Wijayadasa takes on ‘mental patients’
Posted on June 28th, 2017

S. Akurugoda Courtesy The Island

While making a statement in response to a question raised in the ‘Salakuna’ programme of Hiru TV, Mr Wijayadasa Rajapakshe, Minister of Justice and Buddhist Affairs said the mental condition of the signatories to an advertisement in a national newspaper rejecting extremists should be examined and there was clear evidence that mental patients who should have been confined to the Angoda Hospital were at large.

The full page advertisement with 173 signatures claimed that racist and extremist religious mobs have had attacked more than 20 Muslim mosques, businesses and property since last April and more than 100 Christian Churches since January 2015. The statement further claimed that the entire Muslim community of the country and a section of the Christian community are living in fear. While not rejecting the fact that the above claims were made by leading members of the NGOs responsible for bringing the current so-called ‘yahapalana’ government to power, the Minister categorically denied the above claims and said that whoever who make such claims are absolute liars, disregarding whatever position they held, and their actions are harmful to the nation.

The Minister’s realisation of the true nature of the groups who were behind the creation of the current regime, at least at this stage should be highly appreciated by the peace loving people of the country.

Apart from the key issues raised and dire warning given by the Asgiriya Chapter prelates recently, the country is fast moving towards chaos, due to ‘subverting democracy’ of the so-called ‘yahapalanaya’ brought by the above liars.

By not holding elections, appointing people rejected by the people to Parliament, appointing a fake Opposition Leader, doing utmost attempt to hide the biggest bond scam and leaving the culprits free whilst there is overwhelming evidence, arresting and discrediting the war heroes and doing whatever possible ( including constitutional changes) to please those who were behind the regime change, suppressing the freedom of expression and harassing opponents in many ways, selling important assets that threaten national security, not taking adequate measures to handle health issues , natural disasters etc while spending billions on the comfort of the ruling parliamentarians etc, are examples.

Unless we (the ordinary masses of the country) are fully aware of what is going on and act wisely, identifying the activities of the mentally ill groups who should be really in Angoda hospital (apart from the signatories to the above advertisement as the Minister reveals), the peace, stability and progress of our country will be at stake.

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  1. Senerath Says:

    These are not ‘mental patients’ but another class of parasites living in luxury and creating smoke to chase away Sinhala Buddhists.
    Mental patients are running the country from Battaramulla, true they should be stationed at Angoda. They are sick out of unprecedented greed. Otherwise when the country is struggling to pay the debts, who can even travel in luxury cars surrounded by a brigade of security let alone ordering more new luxury vehicles ? We should only listen to those who denounce these luxuries and fight to reduce the number of politicians in the country and specially to those who fight to remove 13A, executive presidency and beyond.

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