Posted on July 26th, 2017


On 5th of December 2011 ,the Delhi police crime branch claimed to arrest two fresh recruits of the Pakistani spy agency, including a woman, from the New Delhi railway station. According to the claim they were arrested when they arrived at New Delhi railway station with a plan to kill the chief minister of Gujrat. But a news-story about the same couple narrated in Nepalese newspapers negated the claim of Delhi police and the legal documents of the arrested couple also supported the story narrated by the Nepalese newspapers.

According to the details Mr. Imran Yousaf Chippa, son of Mohammad Yousaf and Sofia Kanwal were married in October 2011 in Karachi, Pakistan. They went to Nepal for their honey moon on 17 November 2011 with the return ticket of 24 November.

On the departure day as the two were going to Katmandu air port in a taxi, a Suzuki gypsy jeep cut them off and four unknown persons from the jeep asked their identity. As they saw their Pakistani passports they forcefully pushed them into the jeep and their hands were chained and their eyes were blindfolded with a cloth. Almost after twenty days the Delhi police claimed they were arrested on their arrival at Delhi railway station.

Later it was revealed that the unknown persons in the jeep were the agents of RAW working in Nepal. It is a daylight fact that RAW is more active in Nepal than Nepal’s own security agencies.

Now in 2017, the same story has been repeated in Nepal but this time the abducted Pakistani was a retired officer of the Pakistan Army. Col (R) Zahir Habib, after his retirement from Pakistan Army in 2014, started applying for some job through emails in different international companies. Indian intelligence agencies picked up his bio data from there and hatched a conspiracy to trap him by offering a UN affiliated job in Nepal. Col. Habib reached Nepal to meet Mark Thomson, a senior Recruiter of ‘’ on 6th April 2017. Since then there is no news of the whereabouts of Col(R) Zahir Habib.

In spite of the repeated requests of the missing Pakistan’s family nothing has yet been done by the government of Nepal for the rescue of the missing Pakistani. Recently his wife wrote another letter to UNHRCP regarding mysterious disappearance of her husband from Lumbini, a border town of Nepal where he was called for a job interview.

In the beginning lines of her letter she says, I am once again writing to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights with the hope that Humanity is still alive and I along with my children am not living in a lawless world with no justice and no compassion. I have learnt that there are very convincing indications of involvement of Indian nationals in my husband’s  mysterious disappearance from  Nepal and evidences collected so far strongly suggest incident as a premeditated kidnap plot.” Though the helpless government of Nepal remained silent on the issue but some of the Nepalese journalists have raised their voices against abduction of Col (R) Zahir Habib in very bitter tones. Swaviman Nepal is an esteemed magazine of Nepal.

It said in a report, India is using Nepalese territory for leveling its scores with its opponents. Uncontrolled abductions of foreigners from Nepalese territory by Indian intelligence suggest that Nepal is no more a safe tourist resort and anybody could be abducted or killed by Indian sleuths.” Indian interference in Nepal has become a continuous basis of conflict between the government of Nepal and the people of Nepal.

The people of Nepal are of opinion that Indian interference in their internal as well as in foreign affairs is depriving Nepal of its own identity and sovereignty. It is because of Indian interference in Nepal that the whole social, political and economic set up of Nepal is heading towards a catastrophic ending. Indian interference in Nepal has become a serious threat to the law and order situation in the country too.

The hidden agents of R&AW are always there to damage Nepal’s repute at international level. The government of Nepal never seems willing to give these agents a hard time or to take them to task for their mischievous activities; disappearance of a retired officer of Pakistan Army from Nepal is also one of such heinous activities. This slavish behavior of the government of Nepal and of the politicians there and the helplessness of the security forces of Nepal must be alarming and eye-opening to the people of Nepal.

If no one in Nepal tried to put a check on the increasing interference and influence of India, this country of beautiful people and wonderful mountains would become an Indian colony. Keeping the neighbouring countries under pressure, particularly the countries weaker in strength and resources, has been an old practice of India. Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka are the worst example in this regard.

Sri Lanka is very fortunate that it has a nation blessed with marvelous will and determination. It is simply because of this determination and courage that the people of Sri Lanka did not let India succeed in its heinous plans of making Sri Lanka an Indian colony. The people of Nepal also need the same courage and determination as the Sri Lankan’s have.

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