Still I am the President of the SLFP. I didn’t resign and no one dismissed me. I can even convene a SLFP General Council meeting. – Mahinda Rajapksa
Posted on July 30th, 2017

(Translated by : A.A.M.NIZAM – MATARA)

He came to chat with us after finishing Yoga exercises and spending about another half an hour giving advises to his organisers by enquiring about the political situation throughout the country and, making arrangements to provide necessary facilities and solving relevant problems.

It provided us more than some hints that Sri Lanka’s 5th President Mr. Mahinda Raajapaksa was preparing for a political struggle.  In an enquiry made based on from the political characters who were present and the history of electorates we understood that he was preparing for another political activity. Given below is a discussion with him held by te Sunday Divayina” on contemporary political matters.

Q: It seems that the Joint Opposition which gets ready for toppling the government has to postpone that temporarily and it has become necessary for them to consolidate their unity.  Throughout last week there were media reports saying that the Joint Opposition has got divided.

A: There is no such problem. Here there is a union of political parties holding different views and different agendas. The Communist Party is a group holding a different ideology.  Mr. Tissa Vitharana;s Sama Saamaja Party is a party with a different political ideology. Wimal Weerawansa’s National Freedom Front traverses on a different ideology.  Udaya Gammnpila’s Pivithuru Hela Urumaya is a Party that has its own ideology. Dinesh Gunawardene’s Mahaana Eksath Peramunaa is one of our country’s oldest political parties.  Many political parties including the Sri Lanka Mahajana Party and Desha Vimukthi Party have joined together as the Joint Opposition. Here, we in the Sri Lankaa Freedom Party in the opposition have joined with them.  These groups carrying forward the policies of the Sri Lankaa Freedom Party are forming a new political force.  All these groups have the liberty of holding onto their political ideals.  Similarly on various issues their opinions could be different.  The Joint opposition has the democratic principle of acting jointly in relation to matters on which we can agree and hold discussions on matters regarding which we have differences. Our main objective has not changed due to any of these matters.  All of us as the Joint Opposition stand together, against the corruptions, thuggery, political revenge, sale of public property on a plundering basis, giving concessions to terrorists and imprisonment of war heroes by this government.  .

The Joint Opposition will never get divided over the destructions being done by this picklish (achchaaru) government to this country, the nation and religion. The joint opposition would act as a force to save the country from these destructive measues.  It is there we have our unity.  We do not have any difference over this.

Q: You are talking about the Sri Lankaa Freedom Party.  Do you have any right to talk about this party to which you are scheduled to appear for a disciplinary enquiry?

A: What disciplinary enquiry? I am still the President of the Party.  I did not resign from the post of President of the Sri Lankaa Freedom Party.  No one even dismissed me from the post of President of the Party.  Like the appointment of the Prime Minister, from the minority of 46 UNP individuals.  It does not become okay by saying that someone has been appointed. Our Prime Minister who had the majority power was not dismissed.  He did not even resign.  It is the same thing that was done to the Chief Justice,.  He did not resign and was not even dismissed..  It was a similar thing that was done to the Party.  Still I am the President of the Party.  I can even convene a General Council meeting of the Party.

Q: If you still is the President of the Sri Lankaa Freedom Party why then a new party is being formed?

A: Some people are using the ‘seal’ of the Party.  And some people have apprised the Election Commissioner that they are this and that of the party.  What the Election Commissioner says is acknowlegibg the requirement of those who hold power.  Other than that he does not look at the Law.  What he does is fulfilment of the requirement of the one who holds power.

Q: It seems that the government is getting ready for an election.  Are you ready to face an election?

A: I have not postponed elections in this manner.  I am a person who has held elections even before the scheduled time.  I have never seen a government like this that played hide and seek games like this government fearful of holding elections. I do not think that these people will hold an election this year.  The Provincial Council Elections will also be postponed by saying something.

Q:From which party that your group will come forward for the elections?

A: Now there are parties formed for that.  The real SLFPers and those who are against the UNP and love the country and the nation have now joined together gainst the UNP and the gang that betrayed the Sri Lankaa Freedom Party. It is because of that those people who speak of democracy in fearful of us are postponing elections.  That is because of their fear for us.

Q:  Due to lack of power for you a situation has arisen u nder which yoir children go to jail, go to commissions and courts, you too go to commissions and to courts, and your wife also go to commissions and courts. Isn’t it not esay to face these harassments, and pressure?

A: I have recognition from the people than the recognition I had when I was in power.  Wherever I go they receive me very warmly.  Therefore I do noy feel as I do not have power.

Q: There is an opinion that you are attempting to re-acquire power to take revenge.

A: All are aware that I am a person who does not take political revenge.  The person who comes to power should take one decision. Ehrther go for taking revenge or to go for developing the counry.  This is what has happened to this government.  The more you delay development it creates more problems. That is what has happened to this country today.Rulers are appointed to fulfil the needs of the people. We will not resort to avenge those who take revenge from the people without fulfilling their responsibilities.  I have not gone to take reveng from anyone.  Sarathe Fonseka is not a politician.  The Law was instituted against the conspiracies carried out by him in the Army and we did.not go to take revenge from anyone.

Q: There is a chain of protest demonstrations and strikes throughout the country.  Some people in the government say that you are the one who steer these actions by being behind the screen.

A: When they sleep they become terrified by seeing me in the dream. It is to that extent they keep on thinking about me.  Even if the Cabinet meet or discussed about any other thing they have no topic to discuss other than about me. People of this country is under an enormous pressure today. It should be understood first if they are ruling the country.  There are either floods or droughts. Since the very day this government came into power people are confronted with problems and no consolation has occurred.  People cannot bear the cost of living as taxes have been increased.  The economic activities of the government have failed to the extent of selling the resources of the country to meet the food bill of the country.  Today people even offer alms to the temples by mortgaging their valuables. The people have become so miserable.  This is this pressure that makes the people to come out to streets.  We are not respomsible for that.  Today the indebtedness of the country has increased. By takimg short term loans on high interest rates the country has been strangled with indebtedness.  It was for development of the country that we obtained loans.  Those loans were not a burden for the country.  Without arresting this pressure on the people it will not solve the problem of people coming out to the streets in protests by passing it on to us.

Q: Some people say that there is a secret deal between you and the UNP.  They say both these groups are carrying out a join programme against President Maithripala Sirisena?

A: I have never done deals with the United National Party.  When I was taking the UNPers to our government I was accused of destroying the UNP. Today those who betrayed the Sri Lanka Freedom Party to the UNP are accusing me of having deals with the UNP.  Was it me who conspired with the UNP to defeat the Sri Lanka Freedom Party? Who contested against the Sri Lanka Freedom Party?  Was it me who gave the power to the minority UNP putting aside the majority held by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party? Was it me who put aside the Sri Lanka Freedom Party Prime Minister and made the UNP leader as Prime Minister? The whole country is aware of who pulled our legs and conferred power to the UNP at the General Election.  Who sent our people by giving posts of Ministers an d Deuty Minister and sent to the side of the UNP when it had only 106 seats? Was it me who went like that and formed a government with the UNP?

Those people while eating in the same house are accusing us.  I really feel sad about having dealt with these ungrateful people at one time.  We do not have Court cases because I make deals with Ranil.  They said that we will not be jailed because of our secret deals with the UNP. But my children were jailed.  My brother Basil was jailed.  Then where are the deals? These people after making very good deals with the UNP are attempting to pass that also to me.  They accuse me of making deals with Ranil by being in Ranil’s cabinet. This is the theory of pick-pocketeers.  The pick-pocketeer after picking a pocket runs ahead of the xhasing crowd shuting Horaa, Horaa.  I would like to ask from those who labelled us as thieves who is the richest family in this country.  I would like to ask them which family obtains all contracts and tenders in this country?

Q: There is an allegation that you do not talk much about the Treasury Bond robbers.  Some people say that it is also a part of the alleged deal you have with the UNP.

A:   It is we who talked about it first.  If we did not talk about it that also would have been concealed. It was we who reveled to the country about this unprecedented mega robbery by those who were alleging us as thieves.Those who talked about family rule then are robbing by whole families today.  Details about these robberies will also come to light very soon.

Who appointed Arjun Mahindran as the Governor of the Central Bank?  This swindling has taken place from the moment of appointing a Singaporean to that post.It was through the COPE report of Mr. D.E.W.Gunasekera that this swindling was revealed.  It was the Presidwnt who dissolved the Parliament to prevent that report being presented to the Parliament.  Not only he dissolved the Parliament but he also told the whole country about the action taken to prevent submitting of the COPE report. That was the first attempt taken to conceal this mega swindling. A Commission was appointed to enquire into this matter only when the joint opposition created awareness in the country about this unprecedented laarg scale robbery. Now revelations have ben mde aabout Ravi.  It is necessary that revelations should surface about others as well. I spoke about it from the very beginning.   Our learned leaders are talking about this.  Wimal is speaking about.  The other day Mahindananda talked about it in the Parliament.  We saw even the President was thumping on the table when Mahindananda delivered that speech.  I do not attack anyone on a personal basis.  How much Maithripala is scolding me. I am only saying things in a light manner.  Even in election platforms I did not tell things which I was aware of.   Here there is a problem not only confined to Ravi.  How many others are hiding underneath this?

Q: Although it was said that 18 SLFP members in the government will join with you none of them have done so yet.  When they will come?

A: It can be 18 or can even bee 25.  It can be 15 also.  Here we should act strategically.  We do not want to capture power by a mere change of headcounts.  The JVP and the Tamil National Alliance are there to protect the government. We have to make our plans by calculating about these matters as well.  I am not prepared to capture power by a mere change of headcounts without people’s wish and approval. (end)

8 Responses to “Still I am the President of the SLFP. I didn’t resign and no one dismissed me. I can even convene a SLFP General Council meeting. – Mahinda Rajapksa”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Mother Lanka is weeping that there is no true son of hers to lead the nation out of DANGER. You have proven to be strong and metal while saving this country from the clutches of the killer machine LieTTE. But now you do not have self confidence in you. Why are you still trying to hide in the Bandaranayaka’s SLFP shadow?? You are a better son of Mother Lanka than him as Bandaranayaka had also had a deal with Chelva.

    People do not want all these corrupt parties. People need a good honest leader to lead for them to follow, not a political party.

    If you cannot think outside the box, in which you are stuck with the provincial council members etc as your grass root level support from SLFP, you will never repeal the 13A with Provincial councils despite they are such a wasteful entities which can also threat to the unity of the country. You seems to be continuing with them.

    If that is the case Sir, from Mother Lanka’s point of view, please stay out of this. Nothing good happened while you being around with the JO. The Yamapaloowo’s did whatever damage they wanted to do, regardless. They will do more damages while you were still talking about Bandaranayaka policies and SLFP.

    If that is the case, Please encourage GOTA to come forward to lead this nation as an Independent member, but not as a SLFP member. Now people hate to hear the name SLFP by seeing the double games the MP’s and Ministers playing.
    SLFP, UNP and JVP are all destroying this country. It is time that they should be pointed to go home leaving fresh blood to take over.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    AGREE with Hiranthe.

    MR or GR must AGREE to SCRAP 13 amendment. No matter how DESPERATE people are they will NOT just vote for MR or GR in ENOUGH NUMBERS unless they promise to SCRAP 13 amendment.

    IF they can’t promise to SCRAP 13 amendment, they should NOT contest.

    SL must make MAXIMUM from this WAVE of kicking out UNP. If we miss this wave we will not get another PATRIOTIC WAVE for a long time.

    The 2004 and 2005 wave was used to wipe out LTTE. The 1956 wave was used to wipe out British leftovers.

  3. Kumari Says:

    In my own thoughts, I am thinking of how to rid the country / the world of these prostitutes (ie politicians). They lie to the public just to grab power and the people who elected are dumped.

    Sirisena cannot be the president of the SLFP because the constitution says the person who contests from the party and becomes the president of the country becomes the leader of the party. Sirisena did not, therefore he cannot lead the SLFP.

    The signing of the Magampura Port is just the beginning. India was not happy because Rajapakse had a Chinese Submarine in the visinity of our shores during 2015 Presidential elections. With the port issue, India will now take over the entire country, thanks to Sirisena and Ranil. Our two traitors are willing participants in the Indianisation of our country. I only hope somebody will do a Charlie Hebdo and erase off this trecherous cabinet from the face of the earth.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Pres MR is caught in a situation made up by the Yahap folk with advice from Abroad.
    The Abroad portion seems to think ONLY about Foreign Needs ?
    Our RW led UNP which is leading Yahap, also seem think the way !

    Such a situation cannot be easily resolved as some type of Cold War is also brewing outside – an event which may cool down or escalate, and either way, Lanka will be caught up in that event.

    Pres MR has to move carefully.
    He is still the trusted person, for the bulk of the People of Lanka.
    Pres MR is the proven and able person. We are with him and wish him well in all his political activities.

    The ideal would be for Pres MR and Gota to lead Lanka.
    Progress with Peace would happen for all communities.

    Dear Pres MR, we wish you a long & happy life, in or out of Politics.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:


    If Sirisena does not respond positively to the request for the DISSOLUTION of the Yamapalana Govt, and the CREATION of a NEW Patriotic COMPETENT Govt led by the present Opposition, then Sirisena should be IMPEACHED for INCOMPETENCE and DERELICTION OF DUTY, and OUSTED by Parliament, which should then APPOINT a TEMPORARY CARETAKER President, and call FOR new PRESIDENTIAL AND GENERAL ELECTIONS!

    SURVIVAL of the Nation DEMANDS THAT.

    Sri Lanka CANNOT CONTINUE with an INCOMPETENT, DESHA-DROHI, and CROOKED Yamapalana government ANY LONGER!

  6. Ananda-USA Says:


    The Yamapakana is CLEARLY UNDEMOCRATIC in that it has SUPPRESSED ELECTIONS ever since it was elected in August, 2015. It DARE NOT SEEK the people’s approval with its ABYSMAL track record since Aug, 2015!

    What kind of “yahapalanaya/good governance” is that?



    Prez Sirisena has said even of another group can muster 113 seats in Parliament, without his blessings, no one can form a new government.

    This is childish. He has no idea of “power of people”.

    Prez Sirisena is unfortunately is becoming extremely nervous. We need to protect the Country, not individual politicians.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Yahap has outlived its usefulness, if any.
    They have proved that they have Cheated the People and broken the Law of the Land, and this has happened a number of times now.

    Time for free & fair Elections.
    That is the Democratic Way !

    Make sure that RW’s Voting Machines (Cheating Machines), are NOT used in any Election in Lanka !!

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