buddhism area, Tibetan Buddhism area, Lay practitioners area and other functional areas, teaching, research, communication, facilities and facilities. Readily, meet the different languages ​​of the disciples of the diploma of education, training, research and exchange, real Shenxiu repair.

Adhering to the patriotic love, faithful piety, school and the spirit of both, not only the cultivation of law and interest, the burden of the door to the door of the industry, but also to cultivate advancing with the times, to adapt to national and social needs of teaching talent, research talent, management talent and talent at home and abroad. The South China Sea Buddhist Academy has strengthened cultural communication and religious exchanges with neighbouring countries, deepened the good-neighbourly and friendly relations between our country and the neighbouring countries of the South China Sea, and enhanced the national pride of overseas Chinese. Play Buddhism to use compassion and wisdom to resolve the contradictory harmony from his positive role.

South China University of Buddhism courtesy of the Chinese Buddhist Association Vice President 11th Panchen Erdonisi Ji Jibu, when the Thai monk Wang Songde Pama Maha Chahman Kela long for the South China Sea Buddhist honorary president, China Vice president of the Buddhist Association, the Association of Buddhist Association of Hainan Province Yin Shun monk for the South China Sea Buddhist College Dean. The management system of the collective decision-making of the Council of the People’s Republic of China is responsible for the decision-making of the decision-making of the important matters of the board of directors, the management right of the dean, the collective decision-making power of the board of directors, the construction of “scientific decision-making, democratic supervision, Social participation, self-running “organization and management mechanism. To achieve “democratic governance, master scholarship, both academic and academic, academic advice, financial open, personnel democracy,” the school objectives.

The basic framework of the organization of the South China Sea Buddhist Academy is: Board → Dean (Honorary Dean) → Committee → Vice President → five functional departments, seven departments, two research institutes, 1research institute and three centres. The five departments are: the office of the college, the logistics department, the finance department, the education department and the student working department. The six departments are: the Department of Buddhism, the Department of Tibetan Buddhism, the Department of Buddhist Buddhism, the Buddhist Arts Department of Buddhism and Architecture; two institutes: Buddhist Institute, Buddhist Institute; one Institute: Buddhist Architectural Design and Research Institute; three centres: Buddhist publishing centre, Buddhist architectural heritage protection centre, South China Sea Buddhism Large data centre.

2017 years, our hospital will have 5 Department of 18 professional foreign enrollment, including Chinese Buddhism Department of admissions professional: Chinese Buddhism professional; Buddhist music department enrollment professional: Buddhist music professional; Buddhist art department enrollment professional: Buddhist art, Professional; Buddhist management department enrollment: monastery management, social work and charity management professional; Buddhist architecture department enrollment professional: Buddhist architecture protection and design professional; Buddhist Institute of admissions professional: Buddhist professional.

July 1 , 2017 , the first phase of our project completed, until now, the college teaching area, dormitory area, logistics area main building have been capped, into the interior decoration stage: the second phase of the project is scheduled to be completed in December 2018.

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  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    This is wonderful work, China ! We thank the Chinese leades responsible for this great project.
    We send to the Nalanda Brahma Loka project our very best wishes.

    This is such Good News to Buddhists, and even others who may participate in the courses offered by the new Nalanda.
    So good hear of something positive happening in this present day negative world.

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