Wickramasinghe Collaborates with the US Neoliberals  to Try Resurrect a Discredited R2P Doctrine
Posted on July 4th, 2017

By Gandara John

‘During slavery you had two Negroes, the house Negro and the field Negro.

The house Negro usually lived close to his master. He dressed like his master. He wore his master’s second-hand clothes. He ate food that his master left on the table. And he lived in his master’s house–probably in the basement or the attic–but he still lived in the master’s house.

 The house Negro identified himself, in the same sense that his master identified himself. When his master said, “We have good food,” the house Negro would say, “We have plenty of good food”. When the master said “we have a fine home here,” the house Negro said, “Yes, We have a fine home here.” When the master would be sick, the house Negro would say, “What’s the matter boss, We sick?” His master’s pain was his pain. It hurt him more for his master to be sick than for him to be sick himself.

 The field-Negroes were the majority. When the master got sick, they prayed that he’d die.’ If his house caught on fire, they’d pray for a wind to come along and fan the breeze.

–         Malcolm X (Paraphrased)

It was at the height of a crisis in Sri Lanka when Wickramasinghe slunk away to the ‘Oceans Conference’ in New York to collaborate with the US Neoliberals in their attempt to resurrect a mutated form of the disparaged R2P doctrine.

Several years ago the Third World countries had rubbished the R2P (Right-to-Protect) doctrine to the dustbin of history.

The house ‘Negro’ from Sri Lanka felt it was his duty by his White Massah to do his bit for Yankee imperialism and resurrect R2P during the spectacle staged on 05 June 2017.

The spectacle, co-hosted by Sweden and Fiji, was originally to have had its ‘premiere’ in Suva; it was finally put on the stage in New York, billed as ‘The Ocean Conference’.

The conference, an integral element of the neocolonial strategy of ‘Sustainable Development’, was heralded as a unique event that would save the World and its People from the catastrophe of ‘Ocean Pollution’.

This high-level UN Conference was organised to support the implementation of the ‘SDG 14’ doctrine (Sustainable Development Goal 14) decided upon by COP22 (22nd Conference of Parties) working towards achieving consensus in the UN Framework Policy on ‘Climate Change’.

The much vaunted ‘Goal 14’ is, to ‘Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources’, which goal  like the goals of Human Rights,when considered superficially, would seem  laudable.

Summoned by the Neoliberals to report immediately to New York to read out his ‘approved’ script at the ‘Ocean Conference’, Sri Lanka’s de facto leader Wickramasinghe lost no time in taking wing to the US.

Wickramasinghe did so caring in the least that he was leaving in the lurch, a country in the throes of her worst natural disaster in nearly two decades, hundreds of people yet lying trapped and dying in the rubble, the mud and the water and, thousands of grieving people struggling to cope with the loss of lives of hundreds of their loved ones.

It is ironic that Trump chose to officially distance US from the Neoliberal policy on ‘Climate Change’ on the same day that Wickramasinghe made a pitch for the Neoliberal agenda on ‘Environment’ at the ‘Ocean Conference’.

It is likely that Trump’s opposition to the Neoliberal ‘Climate Change’ policy stems from his awareness of the US ‘Weather Bomb’ that has been developed in the South Pole by Raytheon, a major arms contractor of the US.

Many scientists believe that Global warming is caused not by the emission of man-made Carbon Dioxide as widely postulated by the Neoliberals but by electro-magnetic energy being beamed from the South Pole into Space to calculatedly super-heat the Earth’s ionosphere and to reflect the extreme heat generated back onto Earth to selectively manipulate and violently disturb the weather and the environment in countries of US’ choice.

Scientists claim that the ‘Weather Bomb’ now has the capability of triggering floods, droughts, cyclones, earthquakes and many other Natural disasters, with unbelievable accuracy.

A concerned EU has for long asked many questions from the US about its illegal activities in the South Pole but is yet to receive a response.

Back at the Conference, Wickramasinghe parroted the script given him arguing the need for establishing ‘Partnerships and Alliances’ to ensure the success of SDG 14; Wickramasinghe emphasised that these Alliances and Partnerships, would ensure a healthy Ocean, and that they, the Partnerships and Alliances, would be the key to the future of mankind.

Sri Lanka’s de facto leader, on a private visit to the US, pledged Sri Lanka’s support for the implementation of SDG 14 and exhorted Sovereign littoral States across the World to do likewise.

Sarah Dayringer from the UN-NGL cautioned, Voluntary commitments and pledges of action during the ‘Ocean Conference will amount to our moments of accountability, wherein we undertake meaningful initiatives to reverse the decline of the Ocean’s health”.

The keywords from the Ocean Conference to bear in mind in the context of the construct to follow are Partnerships, Alliances, Pledges and Accountability.

About two decades ago, on the pretext of enforcing Human Rights, the Neoliberals in the US attempted to put an end to the Independence and Sovereignty of Third World States by establishing a R2P military force, a standing Neoliberal Army, that would invade any Third World country which did not comply with the edicts of the hegemonic American Empire.

If Yankee imperialism had succeeded, the upshot of R2P would have been, the literal rolling of  heads of the ‘Heads- of- States’ in Third World countries (if they were not house Negroes of course), the toppling of democratically elected Governments and the end of Sovereignty of the people in these countries.  .

The status of States in the Third World, as Sovereign Independent States, would have receded to a distant memory.

The Third World countries saw through the R2P doctrine and dumped it where it rightfully belonged.

The new hegemonic weapon that is being created is the ‘SDG 14’ and this is being vigorously pursued by the Neoliberals in the US.

The ulterior goal of SDG 14, as seen by many political analysts, is the setting up of a ‘SDG 14’ Standing Army of the US and its satellites, to threaten recalcitrant Third World countries to submission.

The hegemonic slogan is, Cast away your antiquated concept of sovereignty of States and act together internationally, as ‘One World’, to save the Ocean in order to save Mankind”

With this doctrine the sovereignty of littoral States of the Third World is being direly threatened considering that one of the main planks of US Imperialism is the ‘Principle of Exceptionalism’.

The Principle of Exceptionalism put simply is, ‘International laws, doctrines and Treaties apply to Third World countries but not to the US and their allies’.

The US has the military, economic and global power and reach, to enforce these International agreements on Third World Countries but the reverse is not true.

Third World countries lack the Military and Economic Power and the global reach to enforce these laws on the US and their satellites.

Consequently, the New World Order is a ‘one-way’ street of International Laws, Doctrines and Treaties, which in essence is the basis of US Hegemony, Empire or Imperialism, call it what one may.

And in signing to International Treaties, Laws and doctrines the Third World Countries are complicit and guilty of shoring up the US hegemonic Empire.

/ to be continued

Gandara John is a freelance writer. 

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