Homeopathy, “Cerberus” and others true believers.
Posted on July 4th, 2017

by Bodhi Dhanapala, Quebec, Canada.

In my article on homeopathy I have given details of experiments conducted by reputed scientists and the results that were published in the prestigious journal Lancet”. But instead a person who hides under the name Cerberus” seems to think that the way to determine if some medical method works  or not is to see if the Royal Family uses it! The Royal family has even used astrologers, soothsayers and, if you go back to three generations, they have used all kinds of crackpots as their health advisers.

Every double-blind test has shown that homeopathic treatments cure patients only to the same extent that placebos cure patients. That is, the homeopathic drug does nothing but makes you feel that you have got some medication and makes you to believe that it will cure you. So if it improves you, it is entirely due to your body immune system and has little to do with the homeopathic medication. Even in allopathic medicine, the placebo effect exists but the effect of the medication is demonstrable and  real.  That is now a proven fact.

Here is what Cerberus says”   Cerberus Says:
July 1st, 2017 at 1:45 pm

Mr. Dhanapala, Since you are obviously ignorant of Homoeopathy please see my comment     under Tilak Fernando’s article. Since you are in U.K. did you know that the Queen Elizabeth II     and the entire Royal Family have been on Homoeopathy for 3 generations?

How did Mr. Cerberus decide that I am in the UK? Mr. Cerberus is not even capable of reading and comprehending a simple text. I don’t live in UK, but in Quebec, Canada. Even if I were in the UK, I don’t get my facts regarding the right life-style and medication from the British Royal Family whose members are not that well known for their intelligence.  First of all, even if the British Royal family used homeopathy, naturopathy, witchcraft  or what ever,  in the end they go to hospital when matters become acute. Just google for the number of times Prince Philip has been hospitalized.

Cerberus says

If you wish to understand what Homoeopathy is please read The Organon of Medicine” by Dr.     Samuel Hahnemann. You may also wish to read The Patient not the cure” by Dr. Margery     Blackie who was Physician to the Queen Elizabeth II. There are also books by Dr, Dorothy     Sheppard such as Magic of the Minimum Dose” and More Magic of the Minimum Dose”.     Compared to the subtitles of Homoeopathy current Allopathy is very crude and harmful to the     human body and the very life energy of the body.
I know enough about homeopathy to teach Hahnemann that increasing dilution of a drug does not proportionately increase its power. This is  sheer nonsense, but in a world where people are ready to believe that they can buy the Brooklyn Bridge, or that NASA is maintaining  a colony of sex slaves in Mars, is it surprising that people believe in homeopathy?
The subtleness, nay cunning,   of homeopathy is based on the fact that the tinctures they use have no medication whatsoever, but just coloured water. Your own imagination and the power of the mind helps you to recover if your illness is pyscho-somatic in origin, or just a mild illness. In fact, most illnesses recover  by the power of the immune system of the body, without medication, if you can have that confidence needed to keep your body copying with the illness. So people end up thinking that their coughs and colds were cured by the homeopathic treatment. No, it was just cured by you yourself.

Cerberus gives a couple of websites for evidence.
These sites don’t provide ANY double-blind experiments.
https://www.britishhomeopathic.org/evidence/the-evidence-for-homeopathy/ – Evidence for Homoeopathy – British Homoeopathic Association.
Anecdotal stories  are not evidence. It is like someone telling us that when he went to a certain astrologer, he uncannily told all sorts of private details about my past life? How did he do that? That sort of anecdote is used to prove the validity of astrology!  The fact that Mr. Cerberus has been deluded enough to use homeopathy all his life proves nothing. I suggest that Mr. Cerberus get his homeopathy medications, as well as bottles with water having the same colour, and get some one to mix the bottles so that you cannot know which one is which. Then, use those bottles, and they will work as well as the homeopathic medications.

Another writer by the name of Franz-Diaz says:
Fran Diaz Says:
July 3rd, 2017 at 6:07 pm
H’pathy treats the whole Being unlike the mechanistic approach by Allopathy.
But both systems must be used for an effective cure, say, for Dengue.
A patient suffering from Dengue must receive i.v. Treatment to get some strength. H’apthy medicines can next be administered – so easily too.Please read the details of articles sent in by Cerberus, and articles sent by Readers under Dr Tilak Fernando’s article.

You can dispense with the homeopathy medication too (and if needed give some tea claiming that is it homeopathic medicine), and the patient will recover equally fast.

None of the websites listed by Cerberus shows results from double-blind experiments. A gentleman named Ananda has asked the right questions, and yet, when Franz-Dias says H’pathy treats the whole Being unlike the mechanistic approach by Allopathy.”, who or what s this whole being? The Buddha said, analayze yourself, test yourself,  and ask who this I” is. There is no  I, that is a delusion. There is no whole being” as such. People talk of the whole being”, holism” etc., without the slightest idea of what they mean. The body has distinct organs doing distinct things. They have also interrelations, interdependences  and interactions. A treatment that does not allow for these distinctions, inter-relations etc.,  and attempts to treat the whole being” has to either destroy the whole being, or be so weak as to do nothing to the whole being”. Otherwise it is like trying to fix the problem of a household by bombing the whole country . So homeopathy avoids the problem by merely boosting the confidence of the patient by giving him or her a bogus portion containing nothing. Homeopathy tricks the patient by giving a highly dilutes tincture so dilute that there is no medication in it. If they give the dilution as 20x, does Mr. Diaz understand what that means? Does Cerberus have the slightest clue what that means? How many grams of the medication per liter is that? Figure it our using all the websites that Cerberus listed and then you will see how you have been hoodwinked.

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  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    Mr Dhanapala,

    You are saying that H’pathy gives only a Placebo Effect !
    Not so, as H’apthy works with infants, animals and even plants & trees, all these entities have no idea about H’pathy and therefore no idea about “Placebos” or Mind over Matter.

    I have personally witnessed such action of H’pathy, and can therefore say definitely that the action of H’pathy is not due any Placebo Effect.

    You may also send in your questions to Homeopathic Stores such as Thompsons (in Canada, where you are). Thompsons have had their H’apthy store since 1860 !!! How could they have carried on a business for so long if H’pathy is not effective !
    Many VIPs as well as hundreds of thousands of ordinary folk all over the world use H’pathy including, famously, the Royal Family of Britain.

    Dilutions of H’pathic substances in solvents such as water or alcohol : The solvent takes on the “imprint” of the substance, and acquires the subtle power to heal, working on the equally subtle energy of living beings, and plants, turning unhealthy tissues to healthy tissue.

    The Proof is in the Pudding, as they say. You got to use the Medicines and see for yourself the improvements. But some study on the subject is necessary too.

    We wish you happy discoveries on the efficacy of H’apthy !

  2. Raj Says:

    The problem with Mr Dhanapala is his belief that a basic science degree like the one he has, and some school teaching do provide all the knowledge in the world and even universe. He is best ignored, and let him live in his own “I know it all” world.

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