What a shame!
Posted on June 9th, 2017

Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai, Dehiwela

It is only in srilanka we can find an order issued by the  Highest authority, no less than the Honorable executive President of the sovereign country, Socialist Republic of Srilanka ( blow the trumpet)  being totally and callously ignored by all the arms of law, pretending they cannot fulfill it and still the president  keeping mum as if he does not know how that sounds to the world.

Our honorable  president, in a fit of sudden awakening, after a long slumber, when the country was literally and metaphorically burning,  orders the  immediate arrest of Gnanasara for instigating hatred and violence in open violation of all norms of decency and justice, not only of the country but more so, of the religion the  robes he is wearing is said to be representing.

The police having deployed 4 teams – wow! 4 teams! I don’t think even for Thajudeen’s murder  case or Lasantha’s murder case 4 teams were sent – cannot apprehend him and says they do not know where he is. But he is happily issuing videos openly castigating challenging the head of the  police and even the President and the Prime minister. The very  monk seen to be seated next to him when these videos were taken comes out in the open  and defends his saying – labbayak ne” only meant not here!” – and what  do the police do – sweet nothing! Absolutely nothing! Labbayak wath ne thamay!

Even a school boy today will know how to trace the original video interviewing Gnanasara in hiding, but not our erstwhile police and CID, o no, they are still drinking milk. Thotha babala!

Meanwhile shops and mosques belonging to the Muslims keep getting burnt day in day out. Not a hum from the police. In spite of CCTV camera evidence nothing done. Or … wait a minute they took a person into custody, didn’t they?  The people wait with abated breath for news of the out come. 24 hours gone. Relax people, breath! You may get apnea  and die. No, no news will come. Not now, never. Don’t be surprised if he gets shot while trying to escape or –even more likely, end up in a luxury hospital, suddenly having had a heart attack and will spend the days at state expense. Anything is possible in this blessed country of ours!

The icing on the cake is  that  a senior minster – with a smile on his face, declares in front of journalists and clicking cameras, that Gnanasara is being housed at a politician’s house. Hey, Minister, aren’t you supposed to be a custodian of law in this country? You declare publicly the culprit who had been ordered to be apprehended by the President, the one who is being searched  for high and low” ( hehehe!) by the police,  is hiding and you know the place where he is hiding and yet, you do nothing but declare it with that mischievous smile of yours?

O tempora! O mores!

But who is the culprit of all these? While  our President smiles mutely with egg all over his face being roundly ignored by law and police, while the accused is demeaning the very core of decency,   nary a word is uttered by that hallowed man called Citizen Perrra – o yeah, he is busy eating lotus. Don’t tell me he is busy with the flood relief, how many are actually in the field today?

Aney, ape ratata wecha deya!

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Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai, Dehiwela

3 Responses to “What a shame!”

  1. Leela Says:

    Dr. Mareena says; “Meanwhile shops and mosques belonging to the Muslims keep getting burnt day in day out.” Sounds as if hundreds of mosque were burned down in Sri Lanka this year (2017) alone.

    A few days back, we saw images of a man throwing fire to a shop in darkness Maharagama area in news and the facebook. But we saw no images of the burnt out mosques in Thaha writing?

    I am not denying for a moment that there may have been some incidents in Sri Lanka against Muslims in the recent past. Then again sentiments against Muslims endure throughout benevolent Europe. Leave out separate law courts for Muslims, even Hijab, burka, niqab etc is banned and fined in freedom loving France, Belgium, Netherland, Austria, etc etc. Attacks against Muslim places is so much, The Independent of UK says; half of UK mosques were attacked since 9/11 up to 2013. Imagine the count to date.

    Islamists must be grateful for Sri Lanka majority has been very generous towards Muslims.

    Muslim holy book Koran clearly says and demand Islamists treat Muslims as brotherhood and non-Muslims with contempt. There is no context associated in those verses. What doe that mean Thaha?

    Like ven Soma, Gnanisssara himi too is clearly against Muslim expansion in Sri Lanka and ACJU forcing halal on Sinhala Buddhists. I see nothg wrong with it. At no point however Gnanisssara asked Sinhala Buddhist to look down upon Muslims. Yet Thahas associate Gnanisssara himi a racist and a bigot.

    Who are the bigots Thaha?

  2. Lorenzo Says:


    She may be referring to SYRIA where Muslim shops are BOMBED DAY AND NIGHT by the Americans, Russians, Britons, etc.


    Or Kashmir.

    Certainly not in SL.

  3. Lorenzo Says:


    Did you VOTE for My3?

    Did you vote for the UNP (that smiling minister is from the UNP)?

    Even Thakbeer Hashim and Marikakka have NO problem with the monk. Why are you concerned?

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