Allegations against ex-navy spokesman are false: Gammanpila
Posted on July 17th, 2017

Sheain Fernandopulle Courtesy The Daily Mirror

Allegations against ex-navy spokesman D.K.P. Dassanayake are baseless, Pivithuru  Hela Urumaya General Secretary, Udaya Gammanpila said today.

He told a news conference that Commodore Dassanayake was not involved in the abduction and disappearance of 11 youth and the statements made by Police Media Spokesman Ruwan Gunasekara with regard to the allegations were false and baseless.

“I challenge the police media spokesman to an open debate so that I could prove who should be arrested over the allegations made against Commodore Dassanayake,” Mr. Gammanpila said.

He said a war hero should not be held responsible so-called abductions and disappearances.

“We are not in a position to defend the accused but we are keen to see that justice is meted out and provide evidence against those who should be arrested,” Mr. Gammanpila said.  

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  1. Dilrook Says:

    What Wimal and Udaya failed to mention is some of these allegations were made by the former navy commander Wasantha Karannagoda.

    Quoted from

    Dasanayake’s arrest followed an investigation triggered by a complaint made by former navy commander Wasantha Karannagoda who had alerted the police about the abduction of children by his own men to extort money from their wealthy parents.

  2. Senerath Says:

    There is more to it.
    “The letter dated June 15, 2010 by Director CID, SSP, M.K.D.W. Amarasinghe further stated as thus, ‘In regard to investigation file no: C 267/ 09/ CM, after the discussion with Defence Secretary, National Intelligence Chief Kapila Hendawitharana and Senior DIG Keerthi Gajanayake on the abductions, the Defence Secretary instructed us to carry out a full probe into these abductions and to report him its developments. Hence initiate an investigation and report its progress by July 15, 2010’.

    Former Chief of National Intelligence Maj. Gen. Kapila Hendawitharana when contacted to find out whether it was true that former Defence Secretary and he himself gave instructions to the CID to initiate an investigation as these abductions had been carried out not based on the country’s national security but on a personal agenda, Maj. Gen. Hendawitharana confirmed this newspaper that the Defence Secretary gave instructions to start the investigation. “I cannot remember when we gave this instruction to the CID but we wanted them to carry out a full probe into this as we came to know it was done on a personal agenda,” Maj. Gen. Hendawitharana revealed.

    The CID further informed the Court that it was from a written complaint by the then Navy Commander Admiral Vasantha Karannagoda to the DIG CID on May 28, 2009 against his personal security officer, then Lt. Commander Nilantha Sampath Munasinghe that the CID was able to uncover the Navy’s involvement with the abductions.

    A retired high ranking defence source, who wished to remain anonymous, hailed the former Defence Secretary and the then Chief of National Intelligence for their unwavering support to find out who the abductors were, said that if not for Karannagoda’s complaint against Sampath Munasinghe, the gruesome abduction of these 11 youth including five students from Kotahena who were between seventeen and eighteen years would have never been investigated.”

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    There is in operation a type of Capitalism/Fascism under the UNP led Yahap ?

    Top people may be forced to say things that are not true … ?

    RW’s UNP led Yahap has some sort of ‘Crash & Sell’ program in place, isn’t it ?

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Humiliating the Armed Forces of Lanka is part of the “Crash & Sell” program ?

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