Black July and Guilt Complex of Imbecile Sinhalese
Posted on July 26th, 2017

By Anil Perera

Thirty four years ago, some criminal elements among Sinhalese carried out indiscriminate attacks on Tamils after some Sinhalese soldiers were killed by the LTTE in Jaffna. Majority of Sinhalese condemned this dastardly act and protected their Tamil neighbours. There was never a recurrence of such madness in the last thirty four years, even when the LTTE went on rampage killing innocent men, women and children in Sinhalese villages in North & East Sri Lanka and other parts of the country.

Yet, even after thirty four years, some imbecile elements among Sinhalese blame the entire Sinhalese nation for what happened in 1983 July. They forget that they too are Sinhalese and if all Sinhalese are to accept the guilt for what happened in 1983, then they themselves should be guilty. We need not be guilty about what a small section of our population did thirty four years ago. It is like holding ourselves responsible for rapes, murders, drug trafficking and embezzlement carried out by some Sinhalese. In any society there are black sheep. We condemn them; we feel sorry for the victims; but the perpetrators had nothing to do with us.

The same people who blame Sinhalese for the incidents of July 1983, do not utter a word about the LTTE atrocities against our own people from 1983 to 2009. For twenty six long years, the LTTE butchers brutally hacked Sinhalese infants, children, women and unarmed men to death just because they were Sinhalese. Entire villages were wiped out; people were lined up and shot. Yet there are some Sinhalese idiots defend the LTTE. They do not cry for hundreds of Sinhalese and Muslim children killed by the LTTE, but they cry for the son of the butcher who ordered the killings. If Sinhalese are to be collectively responsible for Black July, on the same logic, Tamils are to be collectively responsible for LTTE massacres.

For our people it is not just Black July, but also Black January, Black February etc. to Black December. There is not a single month when innocent Sinhalese were not butchered by LTTE terrorists. Do Tamils accept guilt for this? No, except for a handful of them. Not even the people who funded LTTE admit their guilt; they still defend the LTTE and even deny these massacres.

Some people claim that Sinhalese should apologise to Tamils for Black July. Yes, we should apologise, not just to Tamils, but to the entire world for belonging to a nation which has a high number of such imbecile people, who would stoop down to such a low level to condemn their own people for something they are certainly not guilty of. We should be ashamed to belong to the same nation, if they call themselves Sinhalese.

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  1. dingiri bandara Says:

    The so called black July was not an attack by the Sinhalese on the Tamils. It was started by some thugs both Sinhalese as well Tamil thugs and was backed by some politicians in the then riling party. It is correct that in some places the army was passive, may be because they were under orders not to take any actions. In some areas when the police tried to intervene they found that some leading politicians leading the mobs .As a Sinhalese I barely escape d going home after work.
    I had an Indian gentleman from Gujarati domiciled in Fiji who was working with me and another Indian from another factory in my vehicle. My vehicle was stopped by thugs several times and I shouted Jayawewa every time in order be allowed to leave unharmed. At some places they asked me for Petrol from my car and I opened the gas cap. I knew that petrol could not be sucked out because of the construction. I managed to drop my friend at his residence. To this day my heart beats faster when I think of this Incident.
    Despite the riots Tamils live peacefully ( and economically powerful) among the Sinhalese all over the country.
    It is not the Sinhalese who should apologize to the Tamils but Tamils who should apologize to the Sinhalese for the massacre of the Sinhalese and the destruction the LTTE caused. The Sinhalese did not start a war. It was the LTTE supported by India and the Tamil Diaspora who sacrificed the Tamil youth while happily leading luxurious lives abroad.
    Why does not UK take action against Adele Balasingham for sacrificing so many youths.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    We agree with Dingiri. Thank you, Dingiri !


    We too lived through these confusing times of the July 1983 Riots.

    The 1983 Riots were planned so that Tamil folk could go abroad as Refugees.

    The 1983 Riots were filmed and shown abroad in three western capitals by 3 Tamil Ambassadors who were there at that time. Sinhala men were dressed up in the old style white tucked up sarong & jatawa, carrying long wooden poles, for the filming – to prove that the Sinhala people attacked Tamils.

    The Riots of July 1983 is regurgitated in the new sites every year in July ! The Tamils benefitted enormously from the Riots of 1983. These Riots allowed them to go abroad to the west as Refugees. The ONLY way Tamil people could go abroad to the west was as REFUGEES. After the Riots, nearly a MILLION Tamil people went to the West as REFUGEES.

    The Tamil Refugees in the West collected money to buy more weapons for the Tamil Tigers, the LTTE.
    After giving Tamils of Sri Lanka a CASTE Free country to live in, with FREE Educatation & Health Care for themselves, get jobs, shelter, land etc.
    Instead, the Tamil people who went abroad as Refugees, spread rumours that ‘Genocide of Tamils’ was taking place in Sri Lanka.

    These Tamil Refugees spoke ill of Sri Lanka to foreign VIPs and to ordinary folk there.

    These Tamil Refugees did not speak of the good deeds Sri Lanka had done for them.

    They did not speak of the decades of Tamil Leaders perfidy against the State of Sri Lanka with the Vadukoddai Resolution (VR) of 1976 – Tamil Eelam through Violence. The 1976 VR was before the Riots of 1973 happened.

    It is high time that the VR is officially revoked in Parliament by the present day Tamil leaders.

    It is high time that the Internet facts are corrected re the numbers that died during the 1983 Riots. Claims are made that up to 4,000 Tamils died. The accurate Justice Sansoni Report on the matter states that 300-400 died, including some 50 Sinhala people.

    Honesty & Peace first from the Tamil leades & Tamil People, and then Prosperity will follow for them.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Mobs were led by Tamils too, as they knew the Tamil homes.

    So both sides are guilty in the case of the Riots of 1983.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Correction :
    Read as ” … before the Riots of 1983 happened”.

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