Don’t Cry for Me  
Posted on July 10th, 2017

by Jay Deshabandu

Citizens in our country hear conflicting facts about the new constitution that will be in the parliament or before the people for a referendum in the near future.   There is strong belief and doubt among many of us about the intent of the need for a new constitution.   If in fact a new constitution is needed, we need to know first why the present constitution is not good enough in terms of reconciliation that is demanded by state actors.  What exactly is weak in the present constitution?

As a rabbit that comes out of a hat of a magician, a draft version may come out in the parliament in which majority of the members can be bought in terms of rupees and benefits.  The government has forwarded a supplementary estimate for funding luxury vehicles and other assets for the ministers that work for the government agenda pushed by international forces.  Can such a call for funding luxuries for ministers justify the plight of the tens of thousands of people who became homeless due to various disasters which occurred recently?

According to main Buddhist leading prelates in the tri-sects, the steering committees spearheading the new draft constitution has no Buddhist Sinhala representation which is the seventy three percent of the Sri Lankan population. If it is true, this is a violation of the first fundamental tenet of democracy.

Buddhist culture has been thriving in Sri Lanka as the main culture in Sri Lanka, which had contributed to development of social, economic and political fabric of people’s lives of Sri Lanka. The Buddhist rights to call Sri Lanka a Buddhist country is therefore an inalienable cultural right.  We cannot delete or disregard the history and functional aspect of Buddhist prelates in the Sri Lankan society.

No one outside the country has any right to meddle in the constitution making process. Buddhist prelates in the tri-sectors represent all Buddhists monks and lay Buddhist persons.  In some sense, all Sri Lankans!  The government was not given a mandate to ignore the aspirations of Buddhist Sinhalease, main constituent in the Sri Lankan population in order to please Tamil Diaspora and India.

As in the present constitution, the inclusion of the word or phrase which dictates that the government places the Buddhism as the foremost religion is only a symbolic gesture.  It is merely a set of words in the constitution that has no bearing!  The present constitution does not declare any benefit that Buddhism would enjoy over other religions.  Is this the reason as to why so many tills in Buddhist temples are being controlled by the government while financial affairs of other religions are left alone in its control?  The government justifies it by indexing the finger at the law that was enacted during the British colonial rule in favor of Christianity.  How come this practice continues while upholding Buddhism its foremost place as indicated in the constitution?

It seems like the government is controlled by outside forces who are trying to socially engineer the fabric of Buddhist culture in Sri Lanka a useless political force.  In this context, the leading monks of the tri-sects have clearly and accurately identified the emerging threat against the Buddhist culture by outside forces.  The government should not cover the issues of Buddhists by placing a plaster of words-Buddhism is the foremost religion.

5 Responses to “Don’t Cry for Me  ”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sri Lanka is today ruled by the biggest traitor ever in the history of Sri Lanka Traitor Chief die hard catholic token
    Buddhist Bay Gal Karaya Mega Thief Batalande Wadakaya pol pot r@nil wickramaSinhalakiller. He has managed to
    hoodwink Sinhala modayas for a very long time and with his religion of convenience he has managed to do
    irreparable damage to Buddhism, Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese race. Fortunately for him still a lot of Sinhala modayas
    support this alugoswa (to Sinhalese only). He was born to the number one christian family in Sri Lanka. Surprise
    surprise he is a Buddhist. A token Buddhist to fool the Sinhala modayas. Unfortunately for Buddhism, Sri Lanka and
    the Sinhalese race he has managed to do it so successfully.

    Traitor anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lankan catholic run UNPatriotic party always rely on minorities to get
    into power. They also take orders from the christian west. This a recipe for disaster for Buddhism, the Sinhalese
    race and Sri Lanka. How do you convince Sinhala modayas? Being Sinhala modayas they don’t see the danger
    signs. Catholic run UNPatriotic party managed to get rid of 60,000+ Buddhists during the bheeshana samaya with their catholic police top brass and catholic deshapaluwan. Sinhala modayas never saw the background of it of course.

    What Sirima B did it in 2 wks
    catholic run UNPatriotics took 6 years. Why rehabilitate when you can get rid of a sizable Sinhala Buddhist
    population. A Sinhalese cull! Then they dragged the catholic tigers of tamil drealam war for 30+ years and got rid
    of another 100,000+. Mostly Buddhists inc. Buddhist monks, tri forces personnel, police, men, women and
    children. Even after Sri Maha Bodhi, Sri Dalada Maligawa, Aranthalawa Bikku massacre, the UNPatriotics didn’t
    want to take action saying they were too strong when in fact they were letting them kill more and more Sinhalese.
    Another Sinhalese Cull! MR came, so called invincible terrorists were running for their lives. Buddhist jaathidrohee
    vermins’ (sleeping with the murderous UNPatriotics who killed their brethren mercilessly by the 1000s now sleep with them) party aka jvp burnt in tyres. But catholic tigers were given half the country by the catholic run
    UNPatriotics. Catholic tigers damaged 0 churches and harmed 0 priests. Still the Sinhala modayas don’t know why. Also
    all the staunchly catholic countries in the world wanted to skin MR alive for stopping the creation of a catholic
    country in Sri Lanka. Any clues Sinhala modayas? Traitor chief Batalande Wadakaya even sent the millennium
    city intelligent officers to the catholic tigers bulleet to expedite the creation of a catholic country in Sri Lanka. Still Sinhala modayas didn’t see the true colours of these out and out traitors. The reason for new constitution is to
    deliver the killer blow to destroy Buddhism for good. They know it is the best time since the token Buddhist is ruling Sri Lanka today while rattle snake spineless maru sira the rubber stamp looking on helplessly. The chicken is
    safer with the fox than Buddhism in the hands of the catholic run UNPatriotic party. The following links will give you
    some clues if Sinhala modayas have any brains. You don’t see these in so called Buddhist (on paper of course)
    Sri Lanka.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

  3. dhane Says:

    Ancient Sinhalaya sorry you have missed the biggest traitor of Buddhist and Sinhalese “boyu or maru Sira” who had killed the nation already just be in power. Sira is puppet after leader after Don Juwan Dharmapala. It better that both Sira & Ranil send home soon.

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    The whole intent of bringing in a New Constitution for Sri Lanka is to pave way for minority domination of Sri Lanka. This includes the Tamils, the Muslims and the Christians. It is the Christians who are defacto rulers of Sri Lanka today. The new constitution will cement their currently held positions and forever demote Sinhala Buddhists to nonentities.

    This they plan to do by bribing the politicians to get it through the Parliament and then a rigged referendum similar to the infamous Pot and the Lamp referendum of 1982. (The 1982 Sri Lankan national referendum took place on December 22, 1982, giving the people of Sri Lanka the option to extend the life of parliament by 6 years.)

    It is the time the people of Sri Lanka took to the streets to prevent their power from being taking over by forces inimical to the welfare of her patriotic people by unfair means.

  5. SA Kumar Says:

    Ancient Sinhalaya
    I am following your comments it make more sense to me even tough I am Eela Thamilan .

    Agreed Chignkela Theevu ( Sinhela island) in very danger now with RW , SM & CBK.

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