‘Lankan harbours could be major role players in OBOR (ONE BELT ONE ROAD) INITIATIVE……
Posted on June 9th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera


Jim McCabe, CEO and Wesley Yang, Head, Financial Markets, Standard Chartered, at the round table event.Sri Lankan harbours could play a major role in China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative, said Wesley Yang, Head, Financial Markets, Standard Chartered Bank, China.

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Indian CEO Forum celebrates four years  -news item


The Indian CEO Forum Sri Lanka (ICF) recently held their AGM, Dr. Sarath Amunugama Minister for Special Assignments was the chief guest and Tajinder Sandhu, High Commissioner of India in Sri Lanka was the guest of honour at the event.Dr. Amunugama highlighted the close relations between India and Sri Lanka and appreciated the contribution of the private and public sector Indian industry for its contribution towards the economy of Sri Lanka and growth of Sri Lanka. He likened the close relationship as those between two brothers! On behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka and his personal behalf, he assured that the relationship between India, Indian industry and Sri Lanka would always remain close.


Don.t we have our own bankers, and indigenous CEO ‘s and Ministers to can hold a  forum to discuss how to go forward in our own development ?Take companies like Laufg.Aitken Spence .Keels ,Marga .Sera .Raigam,Nawaloka .MTD Walkers .etc who are run by local CEO’s and development banks spearheaded by our own experts. ?We have many many ministers with portfolios which have fancy names.

Government should hold forums where all the local private companies come up with proposals to develop Industry and create employment and enhance export potential .Relevant ministers listed below can also be stake holders in various area of development and the government can ease the rules to allow fasttrack development.

.Minister of National Policies and Economic  can spearhead developing a master plan for the future ..Minister of Tourism Development can encourage local investors to improve conditions for tourists .Minister of Sustainable Development should be given specific mandate for leading green technology .Minister of Social empowerment and Minister of Sabaragamuwa Development should be entrusted to work out a development plan in the regions.Minister of Labour should educate our working class on how to partake in Privatization !

Minister of Special Assignment should be given specific Assignments and Minister of Science and Technology can guide the private sector to come up with technology plans suitable for our country We also have a minister for Development assignments and we have no clue what their mandates are?

Minister of Ports and Shipping can spearhead OBOR and accelerate port development which is at sandstill. Minister of City Planning seems not very visible other than controlling water supply .

We have a another minister for Wayamba and another one for South ,who seems quite ineffective .Minister of Megapolis has grandiose plans for the cities and nothing tangible is happening ,who can muster private developers to accelerate development .Minister if Industry and Commerce seems busy in Jungle Clearing forgetting their role and Minister of Fisheries who may want to do something in privatization is bogged down with State Bureaucracy. Minister of Planation Industries in never in the lime light and Power and Renewable Energy is not acting fast enough to generate power needed to the country Ministers of Agriculture and Irrigation with Water Resources  have not shown any enthusiasm to develop the country.Minister  Rural Economy who should do something to up bring the poor village class .

Of much hyped Minister of Public Enterprises Development talks much about PPP and nothing seem happening .Minister of Petroleum Resources was planning to give Gas and Oil to our poor nation and he is mum about it .Fanciest name of the Minister of Hill Country New Villages ,Infrastructure  and Community  Development is not seen even talking about any improvement to Tea Planation Workers .Minister of Foreign Employment  wants to export our labour who should remain with us in the island  wants to Export them !

Minister of Skills Development and vocational training is not showing any interest to develop skills to support private sector.

We have a long list of ministers busy with importing expensive cars looking for extra space to accommodate siblings, and planning for globetrotting every month

Can you name any minister who is providing encouragement to private sector to be part of the development?

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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