It was Coronation of a gang of thieves that took place on 8th January 2015. We would divulge about not only Ravi, but about the whole gang of thieves.  – Wimal Weerawansa
Posted on August 4th, 2017

Translated by : A.A.M.NIZAM – MATARA

The leader of the National Freedom Front (NFF) Parliamentarian Mr. Wimal Weerawansa said that ir was not coronation of yahapalana government that took place on 8th January 2015 but the coronation or a gang of thieves and it would soon be revealed to the country not only about Ravi Karunanayake’s involvement in the Treasury Bond Scam but about all those who were involved in this robbery.

Addressing a media conference held at the NFF Headquarters at Pitakotte MP Weerawansa said when we criticized about the myth of the so-called coronation of a yahapalana government those who came forward to defend that myth and find fault with us and fool the public as bulls by shopping on behalf of that myth have been compelled today to face the ‘Dittadharmaveda Karma’ effects. It has been clearly proved today that what took place on 8th January 2015 was not coronation of a yahapalaana government but the coronation of a gang of thieves.

Those who labelled the leaders of the former government as thieves and humiliated them by shouldering the coronatin of the so-called yahapalana government have been forced today to start displaying to the whole world the length and breath of their robberies.

When you look at the hilarious responses made by the current Foreign Minister and former Minister of Finance Ravi Kaarunaanayake to the questions asked by the officials of the Attorney General’s Department, the gift of Rs. 165 Million he has recived from Arjun Aloysius, and similarly about the houses and residences that had been given to the United National Party members who were in the COPE committee and being referred to as the ‘Footnote gang’ it has become very clear that this government today has become a government that is being pupetted with the money robbed by Arjun Aloysius.

Don’t you meet even in the bed?

The former Finance Minister now says as an unblemished man that ‘I do not know. My wife has done this and had I known that I would not have gone to live there’.  Isn’t it that this gentleman and the lady do not meet even in the bed? Didn’t she tell even that ‘I bought this and Aloysius helped me?’ Does this government believes that the people in this country are fools to believe their  ‘baby talks’?

A shame for Sri Lanka

How can a person accused of a robbery like this represent Sri Lanka in foreign countries as its Foreign Minister? How magnitude it would be the disgrace that would cause to Sri Lanka? Not only Ravi Karunanayake also people like Ranil Wickremasinghe and Malik Samarawickrema too were involved in activating this massive Bond Scam. Now Ravi Karunanayake says that ‘it is hurting to find getting assaulted by friends’.  Who are Ravi’s friends?  Is it Prime Minister Ranil? Or is it Ranil’s minion Malik Samarawickrema? Does Ravi have more friends than these two? Now it is very clear that the gang of thieves have robbed from the Bond transaction. To say robbing from a Bond transaction is equivalent to robbing from the revenue of the country.  If allegations of robbing were directed at people of other governments it was allegations pertaining to robbing from government’s expenditure for development projects.  But this gang of thieves hss robbed from the revenue of the country.

Since the day this abhorrent government came to power a Policeman cannot travel on the roads of the North. Thousand of reservoirs and tanks have gone dry.  People victimised by the drought have not received any concessions up to now.  Despite all these shortages and hardships this gang of cheats are carrying out only robberies unhindered.  They got money by selling the Hanbantota harbour.  From that also they robbed.  Who got commission from Hambantota Harbour sales deal? How much they received? You will come know details about this very soon.

This government which took power in January 2015 by telling lies to the whole country and making false allegations to the people who were in the former governmet by February that year carried out a robbery of several billion rupees.  Therefore interest rates of banks increased.  A small scale businessman or an artisan lost the opportunity of getting a loan from a bank and carrying out their livinghood.  Tody the businesses have collapsed.  There is no progress in the economy.  It is moving towards the abyss.  Today the State poperties have been taken hold of by a gang of thieves.  It is only their robberies that take Place in the country.

Get on to the streets to chase out the sinful government.

We tell the people who got fooled by listening to phony tales of Red Elephant cubs and Pacha Ranaawakas, who got misled by the Bana sermns of Sobitha Thero and who shouldered the responsibility of having the coronation of this gang of thieves ‘Don’t wait any more silently.  The gang of thieves who were installed in power by you is cleansing not only the Central Bank but they are cleansing the whole country. The country is getting drifted from danger to further dangers and from chaos to acute chaos. If you want to repent from the sin committed by you by instlling this government, then get to the streets to chase out this sinful government.’

They came to power saying that Rajapaksas have purchased houses and properties here and there.  Who have taken houses today? Are these houses normal houses? Not only that, this Minister had taken three houses by paying Rs. 1 Million each as instalments for these houses prior to 8th January 20115 .  For a long time he remained without paying the balance payments.  Then the company that owned the house told him that ‘we will pay back to you the sun of Rs. 3 Millin to vacate the houses so that we can sell these houses to some other parties’ He didn’t agree for this offer.  It did not take even two months after winning on 8th January 2015 and he becoming the Finance Minister of this country that Karunka Merchant” came to that Properties Holding Company and paid in cash the balance amount of Rs. 100 odd Millions.

We will prove in the near future that not only Ravi Karunanayake what type of a gang of thieves the other persons as well.  It was decided by the leaders of the politicl parties in the joint opposition who met on the night of 2nd August as the first step of going against the coronation of thieves to brig a no confidence motion against Ravi Karunanayake.  This No Confidence Motion has now been handed over to the Speaker of the Parliament.  It is necessary to reveal to the counry details relating to the first representative of this gang of thieves and get soon the opportunity of dismissing him frrom the post of Minister.  We ask the Speaker to give an urgent date to debate this No Confidence Motion.

Meabwhile Mr. Wimal Weerawansa also said that Prime Minister Mr. ranil Wickremasinghe has suddenly met President Sirisena and has requested him not to dismiss Ravi Karunanayke from the Minister unless he was fund guilty by the Bond Scam Commission probe.

Some other relevant items on the subject

Ravi in trouble.  A group of UNP Ministers to vote in favour of the No Confidence Motion

Member of the Joint Opposition MP Mahindananda Aluthgamage said that a group of UNP Ministers and MPs have expressed their support to vote in favour of the No Confidence Motion against Ravi Karunanaake  He made these comments addressing the medis after the No Confidence Motion was handed over to the Speaker by a group of JO members including him.

President is to request Ravi Karunanayake to resign?

It is reported that due to reveelatins tht had been made aat the Bond Scam Commission President Mithripala Sirisena is to request Mr. Ravi Karunanatake to resign from his Minister post.  A group of SLFP Ministers are reported have made this revelation.

A decision about the No Confidence Motion against Mr. Karunanayake is to be taken at the party leaders meeting to be held on Tuesday and it is believed that the President will make this request to Mr. Karunanayake before that meeting.

Gammanila reveals the recipients of SMS sent by Aloysius

Given below is an extract from an address made by PHU leader MP Udaya Gammanila.

Mr. Ravi Karunanayake told the commission hat he does not know to whom that has been referred to as ‘hon RaviK and Hon MP RK in the SMS messages of Aloysius.  I checked the complete list of 225 members in the Parliament.  Therefore I am telling with responsibility that there is no one in the Parliament with first name as Ravi and surname starting with K . I request Mr. Ravi not to make this kind of irresponsible  and chidish statements.  As it is clearly mentin ‘Hon.MP Ravi K’ it has to be only within the 225 MPs in the parliament.

Mr. Ravi has to get this thotta baba disease of telling I do not know and I cannot remember for everything cured soon as otherwise our country will be in a big trouble if he goes to a foreign conferenc and in response to questions asked in that conference which country he comes from or which country he represents and says ‘I do not know or I cannot remember’ what will happen to the image of our country. Therefore the government should not send him to any foreign conference until he gets this dementia cured”

The current Governor of the Central Bank Kumaraswamy is a subordinate of Rajaranam – Ravi Karunanayake

I was attacked when I was in the Opposition and now the Attorney General’s Department is attacking me when I am in the Government.  Those days a case was filed against me saying that I had earned Foreign Exchange. I had ths case for 10 years and then got acquitted. Indrajith Kumarasway who is the Governor of the Central Bank worked for Raj Rajartnam who has been jailed by the United States for insider deals. This has been told by Mr. Ravi Karunanayake to the commission probing Bond Scam. Mr. Indrajith Kumarasway was appointed as the Governor of the Central Bank by President Mr. Maithripala Sirisena.

Rajaratnam was a supporter of tiger terrorists and was alleged to have helped LTTE financially.

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