Growing confrontation between Muslims and Christians in UK – Why are the UN, EU and UNHRC silent?
Posted on June 15th, 2017

They sent a peace delegation to a local mosque in Colombo assuring international support for Muslims in Sri Lanka.

Why can’t they do likewise ( visit Mosques in England and other European countries) to protect Muslims in embattled cities in Europe?

Why are mainstream papers in Sri Lanka maintaining a deafening silence on this indefensible double standard on part of EU, UK, UN and UNHRC?

Why is there no Peace and Reconciliation campaign in England to bring Christians and Muslims together ( cf Sri Lanka)?

Why is there no Truth Commission in UK, like in South Africa?

Why is there no State Agency in UK to promote National Integration and Shared  Values?

Why is there no Media campaign in UK for sharing of political power between the majority and ethnic and religious minorities? (like in Sri Lanka)

Why is there no talk of devolution of power for minorities or sharing of power in the British Parliament on a 50: 50 basis as G.G. Ponnambalam proposed in Sri Lanka?

Is Majoritarianism in England the root cause of the growing racial and religious conflict in UK?

if UK is ‘ secular’ why are there public holidays only for Christians to celebrate their religious festivals and not for other religious minorities like the Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists?

All European Christian nations act likewise.

Compare Sri Lanka ( three holidays for Christians, Muslims and Hindus – no other country has shown such large heartedness for religious minorities?)

The text books in England for school children are full of British Triumphalism causing offense to children coming from backgrounds that were the subject races in British colonies.

Winston Churchill is portrayed as a War Hero in these texts despite being responsible for the killings of over 4 million Indians in 1942 – 1944 through deliberate starvation. Many Indians ( and Africans and other Asians including the Japanese now believe that Churchill was nothing but a War Criminal who escaped gallows).

Why is there no ‘ Peace Education’ in British Schools like in Sri Lanka?

India’s Forgotten Holocaust

The crimes of Winston Churchill

Not his finest hour: The dark side of Winston Churchill

It is a time for catharsis in England.


Muslims attack Christians in UK streets “we’re taking over” “we hate you”

Europa Resistance


Published on 21 Dec 2016

Muslims in Luton, United Kingdom attack Christians in the street while swearing and screaming “your jealous we’re taking over

“The UK is Islamic!” It’s official – the UK is now an Islamic country –

2 Responses to “Growing confrontation between Muslims and Christians in UK – Why are the UN, EU and UNHRC silent?”

  1. Christie Says:

    Very interesting Indian propaganda. Beware.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Muslim Ministers, and BLIND advocates of Sanhidiyawa and Sahajeevanaya, say there are NO EXTREMIST Muslim groups at work in Sri Lanka.

    Yet, when I am in Sri Lanka, I see Wahhabi Muslim influence everywhere!

    Whether it is in the totally BLACK CLAD Muslim women that we NEVER had in Sri Lanka in the past, entire neighborhoods bought up my Muslims in Colombo and its suburban towns, entire towns declared for Muslims and Muslim businessmen only, aggressive Muslim politicians stealing govt lands and settling Muslims on them, PROLIFERATION of Massive Mosques in areas of special significance to the Buddhist religion, and aggressive enforcement of Sharia Law within the Muslim Community.

    Statistical demographic data in the last census clearly shows that the Muslim population has nearly DOUBLED in the last 30 years and coming close in numbers to the Tamil population.

    Taken as a whole, it amounts to CREEPING ENCROACHMENT and CONVERSION of Sri Lanka into a Muslim country.

    Sri Lanka’s RELIANCE on the remittances by our workers in Middle Eastern countries, makes it IMPOSSIBLE for any Sri Lankan government to take any action against this CREEPING CONVERSION. That alone makes the diversion of the SRi Lankan economy away from this RELIANCE on expatriate worker remittances into an ECONOMY based on INDIGENOUS MANUFACTURING and SERVICES a matter of the HIGHEST PRIORITY if Sri Lanka is to preserve its status as the ONLY REFUGE of its Sinhala Buddhist culture and people!

    Meanwhile, Muslim politicians DISMISS and DENY that ISIS is at work recruiting Sri Lankan Muslims for fighting in the Middle East, and more seriously TRAINING THEM to fight in Sri Lanka upon their return home.

    Here is yet another newspaper report on recruitment by ISIS, although I cannot vouch for the credibility of the source.

    ‘ISIS local chief recruiter targets youths from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka’
    Fri, Jun 16, 2017, 04:50 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    June 16 (Daily Star) A fugitive chief recruiter of the Islamic State in the Indian subcontinent has targeted youths from three countries – India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka – to involve them with the global terror outfit.

    Mohammed Shafi Armar, a tech savvy, has been operating on Facebook and other personal messenger services to contact, brainwash and recruit youths from the three nations, reports NDTV today.

    He has been named a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” by the US yesterday, becoming the first Indian leader of the terror outfit against whom America has sponsored sanctions.

    The US State Treasury Department, while updating its list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGT), has included in it Armar, a native of Bhatkal in Karnataka, clearing the way for sanctions against him, adds the report.

    An Interpol Red Corner notice is also pending against the 30-year-old Armar, who has many aliases like “Chhote Maula”, “Anjan Bhai” and “Yousuf al-Hindi”.

    “Mohammed Shafi Armar is a leader and head recruiter in India for the Foreign Terrorist Organisation (FTO) and Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) group, ISIS,” the State Department said.

    “He has cultivated a group of dozens of ISIS sympathisers who are involved in terrorist activities across India, such as plotting attacks, procuring weapons, and identifying locations for terrorist training camps,” said the statement.

    Armar was said to have left for Pakistan along with his elder brother after the crackdown on Indian Mujahideen cadres. After a fight with Bhatkal brothers, including Riyaz, the founder of Indian Mujahideen, in Pakistan, Armar is believed to have created Ansar ul Tawhid, which later pledged its allegiance to the ISIS, NDTV reports.

    His links to the ISIS were also the highlight of the interrogation of Yasin Bhatkal, who was arrested near the Nepal border in 2013.

    Armar first came on the radar of investigation agencies when the NIA was probing suspected ISIS cadres in Ratlam of Madhya Pradesh.

    During the interrogation of alleged IS operatives, it emerged that Armar was motivating and radicalising Muslim youths in India. He was said to have been recruiting youths for the Jund ul Khalifa-e-Hind through online radicalisation.

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